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Universal Harmony – Overcome Armageddon


by Dr. Jasna Loboda-Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and Artist


by Dr. Hinko Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and the Technical University of Berlin,

Berlin, Germany, and Artist



Natural Laws in Duality


Natural Low in Duality “Time Limited Armageddon State” is a clearing process, more or less chaotic, which can arise in Societies during the Flow of Processes to Higher Order, to Harmony.

Armageddon is a complex negative state and expands over the entire world.


The “Flow of Processes to Harmony” is a General Law for positive mental development of Human Individuals and of Nature [1].


Natural Low in Duality “Time Limited Disharmony State” contains problems only in particular regions or countries, and can be the beginning of Armageddon. To avoid this it must be cleared in the region.


These two States, Disharmony and Armageddon, are valid only in Duality, in Mass-Consciousness [1]: In the present society, with Humans developed to different mental levels, individuals of negative energies [1-7] cause disharmonic situations. Humans with positive energies clear and solve all problems by Natural Laws [3, 7].



Armageddon started slowly years ago, as Disharmony in numerous countries, and then rapidly as a chain-reaction almost everywhere. Armageddon is now present in almost all countries.


Worldwide Disharmony Armageddon is the result of the activity of the Deep Negative Part of Human Society, the Destructive Part of Society, against positive Human Society and Nature.


This negative part will cause their own disappearance: Their greed is to be blamed for it. They have, throughout the world, accumulated all, and therefore had no more “air for breathing”. They also do not allow “air for breathing” for the Economy or for Society.


This Destructive Part of Society, and their accomplices, sees only their own profit and causes chaos and wars over the earth, causes social, financial and economic disasters, all for their profit. They are the cause for increasing differences between rich and poor in all countries.

Because this situation culminates now, the number of Wakened Have-Not increases – and Armageddon is in the End-Phase.


The End of Armageddon one can now understand as the Agony of the Destructive Part of Society. This “Abscess” is just getting ready to burst.


This is the End of development of Human Society in the Present Form.


The End of Armageddon can be positive or negative for the future of Human Society and Nature.


The positive End of Armageddon depends on all, more or less positive Humans in the world, which will act positively in opposition to the Destructive Part of Society. They will not allow the disappearance of the Human Species, will protect their own liberty, way of life, culture, and will also not allow disturbing  Nature. 


There are a plenty of examples throughout the world for the End-State of Armageddon and for getting the “Abscess” to burst in different parts of Human Society, Economy and Nature.

At least one example for current Armageddon is obvious:


Muslim Invasion into Europe:

Forced Immigration – Forced Multiculturalism [8]


-  Old Human Species have solved their own problems by Invasions, forced Immigration and forced change of the way of life of others. The result was a multicultural mix of speech and customs.


Now this archaic method is being applied again by the Arabian Invasion [9] into Europe. Invasion – meaning millions of people with one way of life, flowing over the territory of indigenous people with a completely different way of life.


Large parts of the world are involved in this Invasion: Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and other Hidden Persons and Parts of the world. 


It was not a spontaneous Invasion, but it was triggered by a sort of long time persuasion. People were persuaded when they come to Germany they will get a house, a car, and money. Surely, a large organization was needed to reach and persuade such a multitude of people.


-  About asylum:

The current Arabian Invasion into Europe is proclaimed by politicians as war-refugees asking for asylum in Europe.


Historical Geneva Convention for refugees (28.07.1951 and 22.04.1954) and German Grundgesetz (Basic Law for the Federal Republic of German) contain an obligation to give asylum politically and by states pursued persons [10]. 


War-refugees following these two sources, cannot ask asylum, because they are not politically persecuted.


-  The Arabian Invasion into Europe started slowly at first, over a period of some years. In 2015 became rapid and extremely forced: Millions of Arabians overflow the open European Shengen border, without any control. The European-Government has long been aware of this problem, but it has done nothing. Europe was without any protection and without any control over the huge flow of people coming over the border, as it usually was. Why?


In 9/2015 Arabians also poured over the open German border, following the invitation from the German Chancellor of Christian Democratic Party (CDU). Why? 


-  Germany is a so called rich country, but only for few rich individuals; similar as in other countries all over the world.


So the question is, how is it possible to integrate millions of strange people, immigrants, into the complex social and economic European continent, which is already dealing with its own existing problems?


One should help people in emergency, but one should also help one’s own people, particularly those who have worked their entire lives in Germany and have paid taxes for decades to maintain economic stability for the present and for the future.


This Arabian Invasion shows all the complex problems and far-reaching negative results of Human Society and Economy in Europe: Forced Immigration, Forced Multiculturalism [8], Endangering Culture, Christianity and Freedom of indigenous nations.


By Immigration of Millions with different and strange way of life and culture, some entity is attempting to achieve the destabilization of Europe.


One can only guess the true purpose for this Arabian Invasion although some people surely know the goal to be reached by this. In any case: someone, some entity will reap the Profit, whether financial or ideological!


-  The facts say enough about the role of different acting-members by this Invasion and the sense of Immigration Action.

-  In this Invasion Process only the better situated Arabians have or have got enough money to pay the touts. The poor people do not come, stay at home, or flee to neighboring countries.

-  Millions of Arabian Migrants were the predominant part.

The Arabian Invasion increases continuously; predominantly masculine people move in the direction Europe, mostly Germany, Sweden and Austria.

They looked as good, almost identically dressed “civil solders”.


On some borders they tried to come through illegally and violently; they are convinced they have the right to come to Germany.


Sexual offense was also applied by some groups.


-  Thousands of children, below 18 years old, masculine, well-dressed, alone, without conduct, arrived in Germany. What is their role?

-  Families with small children besiege the border (Greece/Macedonia), sitting in a muddy tend-camp and refuse the better accommodation nearby.

It is an immense irresponsibility of these parents to their children. The worse in this Invasion is the use of children by their parents as a weapon to Blackmail Europe.


-  In comparison to Europeans, Muslims have a completely different way of life, and have already shown that some use violence. Even in the camps they oppress other occupants of Christian faith.


If they come in the millions in the near future – they can completely change or destroy European culture and way of life.  


From all that happened in the world for some years and now more intensely, one can only conclude:

The Muslim people are being used by someone in a sort of ideological war.

This Invasion was and is in fact war against Europe.


This type of war is the Forced Multiculturalism. This is Mental Violation on nations in Europe, with the goal of forcing their own way of life on all others, which have their own culture and way of life. This makes this Invasion more dangerous. 


The worse types of wars are the change of identity, of culture and of nation, and oppress freedom in all aspects.


Surely, one part of the Muslim people maybe do not agree with such destructive activity, but they keep silent. These Muslims should publicly declare their position.


Now cannot be: to do nothing. Nothing is also deciding for something (Jean Paul Sartre), often negative.


In the present, European people see the way of life in Europe different. Nobody sees clearly the complex situation in Europe. So, most people see only two possibilities for way of life in the future: European and that of orthodox part of Muslims. One group  of Europeans believes yet in a life in free of Multiculturalism, as before. But Multiculturalism in the future could be dangerous, because it can be an expansion of Muslimism by force.



To the Future


-  Numerous segments of the Human Species have disappeared over the centuries and millennia of history. But now enough positive Humans exist. They change the paradigm NO into a positive one, and say “NO more. It is enough.” [6].


In spite the present predominance of negative situations throughout the world – positive Humans can overcome the state of chaos:


This new type of Human Individuals, Holistic and Harmonic Individuals [1-7], is numerous enough and have a vital and strong positive energy – to change Armageddon to a positive future, and help others to develop. Humans in Europe will work positively with love, in mutual agreement [1-7].


With Armageddon-State they can clear the “Abscess” completely, in Society and everywhere from all negative individuals and problems. Humanity can start the new positive Society with liberty and equal justice for All.


-  In one Human Society, in all nations, the individuals should build groups of free Humans, with free way of life, without violence to others. The Humans will be free to live where they like. No border will exist to prevent the free movement on earth. 


Before this: all Humans, in all nations, all religions, all over the world, should develop mentally to a higher level.


However, until this Utopian goal comes to be, Europe should have a protected border, specifically the Shengen border, and should have the ability to control the incoming people. Until the Shengen border can be established, every European country should have the possibility to build own temporary border.


The security of people in the European Union must be assured.


Besides this, the invasion of millions people en mass must be refused, or be significantly decreased. Only in this way can there be enough time for the integration of new immigrants be possible.


Solving social and economic problems for one’s own people must also have priority, to avoid social disturbances.


All nations of the world should solve problems and avoid conflicts without war and without exodus. Moreover, one should not use people to emotionally blackmail others.





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