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‘Political Correctness’ Gone Mad

One of the Offspring of the Frankfurt School,

‘Political Correctness’ Now Enables Illegal Enterprises, Protects Child Abusers


by John Pellam, Director

The Bibliotheque (BWW) Society

The Institute for Positive Global Solutions



In April 2016 British newspaper The Independent reported that the British Department of Education has been accused of covering up evidence that over 1,000 pupils, reported missing at school, were actually being educated at illegal faith establishments.


The Independent published an investigation in which they suggest that thousands of pupils – unaccounted for in mainstream education – had been moved to illegal Jewish schools operating in London. The report revealed that more than 1,000 boys had been placed in ultra-Orthodox Jewish faith schools from as young as the age of 13, where their main education is received through studying religious texts. The report claimed the pupils leave the school with little or no ability to speak English and few qualifications that will help them prepare for the outside world.


The report also says that the illegal schools – known to be linked to Haredi followers of Orthodox Judaism faith – have been able to operate for over 40 years, apparently with no government intervention, despite laws making the running of a non-registered school a criminal offense. The schools have also been accused of physical violence and sexual abuse of children, alleged to have taken place inside the schools. Schools that are not registered are deemed illegal by education authorities.


The Independent reports that Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, chair of the Accord Coalition (a body that promotes inclusive education curriculums), stated to the paper that: "There has long been an open secret in the Jewish world that ultra-Orthodox schools have been operating in Hackney and are not registered with the Department of Education. In essence, they are illegal schools, but authorities appear to be turning a blind eye.”


Why have the authorities turned a blind eye to these crimes? In reply, the Rabbi surmised that “It could be that people higher up the educational chain fear that closing the schools could be branded as anti-Semitism. There is no reason why one cannot be immersed in Jewish life, but still speak the national language or be able to gain qualifications. As a rabbi I applaud those engaged in Jewish education, but as a rabbi I also condemn those who blinker children's horizons and isolate them from wider society”.


Thus ‘Political Correctness’ has become so perverted that illegal schools are  allowed to operate because authorities are so cowed, so intimated by the risk of being called “anti-Semitic”, that they turn a blind eye. Beyond being deprived of a basic education, these children were also for subjected to Medieval discipline and sexual abuse.


This, because the authorities who were supposed to be protecting these children were afraid of being called “anti-Semitic”.


For years academic and scientific research has been stifled by ‘Political Correctness’, even to the point of prison sentences and heavy financial fines for research into particularly  ‘forbidden’ subjects.


‘Political Correctness’ is defended by its apologists as protecting those who may be insulted or ‘traumatized’ by others who abuse their right to Free Speech. This is where ‘Political Correctness’ needs to be clearly and distinctly differentiated from common courtesy, as they are two very different things. For example, a rude remark is not someone exercising their right to Free Speech, it is simply rude. Someone telling a lie is not an exercise of Free Speech, it is a lie, pure and simple.


‘Political Correctness’ comes into play not in terms of courtesy, but rather in terms of limiting one’s expression of political thoughts and opinion. And even to the point that authorities are too intimidated to the protect the young school children they are entrusted to defend.


Cui bono


We know that Free Speech is limited by ‘Political Correctness’, as is academic and scientific research, and now, law enforcement’s ability to protect children.


But who are the beneficiaries of ‘Political Correctness’?


The Frankfurt School

A very brief review of the Frankfurt School and the origins of Cultural Marxism, of which ‘Political Correctness’ is a facet: Karl Marx had envisioned that when a continent-wide war came to Europe, the workers of the European nations would join forces and revolt against the Capitalistic systems that Marx imagined “repressed” them. When, with the exception of Czarist Russia, this did not happen the Marxists of the day were amazed that the working classes remained loyal to their respective countries. In contemplating the reasons for their failure, they decided that Western Culture and religion played a dual role in preventing the working classes from realizing the predicament the Marxists imagined them to be in. They thus set out to modify Marxist theory from a revolution based on economic repression to a revolution based on cultural repression…accordingly, they declared ‘war’ on Western Civilization and religion. In order to carry out this war they had to agree on how, exactly, to modify Marxist theory.


A young German Marxist of the time was the son of a multimillionaire grain merchant, and he used his inheritance to fund a think tank to bring the leading Marxist intellectuals of the day together to develop strategy and execution of this new Cultural Marxism. Thus in 1923 the Institute for Social Research was founded in Frankfurt, Germany. The grain heir originally planned to name the think tank the School for Marxism, but was convinced by others in the founding group that it was best not to be so open about the actual purpose of the Institute.


Thus began what eventually became known as the Frankfurt School. Replying heavily on Freudian theory, the group set out to shake the foundations of Western Civilization with the development of concepts such as Critical Theory, which in essence is the criticism of anything  relating to traditional German culture.  


Most of the members of the Frankfurt School were Jewish, so after Hitler’s rise to power in Germany in 1933 the group moved to Switzerland and in 1935 moved to New York and affiliated with Columbia University.


Out of this Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory came the concept of ‘Political Correctness’, wherein certain attitudes, beliefs and even words are effectively prohibited, thereby stifling free speech and free thought in a nation whose constitution guarantees such  basic rights. The Marxists’ concept of “Liberating Tolerance” became in effect a method by which the Marxists could negate the ideas of those they disagree with. Today, in 2016, that silence imposed by ‘Political Correctness’ verges on the fringes of the limits imposed only by a totalitarian state.


For a more complete and more detailed review of the Frankfurt School, Google/Search:


Online video: “William S Lind Political Correctness: The Frankfurt School”.


Online book: “Political Correctness a Short History of an Ideology pdf”.





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