The Collective Consciousness – An Instrument of Manipulated Change – Part I

by Michael Mifsud,

Entrepreneur, International Consultant

Malaga, Spain


Concepts like these bring one man into focus – Yung – the intrepid, inspiring  psycho/philosopher whom most took as much for granted as Sagan, Hawkins and even Carlos Castaneda in their early days.   I would say, most, but it would probably not reflect the thoughts either way of the acceptance or rejection by  academics who viewed it generally as nothing more than psychic nonsense.  Many also kept their tongues well glued to the back of the mouths out of  total lack of connection with the subject.  It is understandable and even now, controversy or perhaps ignorance of the complex  concepts drives great minds to shrug their shoulders with impatience  and avoid the subject.


 I am not trying to say that these highly advanced gurus of the world of the mind and cosmos mentioned above, were popular and charismatic in their teachings, but that they stood for a taste and form in their days that drew us out of the daily doldrums with welcome sparks of alternative and mysterious paths to follow. Change of social attitudes however  was beginning to consolidate with the advent of Oriental arts and sciences offering some sort of consolation for the loss of respect and belief in religious teachings which had for scores of centuries been taken for granted.  Like Mesmer and his theories of magnetism in his days (and who gave us the word mesmerized)  the first tiny steps to hypnotic trances began to unfold and  a whole world of scientific mysticism opened up to tell us that we were all strung on the same wire and our minds were part of a cosmic mesh like space itself.


 It explains however in a sinister way why those caught in the mesh like, the hapless people held up to sacrifice in the roaring infernos of wicker cages allowed themselves to lose hope instead of fighting to the last and showing up those evil priests.  The same with the inquisition victims. It now seems that because they were  trapped in the collective consciousness there was no chance of them putting on a final stand.  Dying under those circumstances, was the order of the day, like those Aztecs who lived to see their hearts beat in the rising hands of the same breed of sickening worshippers.  The collective conscious can not only imprison us with religious hypnotic influence, but keep us in whatever level of social slot it tells us we belong to.


Fantasy? – Not at all. It now seems to be the residual start up program of human consciousness and made up of the sensory archives of our ancestors right up to the reptilic levels if not beyond.  Information is not stored as we would do it today on hard discs, but in the form of sensory effects which are the accumulation of emotional associations evolved in the form of interacting layers.  Recently, a strange experiment allowed for a wired up sender to transmit words  which were received by a wired up recipient and who actually articulated them.  We are informed by the experimenters that the words were associated with a part of the brain they had traced as associated with them and that what had sparked off the correct response, was the signal to the other brain which had correctly triggered the same areas in the second producing the sensation ultimately of what words represented them. (Horizon – brain to brain experiment).


But this is just the beginning as neuroscientists are beginning to come to grips with what the collective conscious could very well be utilized for in the wrong hands. All these new theories emerging   are getting close to a dramatically and increasingly clearer vision of just how vulnerable and defenseless humankind is in the hands of the wrong people.  Many would clamor that it has been obvious over the centuries with the millions of lives lost by good and bad leaders and especially fanatics.  We are no longer talking about State drugged individuals shuffling forward with no thought other than kill or be killed and sometimes hoping for the inevitable carnage to end this horror. We are talking about our minds and their control of our whole system including such things as our petty desires and grand aspirations. We have always been in the hands of our subconscious with the memories and deeply engraved experiences of the thousands of years. We inherit it when born and we are not just ourselves which our conscious mind will try and shape through every day experience, but all our ancestors and their experiences. We cannot wonder therefore why we react to or have phobias about certain things or why we and not others act in one way or another.


Humanity control and economic reform

 The objectives for controlled humanity are now disturbingly economical.  Humans have to prove they are worth their existence or their social support will diminish if not removed.  The newly indoctrinated humans may  have to contribute as much with their efforts at work or battlefield in a generational circle of wealth and loss whilst the collective consciousness remains manipulated by events, media and new instruments of remote control. Religion with its own manner of doing the same thing, will no longer serve the purpose and the political animals, will be bound by their hidden persuasive manipulators to produce these results.


The mighty story of existence is now  unfolding at a rate beyond the capability of most  and it seems that science will take over and shape our minds as fearfully as the oriental political cults have been doing right before our eyes – and we are not just talking about North Korea and its shameless manipulation of the submissive human condition – we are talking about the West and its alliances and its dedication to the ultimate mission of collective mind control.   The Ballot box experiment with democracy has ended.  We know about sleeping humans in space, suspended in capsules to arrive or not at their chosen experimental grounds, but we do not know just how close so called democratic political  systems are to obtaining  the key  to a guaranteed collective response that any amount of public relations is incapable of achieving. Is it possible that the much acclaimed, loss of the last twenty years is not real a figment of the imagination but a real loss in turbulence and confusion brought about by a twisted, worthless and supplanted reality ?  Food for thought.


The horizons that loomed out of the romantic darkness of time,  like products of a clear night sky told us much, but forgot to tell us that no man is an island and that one thing which binds heaven and earth is the nature of the very space in between humans.  Or rather, the stuff that ties us all together and without which it is now a basic certainty that no mind could ever work.  We and our minds are the very essence of community and with that, every social science that could possibly allow us to elevate to our highest potential depends on these links. A new reality has emerged  –  Man cannot work on his own. Existentialism is not an option.  It often leads to drugs, drink, self deprecation and finally in many cases, suicide as nothing seems to add up at the end of the day.  It follows therefore that each  “new”  life merely attempts to condition the inherited knowledge or experiential  base which is the real “I”.  In that “I”  is the delicate balance of Jekyll and Hyde. Like the balance of the judicial blindness, it hovers as it has to with thin margins of conditions of identity like love and hate and pleasure and disgust or even good and evil.  Only in that marginal difference can change became possible for good or bad.   The sum total of all human intelligence therefore can only be that thin margin otherwise no conscious mind can put “human” into the resulting “robot”.  Perhaps we may now have to re-identify or rename our levels of consciousness as the vast residual base of our inherited consciousness, defies  speech (and especially verbal thoughts) which we, by excuse, utilize to “convince” ourselves.  Results from such a basic and inappropriate method of self control of something that works at trillions of the speed of these primitive attempts of Man to explain what he means to others and avoid conflict  only aggravates the introduction.  Animal behavior patterns obtain similar or better results merely by gesture, where words would need more than time would allow to  even establish rapport.  Cultural expression is probably a recognition of the futility of words in the context of relations outside the family circle.


Evolutionary Mistakes

Apart from this genetic inheritance of past experiences and mimetic behavior,  adapting to the new challenges from new angles is an essential part of the evolution of mankind but given the chance, the increasingly universal forces that fund and seek to control knowledge, will doubtlessly do it for us in a planned form which would turn humanity and its more vulnerable levels into pure fodder for the insensitive few concerned with power and wealth. Our hybrid ancestors which found, as we still do, unnoticeable differences between them and their mating partners, now presents us with the sinister notion that evolutionary sapiens may no longer be able to reach for the stars as vehemence, aggression, greed and lust throws ethical man over the horizon event.  Is the psychopath, the neurotic or the reptilic brood, more likely to move into the corridors of power and enslave the rest, as has always appeared to be the case,  or is there still scope for mind and cultural cultivation to move the ethical evolutionary belt forward and remove these genetic, dominant  genes before they do their work? 


The Collective conscious provides the means for blocking or encouraging that imminent change, but in a stronger and more focused way than mere religious ideology, flags or national identities which tend to purely provide a similar alternative. Power  must remain in the hands of those who are willing and sufficiently motivated not to allow this to happen. Lord Harlech must come back.  It means a strictly independent Press – a protected journalistic species (i.e. legal immunity in the style of diplomatic protection against the spying accusations which have led to their torture and death.  Ethical values and elitism must fight the self induced poverty which the Crypto Marxists bound by mediocrity  and its political applications, which only they can understand.  Despite knowing that Ethics are the root of all good and the sole nutrient of democracy, average man controlled by the confusion of his marginally balanced collective consciousness plays into the hands of the ignorant, insensitive individuals of racial, radical or egotistical natures who seems to take it all.  


Re-enforcing the stability of the tortured collective unconscious now finds its balance between perceived reality and rabbles verbal dictates worldwide, altered by the minute one way or another  and within a critical margin of balance.  Changing this influx to widen the margin in favor of the “higher”  forces of mankind  is possible but it requires world leaders to understand the concept and lead the way for more consequential statesmanship by allowing all to choose their leaders from a  choice of party free representatives less dependent on words and more on the natural expression which the collective consciousness understands only too well.   This could be the most powerful of human revolutions in recent history and probably humanity´s last stand. Cleaning up the political image is no option.  Sharpened awareness against mental controls, unlikely behavior and a move towards a deeper understanding of the ambitions and aims of those who lead  is the course of action.


Back to Basics

Anything that detracts from the simple values of life must form an important part of the training of our young.  The vulnerable nature of the mind, so easily conditioned by their teachers, leaves them exposed and unprepared for the harsh realities of the world beyond the school walls.  As is now being seen even against strong parental love, feeding them into neighborhood and extreme ideologies is not such a strenuous task.  So far, what stands for education falls very far short of this need to strengthen moral resolve. The so called liberalizing socialistic reforms against elitism i.e. isolation and fostering of qualitative training, for those capable of absorbing it, have done more damage to the structure of democratic, progressive societies than even the absurd cradle of Communism itself).  These so called great levelers have probably brought general standards down to a point where even the collective consciousness has had to adapt and recoil from human aspects, like pioneering, inventiveness, noble aspirations and defense of ethical values. It explains the lack of ingenuity, aspiration of success and social credit, willingness to take things as they are etc.  The practical  things that have turned the day to day existence of the average citizen into a nightmare (like bureaucracy, political propaganda, useless telecommunications  and robotic technology) has merely harnessed time for superficial meanderings  by the so called freed.  Tied to addictions like TV screens and mobile phones, among other things modern humans are examples of  social ailments too late to eradicate with suitable replacement. The average young has now lost all chances of finding an alternative and more meaningful  way to bequeath to their own issue creating a generation gap which is frighteningly  widening and heading heaven knows where. Modern society has failed by the very subservience of our submissive collective consciousness all too eager to brush it all aside,  as the increasing conflict proves . It  has  to reverse the opium trends  for serious members of the society  to interact with its mental inheritance and remove from it all that which applied to our ancient, obsolete needs  and no longer serve a purpose , whilst inputting aspiring goals that release the forces for inspiring change.   Irrational fears, lethargy in the face of futility, depressive conditions of a meaningless existence etc. are there and what is worse, will become the feeding grounds for those who want to alter the direction and fate of humanity for worse. That narrow margin is no challenge for those and even the most basic of psychologists manage temporarily to alter the balance in a very short time. 


Driving the collective consciousness to remold and apply increasingly beneficial changes to transmit to future generations is the mammoth task that face strong  creative intelligences today.  Given the present circumstances in modern history and  learning how to do it is a requirement that may well refer to people of almost messianic qualities.  Changes like these have brought epochs out of black holes and renaissances are but an example of what can be done through skilful leadership and political respect for life and cultural aspirations. Throughout history the giant figures of social reform who have succeeded in taking on these tasks successfully  powder  our history books and sometimes even crowded our pulpits, but it is interesting on analysis to realize just what they were up to and what it takes to rein  in the collective consciousness without loss of lives.


The Inexplicable Gut Reaction

Once again and without wishing to oversell just what the collective unconscious is and does perhaps pointing at examples in nature will serve a purpose.  A dog which has never heard thunder or rifle shots or fireworks will cower in an exaggerated way which puzzles all those close to them.  It is sufficiently overwhelming to stress the most disciplined of the sensitive people responsible for them.  Leaving dogs alone under such unpredictable circumstances can prove to be fatal in many cases.  The only reason for this universal behavior, is that in the dogs mind, the inherited association with danger is clearly marked.  It is the nature of the sound and not the volume that causes the dramatic effect.  That area of the brain which thunder appears to arouse is powerful enough to reduce a mastiff to a quivering ball of pitiful fear in the remotest corner of any hearth.  Humans too, have phobic  experiences which could be outside the engravings of  their own narrow existence and refer to their ancestors.  A psychologist would find it difficult to tackle without reference to genealogy.  The fear however whether animal or human, resides in close relationship with personal security and an exaggerated brain pool of neurological provocations of the area would be impossible to redress with reference to the whole.  It means that bolstering the sense of self protection would be the only way to mitigate these responses and not the eradication of the cause. It is now abundantly clear that the child as early as ten months already has a very sophisticated neurological wiring diagram with archives that will never be superseded by anything a mere lifetime can add on.  Such is the overall, controlling nature of the fully, mentally developed child who needs little more than coping with it throughout its entire life.


One curious factor however comes to light in the psychiatric studies that now fill up the shelves of  our medical world.  Man needs his companion constantly or intermittently.  The subconscious mind needs to receive and deliver  information from others to keep itself  stimulated and become more efficient in the manner in which it works with its owner.  Human senses on their own  appear not to mean as much as relations shared  – good and bad. They are the basis of all conscious reform and self acceptance. Without this relative communication even as life needs its challenges to temper the spirit, the system would rapidly take the conscious mind over and gradually imprison its owner in a world of internal make belief.  In other words the person would be shut down externally and behave as most interned people do in this characteristic withdrawn manner.  Moreover, sharing the mental space with others as a unifying  exercise  appears to have an important evolutionary function.  Without this stimulation the mind can only attend to the internal dictates or reflexes of basic necessities but as said, deteriorates without contradictory stimulation in so far as this provokes reaction and adaptation if not change.  In the light of the present capability of mankind to reinvent himself with the critically meager instruments of the remarkably slow sequential, conscious mind, taking the collective conscious as the main base of existence would seem to be  a fundamental step.



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