Essay: The Russian Revolution 100+ Years On:


1917-2017: Communism

and the Fatima Apparitions


by Julio A. Gonzalo, Professor of Materials Physics, UAM

President A. E. Ciencia y Cultura

Madrid, Spain


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1917 is indelibly marked by two events of historical magnitude which will influence very much the 20th century. First, the victory of Marxism-Leninism in Russia, carried out by Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin etc. Second, the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Cova de Iría (a little Portuguese village) to three little shepherds (Francisco, Jacinta and Lucía), six times from 13 May to 13 October, in which She told them that the First World War would end up very soon, that all Christians should make penance and pray the Rosary, and that a great miracle involving the Sun should take place in October 13th. Only penance and prayer for the conversion of Russia could save the nations of tremendous suffering cause by the Russian revolution.


The little shepherds Francisco Marto, who died eleven years old in April 4, 1919, his sister Jacinta, who died on February 20, 1920 and their cousin Lucía Santos, who became later a Carmelite nun (and died at ninety-five years old year only after the beatification of her cousins by Pope John Paul II) were very young and ignorant to comprehend what was happening in Russia that year, and what was the meaning of the Russian revolution. The children were confided three gsecretsh by the Lady dressed in white at Fátima, the Virgin Mary. The first (end of the 1st World War), and the second (announcement of something extraordinary preceding a 2nd World War) to be made public immediately, and the third to be kept secret to be communicated to the Vatican lately.


* * *


Todayfs man continues to ask himself the same question that Pontius Pilatus made to Jesus Christ two thousand years ago, just before washing his hands: hWhat is truth?h


We live now, at the beginning of the 21st century, a time characterized by looking from above all other times. And at the same time, for many people (I would say most people) a time characterized by a tremendous cultural, moral, social decomposition going on all over the world.


How can one call progress to the trivialization of large-scale provoked abortion, to the fact that more of one third of youth and many adults are drug addicts, and by the fact of that sex against nature, (homosexual sexuality) is being considered something normal?


Truly this cultural decomposition was coming forward long ago. But it is clearly evident that from the 1960fs what is coming under way is a true global revolution. Through apparently innocent slogans, like gmake love, not warh, distinction between good and evil for subsequent generations is being erased. And it is assumed that only the extreme left has any right to violence and terrorism.


From Medieval Christianity (the 13th century) classical Greco-Roman wisdom and the Jewish Decalogue have been the main references for the legislation and for the uses and customs in Western Europe. At the time of the discovery of America, Europe, which was then the cradle of modern science, had about 25% of the world population. Today it has less than 8%. Europe was responsible for disseminating Christian wisdom, human rights, jurisprudence, law and order, certain measure of social security to the five continents. And America, Africa, Asia and Oceania begun to grow in population precisely because of the European influence. Europe, under the attack of Leninism, fascism and Nazism was becoming heavily dechristianized, and it was decreasing in population. At present, the world is approaching slowly a population maximum, at about 2050, after which it will begin decreasing inevitably, at least in the not too distant future. It is well known that changes in population are slow and today (since the last fourth of the 20th century) many things are changing in the world in a radical manner:


·        The United Nations,

·        The UNESCO,

·        The World Health Organization (WHO)

·        The Red Cross,c


to name only a few.  Most of them formally declare today to be gneutralh (between the Christian world view and the Anti-Christian world view. But in fact, they are clearly hostile to the Christian view of human life, which until recently, they seemed to respect.


All of this is happening because some influential, and very rich, gprogressivesh have decided that Anti-Christian is better than Christian, as defended specially by the Catholic Church, for twenty centuries, and in the last century, from Pope St. Pious 10th to Pope St. John Paul 2nd, and afterwards by Pope Benedict XVI. With Pope Francis things are not very clear.


Many people has not realized yet that the considerable increase in world population which took place after the 2nd World War was not due to any increase in womenfs fertility (totally inexistent since 1950 onwards) but to a substantial increase in life expectancy (decrease in mortality rate), due to advances in medicine, the so called ggreenh revolution, and certain degree of social security, spreading out in the non-communist world.


Amid the reigning confusion, it would be proper for those of us who think that two and two make four, to have mind those elementary principles of common sense which recognize in man something which is clearly above an evolved primate moved by instincts, not by an intelligence, a ill, and a freedom, which puts man well above an orangutan, a gorilla or a chimpanzee.


Today, like yesterday, science \true science\ is not enemy of reason, or common sense, but its strongest ally.


* * *


As noted by Stanley L. Jaki (quoting Albert Einstein): gthe only way to avoid becoming a metaphysician (i.e. going beyond physics) is to say nothingh. (underlined by JAG).


Positivism and Dialectic Materialism are wrong. Already in the 6th century before Christ, Aristotle was able to find a gvia mediah between the self-contradictory views of some gPlatonistsh. A via media capable of describing the reality of change in the world all around us.


Many centuries later St. Augustine, in the Southern Mediterranean cost, and still later, St. Thomas Aquinas illuminated by the Christian Revelation, were able to go philosophically from a changing Nature (in Aristotle not yet very far from Pantheism), to a contingent created, finite, Cosmos, requiring inescapably a necessary Creator.


And still later, further steps forward epistemologically were given, after Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler, by giants like Newton, Ampere, Maxell, Planck and Einstein, all of them realists philosophically.


Kant was, however, an gamateurh scientist, who claimed to who above Newtonc He attributed a high probability to gscientifich expectations that the inhabitants of Mars (roughly midway between those in Venus and those in Jupiter) should be more intelligent than the inhabitants of the Earth, even more intelligent than Newton, but much less intelligent that those in Jupiter. His treaty on Science (translated by Stanley L. Jaki) does not include anything related to infinitesimal calculus: no physical-mathematical are present in Kantfs lengthy discussions.


A few comments are in order respect the certainly systematic  but also certainly wrong disquisitions of Kant in his gCritique of Pure Reasonh.


1)    Respect of Kantfs starting point: If we are able of registering only gphenomenah (never gnoumenah), then to fall down into subjectivism / relativism becomes inevitable.

2)    Subjectivism is present in all pages of his gOpus Postumunh, devoted to analyze all branches of science.

3)    The gCritique of Pure Reasonh as we have noted, lacks any mathematical equation but it is full of obscure sentences, especially in key sections, according to Gauss, which make it not reliable.

4)    One of the four gantinomiesh in the gCritique of Pure Reasonh states that gfree willh is not more evident that pure gdeterminismh. It may be noted however that Arthur Compton, the American Nobel Prize physicist, who discovered the gwave-corpuscleh duality of photons (= light quanta), held that the personal evidence that one has of moving a finger one way or the opposite, is even more direct evidence that Newtonfs Laws. If Kant were right in this his disquisitions about manfs soul and manfs free willh would be mere materialistic, subproducts of a materialistic mind and therefore irrational.

5)    Kant was a master at adding words to words in order to cover any underground inconsistency in these arguments.

6)    Kantfs purpose with his gantinomiesh was to invalidate three basic realities: universe, human soul, and God. However (as noted by K. F. Gauss, a consummated logician) Kantfs interminable disquisitions reduce themselves often to mere trivialities.


When Steven Hawking (another great expert adding words to words and more words) proposed, in his latest book, gThe Grand Designh, to make a ghigh thesish of Kant and Aristotle, he was aiming at something like the gcriclefs cuadratureh in philosophy: Strict grelativismh and true grealismh exclude each other.


* * *


G.K. Chesterton, who pretended to be only a journalist was however a surprising gseerh of science. He said in 1933 (G.K.fs Weakly, Nov. 2): gA society is in decay when common sense becomes un commonh. He died in 1936, just as the Civil War in Spain begun.


As a veritable prophet of our times, he did the following accurate predictions:


·        Hitler will go to war, he said before anyone else.

·        An outbreak of violence against the Jews was very near.

·        GK Ch. predicted that a Second World War would begin in the Polish border.

·        The airplane would totally change warfare, extending the horrors of war to innocent civilians.

·        The new emerging technologies, based upon the new 20th century Science, would increase, he said, the ways of killing people in bellic confrontations.

·        In the emerging industrial society, with electricity, waterpower, burning oil, etc., would diminish the work of individual workers, but very soon, he said, machines would become their masters, and the workers with become their slaves.

·        He said: gThe same industrial civilization with aims at rapidity, also produces congestionh

·        Chesterton predicted the rise, and the fall of Communism in Russia many years before it dominated one third of the world.

·        He predicted, many decades in advance, that the next great heresy menacing the West, would be an attack on morality, especially sexual morality.

·        He expected ga fashionable fatalism founded upon Freudh, and that it would gexalth lust, and gforbidh fertility.

·        Very early, GK Ch. Predicted that gabortionh would be considered a sing of gprogressh. And he warned also about the prospect of geuthanasiah for everybody.

·        He warned that gModern materialismc is solemn about sports because it has no other rites to solemnizeh.


We are seeing, in the late 20th century and the early 21st, that Christian principles are being ignored and forgotten while stupid non-sense ideologies are on the rise.


Chesterton saw it with astonishing clarity one hundred years ago. And he insisted following St. Thomas Aquinas, that the world is well done, and that God is a Merciful Father who created men in his image and likeness, as recorded in Genesis I.


* * *


The 13th of May of 2000, facing a very large gathering of pilgrims, Pope John Paul II canonized Francisco and Jacinta Marto at Fátima, where he was accompanied by their cousin Lucía, then a Carmelite nun of age 94. The Pope held Lucíafs hand warmly between his own hands during the celebration. And at the end, it was announced by cardinal Sodano, the Vaticanfs Secretary of State, that in a few weeks, the Vatican would make public the gThird Secreth of Fatima, as part of the most prophetic private revelation in modern times.


As such a prophecy it had to be supported, as are all true prophecies, with miracles. The miracles connected with the apparition of the Virgin Mary in Fátima formed a long series with reached to the last decade of the 20th century. Such a series was directly connected with the gmiracle of the sunh, witnessed at Cova de Iría by about 50.000 people on October 13, 1917.


As Father Stanley L. Jaki, notes in his book on gGod and the Sun at Fátimah, no one who raised respectful objections to that revelation called in doubt that an extraordinary event took place then and there. But even the best champions of that private revelation surrounding the message of Fátima failed to carry out a systematic study of the nature of the miracle, which should have started with a thorough listing and critical analysis of the witnesses who saw the miracle.


Such a study, as done around the year 2000 by Fr. Jaki himself leads to the conclusion that, instead of the sun gdancingh itself, an gair lensh, moved by turbulent whether gave the impression to many or most eyewitnesses, that the sun was moving in circles emitting the rainbow colors.


The Third Secret was the document written down by Sister Lucía on June 3, 1944, at the request of the bishop, to be sent to the Vatican. In fact the Third Secret did not reach the Vatican until April 4, 1957, being it the last year of the Pontificate of Pope Pius XII. Its English translation (official) is as follows,


gWe saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand it gave on flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire, but they died out in contact with the splendor that our Lady radiated toward him from her right hand; pointing to the earth with his right hand the Angel cried out in a loud voice, gPenance, Penance, Penance!h

And we saw in an immense light that is God gsomething similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it a Bishop dressed in Whiteh we had the impression that it was the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he me in his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross, he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him and in the same way there died one after another other Bishops, priests, men and women Religious, and various people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross, there were two Angels, each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, I which they gathered up the bleed of the Martyrs end with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to Godh.


* * *


Canon Formigao, in his book gOs episodios marailhosos de Fátimah (1921) was probably the man who did the most to convert Cova da Iría into the huge pilgrimage place, known simply as Fátima, with a special exit to principal autostrada of Portugal, joining Lisboa and Madrid. He summed us in that book the urgent need

gcto live the life of good Christians, observing strictly all our duties, doing penance for all our sins, and reciting the Rosary every dayh.


This daily message of piety and penance is essentially the same of Saint Paulfs injunction in his letter to Timothy (Tim, 2; 1-2) that gprayers, intercession, and thanksgiving be offered for all men, but especially for kings and those in authority, that we may be able to lead undisturbed and tranquil lives in perfect piety and dignityh. Constantinefs conversion opened the way for an end of Christians persecution in Rome and the whole Empire.


Through all salvation history a heavenly message has been accompanied by a miracle, as an external seal of truth. The same is true of the message given to all Christians in Fátima by means of the three little shepherds Francisco, Jacinta and Lucía.

As Fr. Stanley Jaki notes, reliance on the natural forces of reason is all the more appropriate in the case of the miracle of the Sun, predicted by the little shepherds and occurred on October 13, 1917. Rome never pronounced itself as to the nature of the miracle of the Sun. And, in fact Rome avoided saying something specific about the miraculous way in which the life of Pope John Paul II was saved when the bullets of Ali Agca which failed to kill him in Saint Peterfs Square on May 13, 1981.


Today, the gworldh looks down to the Catholic Church seeing the large number of Catholics who pay only lip service to its official teaching, the same today as two thousand years ago, about sexual deviancy and promiscuity. The gworldh handles it as a new gnormalcyh. If a moral is to be drawn for this immoral age, the message of Fátima seems more timely than ever. Celebrating profusely the Day of Gay Pride all over the world does not make natural what is obviously wrong and unnatural.


Archbishop Fulton Sheen, the great TV American apostle said that Marx when saying that man was a slave of two things, private property and religion was wrong. The right to own property and the right to practice his own faith are the guarantee of freedom, not slavery. As Jesus Christ said gtruth will make you freeh (Jn 8:32).


Public opinion appears nowadays convinced that the drastic changes occurred in recent decades about the family, homosexual unions and LGTB ideology are irreversible.


But nothing is irreversible as long as men are guided by intellect, will and freedom, in addition to instincts, like the brutes.


And the ongoing social economic cultural and moral decomposition therefore cannot go on indefinitely.



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