The European Migrant Crisis: Migration or Invasion?

‘Multiculturalism’ and the Devious Reasons Behind the Forced Immigration into Europe

Immigration: A Controlled Cultural Process in Transitional Townships – Part II

Commentaries on the Refugee Crisis in Germany

Commentaries on the Refugee Crisis in Germany and Europe – Part II

Commentary on Hinrich Rohbohm’s Book
“Merkel’s Mask: Chancellor of a Different Republic”

Past Politicalization in Germany: It’s Consequences and Implications for the Future

The Battle with Marxism Leninism in America After Fidel Castro

Transformational Marxism in Spain and Elsewhere Today

Mathematical Descriptions of Population Trends:
What Population Challenges Await Us in the Coming Decades?

Data and Previsions On World Population

Organic Multiculturalism and Imported, Unclassified Disruptive Influences

Another Word Hijacked!: What is the Actual Meaning of ‘Multiculturalism’?

‘Political Correctness’ Gone Mad

Current Severe Dangers to Freedom & National Sovereignty


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