Universal Harmony

Awakening of Human Self-Consciousness

Opposing the Chaotic World Order


by Dr. Jasna Loboda-Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and Artist


by Dr. Hinko Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and the Technical University of Berlin,

Berlin, Germany, and Artist



Development of Mankind, especially in consideration on Destabilization, Crises, Disharmony and Chaotic World situation – is the most important change. From this reason, discussion about “Harmonic World Order of All-That-Is” contrary to Static “New World Order” – presents an attempt to understand social and economical processes in the world, and presents also an important view to future. 



- Harmonic World Order of All-That-Is: In one World in Harmony free Humans will build a Society with free thinking individuals and groups, with free way of life, without violence to each other, or to nature. This World is firstly only partially, and then with further Humans Mental Development will be completely established worldwide. This is a World Order in continuous development to a more positive one.


- New World Order (NWO): Destructive Part of Society attempts to establish a World Order: Negative Way of Life in Mentally-Dualistic World is constructed and organized by the negative thoughts, emotions and actions of the most negative Individuals and might-hungry groups of people being in Mass-Consciousness. This is a Static, unchangeable, New World Order.


Harmonic World Order of All-That-Is


- Our whole workDevelopment of Mankind by Mental Quantum Evolution based on Universal Harmony” [1-8] is dealing with Development of Mankind through history to future, with comprehension that all processes in nature and in society are based on existence of one Positive Essence or Universal Harmony. This Essence is contained in all, in Nature and also in every Human Being.


Every Human Being saves complete world knowledge, but it depends on their Mental Level to be conscious of it. All Humans work with the Intuition Impulse, in accordance with Universal Harmony [2].


     There are numerous evidences for saved world knowledge, for instance some of them:


     The same signs painted on the walls of caves, all over the world, give a hint over saved knowledge in each individual, already in old time, and to their connection of consciousnesses through General Consciousness [2].


     A thin quadratic sculpture, with a bird on the upper rim, made by Gerhard Marcks (German Sculptor, 1889-1981) is almost identical with the shield (also with a bird on the upper rim) of an old tribe in Africa. This old shield was not known in Europe in that time. Two persons in different time had an identical idea!


     In some fields of music, or sciences, different people in the same time, or later, have the same or similar, even identical, ideas.


- Universal Harmony, as the driving force for a flow of processes everywhere, in direction to a higher order (Natural Law) – is also the cause for Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE) of Human Being [1]. Mental Quantum Evolution of Humans means also Exchange of their Paradigms [6] – a process absolutely needed in the present for the survival of Mankind.


- There are plenty of Natural Laws [8] which attend flow of processes based on Universal Harmony in Nature or in Society to higher order.


- As usual in a society, besides high mentally developed Humans, exist also a lot of individuals of low mental level. Humans change their Mental Level or energy by MQE through history up to more and more positive energy values.


- High mentally developed Holistic and Harmonic Individuals in General Consciousness [1] are deep conscious of Universal Harmony in them. The persons still lacking a sufficiently high Mental Level are in Mass-Consciousness, i.e. in Duality. These humans are not conscious of Universal Harmony, but as they further develop mentally, eventually to such a high Mental Level that more and more are in transition to General Consciousness.


We define Duality as the world of Humans with positive contra negative energy of thoughts and emotions. It is a Mental Duality. Every Human Being in Mass-Consciousness [1] changes by MQE; some have more negative thoughts, emotions and acting than others, but they can change to more positive ones. So, each Individual develops from Mental Duality to Mental Unity, i.e. to a Holistic Individual. By this process vanishes Mass-Consciousness. Holistic Individuals live also in the Dualistic World, but do not belong to it.


- Increasing of Mental Level after Principles, as for instance: Affirming of Life, Certainty in positive acting, Ethic/Moral and Aesthetic in Human living, Activity with love and positive inter-human relations, Active engagement worldwide to help the weak members of society, as children, ill, enabled and old individuals, and even animals as members of All-That-Is   – are important for Individuals to come out of Mental Duality, out of Mass-Consciousness.


Generally: In the Network or General Consciousness Holistic Humans act in resonance over long distances [8] with the strongest positive energy, with Love. This Network is an important feature for Nature and Society, bearing the Harmonic Force for healing the system.


Development of Mankind and Nature:

A Thermodynamic View


1) Open and Closed System


Each process in Nature and Society can flow to a higher order only in an Open System, i.e. when an in-and-out flow of energy/matter is possible. The Classical-Entropy-Law is not guilty in an Open System.


In a Closed System the exchange of energy/matter to outside the system does not exist. In this case, after Classical Thermodynamics, a Classical-Entropy-Law is guilty and entropy increases to the maximum. The system sinks into insignificance, into a state of “death”. This is guilty for every closed system, whether organic, inorganic or human society.


2) Thermodynamics of Mass-Consciousness and General Consciousness


- Mankind consists of a whole spectrum of thinking and acting Humans from negative up to positive ones:

     Humans in Mass-Consciousness consist of two parts: one part are Humans with lowest Mental Level and strong negative energies.

     The rest change their Mental Level and energy more and more to a positive one. They change over continuously into General Consciousness, to Holistic and Harmonic Humans.  


- Parts from Mass-Consciousness with totally negative energy, rob living energy, territory and resources from other people in Mass-Consciousness as long as they allow this, or until something is to be robed. Thereafter, without exchange of energy/matter with the surrounding system, the most negative part is finally captured in a Closed System. By increasing the entropy to the maximum this negative part sinks into insignificance.


- The rest of Mass-Consciousness is always an Open System. These Humans change their own Mental Level by MQE, change over their negative to positive energies and increase further their positive thoughts, emotions and acting.


- The Humans in the Open Part of Mass-Consciousness together with Humans in General Consciousness and the Earth are an Open System, with exchange of energy/matter with the whole universe. They have not only the Hope but the Certainty [3] to survive.



Disturbances in Open Systems:

In Nature, Society and Economy


Harmonization of Nature always controls the processes in microscopic or macroscopic dimensions: Processes in Open Systems flow from disharmonic, chaotic, or from state of lower order, to a state of higher order. Moreover, Self-preparing of the structure in atomic dimensions at the crystal surface enables for instance volume processes in future, linked over some dimensions and shifted in time [1]. Structural change, as a necessary preparing process in inorganic and organic world, starts the harmonization process to a higher harmonic state of order of the Whole System.


In all sorts of matter and in society Harmonization always controls contemporary processes in microscopic and in macroscopic dimensions, this means the dynamics of the ordering and disordering, and their interdependent transitions.


Healing-Process of society in duality:


- Natural Laws define the behaviour of processes in Nature equally as of that in Society in Duality [1, 8]. This corresponds to over all guilty Natural Law “All processes flow to Higher Order”.


- Self-Ordering or Healing-Process of one Open System with Chaos-State in only some parts of them one can find in Nature and also in Society, in Mass-Consciousness.


- Disturbances influence only Humans in Mental Duality, in Mass-Consciousness. The higher is the Human Mental Level – the lower is the influence of negative energies. Therefore, Holistic and Harmonic Humans in General Consciousness are completely out of the influence of the negative part of society; they are out of Mental Duality – are in Mental Unity.


- Disturbances in Society and Economy are caused or produced by the negative part of Society. Positive Humans influence positive the individuals in Mass-Consciousness and repair Crises, Disharmony, Chaos, or even Armageddon; the last can be only in complete negative parts of Society in a Closed System.   


- Disturbances have low probability to be stable in Open Systems, but are necessary for healing the system by transformation or loss of negative energies and parts of negative society. Such timely interruptions in positive and harmonic development of Society can be an impulse for solving apparently unsolvable problems. 


New World Order

from the Destructive Part of Society


1) Society and economy worldwide


- Pauperization of people is going on by giving them such a low salary they cannot make a decent living and pay for a retirement pension. The banks giving the credits go bankrupt and the government must support them, because otherwise “whole economy is in trouble”. The government is losing money. The next step is giving credits to the state by an “international fund”. Then it forces the government to sell the state’s assets to repay the credits. Due to the government’s lack of revenue the state is raising new credits. An investment in an enterprise in such a state is a risk and investors flee. Then come paid rebels or terrorists paid to destabilize the government. The next step is that big countries that try to “re-establish law and order” start to bombard the country, especially the towns where the paid troublemakers found shelter between indigenous people. The indigenous people are forced to flee, vacating large tracts of land. The government can now sell this sparsely inhabited territory  to pay back the credits to the investors. Their goal of the internationalist “Elites” is getting the land not the money.


As a consequence, people expatriated to Europe and other places cause now Destabilization and Chaos also in these parts of the world.


- In the history Chaos, as a Destabilization method, was often used in some parts of the world. In the present, Globalized Oligarchs apply methods resulting in Chaos worldwide, though it is now an out of date method.


- A group of powerful and rich people created violent coalitions of countries which in normal situations would be totally incompatible with one another, even former adversaries, for their own specific, targeted purposes. In this manner constant problems of Destabilization exist worldwide and can be used for different demands by distinct powerful countries.


2) Globalized Oligarchs and their Accomplices


- So-called Elite are the richest and were in the past the most powerful people on the world. But in the present they are no more the most powerful part of society, as will be discussed below.


They are the destructive part of society and are the cause for the present chaotic situations over the world. Because these individuals have extremely negative thoughts, emotions and correspondingly act negative – we named them not Elite but “Elite”.


The “Elite” are Casino-Banks-Capitalists. They are the old trans-nationalistic i.e. Globalized Oligarchs and try to establish the New World Order worldwide.


- The Mental Level of “Elite” is in Mass-Consciousness, in Mental Duality, together with their bought Marionettes and Accomplices.


- Marionettes are somewhat richer parts of indigenous society, which expect benefits in different social fields, or even money from the “Elite”.


- Accomplices are generally young men coming continually to Europe in millions, from their disturbed and destabilized homeland in different parts of the world (Near-East, Africa). They are partly paid and partly lured by empty promises. This is confirmed by their demands after arrival (“Where is my house”, “Where is my car”, Where is my money”?).


Fact is that the invasion of Accomplices [7] can be understood as a migration war. It is also the fact that these incoming people are negative, because they allowed themselves to be bought to carry out activities negative to the indigenous people. Their religion is mostly political (conservative Islamism), and strange for the way of life of indigenous people, not only in Europe. These groups bring terror, sexual abuse, intimidation and criminality. They don’t allow other religions and therefore is the existence of violent conservative Islamism is not acceptable to the indigenous people because it presents a serious danger to their culture, identity and life. 


- “Good Indigenous People” and “Good Muslims”:

In addition to Accomplices there are a great number of “good indigenous people” and “good Muslims” – both of which are also dangerous to the stability of society and the economy.


     The first, the “good indigenous people”, don’t understand the gravity of the situation their nations are facing – this lack of comprehension and full awareness is due to political correctness by the establishment, lies, disinformation and suggestions that one must have compassion with the “expellees”, whereas a great number of refugees are not expellees at all, but invaders, criminal individuals and entire criminal clans expecting good bounty.


     The second group, “good Muslims” are negative influences because they do nothing to reduce terror and violence directed toward the indigenous people -- and to “good Muslims”. They only wait  until conservative Muslims prepare the way of total Islam infiltration in all fields of life, in all social fields of indigenous people. From this point of view “good Muslims” also disturb the culture, economy – the very identity of the indigenous people.


3) The establishing of New World Order


Difference between Natural World Population and Controlled World Population


- Natural Population: In Nature all animal species regulate their population dependent of nourishing and natural situations. Humans have well known negative influence on the existing animal species. Most of the extinct animal species are victims of short-sighted human activities.


- Controlled World Population: As a species, Humans obey the same natural laws as all other species, but suggestions about Overpopulation of the earth cause fear and give the negative part of society the possibility to manipulate the people. In reality, by equal distribution of goods to all, there is enough for all people. New World Order establishes one other type of World Population controlled by systematic extinction.


The New World Order is being established through the destabilisation of existing societies and economies of Europe and Worldwide. This is carried out by inflaming violence and emotions such as Fear and Hate and by creating seriously negative actions such as War, Hunger, Genocide and Expatriation over the world, with violent “integration” of millions refugees, i.e. by mixing different nations and religions into a single incompatible blend. This mixing is carried out by psychological terror, and luring their Accomplices  (i.e. of people with different cultural background and way of life) to carry out an invasion into strange territory. By diminishing the world population, people can be controlled worldwide.


- The establishment of the New World Order is being carried out through the creation of Fear: a general feeling of overall fear as well as and especially existential fear. Fear is created by the people’s  illusion of being complete dependent on richer individuals. When all people in the Mass-Consciousness smash this illusion of dependence the power of the “Elite” and the “Elite” itself will vanish.


4) Racist Destabilization of Europe and the World


- The world population will be diminished – to obtain one small and controllable population. From this reason the best way is to produce Only One Race worldwide. Also from this point of view is this process racist.


- New World Order is being established through Destroying the Identity of the indigenous people. This process is at once both racial and racist.


- The establishment of the New World Order means the Racial Destabilization of Europe and the World.


- Genocide on European-, Asian- and African- people:

Globalized Oligarchs try to mix, for the future of Europe, all races in one Eurasian-Negroid race [9]: They are using the racist Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to exterminate the white race.


The new race is planned to have determined characteristics. The racialist Coudenhove-Kalergi supposes that after mixing of different races the “half-breed” has no character, is not intelligent and therefore will be easily controlled. This means that the New World Order is, at its very core, a Racist System.


Goal: The pureblooded Master Race (Globalized Oligarchs) governs over the half-breeds worldwide.


The Kalergi Prizes in Europe have been awarded to, for example, Jean-Claude Juncker (2014), and German Chancellors Helmut Kohl (1990) and Angela Merkel (2010).


The idea to create the half-breed worldwide is contemptuous and obsolete, because:


- All Human Beings, independent of color, have Universal Harmony within them and develop by MQE.


 - All Humans, independent of color, have the right to have a personal untouchable identity. They cannot be used to for breeding.


-  Globalized Oligarchs have no influence on Humans with untouchable identity, i.e. those developed to a sufficiently high Mental Level, such as Holistic, Harmonic and people developed with the will to say NO. Such Humans are not susceptible to the racist manipulations of Globalized Oligarchs, their Marionettes and Accomplices.


- It is high time now that the people in Europe and worldwide recognize publicly this racist danger, intended by a small group of people, who are rich and convinced to be “The Master Race”, but in fact they are out of date.


5) Consequences of Static New World Order


- One consequence of Chaos is the insurgence of Nationalism worldwide, an unintended consequence of the situations created by the Globalized Oligarchs. This phenomenon is based on the feeling of people to defend their Identity, and can be found now in numerous Nations, in some Governments and Political Parties. At present, reinforced Nationalism is a limited, one-time natural phenomenon, and is the answer to Chaos and the danger of  losing one’s Identity to the machinations of the “Elites”.


- A loss of Identity is also the present construction of Europe, consisting of Nations in which the Identity of individuals is in danger. Nationalism can vanish in the future, when the people are free and can live without fear of violence and totalitarian despotism.


- Moreover, New Nationalistic Oligarchs are additional consequence of the obsolete manipulations  of  the “Elite” and are now are threatening the further existing of the “Elite” and their globalized New World Order.


6) Natural Law Action – Reaction


Globalized Oligarchs obviously don’t take into account the Natural Law Action – Reaction, and other Natural Laws [8]: On an Action follows always a Reaction which in Society depends on numerous decisive Natural Laws. For this reason, already in the present, the reaction of people to the Chaos initiated over the world is quite different from the reaction the “Elite” has proposed. With time it is more and more obvious that the “Elite” are self-misleading with their obsolete methods.


7) The “Elite” lose influence


- The “Elite” have influenced society in parts of the world already for long time. But now they are trying to destabilize all nations worldwide. Their influence worldwide is now in a state of accelerated Chaos, because the Oligarchs also fear for their own existence: They see that people worldwide are asking questions, trying to understand the cause behind the facts happening in front of their eyes; moreover, the people do not believe the news from the mainstream news media and publications. The people are starting to understand the source of the lies and disinformation coming at them from all sides.  


- Comparison between societies in the past and that now reveals the difference in the average Mental Level of Human Beings. More and more Humans are developing to higher Mental Levels. As a consequence, they see the injustice over the world and start to work against it.


- Birthright

Development of Self-Decision by MQE: Humans start to refuse to accept that someone else is making decisions affecting their lives. They are conscious and aware of their Birthright to decide for themselves on their own way of life, when they do no harm to others.


Mentally developed Humans don’t allow anyone to disturb or threaten their identity!


The Reinforced Awakening of Human Self-Consciousness has started.


- Therefore, Humans developed to a high Mental Level start to be dangerous for the “Elite”. This fact is the cause for feeling of fear by the “Elite” for future from the present development of Society. Their answer is: Chaos over the World and disturbing the Way of Life, i.e. disturbing the Culture and Civilization of the Nations with loss of Identity. At present the “Elite” pay worldwide accomplices to protest against the governments and nations.


- In spite of this, it is clear that the work of “Elite” with their Think Tanks and Psychology of Masses [10] is already obsolete and perform no more. These methods are obsolete for present era Humans with high Mental Levels; these Humans cannot be deceived by this old type manipulation of the world and the people.


- One more danger for the “Elite” in the present is their fight with the New-Nationalistic-Oligarchs, which will inspire America’s speculation-based economy to be abandoned and returned to a production-based economy.


8) Future of the Mankind from various Authors in the past in Comparison with that of the New World Oder


“Elite” attempt to establish with violence the Static New World Order, to have control over all people worldwide.


Similar vision of Society in future is already described in the past by various novelists.


All these authors and the static New World Order describe a similar dark world with controllable people. But the difference to the present time exists: These authors didn’t see, as the “Elite” also don’t see, the strong positive power of the mental development of people throughout history and reinforced in the present. This development will be the cause for completely different future, one positive and bright.


Some examples of classic novels and films:

- In the novel “The Time Machine” (1895), from H.G. Wells the society in future consists of two populations, one peaceful and the other rapacious [11[.

- In the novel “The War of the Worlds” (1898), from H.G. Wells, the resources of the earth were the cause for war and disruption [12[.

- In the novel by A. Huxley “Brave New World” (1932) is in future, and happiness created by a drug-and-sex-based consumption, caring only for oblivion. Reproduction factories produce three types of humans needed for industrial production. They are also designed to be easily controlled [13[.

- In the novel “1984” (1949) from Orwell is the vision for future dark, totalitarian surveillance state, in the present such state is called “Orwell-State” [14[. 

- In “Fahrenheit 451” (1953) from Ray Bradbury and in excellent Film-Adaptation from Francois Truffaut (1966) all books are burned, the culture is destroyed by fire. To prevent the oblivion each Individual learned one book by heart and in the Living Bibliotheque presented survived culture and knowledge [15[.

- In Jean-Luc Godard futuristic scenario “Alphaville” (1965) Alpha-60-computer presents the world cold, dark, with collectivized citizens, governed by the Alpha-60-computer like puppets.  Only poetry destroyed the Alpha-60 [16[ and freed the people.



Worldwide Healing of Chaos


Chaos is everywhere in the world, democracy is in danger, wars are numerous worldwide, human life is insecure – all these suggest a possible apocalyptical end of Mankind. This reality is dangerous, but many signs in society exist showing a way out to a positive future for Mankind and Nature.


1) The Way of Healing


-  The Healing of Society is a complex process, is reinforced in the present and further to future. This process depends on mental quality of all people.


The Humans in Mass-Consciousness must free them self from psychic and physical violence throughout  history to present, from “Elite” and their Accomplices. Holistic and Harmonic Humans in General Consciousness are free; negative Humans have no influence on them.


-  There are some important aspects which make success possible: The most important is Mental Quantum Evolution of all Humans in Mass-Consciousness, except the part of Society in the Closed System. There are Globalized Oligarchs and their Marionettes and Accomplices; these people destroyed so much and brought so much pain worldwide, so that they are closed in there, and cannot develop.


-  More and more Humans clearly see who is guilty for all that is being perpetrated.

     Humans start to defend now: How they do this depends on their Mental Development.

     They say NO, and understand their Birth Right to live free.

     Understanding of free will is very important for right way of defence.

     Natural Law Action – Reaction Humans understand now as having the natural right to give an answer on violence. The low developed Humans answer with violence on violence. Higher mentally developed people use violence to reach their right only in hopeless cases, but they do this. The Humans communicate when this way is possible.


     Holistic and Harmonic Humans in the Network communicate with others in Mass-Consciousness in Open System and help also with Love as the strongest energy of all.


2) “Elite” fights their last battle:


The Globalized “Elite” works after an idea and recipe almost 100 years old, from Coudenhove-Kalergi’s book [9]. The “Elite” thinks and acts in society only negatively and destructively, exists temporarily and is more and more chaotic, turbulent; their motifs are easily seen through. “Elite” fights their last battle, is Self-Destroyed, “the last of its kind”, without a future, because the “Elite” acts against all Cosmic or Natural Laws. At present the “Elite” is at the end of their existence, since these individuals stagnate mentally and therefore are in a Closed System. Globalized “Elite” is obsolete.


Moreover, high mentally developed Humans, National Oligarchs and worldwide reinforced Nationalism are dangerous for the globalizing “Elite”.


Chaos, produced by “Elite”, clears present problems, and is only a temporary state, since the Self-Ordering in Nature and Society, just everywhere, prepares the states of higher order, based on positive Humans and on Universal Harmony as the driving force for the flow of processes everywhere.


3) Influence of negative energies is restricted and temporary


Negative actions of Globalized Oligarchs can influence only Humans in Mass-Consciousness, in Mental Duality. This influence is only effective on a smaller and smaller part of society, because Humans in Mass-Consciousness change by (MQE) out of Mental Duality, out of negative influences, more and more to the system of mentally high developed Humans, in General Consciousness.


Following all Natural Laws [8] Chaos influences only limited in time this part of society; the “Elite” sinks into insignificance. This is like an Armageddon, but only for negative acting part of Mankind.


The Humans that developed to a high Mental Level (Holistic and Harmonic) are out of Mental Duality and out of influence of “Elite” and their Marionettes and Accomplices.


4) Saw-Tooth Behavior of Human Development Repetitions


Following the General Development Law: Saw-Tooth Behaviour of Human Development Repetitions [8] the viewing on Human development through history makes clear the way in the past and to future: In every historical period of Human Society, only “Elite” vanished, always on the maximum of their most negative development (maximum of entropy). This was so from the Beginning, in Each Historical Period of Society.


The other people, Humans in General Conscious and that in Mass-Conscious, which are possible to develop further mentally, were carrier of their culture and their identity.


5) The powerful part of society in the present


The World Order of All-That-Is based on Universal Harmony and the Natural Laws defines the way out of Chaos to Harmony – contrary to static New World Order that is tried to be established by the destructive part of Society, by the “Elite”.


During the last historical period of Human Society the “Elite” were the richest and the most powerful group of people in the world. In the present it is obsolete.


The high mentally developed Humans in Network, acting with the strongest energy, with Love, are now the powerful part of society. The Awakening of Human Self-Consciousness presently starts to be a dominant process.





Present globalized Transformation of all, also of society, is obvious through processes worldwide: 


    Changing of Society to higher order, to a more rightful one, is caused by reinforced Awakening of Human Self-Consciousness worldwide. This positive process means changing the Mental Level of Humans by Mental Quantum Evolution.


     More and more people are conscious of their Birthright to live without violence and say NO to an establishment supported by Globalized Oligarchs (“Elite”).


     Chaotic processes worldwide make obvious that negative actions of Globalized Oligarchs have unintended consequences for them:


     Because Chaos is only a temporary state according to Natural Law, Self-Ordering in Nature and Society prepares the states of higher order. For this reason itself, the “Elite” is only a temporary Disharmony in Society worldwide. 


     Globalized Oligarchs themselves cause the Worldwide Reinforced Nationalism, New-Nationalistic-Oligarchs and the present form of Europe consisting of Nations in which Personal Identity is in danger.     


     New World Order from the “Elite” is a Racist System: a “Master Race” (Globalized Oligarchs) will govern a controllable half-breed population worldwide; this is a failure-goal in reality.


     These all are products of the Globalizing “Elite” and are also simultaneously dangerous for the “Elite”, which is working against all Cosmic or Natural Laws [8], therefore has no future.


     When society is healed – the Globalized Oligarchs, their Marionettes and their Accomplices will sink into insignificance (Thermodynamics Law for Closed Systems). They themselves will be the cause of their own Armageddon.



The influence of Chaos worldwide and throughout history on Culture and Economy, and the Healing thereof, will be discussed separately.




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