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The Collective Subconscious:

The Soft Underbelly of Our Species


Did Self Consciousness and Religious Convictions

leave “Survival Needs” to Intermediaries?


by Michael Mifsud,
Entrepreneur, International Consultant
Malaga, Spain


Throughout human history most have been governed by the few and against the general will.  In democracies this would appear not to be possible with the safety catch of the so called ballot box.  Yet nothing has changed and the end results of “free” societies and those repressed by dictators often show little difference in terms of social benefits.  In fact, after periods of hard dictatorial rule, the legacy of those attached to the system remains in the minds of those who preferred it that way and because the system benefitted them.  Others even perhaps claimed the existence of a degree of ethical standards and rule of law which appeared to have disintegrated with the removal of the callous and imposed authority.  Additionally, the release of the myriads of  “social reformers”  trying to capture the middle ground of the new political stage seemed  intent on causing an  administrative chaos  based on bullying  behind screens to obtain a power platform.   Needless to say the evolution of these can be seen today with relatively ineffectual union and civil rights movements seesawing through social history.  Who they stand for is sometimes an enigma but in modern democracies it is obvious just how easy easily they assume and control the survival drive of the masses.


The narrow visions of those intent on rabble rousing for no other reason other than to create an “us and them”. Targeting the so called “rightish” majority would have been an impossible way forward for ultimate control other than to undermine security and loosen their resistance to fanciful objectives like Communism.  On the other hand and  fearful of the consequences of such loose cannons in a weak democratic platform, the conservative elements were better capable to  manipulate from privileged and economic platforms and retain their loyalties. The problem being the “means”  which can be seen to consist of encapsulating  their supporters in economic traps that render them ineffective. All in all, the deadly combination is what has consolidated the power of the bureaucracy within a Crypto-Marxism hypocritically cosseting the privileged few at the blatantly obvious expense of the rest.  Stark nonsense in context but true unless party funds are perhaps a bigger incentive for these self opinionated Dodos.


The flexible citizen survival drive now moves from camp to camp with little regard either way irritated by the apathy of the trapped masses increasingly unready to ballot box for the champions of their causes.  The short sightedness of these swinging moves lead of course to general discontent and more of the same disruptive extremist elements as the survival efforts  appear not to work and stark reality finally shows its face.   The problem is that it is often too late as the hunger marches line up to start.


Whilst general sentiments across the “so called” more successful members of the society are in sympathy with a fair wage for a fair days work it is the consolidation of the so called representatives of the “downtrodden”  who alter this formula by false logic to enhance their own liberalizing image.   It is this tug o war between the extremities that join these idealists to support and propagate the “opium of the masses” that dulls the public mind and allows them to gain popular support for their own ends and not necessarily what the public in its mental seduction think they stand for.  The misplacement of the survival factor therefore is the essence of all political manipulations in the name of the people.


The danger lies in the collective lethargy created by toys and false comforts at the expense of contact with reality.  Social binding in entertainment and access to basics as another form of drift (shopping arcades etc)  is a cushion which dulls this survival factor and very few societies have given up one palliative to their daily worries  without taking on another gratifying element in place. It seems that with the loss of cultural beliefs and real people contact, it is this opium which needs to fill the emptiness.  It is curious therefore to note just how subtly these evolve from religion, to cults, to drugs to soccer, mobiles, internet, radical nationalism and  among the more prominent of a whole long list of modern technological and pharmaceutical creations.  All of this is subversive and guaranteed to destroy the survival need and ambitious perspicacity of the healthy individual for the real interests of the communal fold as nature equipped him for.  There is comfort in company and man as a gregarious animal lives entirely in agreement with that but it has its limits if it leads to collective manipulation by those who manipulate and abuse their needs on a level that destroys personal identity.


To unify in large enough numbers to produce decisive  ballot box results is not such a closed secret and to this day politicians utilize every guile not just to let sleeping dogs lie, but to move them to action once they think there is a hand there to feed them if they do.  The classical promises were purely tactical and long after forgotten when the yoke settles down on  the  “deserving?” shoulders of a continually distracted, uncaring society. On the small scale of social binding we have the hobby gatherings of kindred souls and on the other we have those conditioned to think that the rest is against them and their children, forming close cults and replacing  natural aspirations of the collective mind with the dark fantasies of damaged ones.   The latter of course is the most dangerous one when it comes to influencing the people to act together towards a common cause, which can even be taking them to the brink of their extinction.


The anxious, conservative and economically well rooted members of the society who deride the fears of the poorly placed  working classes,  challenge its demands when it affects the balance of things.  It can be as damning as that of the raucous left wingers spoiling for a fight. Neither really have any sense of fear of blood spill and often succumb to a form of genocide as their retaining walls collapse. The natural survival elements of the people are too dulled to see beyond going back home quickly.   Both  ends of the political scale therefore strive with good and bad  arguments to undermine the support of one or the other, but without real reference to the victims of their conflicts who are cynically considered to be “on call” when it comes to party support.


The transfer of the survival factor is therefore one of the most crucial elements of the insidious loss of the undiluted will to live present in all  other animals on earth (except those brought up by Man). But how did we break away from our code of conduct and lose the ability to dream and imagine and fantasize?  How can a strong healthy man get broken and find it difficult to even get out of his bed?  Something is not working and that something must have a lot to do with the concept of life.  Could the loss of illusion mean the blockage of the energy force behind the physical need to overcome and reach the dream?  This is a stark modern reality which all too often occurs in most families and that something that has gone could well be associated with a higher driver that coincides with the lesser known aspects of our subconscious mind. If it switches off through too much adversity and overtaken with despair it may well move away with obvious results.


The extent to which modern man has been brushed aside by Authority is painfully visible and even feedback is discouraged as if he did not exist anymore in the context of the interpretation of an individual dream.  Today, every attempt on the part of an alert few to decry unthinkable staged events to confuse the electorate,  is termed conspiratorial and until recently, from decades of disdain, the term was enough to hinder most to act or be seen as mentally unstable. It worked, but conspiracy is now very definitely in,  thanks to a brave few with a great deal to lose and the published results have touched a nerve in public understanding of the complexities of the hidden possibilities of the powers behind their individual destinies. A bit late perhaps, taking the world scene into account, but nevertheless a line to follow avidly whilst switching off every avenue of potentially false propaganda. Never in the history of mankind has the average family been so close to be made available for foreign and misty conflicts in the name of narrow collective interests as threat becomes challenge and the skies produce the slaughter.


Long before the party political system came to be as an effort to focus identity of principles (within its assumed right to rule), the concept of Nation or even politics as we know it today did not exist and interesting attempts throughout history to capture the masses in psychological shackles can now be read with the benefit of hindsight.  All these proliferated for a time with one single object in mind – bullying and inducing fear.  The rest was left to the master and mistress of the household to debate the need to follow or challenge with obvious results as economic demands and lack of social facilities pitted one person against the other.  Behind all this loss of natural identity  lies a common factor and the one that now becomes the state of the art platform which the Church dominated so clearly until recently and which science now puts back on the table  –  the Collective Unconscious. 

But let us look back briefly with respect to seeing things a bit more clearly…


In the beginning came the priest and the sacrifice that sent shivers down the spines of those who could see themselves becoming preys of the system.  The underworld was born in self defense as abuses of rights and denial of basics challenged the horrific support demanded. However, with ingrained fear of not being seen to be different, whole hypocritical cultures emerged that were to lead to centuries of misery only history can vouch for. How such pampered and venial leaders protected by thugs could have ever perpetrated (and still do) such massacre of the innocents to the extent and evil that we have seen only too clearly, is impossible to understand.  Even students of power structures and deployment of the masses to death find it  beyond the comprehension of most, but without doubt the collective conscious providing all the real answers was strapped down by carefully propagated fear and sustained daily threat. It is unfortunate that such an eternal instrument of change, built into our very centre of coordination,  should for some peculiar reason appear not just to be shackled by fear, but  addicted to constant supply of entertainment and street talk of violence and pessimism.  We are the victims of this heritage with a deadly program that thrives on bad news.  It seems more of a case of somehow convincing humanity to back away from this self destruction and start believing  that things are not as bad as they are. We have to utilize all our strength to see our own objective reality and become a strong human animal again. The collective consciousness is in fact now geared to see the worst of everything and the sum total of all ancestral experience is perhaps what the Church called “the Vale of tears” and is what most religions want us to believe except for the Oriental and very ancient simple teachings of nature cults and “attunement”  to what can now be seen as opening up to the real beauty of life and nature.  But is this awakening in the mess we live in today still possible?  Many new entrants into the fields of science and psychology are now facing that question as radical modification of our habits and addictions form the elements of the new way we need to direct our lives.  If we are to take the whole question of negative and positive balances in our subconscious library of sensory experience it obviously means treatment with the sort of elements can continuously raise levels of creativity as a form of re-energizing our collective subconscious and dispel the negative factors that are at the root of the problem.  It means, meditation, planned diet, vibration frequency  therapies and reading up on everything the subject is now beginning to bring up as effective means of creating this change.  For the first time in medical history, the subject of the roles of different aspects of the brain we so much took for granted are beginning to release exciting theories that were once forbidden and relegated to superstition and fantasy.  What everyone forgot, was that it is fantasy in the form of illusions and false horizons that has been utilized against mankind to gain control of everything we want and do. With these centers of real dreams and positive stimulation within our grasp and without hallucinogenic drugs, the way to putting light back into our “soul” has never been easier.  Professor Higgins, the greatest etymologist of all times, said that the earliest term he had found for the essential need of man to want to go forward was “Tao”  which in essence meant “illusion” – not in the sense of magic but in “dream” without which life breaks down as many psychiatric hospitals can vouch for. It is that center core “dream” which comes from various parts of the known cerebral/nervous system and gleaned from the billions of sensory projections in the ancestral collective consciousness that we must use to throw the dark forces clear from our media and politically manipulated lives. The word can be seen throughout the texts of many religious scores and perhaps associated with the Egyptian Tau and perhaps the basis of things like Torah, Tarot, Taoism and primitive non lingual sound of primitive wonder.


The great guru philosopher Gurdjieff spoke of our total neuronal system was blocked by what he called the “kunderbuffer” which was one of his invented words that really meant a closed gate into our real selves and understanding of or our objective reality. This is also found in some teachings of Islam and in the Christian teaching of “ask and you shalt receive” and “know thyself is the whole of the law” found in many self enlightening cults.  Dr. Bruce Lamb the neuroscientist stated quite clearly “Perhaps on some unknown, unconscious level the genetic encoder DNA provides a bridge to biological memories of all living things, an aura of unbounded awareness manifesting itself in the activated mind”.  The term illusion in Latin languages provides us with a closer look at its sense and which goes beyond anything most terms attempt to illustrate. It still has the meaning of false image  –  like the “illusionist” –  but it is also the very basis of the spark of life and which seems to come from outside ourselves. Without it “sin ilusion de la vida no puede vivir” man cannot even want to wake up. It means without a dream or hope, not false illusion, and constantly referred to in the language as the reason for an unexplained death.   The illusion is the basis of all opium of the masses which have to date kept us all barely walking and falling into every trap provided by the false Teachers to keep us doing what they want us to do or die for.  With the new realization that science and fantasy join forces there is no excuse to shelter from others and join forces to fill each other with hope and understanding that will give our next generation the benefit of a coordinated and balanced out collective consciousness that makes the system work with a new found joy.


Would  this be the end result of the displacement of the real inherited “dream” and the need to get back to nature urgently?  It is without shadow of doubt the only way out of the present vicious circle of slavery and liberation adherence to socio economic principles that mediocre leaders and teachers have stuck simply because they were not gifted enough to see through its endless starts and falls, apparent plenty and gruesome massacres  which have earmarked the last two thousand years. If that can be called a dream for life stimulation then it is time to pack up and go! Let us consider it without prejudice.


Are we being serious by getting involved in the realms of fantasy and witchery as an excuse for modern scientific  acceptance of the roles which our minds can play in the development of good mental health? Yes. It appears that the very roots of reality are now in question and whether we believe in these treatments or not, there is little doubt that the world has seen a dramatic change in social behavior generally and that the cult of negative addiction is plain for all to see and feel.  It seems that the collective unconscious absorbs circumstantial threat not to defend itself against it but to raise the cry to run. It works well in the wild, but it is a disastrous turn of events against social challenges which need correcting.  It is up to mind training and resolve to prevent it from driving whole societies to despair.   Many millions never make it and give up easily with the loss of their cultural belief, whilst others struggle on regardless fired by their own sense of need to do so and return to progress and achievement.  Beating it and getting our collective subconscious back onto the rails of achievement and happiness is not as difficult as it seems and requires a move away from any artificial means of support like drugs and compulsive behavior like our social networks ensnare us in.   It means disconnecting from the sources of those negative impulses and redirecting the mind with a move towards whichever or whatever emerges naturally that promises and allow us to bask in the often forgotten sense of joy.  It is curious that this is the formula an increasing number of our young are seeking in the Buddhist and contemplative cults of the East  –  at least almost to the last two decades since when,  negative pressure has increased palpably with  whole Western countries and its people unable to focus into a future that does not seem to be there. Is our Collective Conscious trying to say something?  Is this the end result of the displacement of the dream and the need to get back to nature urgently?


Without doubt, as the secrets of the cerebral fluid, the pineal gland and the emerging nature of the inherited capability of man to drift into a ready-made fantasy (provided by our genetic inheritance) , we shall see who we are and perhaps find a reason for going forth and multiplying.



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