Globalization: Colonialism:

The New Colonialism:

Wealthy Western Powers Siphoning The Best and Brightest from the Developing Nations Maintain Western Supremacy

and Keep Impoverished Nations Mired in Poverty


by John Pellam, Director

The Institute for Positive Global Solutions


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Classical Colonialism Colonialism 1.0 eventually proved to be an expensive and cumbersome undertaking. So much so that the last Colonial Power, Portugal, voluntarily surrendered Macao back to China in 1999 because the Portuguese national budget could no longer afford what had become an expensive luxury.


Colonialism 1.0 entails garrisoning a substantial army inside the conquered nation, building and maintaining infrastructure, establishing universities and institutes in order to educate and train the local labor force for trade, factory and administrative competence all whilst dealing with the strong resentment of the local people and confronting the inevitable acts of sabotage, uprisings and revolutions that result. Regardless of culture, race, religion, location or place in time, people react strongly and negatively to foreigners invading and occupying their homelands.


Thus Colonialism 1.0 was abandoned.


Colonialism 2.0, however, is cleverer and a much more insidious undertaking: Instead of invading a country in order to exploit the labor potential (which has to be educated and trained) it is much simpler to import this cheap labor into the absorbent Western Powers.


If this cheap labor transfer simply entailed the import of non-skilled workers to pick fruit and vegetables that in itself would be a labor drain from the underdeveloped world, but Colonialism 2.0 is much more damaging than that, and entails siphoning the best and the brightest from the developing nation states thereby maintaining Western Supremacy and keeping the impoverished Developing World mired in poverty.


Colonialism 2.0 is the actualization of the ancient Chinese proverb of stealing a full meal from a sparrow in order to feed oneself a crumb.


The Western Powers have an abundance of highly intelligent and highly educated citizens, and for us to import what we have in abundance from developing nations that are in desperate need of their most talented and most educated citizens, is simply immoral and cannot conceivably be condoned.


By conducting this brain drain on the Developing Nations we are benefiting from higher corporate profits from lowered salary costs while at the same time ensuring that the Western Powers maintain their supremacy by depriving the Developing Nations of their highest qualified personnel. Consequently, by keeping the Developing Nations mired in poverty, the Western Powers guarantee that the Developing Nations can never evolve to become a serious competitive challenge to Western Supremacy. Colonialism 2.0 is therefore both devious and pure evil.


Who are the Western Powers Actually Importing?


The emigrants who leave their nations of birth and heritage know in their hearts they should be contributing the fruits of their education and training to their home nations, but they succumb understandably to the temptation and allure of the West. Their desire for personal comfort outweighs their patriotism and loyalty to their nation and their own people.


Thus, as Colonialism 1.0 proved to bite back so drastically at the Western Powers, so without doubt, will this opportunistic Colonialism 2.0 rear its head against its perpetrators.



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