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MMXXI, NO. 2                                                                               ISSN#: 1544-5399



'Page One' Featured Paper: 'Page One' Featured Paper: Science: Physics:
The Micowave Properties of Basalt Rocks
from the Gharyan Volcanic Province of Northwest Libya

The Interaction of Photons with Matter at Low Energies:

Medical Science: Corona Virus Treatment:
Prophylactic Treatment for COVID-19 with Methylene Blue in the Presence of Ascorbic Acid

Coronavirus: Communication/Neuropsychology:
The Impact of Coronavirus on Digital Communication

Medicine: Covid 19:
The Phobia Corona (COVID 19): What We Can Do

Medicine: Psychiatry:
Classifying Bipolar Personality Disorder (BPD)
Using LSTM (Long/Short-Term Memory)

Medicine: Cancer Therapy:
Biomagnetic Applications for Breast Cancer Therapy

Medicine: Psychiatry:
The Passion of Will in Schizophrenia: Towards a Philosophy of Mental Disorders

The Sciences: Physics:
The Structure of Space and Time on the Planck Scale

The Sciences: Physics:
Negentropy of Computation and the Activity of Living Systems based on Superluminal Particles

Science: Physics/Neurology:
A New Physics Approach for Understanding the Mechanisms of the Human Brain

Medicine: Cancer Treatment: Scan Technology &Analysis:
Bone Scan Quantitative Parameters Significance for the Evaluation of Survival Rate in Prostate Cancer Patients

Medicine: Psychiatry: Treating Depression:
The Passion of Will in Depression: Towards a Philosophy of Mental Disorder

Science: Physics
Hot Particle Dosimetry, Part-I: Enhanced EGSnrcMP


Science: Chemistry
A Case Study: Techniques for Excreting Uric Acid Crystals in a Human Body Part 3:
How to Excrete Uric Acid Crystals 1


Science: Chemistry
The Neglected Th-NPPs: Insight into Thorium (Th) Chemistry


Science: Chemistry
Vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid/Dehydroascorbic Acid:
A True Blessing for Cancer Prevention and Cancer Therapy And More


Climate Change:
An Interview with Prof. Medani P. Bhandari


Science: Physics
Experimental Test of Cyclic X-Ray Monolithic Focusing Monochromators


Science: Environmental Biology
Mutually Reciprocal Roads for Fresh Water and Electricity in the Sea Between Japan and China


Science: Chemistry
The Camel in Chemistry, 1947-2015


Science: Chemistry
Camel in Chemistry, Part II


Chemistry: Physiology
Parameters for Evaluating the Existence of Uric Acid in the Human Body


Chemistry: Physiology
A Case Study: Techniques for Excreting Uric Acid Crystals in the Human Body, Part I


Chemistry: Physiology
A Case Study: Techniques for Excreting Uric Acid Crystals in the Human Body, Part II



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