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Resonant Frequency Treatment


by Dr. Karl Schueler EE FCC EMT

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Overview and History

What is frequency healing and how does it work?

Frequency healing refers to a type of treatment developed in the early 1900's based on theories of resonance and vibration. Although color and sound therapies are also based on resonance and vibration, frequency healing is a therapy associated with specific signature frequencies.


All matter vibrates at a particular rate that distinguishes it from all other matter. This rate of vibration emits a corresponding frequency, called the signature frequency. Signature frequencies of viruses, bacteria, disease states, healthy organs, bones, even thoughts and emotions have been identified (1).   Using signature frequencies is not unique to frequency healing; its how astrophysics determines the atmospheric content of different planets.  By measuring frequencies emitted from a planet surface and comparing them to known signature frequencies of gases and chemical compounds, atmospheric data is obtained. 


Using frequency for healing consists of either disrupting or overloading unwanted frequency, such as those of a virus or bacteria, or by amplifying or nurturing healthy frequencies.  Disrupting unwanted frequency occurs similarly to the way an opera singer breaks a glass.


The glass resonates to a particular tone; amplifying that tone beyond the level of energy the glass can absorb causes it to shatter.  The singer feeds the resonant frequency of the glass to the point where the vibration is too strong for the glass molecules to hold together. The molecules themselves are at higher energy state than the solid will permit. The same can be done with bacteria and virus by bombarding them with an amplitude of their resonant frequency beyond their ability to absorb.   On the other hand, optimal health can be supported by providing the desired frequency at the desired amplitude thereby nourishing the body.  When the body resonates with this frequency it creates the optimal conditions for health. The use of frequency for healing is the present cutting edge of alternative health modalities.  This even though the technology has been known for over 100 years.


Remember that this technique can treat any living thing - not just people but animals and plants.


The delivery of specific frequencies is achieved by imprinting the frequency on an energy carrier, such as electricity or radio waves, and passing it via conductors to the recipient.  This sounds exotic but we use energy waves as information carriers all the time.  Radios, cell phones, computer Wi-Fi, are all examples of using energy waves to carry information.


Another delivery method is direct resonance.  In this method physical contact is not essential to treatment. Vibration can be transmitted through space via resonance of oscillating objects.  Consider a crude example of a harp.  When a string is plucked, say the middle C, it creates a vibration in all the C strings of every octave without direct physical contact.  The sound wave creates a resonant vibration in all other strings with the same harmonic. Using direct resonance, subtle energy is the carrier of the desired frequency and distance is no barrier to treatment.


Paradigm shift

Healing techniques are inextricably linked to the technology and paradigm of their time; the history of one is the history of the other.  The basic building blocks of frequency healing were discovered at the turn of the 20th century, but they could not be fully developed until there was a change in the scientific paradigm. This occurred when Einstein mathematically proved that energy and matter were the same substance with different rates of vibration.  The equation E=MC2 not only changed physics but the scope of this new vision changed the world we live in. In the words of David Bodanis: From medical devices that detect tumors to household smoke alarms to the origin of the stars to the death of the solar system, the E=MC2 equation provides the short answer to our existence.   In the terrain of healing it opened the door to a new description of health and illness, a description based on energy and organizing fields.


The Western paradigm for health has been mechanistic, a reflection of Newtonian physics. It looks at health in terms of individual functioning systems, often neglecting the interaction of the whole.  If physiological systems are intact and working, you're healthy.  Here's the question posed by energy researchers:  If you have two bodies side by side with all the systems intact and capable of functioning, yet one is alive and one is dead, what is the essential difference?  The difference is the absence or presence of life force energy. Scientists call it factor X. Other cultures call it vital energy, chi, prana, organizing principle, etc. Every indigenous culture in the world has a name for this life force, complete with a philosophy to understand it and a method for utilizing it in daily life. 


One example of a Western energy healer is Franz Anton Mesmer who discovered that he could pass his hands over a person's body and feel attraction and repulsion.  Living in the late 1700's, during the discovery of magnetic principals, he naturally described this phenomenon as magnetism.  His system of healing, called Mesmerism, consisted of passing the hands in the region of space around the body.  He described feeling attraction and repulsion as well as unusual currents which his method helped to balance. Mesmerism is the foundation of many modern-day energy-healing systems (4).


The same experience Mesmer had in the 1700's, described as magnetism, was described differently in subsequent time periods.  Dr. Abrams described it as an electrical current, due to the rise of electrification in the early 20th century.  Later, with advent of nuclear physics it was described as radiation.  Today, in light of quantum physics we describe the events in terms of organizing fields and holography.


In the end, our theories are reflections of the paradigm of our time.  We create constructs to organize information to understand our world.  Our paradigm represents the parameters of the construct we have created.  Eventually as we gather more information it begins to seep around the edges and fall outside of the limits of our understanding and we have to change the way we organize the world.  We are in the midst of one such shift at this time.


Quantum physics describes the world as holographic.  It describes a world where energy and matter are directed by the focus of the mind combined with the power of emotion and intention.



The foundations of frequency resonance understanding and usage started with the studies of Nicolas Tesla. Tesla studied and documented the resonance of the Earth, its atmosphere, buildings, and much more. From his laboratory in Manhattan, N.Y. he resonated surrounding buildings - inadvertently causing damage resembling that of an earth quake. His studies and inventions touch nearly all technology used today. He is the inventor of radio, and all equipment used to generate and distribute electricity worldwide.


The foundations of frequency healing began in the 1920's. The key pioneers were Dr. Albert Abrams, Dr. Ruth Drown, Dr. Royal Rife, and Dr. Hulda Clark. What these pioneers all have in common is a strong scientific background, conventional recognition, and scientific standing until the moment they moved outside of conventional knowledge. Then they all faced persecution and ostracism.  All the energy devices of the recent years are based on work of these four people.


Dr. Abrams was an American internist, born December 8, 1863 in San Francisco and died January 13, 1924.  He obtained an American medical diploma and a medical doctorate from the University of Heidelberg in Germany in 1882. He furthered his studies in London, Berlin, Vienna, and Paris. He became vice-president of the California State Medical Society in 1889 and was made president of the San Francisco Medico-Surgical Society in 1893. From 1893 to 1898 he was professor of pathology at the Cooper Medical College, San Francisco. He resigned his professorship in 1898.  By the beginning of the 1900s he had become a respected expert in neurology, and in 1904 became president of the Emanuel Polyclinic in San Francisco.


Abrams departed from medical orthodoxy when he made a series of startling observations.  While performing percussion on the abdomen of patients, he observed that specific illnesses elicited a specific contrasting tone from a precise spot on the abdomen.  Refining this use of sound frequency allowed him to accurately diagnose illness. Further investigation revealed that the sound elicited from an ill person could be heard through a healthy person if they were connected by a copper wire.  Additionally he found that simply connecting an ill person to their medicine via a copper wire was curative. To say this stretched medical credulity is putting it mildly!


Abrams claimed that all substances emit vibrations that can be detected and measured. He maintained that all human organs, diseased and healthy, transmit vibrations unique to that organ or disease.  He theorized and verified that subtle emissions coming from human tissue may be numerically detected and classified (6).  Using all the data he complied, Abrams created a system for diagnosing and treating illness which became the basis of frequency healing.


Abrams developed thirteen devices using copper wire, electrodes, resistors and potentiometers that claimed to detect vibrations and/or cure people through frequency application. Concurrently, at this time in history America was celebrating the great achievement of Buffalo, New York, becoming the first fully electrified city, thanks to hydro-power from Niagara Falls with equipment invented by Nicola Tesla. Naturally, Dr. Abrams ascribed the information being transmitted through his devices to be electrical in nature. 


Dr. Ruth Drown, chiropractic physician, was the first to discover that Abram's treatments could be performed without the use of copper wires, electrodes and resistors.  Born in 1892 in Colorado, she was a photographer in her youth and in her 30's she worked for the Edison Company where her intuitive understanding of the new radio technology blossomed. In 1923 she was exposed to the ideas of Dr. Strong who applied radio waves in the treatment of disease. Dr. Strong was a medical doctor and medical school professor of bacteriology.  Drown established the field of Radionics by combining photography, radio technology and Abram’s theories.  She devised equipment that could diagnose and treat long distance via vibratory rates with no copper wires, resistors or electrodes. Incidentally, she is also the first scientist to make cross sectional photographs of both soft and hard tissues of the human body, the precursor to CT scans; however you will never see her name in a book of conventional medicine.


Royal Raymond Rife (1888-1971), was a contemporary of Drown's.  Rife was an American who studied at Johns Hopkins University and developed technology that is still commonly used today in the fields of optics, electronics, radio-chemistry, biochemistry, ballistics, and aviation.  He received 14 major awards and honors and was given an honorary Doctorate by the University of Heidelberg for his work.  He was an established member of the medical community until he proclaimed that cancer is caused by microbes.


While Dr Abrams made his discoveries through the frequencies of sound, Royal Rife discovered virtually the same information using light. During the 1920s, he developed a powerful microscope that he claimed could detect living microbes by the color they emitted. He developed the Rife Frequency Generator, designed to generate radio waves of the same light frequency as the microbes.  Exposing the microbes to powerful bursts of light caused them to explode.


After building a series of extremely powerful high-resolution microscopes, Rife succeeded in isolating a virus which he demonstrated could cause cancerous tumors.  He also found a radio wave frequency that would successfully attack and kill the virus.  He obtained funding and sponsorship to run a landmark study in La Jolla, California in 1934.  During the pilot study all 16 participants, people with advanced cancer and tuberculosis, were cured. Instead of running a larger study as the results justified, the American Medical Association (AMA) attacked him and shut down Rife and his team before his treatment could be studied and made available.


Dr. Hulda Clark is the final early pioneer in the field.  Clark began her studies in biology at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, where she was awarded the Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, and the Master of Arts, with High Honors. She studied for two years at McGill University, and attended the University of Minnesota, studying biophysics and cell physiology. She received her Doctorate degree in physiology in 1958. She studied the principles of naturopathy at the Clayton College of Natural Health which offered a six-month study at home course.  Six years later she developed an electronic device for scanning the human body and detecting and treating diseases through frequency.  The device she created is called the zapper.


Medical Suppression

The history of frequency healing is filled with political suppression, as the history of the pioneers in the field is filled with persecution. Although each of the major researchers was a highly respected professional, as soon as they published findings that were at odds with conventional understanding they were ostracized and labeled an impostor.  Research results have been suppressed; legitimate studies have been refused publication, research labs have been raided, and scientists thrown in jail.  The medical community that awarded Dr. Abrams prizes censured him once he published his controversial findings.  Ruth Drown was named The Queen of Quack and her career was dogged by AMA harassment.  Royal Rife's lab was repeatedly raided, his instruments and research results destroyed while he was put in jail for practicing medicine without a license.  Dr. Hulda Clark, at 72, faced lawsuits for practicing negligent medicine.  She has been in and out of jail several times over the past 20 years.  One has to ask, if it's all quackery, of what is everyone so afraid?


Theories and Mechanisms

Abrams and Clark interpreted their findings from the perspective of electric currents. Drown and Rife related the bio-energy they perceived to radio waves.  All interpreted their results in light of the advances in the science of their time.  Today's scientific foundation points to field theory for the mechanism of frequency healing. 


Morphogenic fields were theorized in the middle of the 20th century.  It began with the mystery in embryology and zoology regarding the process of cellular differentiation in a developing embryo.  DNA holds the blueprint for the organism.  Every cell has DNA and therefore access to the entire blueprint.  Different enzymes catalyze the transcription of specific portions of the DNA, but what determines the act of differentiation?  What decides that this pleuri-potential cell will become the toenail while another becomes the brain?  There is still no answer to this in conventional physiology.


However, in the 1940's Dr. Harold Saxton Burr, a neuroanatomist at Yale, proposed the existence of an organizing field.  He developed his theory after studying the electric field around plants and animals, particularly salamanders.  He discovered that each salamander had an electrical field around it with an axis that was aligned to the brain and spinal cord.  He saw the same axis in the field around the developing embryo, complete with a positive and negative pole.  He tagged cells with dye and watched under a microscope while manipulating polarities.  In this way he was able to determine that a surrounding field organized the developing embryo.  Changes in the field preempted changes in differentiation.  In this model, the energy field acts as an information template for physical matter.  Burr called this a morphogenic field, or life-generating field.


British biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, furthered this theory to explain an anomaly of species evolution commonly called the Hundredth Monkey effect.  Sheldrake postulates the existence of a morphic field that contains the combined developmental information collected by the experiences of a given species. Members of a species have access to this information through resonance of their individual field with that of the group mind, or morphic field. Information is stored as frequency and new information changes the frequency of the field.  Instead of radio waves, do morphic fields better explain Ruth Drown's long distance healing results?  A field theory of frequency healing would suggest that introducing a signature frequency into the energy field of an organism changes its organizing template and therefore state of health.


Frequency Treatment Today

Frequency medicine is still in its infancy.  This despite its long history. Machines of the recent past include meridian measuring devices such as the EAV, or the Voll acupuncture testing system.  New frequency healing devices center on the interaction between our thoughts, emotions and beliefs and their impact on our energy template.  Devices, such as the QXCI developed by NASA scientist Bill Nelson; and another called Life Systems, combine biofeedback with signature frequencies. 


In the biofeedback type machine, a computer program holds all the known signature frequencies for diseases, organs, thoughts, emotions, health states, viruses, bacteria, etc..  Using either electricity or subtle fields as a carrier, the frequencies are introduced to the body in 1/100th of a second intervals - not enough exposure to cause harm but enough to measure the bodies reaction. The biofeedback component of the machine measures the body's reactivity to each frequency and presents readout of the body's reactions above and below a certain point.  The readout does not tell you what frequencies are present in your body; it tells you to what frequencies your body reacted.


Your body may react to a frequency for many reasons.  For example someone may react to the frequency of tuberculosis because either they have it, were exposed to it, are afraid of it, work in a tuberculosis clinic, developed a tuberculosis vaccine or any other number of reasons.  The fact that they react to the frequency doesn't tell us why, it only points out that it's important.  Many times a person is reactive to frequencies related to their spouse or significant other.  The job of the practitioner is to investigate the picture and define the areas needing attention. The machine is not diagnostic; it can only indicate areas to investigate.


The Present State

Resonant Frequency therapy has been approved in the USA for treatment of “hard to treat” cancers. This includes cerebral and pancreatic cancers. Where conventional treatment has taken pancreatic cancer tumors down to 50%, pulsed resonant frequency treatment has taken them down to 0.


Some refrain from the word cure. But if the level is at 0 for an extended period I call that a cure.


The current devices use solid state technology. The device which I personally have and use has treatment frequency generators and a light frequency transmitter. The generators may be used separately with electrodes or connected to modulate the transmitter. Three generators may be connected to the transmitter at one time. Connecting multiple generators proportionally reduces treatment session time.


Direct contact with electrodes gives a stronger focused treatment to body areas. Transmitted treatment gives a full body penetration including even the hard to reach / treat areas.

Transmitted treatment is the preferred technique for sensitive patients such as those with heart pacemakers whom would be adversely affected by currents put directly through their bodies.


The generators are programmed for pulses of sign wave or square wave pulses at the illness destructive or wellness promoting frequencies. Normally a sequence or series of related frequencies is used for a particular ailments and diseases. Harmonious wellness frequencies tend to be sign waves while ailment and disease frequencies tend to be square waves.


What can be treated with this technique? That is only limited by the related frequencies being identified: What can an empty syringe treat? That depends upon what you put in it. I have an A to Z disease frequency list of 45 pages.


Many diseases have similar frequencies. Example: viruses. Viruses producing similar symptoms have closely related treatment frequencies. Dengue, Nile, Ebola, and Zika are all hemorrhagic diseases. A broad sweep of frequencies for the known viruses will hit others related.


In addition to providing reactivity levels, these machines can also promote health. Health support consists of amplifying frequencies to either disrupt disease states or to strengthen healthy states.  Applications may be physical or emotional in nature.  Philosophically you could say that these machines do not cure disease; they create the optimal condition for the body to heal itself.  Recall Australian Aboriginals who can will themselves to death. In the end, it's only our bodies that heal.  Medicine and technology assist the process and remove the obstacles to cure. 





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For Additional Information:


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