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The Nature of Thought – Part XIII


by Mr. Iain Kirkaldy-Willis,

Naturalistic Philosopher

Canary Islands, Spain


Some say the sum of the cells of our tissues, organs and other body parts are as little as 10% of us, the rest belonging to the likes of bacteria and fungi, microbes the activities of which are intimately caught up with the functions of our own bodies. DNA activity taking place within all the cells of this community of intelligences that each of us is, is only perceptible as photon emission. So, if the cell’s DNA determines what it is, the light DNA emits characterises that, is its signature.  Each cell, said to be firing at something like 1,000 times/second, is transmitting a steady stream of information about itself and its condition; signals conveying messages to other locations; holding patterns it shares collectively with the other cells with which it groups concerning what it is, where it is in the part of the body to which it belongs, and more, to whoever is attuned to that for whatever pertains to them. This activity is broadcast throughout the organism and out into its surroundings, as part of the complex interchange DNA is conducting in the bacterial super-organism of what we call life on planet Earth. On top of which, the very ground of any living thing is the basic state of just being, in which DNA photon activity is flaring on every hand within it, a hum of cellular activity, simply affirming its existence and endorsing the state of its well-being – all the body’s cells shaking hands with one another at the same time, as it were! It is at this level that all living things are in communion because it is where the buzz of DNA activity in one and for all is the same. The DNA of every living thing on earth, floral, faunal and microbial, is involved in this, non-stop,


This self-organisational activity reaches from the DNA in a cell, out through the formation of the tissues, organs and members that are becoming an organism, as well as within whatever is going on for those lives that organism hosts, and on, for this is how everything is knit together in the fabric of the Absolute. We are plugged into this. It happens, whether we are aware of it or not, whether we comprehend it or not, whether we accept the fact or not, whether we appreciate it or not, whether we like it or not. If one experiences a feel for this matter, one’s own intelligence is engaging with it directly. To live by that is to hold faith with Life, to live directly.


Of course we don’t understand this! Why should we, for this is about intelligence, while we make such a fuss about the intellectual activity that is but a function of the brain, which is but another organ amongst all those others in the composite of an overarching intelligence I call ‘me’, which is but one of all the intelligences the Absolute embraces. As such, the brain functions within parameters that pertain to the body it belongs to, as does the liver, and whatever else, and that is that! That we judge other forms of life in terms of their brain capacity by comparison with our own shows how little we understand the matter. If you think about this, it is silly really, for, we are refusing to acknowledge the nature of our intelligence as one amongst all others in the Overarching Intelligence that gave all of us the intelligence each of us has. Nevertheless, it is, actually, not just possible to appreciate the matter, but would be natural if we did so. This is where direct experience has things on offer.


Direct experience is one of many themes that have surfaced in these articles, both in terms of something as specific as the heart’s managing the body in which it is the master organ, and as general as indigenous peoples’ experience of being at the heart of the world. This is the second article focussing on Direct Experience and it is the title of the first series in this article.


So, about Direct Experience, we don’t have to go to the Kalahari Desert or the Australian Outback to live as did the Bushman or the Aborigine to appreciate it. We will not achieve it by immersing ourselves in disappearing Amazonia. We cannot go back to lost boreal forests to be as the N. American Indians were. These are amongst many peoples who lived so, each in their particular way. Yes, their message is that direct experience is not only possible, it is real. It is the only way there is. We just have to find it and live by that in the jungles, deserts and wilderness of the world we have made for ourselves.


More and more scientific and technological wonders get hailed. Yet, by the same stroke, the state of the planet and the human condition become ever grimmer. As the Doomsday Clock, set ticking in 1947, has it, we are but a few minutes to midnight.  One can go on and on, time and time again, railing at how we are tearing at the fabric of life; enumerating one instance of it after another; pointing fingers at the consequences and stabbing at likely scenarios. It is all part and parcel of hastening towards some kind of apocalypse. In this existential crisis humanity has brought upon itself, the endgame is ours. We are destroying the circumstances of life essential to our own existence. As members of the human race, each of us is part and parcel of the crisis. We cannot, therefore, not experience this, personally. So, it can be no wonder if we feel badly about the predicament we find ourselves in, the circumstances we were born into. In fact, feeling such discomfort is the cue to the mindfulness we need to have towards it all and with regard to being challenged enough to make the walk that is for each of us to make.


Before we were born we were Energy and Consciousness. Here and now, we are Energy and Consciousness in the form of Life that is ours. That is who we are, in the profoundest sense, Energy and Consciousness in Life. We will continue to be Energy and Consciousness after we shuck the form Life has given us. What Life brings to this entanglement is change, the vitality of experiencing, adapting and responding, the aliveness of becoming self through what all that outside itself does to it. Life is in the difference between one and another in the plenitude of forms it manifests; the ever-changing state and condition of each and every individual, and in the ceaseless interplay of forms with one another, at every level, that the phenomenon of Life is. That is us, each one of us, and we are Life doing that, in itself, to itself, with itself.


The secret all those who live directly possess (I say, secret, because none of them phrase it as such, since just living it is enough in itself for them) is to do with being Consciousness in Life, consciousness in human form. Energy and Consciousness become Life in this way. They have birth, live in, die through us and re-form. We will never not be energy and consciousness, whether we have form or not. One could say that Life´s goal is for us to achieve this, for consciousness to transcend the perpetual energy interchange that birth, death and rebirth are. So, this being energy and consciousness in the human form Life has given us is all we need to experience and get on with, just as is the case with each and every other form Life has assumed within and around us, anyway. The second series, Living Towards Life’s End, explores this matter somewhat.


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