Positive Global Solutions

through Network or General-Consciousness


by Dr. Jasna Loboda-Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany


by Dr. Hinko Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and the Technical University of Berlin,

Berlin, Germany


In the present time there is a high potential of an increasing number of harmonic people, in the Network or General-Consciousness, with virtues developed by Mental Quantum Evolution for positive action with love, for harmonization of human life and for positive development of mankind in the future [1, 2 and 3].


A network generally is an important attribute of nature. The society mainly splits in two networks, with different levels of activity.


The part of society linked in the network of Mass-Consciousness is passive or acts negative. Globalization as an economical construction is negative, because it connects stiff all parts of the world by global enterprises for the benefit of a minority privileged by money, and with negative influence on economy and development of society. This Globalization is a closed system, without possibility of further development, and that fore will not exist in future.


The other part of society is linked with the Network or General-Consciousness that contains the harmonic force for healing of every system. Network or General-Consciousness is contained in human being itself, and that fore global. This Network is the best example that all is global linked; it is the base for positive development in nature and in any field of human activity. Network or General-Consciousness is an open system with free connections, based on consciousness of harmonic people all over the world.


Network or General-Consciousness harmonizes the world acting on Positive Globalization for fair chances for all people, concerning education, nutrition, employment, availability of water, housing and energy. Moreover, harmonization of economy will give fair chances also to nature.


Network or General-Consciousness has the potential needed also for harmonization of the society, and to assure a good and happy life for all people. Global linking of all harmonic people gives the possibility for understanding and positive linking of nations.


The General-Consciousness of more and more harmonic people is necessary in society to overcome the present disharmonic and negative developments.


Outlook in the future:           

         - Personal and Global Disharmony will be overcome.

         - Harmonic (moral and ethic) and humanitarian development of Sciences and Scientific Applications (technologies as economy, physics, medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, biology and pharmacy) will be ensured.

         - For all these is absolute necessary to intensify influence of Creative Art and Culture on society.

         - Positive Future exists for all people and nature.


References: Dr. Jasna Loboda-Cackovic and Dr. Hinko Cackovic, Published in The Journal of Global Issues and Solutions: [1] “Universal Harmony – Mental Quantum Evolution”, Sept./Oct. 2010; [2] “Universal Harmony – Harmonization of the World”, July-Aug. 2011; [3] “Universal Harmony – Principle Certainty: Disharmony Overcome”, July-Aug. 2012.


Editor’s Note: This paper is excerpted from the authors’ online book, Development of Mankind by Mental Quantum Evolution based on Universal Harmony”

See: http://bwwsociety.org/journal/digital/2017/1/Development-of-Mankind-by-Mental-Quantum-Evolution-based-on-Universal-Harmony.htm

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