Medicine: Covid 19:


The Phobia Corona (COVID 19):

What We Can Do


by Professor Medani P. Bhandari, PhD

Editor in Chief, The Global Journal:

Strategic Planning for Energy and the Environment

Professor, Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii, USA

Professor, Sumy State University, Ukraine


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The part of this paper was published under the same title in the scholarly journals as well as the popular daily and weekly journals when Covid was only seen in China and few other countries. Now, the entire world is under Covid crisis, therefore, I feel that the relevance of self-awareness and what we can do, is still needed.  As a matter of fact, the Humanity is in crisis and in challenge. The scholarly world is also kind of traumatized. We all are scared due to uncertainty created by the Corona Pandemic.  COVID-19 pandemic has created great uncertainty humanity has ever faced and its impact is everywhere, over the economy, employment, finances, relationships, and physical and mental health as well as in social equilibrium. The floating major message of this alarm gis no guaranty of anythingh gbeware, beware and bewareh; still we human have not won the ultimate reality of life- the death.


We all, let us say who has excess to information (any kind) to the news know about the dreadful nature of COVID 19, which has already taken thousands of lives. Many of us are in virus trap or on the way to its shadow. As we already know that, Covid is so dangerous that its entry in our body is entry of poison, which has insofar no direct treatment. We all are noticing that Virus is super painful in various ways. First there is fear of death, that is what happening now and we never know how long it will be continued, secondly, it heats directly to the human civilization, because- it is pandemic so, whoever got virus – he or she first is out from the inherited family system. It breaks the chain of love system-emotion system, sensitivity, and immediately, force to think, gwho is importanth. It shoots into the eternal part of the feelings and penetrates to the thinking pattern which separates us from we to I and makes each of us individual.  It is the direct threat of our social system. We all know that death is the ultimate reality- however- none of gush or gIh are prepared or will be prepared and ready to accept (except few- who might have different issues in lives).  CORONA; now we can add new dictionary meaning as gpain on humanityh. This pain has two folds, (1) The pain of victims, who are under control system- I mean who is identified as corona positive, have symbols and already in the hospital or self or forced isolation distance box (who may defeat to virus and come to normal life or virus will defeat and they will be distancing forever); (2) the pain of the loved one relatives of the victims. This twirled pain what human society has been facing now, cannot be expressed in any languages. How to feel the pain of dying person, who wanted to tell / share some secrete of his or her life; or the pain of family members, who wanted to say goodbye in their loved one in the last breath. Due to the risk of virus transformation, it is not permitted to be close to anyone. Even family member is not allowed to perform final rituals of loved one. The pain of death of the family member and not having access to say goodbye actually creates a psychological pain cycle- which can create social phobia. And it is happening now. What will be the social impact of such tragedy? How society will overcome that pain and loss of family members? It is breaking our hearts, social system, society and the essence of future direction of lives in a way that it is almost impossible to recover.  


The globe is already entered towards the social devastation, and there is a frustration among us, that could create the deviant behavior and it could lead the system failure, not only socially, economic, culturally but also political arena. The trust on power could altered and there is chance of increase of famine with epidemic. As we begin to notice, people are so freighted, people already begin to strike back to the social and political norms gNecessity knows no lawsh (see news related to lockdown). This pandemic is breaking world order towards the negativism, and it is hard to foresee the degree of social breakdown, however, the symbols shows that, it will be the hardest harm in the human civilization. Still, we can minimize the havoc impact, if we disciplined ourselves as responsible citizen. It depends on how the leaderships of each countries work collectively, mutually and wisely. It also depends how we as responsible citizens provide positive environment to support the leadership. It is not a time of blame but is the time to contribute to save humanity.


This pandemic created complete uncertainty on human civilization and broke the chain of the social, political, economic, religious and environmental system, which we have been practicing, from generation to generation. Now, we all are Horrified, Terrified, Having Phobia of uncertainty, wounded internally and externally and even not able to prepare to make sequential efforts to fight with this pandemic. The late response or preparedness occurred because we could not foresee the connection of world, were not able to think that, gthe pain neighbor is facing could be my pain tooh.  If that reality was realized on time, it would not spread as it is now. Now there is no point of heating the wounded part, However, it is just in the beginning stage in many parts of the world, therefore, it is absolutely essential to take the protective measures as much as possible (the media has been publishing it every single hour- what to do- so it is not necessary to illustrate here- we all know – what to do).  Most of us might be at home, still scared, frightened; however, what about the some of us who are in travel, who are trapped to different countries, or migrants, or the people in refugee camps due to inhumane greedy of power. What if the pandemic penetrates in that already broken, dismantled, sunk in sorrow frame of society, where people are dying every day without food and water? What about some of us who are still living in slums, or the no nation situation? How these will come under the watch system? What will be the consequences of this phobic uncertainty?          


The blackish cloud of pandemic, has captured our entire planet and the thunderstorms of Covid, have penetrated, wounded our hearts in a way that we are scared and feared within internally, eternally and also externally. The concern is so serious, that we already stopped regular communication, and whatever we are talking is all about the fear of Carona Virus (we do not have any agenda to discuss except virus and it created phobia). All social medias, all news channels, print and online media, the regular official conversations- are not expressing anything except the dreadful picture of virus [let us see what data says; if we type "corona" into a Google search, about 3,990,000,000 occurrences result (0.44 seconds); "Corona virus" yields about 5,260,000,000 results (0.58 seconds); "Corona update", about 3,990,000,000 results (0.48 seconds); "Corona Government", about 106,000,000 results (0.33 seconds); "Corona media", about 2,350,000,000 results (0.32 seconds); Corona epidemic About 1,440,000,000 results (0.44 seconds); "Corona - doctor", about 3,310,000,000 results (0.48 seconds); "Corona spread", about 6,440,000,000 results (0.62 seconds); and "Corona threat", yielded about 5,620,000,000 results (0.62 seconds) -- all searches were done on March 29, 2020 at 2.26 AM US Eastern time -- on August 2, 2020 the numbers were about the same. By August 2, 2020, we have already 692,794 deaths, 18,234,936 active cases, and so far, 11,444,149 are recovered from this pandemic (Google search). These numbers are growing exponentially every day, and there no guaranty when they will begin to decline. Many countries are vigorously working to develop anti-Corona vaccines; however, we still do not know when vaccine will be available globally and when the world will be Corona-free. Both the developed and developing world are victims of this pandemic; however, if we look closely, the main victims have been the developed world in terms of death toll. As far the current scenarios shows that the United States of America is main sufferer in terms of death as well as the increasing number, followed by Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Spain, Columbia, Iran, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Bangladesh, Turkey, Germany, Argentina, France and so on (google search). The entire globe is under the Corona threat and it has created kind of calamities to the human civilizations. 


Surprisingly, google search has not captured the concerned floated in the social medias These occurrences are our worrisome, our concern, the anxiety the entire world is having. It simply shows that the threat, the pain of this pandemic is beyond our thinking pattern.     


The communication pattern itself is dangerous, because it is heating the emotional side, sensitive side and the side of humanity, through which we are different than animal. How, Covid kind of epidemic come, it is the subject of long debate and research. However, the heat of this Virus might be the first in the human history, where, the world so much connected due to advancement in communication system. Now all of us almost citizens of every country know that, ultimately, Corona may take our lives or if not at least provide maximum torture we can imagine. Many of us who have strong immune system, good health, good food, care, medicinal excess, healthcare system will win to CORONA, and who are already having health problems, have no infrastructures and resources to fight; have to say goodbye.


So, what - absolutely, all the governments need to join hands, to fight against this, all power should pour to resolve this crisis. This is the attack on humanity, so it is the responsibility of every citizen of the world to survive first and help to survive other, without any discrimination of race, gender, ethnicity, nationalities, social-cultural and economic strata and nations geographical boundaries. It is the time to give up the greediness of self-centric me and only me motive and think that- I may be the next victim of virus. And also, it is the time to think that my meaning of life is only significant if we all are here in this planet. It is the time to feel and think the bottom line of life-what does it mean? It is the time to contribute to the society, whatever we have with the factual truth that I may be the next victim and may not see this beautiful world tomorrow. Therefore, this is the time to take lesion and suppress / remove the erratic nature we have. It is time to remove cruel, egotistic, deceitful, imprudent, malicious, and other gme or I centrich nature we have. This is the time to nurture love, forgiveness, calmness, wisdom, reassurance and feel and realize the value of own life and lives of other. 


It is the time to think that there is something more powerful than weapons, wealth, power and pride. We need to appreciate the role of media and technology, which is giving us the way to see, feel and realize what is happening around, surround and globe. A small case appeared in China; now became global challenge. In the beginning when China was suffering, the world leaderships did not realize that, we may be the next victim; did not realized that we all are connected, and we all are the same in one way or another. Instead of sympathizing, we simply reacted that, it is their problem, not mine. However, now, Corona forced us to realize the fact that we all human are interconnected to each other. It clearly shows that we all are tightly connected- and it is the time to think and apply – the philosophy of Basudaiva Kutumbakam (all Earth is our house and all living being are our relative-, or live and let other live. Insofar, we all are maintaining social distances, however, in my opinion it is also time of strengthening love, respect and honor between us, not being in near but being dear and loved one. I request, urge to all my loved one, (I mean all man and women of the world, one way or another I am connected with you and you are connected with me- we all are we the human) to remain connected within our own niche first, and beyond our niche and to the globe (there are ample of ways, we all already know them, regularly using them one way or another); and selflessly contribute to the society, whatever we have as much as possible, as wisely as possible, without any expectation. Contribution could be anything – gwhatever we haveh.


We should not use our energy to blame to governments, authorities, or anyone, no one to be blamed, but we should offer the positivity, knowledge, and power of togetherness. At the bottom of the heart, we should think that, we may not have time to share or express the thankfulness among us. So, let us not be greedy to express the gratitude and to acknowledge the contributions anyone has poured in our journey. 


Let us pray for our loved one who left us due to this dreadful virus for their peaceful departure and thank them for their contribution to the humanity. Let us create the positive energy which will help to speedy recovery of ours loved one who are fighting with Virus (sure they will win). Hopefully situation will come under control soon. Self-discipline is core medicine of Covid 19. Let us activate discipline within, between and among us and follow as strictly as possible. For sure we will defeat Corona, or any other endemic virus may appear again on the way of our beautiful life journey.  Thank you   


(Acknowledgement: Originally this paper was published at the ASEJ 2020, 24 (1): 1-3, referenced below. With the relevancy of current crisis – some modifications have been made. I would like to thank to John Pellam. Director of BWW Society for encouragements to update this paper. I would also like to my wife Prajita Bhandari for supports and encouragements to concentrate and contribute to the society).



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