A Case Study: Techniques for Excreting Uric Acid Crystals in a Human Body – Part 3:

How to Excrete Uric Acid Crystals –1


 by Dr. Keiji Taniguchi

    Honorary Professor of Fukui University, Japan

and Xi’an University of Technology, China


Key Words: uric acid crystals, excretion of uric acid crystals, techniques for excreting uric acid crystals, cleaning for blood vessel


1. Introduction

   The neutralization of the uric acid crystals can be accomplished as follows [1]:



From the reaction described above, three products of ,and  are generated in the human body.

However, this is an ideal case. Actually, only partial neutralization is executed.

This case is an example of heavily gout.


2. Excretion Method of Uric Acid Crystals

The electrical distribution pattern for uric acid crystals accumulated in the human body depends upon the curvature [5] of some parts in the human body. For example, fingers of hands and feet, head, ears, joints, sexual organ, and prostate in the human body have many negatively charged distributions of uric acid crystals.

(1) In the inside of the human body, some of sodium melted in distilled water can be drunk. Amount of consumption of sodium is shown in Fig. 1.  In this case, they are divided into several times per day.

(2) In the outside of the human body, 50 ~30 grams of sodium for bath can be used in a bathtub. This is a kind of home-made-spring.


3. Excretion for Uric Acid Crystals

Fig.2 shows a flow graph for excreting uric acid crystals accumulated in a human

body. As shown in the figure, there are following four distinct routes: nostrils, gums, hands, and feet. In these items, the feet are major ones.


Fig.2 Flow graph for excreting uric acid crystals accumulated in a human body


(1) Excretion from nostrils: cleaning done by the inhalation of warm water,

(2) Excretion from gums: cleaning done by using warm water.

The feedback loop caused by the recirculation of uric acid crystals can be decreased by the sodiummixed with adequate values of alkaline food (for example: sweet potatoes).  See Fig.2,

(3) Excretion from feet: Fig.3 show the examples for Uric acid crystals excreted from soles. The uric acid crystals are especially excreted from the soles of feet.




(a) Sept.24, 2017          (b) April 20, 2018           (c) May13, 2018



(d) July 08, 2018           (e) August 24, 2018         (f) February 24, 2019


Fig.3 Examples for uric acid crystals excreted from soles of feet


(4) Example of excretion


Table1 shows examples of the excretion speed of uric acid crystals, and the change of body weight measured before and after excretions.

Furthermore, the daytime series variation of the excretion speed is shown in Fig.3. Where,


 is the average value of excretion speed for. Where is the excretion speed,, , is the body weight after excretion,

is the body weight before excretion,  is the time for the end of excretion,

is the time for the start of excretion, .


 Table1. Example of the excretion speed of uric acid crystals and the change of body weight








Shower bath





Jan. 25,2018



Dec. 18, 2018















4. Relationship between proposed excretion process and kidney

These processes can help the activity of the liver and the efficiency of excretion is the best after sleeping. Fig.4 shows the relationship between excretions done by the process shown here and the excretion done by kidney.

















Fig.4 Process for excreting uric acid crystals



[1] Keiji TaniguchiTechniques for Excreting Uric Acid Crystals in a Human Body, About Decreasing Minimum Blood Pressure,The BWW Journal –Part 2

[2] Wikipedia-Curvature


It will be continued into Part 3-2.



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