Education: Life and Consciousness:


The Nature of Thought – Part XIV


by Mr. Iain Kirkaldy-Willis,

Naturalistic Philosopher

Canary Islands, Spain


As members of the BWW Society, we are a diverse group, each in the box of their own profession. I embarked on writing these articles to challenge you in this, to challenge us all in how we are sequestered in the boxes within boxes of our personal views; the professional discipline that constrains us; the slant on what we are up to in our field; our being members of one and another ethnic group, segment of society, nation, culture, and being human, as opposed to wild pigs.


From within any such box, it is not easy to take what is not in there into account because that would mean stepping outside the box. So anything not in there with us is up for grabs as something, perhaps useful. Otherwise it is bric-a-brac and disposable. We suffer from this at one another´s hands, a planet-wide sufferance, for that is how we treat Life itself, as something disposable, irrelevant, even meaningless, if it is not useful and we ignore it. The challenge is to be alive to this, to change, to know how to think both inside and outside the box and to behave differently, therefore.


As I said at the outset, my intention in presenting these articles was simply to wander back and forth across the landscape of our times, pointing at this and that about who we are and what is going on, often repeating things, for emphasis, in the process.


Human conduct has led to behaviours that are contrary to the character of the Energy-Life-Consciousness configuration within the super-organism that Planet Earth is. According to 2018’s Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the world’s 7.6 billion people represent 0.01% of all living things. Yet human conduct has caused the loss of 83% of all wild animals and half of plants, while livestock kept by humans abounds. With bacteria at 13% of the world’s biomass, plants represent 82% of all living matter and all other creatures, from fungi to insects, to fish and animals are just 5%.  And that is without having said a word about that 0.01%’s land, sea and climate impact!


Stop right there! Just for a moment consider the enormity of this issue. In a millennial progression of serving the order-of-the-day, humanity has created a super-order of enormous proportions.


How so?


In several articles I’ve referred to an incident, about 11,500 years ago, in which cosmic debris gave Earth a glancing blow, submerging a land mass beneath it and driving a huge wave before it. Wrecking the maritime civilisation of the time, it precipitated an age of chaos. The psyche of the remnants that survived this catastrophe was scarred. In time, scattered peoples became cultural groupings and then nations. Bearing this wound, nations rose and fell. Civilisations came and went. The systematic rising and falling, coming and going of a wounded humanity gathered impetus. The super-system that evolved so is the template for the present civilisation or, Order-of-these-times. What we do, the way we live is prescribed by this ‘blueprint’.


It is a system which catches us all up in its machinations. We know the agendas elites pursue revolve around influence, money and status, to the detriment of everything else, in a way that is dispassionate (regardless of individual, personal attitude) as to what others are subjected to, thereby, as well as to the impact on the rest of life, as a whole. At the peak of the hierarchy, they are, nevertheless, as much in thrall to this Order as we professionals are, or the populace at lower levels. Or, take populations in huge swathes of the world where there is starvation, sickness, need and strife.


The Order is actually at their expense, as the ever growing disparity between have and have-not shows, meaning those issues just go on getting worse, in fact. One consequence of which is that increasing numbers of displaced people are on the move, to the extent that, for others, the fear of inundation by the influx of those on the run has become anger. Where we belong in this, we professionals are no less culpable in our high-minded pursuits. Unconcerned as to the spin-off of what we push to the fore and dismissive of any technological fall-out, we are disparaging towards those who do not have the skills and knowledge we pride ourselves on. This is arrogant on our part, for our workplaces, our cutting-edge labs and the level at which we live come from the labour of all those we consider to be lesser than us, in some way or other. Honestly, who do we think we are fooling!


Nobody, from the top to the bottom of the pyramid, is more than a piece on the board – disposable. Back in the box you go, when out of play, like, go live in the real world, until there is a place on the board for you again! But that is the Order’s emphasis, a virtual world, smoke and mirrors, a pretence, something that subverts the real world to its dictate.


What is happening to Planet Earth is happening to us. Locked within its set-up, we do not serve humanity. We serve an order that is on the rampage, for this super-system has reached such stature that, where the collapse of previous civilisations devastated their respective homelands, the devastation the present, global civilisation is bringing about is of the proportions of an extinction event.


This means, in actual fact, that we are not innocent victims of quirks of nature, for it is the vehicles of our road, rail, air and sea transport systems, industry, even agriculture, and everything else about our style of life that dump wastes in the Earth’s atmosphere, the environment and in its seas. Yet we scapegoat environmental contamination, climate disturbance, the ills of civilisation, and such, as responsible for the ailments and adversity we suffer. Make no mistake, therefore, both the symptoms of our infirmities and the ills of society are the biological and social expression of the psychological conflicts that reveal the real problems that haunt our lives, engineer our genetics for the worse and deform our societies.


Again, we are face to face with the difference between intellect and intelligence. In an earlier article, I described how the fighter jet’s on-board computer orchestrates flight from the chaos of information its systems stream to it and that it does so in accordance with the directives of the pilot, as that aircraft’s operator; that this parallels how a creature’s cerebral nervous complex orchestrates its life, according to what serves its particular interests and needs, and is a reflection of how the brain is the human body’s on-board computer, as it were, handling the chaos of information our body’s systems stream at it, in service to the likes of you and I, as that body’s operator.


This is not just some casual illustration. The image is most apt.  Nowadays, yes, we have driverless vehicles and pilotless drones. Nevertheless, they have operators, either at a distance or according to their programming, artificial operators that have the systems working towards the given end of their intended functions. All of this works because, through the way info tech faithfully reflects Life, we conform to what the super-system dictates, creating virtual realities reflecting each other, emerging from the earlier mechanised and agricultural models superimposed upon life on Earth.


There is no getting intelligence to do what we use info tech for, nor elevating cybernetics to achieve what instruments of consciousness operating in tandem do. For instance, take a moment to consider how, where info processing works in nano-seconds the human brain performs merely in micro-seconds. So, a computational set-up capable of analysing, say 200 million bits of data/second, is not out-thinking a person, but simply out-gunning them in processing information. Or, feeding a neural network millions of moves and then getting the system to play itself a million times more, it develops strategies that outstrip human capability. (Again, this is about ‘nano’-computation and connectivity – millions of bits of data and millionths of seconds.) There is no record of this. One can see the moves, but not how they were decided. It is not that the machine knows how to keep a secret, but that, where a person can give feedback, that machine does not because, just doing what it was set up to do, it was not programmed to do so. Yet, if instead of competing, a knowledgeable operator and a decent computer paired can out-smart a super-computer.


Yes, we have smart phones  – smart appliances  –  smart houses, smart cells  –  smart transplants, smart cars  –  smart traffic systems. You name it and it is pretty sure we have got it, to such an extent that they are being integrated to better serve us. To serve us their integrated functioning assumes a life of its own, in actual fact, for such systems organise themselves into artificial or cyber-organisms with their own life and behaviours, artificial entities in a cyber society. They do a better job of this than we can, which is of course why we pave the way for them to get on with it. With their unimaginable ‘nano’ neural connectivity, their life and functions are beyond our reckoning, beyond our control because, due to their superior performance, we hand them control.


The smart society this is ushering in hurries cyber-intelligence towards singularity and raises the spectre of cyber-organisms as an independent, ‘artificial race’.  So, yes, virtual reality mimics intelligent activity. They are, however, not the same, the difference being that with regard to intelligence, no fibre optics, satellite dishes, and computer link-ups are involved. There is no artificial technology.  It is the real thing of life forms communing and operating in unison, for at the heart of the world everything is connected. Everywhere is here. It is all now. All life is one. (The heart of the World is something else articles have referred to, again and again, that state of communion where the hum of DNA activity in one and for all is the same. Broadcast throughout the organism and out into its surroundings, as part of the complex interchange DNA is conducting at the planet-wide level we call Life, the DNA of every living thing on earth, floral, faunal and microbial, is involved in this, non-stop. Events in space and time perpetually tweak it, and, hey presto...! Surprise, surprise the name for this activity is, LIFE!) Yet, here we are, psychically scarred beings letting the super-system sleep walk what makes us human to its beat.


We interpret things according to the frame of reference being used. Like a computer our brains are finite. As such, like the computer, they can only function in terms of their programming, in terms of one or other of the frames of reference they employ, whether it is to do with using a scientific methodology, referencing the dynamics of life in mathematical terms, using Quantum terminology, following a particular ‘school’ of philosophical thought, living within the framework of one particular culture as opposed to another, or living according to one or other of the frames of reference native peoples have for their being at the heart of the world. Take Quantum terminology, for example. What do you think palpation and divination are but the quantum-like link up which makes what is going on elsewhere known, here and now? What about how the telepathic nature of inter-species communication ignores the parameters of space and time? And what more is the concept of worm holes than a reflection of the web’s vibrating threads tweaking connections in some other dimension? Or what about the super-positional activity of bacterial intelligence, with the cross-strain cooperation of information exchange, strategic planning and non-physical transfers that cause genetic alteration in other bacterial populations?


Another thing about this parallel between brain and computer is the nature of our surrender to them. Previous articles have elaborated on how the cortex processes the recollections and associations that everyday life at home, at work, wherever trigger, stuff we mistakenly call thinking, as if a computer processing data is ‘thinking’, or a creature, reacting to circumstances in its environment and responding is ‘thinking’. We surrender to this in the name of doing our job, being a parent, putting up with contingencies in order to get by. Actually, most of it is following pathways we have learned for handling the Order’s machinations at play in the world around us. And, considering computers as virtual brains, we surrender to using them and the applications info tech spawns, in the same manner.


Going back to programming, though, any frame of reference is a language with which this and that about the Absolute and about Life, as an expression of the Absolute, can be explored.  Each ‘language’ is what it is, speaking in its particular way and is limited to that, for, what lies outside its parameters is what it is not, its polar opposite, its not-self. But the parallel between our brains and the computer stops there.                   


How so?


Where the computer performs in terms of the virtual platform of info tech, our brains work in terms of the capacity their being human brains gives them for helping their operators negotiating life, intelligently, that is to say, humanly.  


Waving a flag at the way in which the Order locks the human reptilian brain on issues concerning control, domination and survival, I would like you to know there is something else out there. If the world of human affairs is crystallising more and more into an Order-that-will-not-change, as seems to be the case, other agglomerations of human cells, have already reached the critical mass that has people being otherwise. You see, the Order is not everything. In other words, there is the Order and its polar opposite, this other stream of humanity, the not-Order. An important thing to say about its awakening is that this stream of humanity inherits indigenous peoples’ way of living by direct experience, on behalf of the whole human race. Though colonial expansion had stamped it out, some of their seers predicted it’s re-awakening as they watched their peoples being dispersed, emasculated and exterminated.


Now, I am not saying any of this with a view to providing some sort of demographic as to who these people are, or what they are actually up to. It is just to say that there is another stream of humanity out there. It is everything the Order is not, including not being an order itself, which is why the Order cannot take it into account, for the Order cannot, encompass what it is not! They have made choices because they have been discarded. So the Order-of-the-day is irrelevant to them. Not only does it not serve them, it does not even recognise them. Outside the machinations of whatever expression of the order around them is, they are beyond the pale.


They owe society nothing. For them, life has become something else, something to which they have committed themselves or, which circumstances have thrust upon them. As I have already said, the Order-of-the-day is in denial, for this is its polar opposite. What this says is that they represent what a humanity, stuck in conformance with the Order, lacks. We cannot be whole without what they have inherited. From within the Order’s embrace we professionals serve it. Our being in thrall to it and ministering towards its ends, it is this other stream which holds the key to the healing of the psychically damaged human race, not us. Not only have we lost the plot, but we are aiding and abetting the order that has hollowed out our humanity! We see nothing wrong with getting better at what we do, nothing that needs changing. There is nothing to heal. In fact, recognising Earth’s material resources are finite, there are some amongst us who would go further afield to pursue this bent in a larger context. 0.01% of the biomass that is killing this Planet, we would be nano-particles of destruction out in Space!


Well that is it. This is the last articleand here is the challenge. If one is going to really think about things, one has got to be prepared to go the whole way. Remember the larger than human-sized perspective on intelligence identified in earlier articles? How, everything, from the humble atom of the first element, hydrogen, on, knows itself for what it is, and faithfully relates with others, as it behaves accordingly. In the case of hydrogen behaving as it does with oxygen, for example, we have water, that most fundamental prerequisite of Life, with the intelligence it is now recognised to have.  Intelligence is so much more than our consideration of it as exclusively human.


If I tell you that thinking about things is the realm of philosophy, then, who we are, is the fundamental philosophical question, and who I am is inextricably linked with how I live, how who I am expresses itself.


Remember how I said, “my life is my profession”? So, here is an image/text series to go with that, ....and let me leave you with this thought, ...


What has any of what has been in these articles got to do with the work you do, the life you lead and who you are?


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