Opinion Piece: Ecology:

The Necessity for an Awareness

of the Reality of the Planet


by Tetsuo Kaneko, Technologist

East Katsushika Institute

Matsudo-Shi, Japan


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The evolution of civilization is driven by the desire to gain more benefit, more convenience, and more comfort. The orientation of its evolution depends strongly on the desire. An advanced technological civilization has been established dependant upon the desire. It seems that this effect of the desire connects to great advantages. Despite this, consciousness cultivated in the two cerebral hemispheres that are subject to the desire can persuade various issues to be forgotten. The distribution of advantages of the civilization is not uniform on the surface of the Planet. This is an example of the issues. Forgetting the reality of the Planet also is an example of the issues. The capacity of the Plane does not provide infinity for receiving the desire.


Intelligence, being careful, allows seeing the reality of the world and the limitation of the capacity of the Planet, although the two cerebral hemispheres that are subject to the desire can allow getting rid of the intelligence. The intelligence enables extremely anomalous climatic phenomena to be recognized as the global climate issues occurring from the limitation of the capacity of the Planet. The occurrence of the limitation is caused by the fact that the emission of CO2 is increased by the enhancement of artificial activities depending on the desire.


Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas that has a global warming potential of 34 ~ 72 compared to CO2 if a global warming potential of CO2 is regarded as one. Now, a huge amount of methane is frozen as methane hydrate under the ground in cold regions and as that at the bottom of the sea. If the methane is released into the air as a gas, the greenhouse effect will be enhanced rapidly and considerably. If the release of the methane is triggered, the strengthened greenhouse effect will require various changes to the advanced economic system.


Continuing to enjoy the civilization is the principal aim for everyone on the Planet. For this aim, triggering the release of the methane must be avoided. When a state of the greenhouse effect reaches the critical point, climatic avalanche phenomena is triggered, a large amount of methane begins to release into the air, and the greenhouse effect can be automatically strengthened. With becoming free from cerebral activities anticipating the expectation that it is not triggered yet, action based on ideas for avoiding it must be performed. It is necessary for continuing to enjoy the advanced civilization.


Principal factors, on which the meteorological reality of the Planet depends, can link with each other. They are exemplified by the distribution of surface temperatures of sea water, the distribution of surface temperatures on the land areas, the distribution of the areas covered with ice, the concentrations of greenhouse gases, the rate of absorption to the solar radiation, and so on. Each of these factors is not independent of the others. The relationship between the factors makes meteorological phenomena become nonlinear responses. Hence, many simulations for revealing the influence of CO2 concentration on the meteorological reality must be done with the use of supercomputers. The consequences from the simulations do not denote that the continuation of the current CO2 emission leads to an optimistic climatic situation. Nowadays, it is necessary to become free from cerebral activities that have a tendency to attach the cerebral activities to decisions linked to additional acquisitions due to the desire.


Everyone has experienced a special epoch during which the civilization can be organized with depending on the desire and with making no effort to take care of the Planet. Now, the epoch is approaching the end. This is the fact being revealed from one of global issues, i.e., the greenhouse effect. Consciousness that allow seeing the reality of everything must allow activities of the human brain to become free from trying to interpret extreme anomalousness of climatic phenomena as the occurrence of local issues. Intelligence that can assist the consciousness to be strengthened is necessary. The intelligence aids in raising individual potential for evolving toward an enjoyable civilization harmonized with the meaning of the existence of the Planet. It must aid in raising even more potential for evolving toward an enjoyable civilization accompanying empathy. Individual consciousness that succeeds in making the human brain become aware of the reality of the Planet is the great factor that determines the orientation of evolution of the civilization and the continuation of the civilization.



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