Commentary: Forced Globalization:


Commentary on Hinrich Rohbohm’s Book

 “Merkel’s Mask, Chancellor of a Different Republic”

(“Merkels Maske, Kanzlerin einer anderen Republik”)


By Dr.rer.nat., Randolph Riemschneider

Prof. UFSM Brazil, em.Prof. FU Berlin

Exec.Vice Dir. of The BWW Society, USA

and The Inst.for Positive Global Solutions


American and Japanese scientists, friends of many years who have known Germany between the 1960s and the 1990s and fail to understand the country's political development since then, have asked the author to comment on the book "Merkels Maske, Kanzlerin einer anderen Republik" (Merkel's Mask, Chancellor of a Different Republic) by Hinrich Rohbohm with a preface by Heimo Schwilk which was published in January 2017.


“Schwilk describes public appearances of Merkel in the introductory part: "Instead of decisiveness, she displays a soporific lethargy watching and guessing which way the wind blows, only to call out: "I'm already here". However, Merkel is not asleep - it seems she never sleeps -, and behind the façade of demonstrative calm there lurks a highly alert mind, ready to jump onto the wagon of the zeitgeist as embodied by the leading media. This chancellor has no strategy, no plan, but great instinct. She will usually opt for what is opportune, never for the risk. If she does show resistance, which is contrary to her very core, it will be directed against the expectations of her own people. Or her own party to which she owes her rise and which she has changed beyond recognition since becoming its leader.”


“During the GDR era, Merkel was not just a hanger-on, but an activist in the service of socialism the ideology of which she offensively represented as FDI Secretary for Agitation and Propaganda. Merkel was a member of the conformist scientific elite of the GDR and very ambitious, but extremely adaptable. The fact that she was allowed to travel to "non-socialist" countries long before the wall came down, i.e. was a member of the privileged few, is consistently repressed by her numerous claqueurs. Nor was it ever mentioned in her CV that detailed reports about her meetings with Western scientists, the conduct of her fellow travellers etc. were expected after her return. "Practically nothing is known about 35 years of my life," she once noted smugly. Thanks to the books by Hinrich Rohbohm and Ralf Georg Reuth we know a lot about the habitual opportunism of a career politician often called "the world's most powerful woman" today - if we want to know. However, Merkel does not use her power to further the interests of her country or to protect it against damages, but only to secure her own power.”


“There have been surprising about-turns in her office as Federal Chancellor.


In 2010, an extension of the life of nuclear reactors was decided in a parliamentary tour de force - only to be reversed a mere year later after the reactor disaster in Fukushima. By doing so, she disregarded fundamental proprietary rights of the companies concerned and led her country into an ongoing energy chaos. During the crisis around Greece, she ignored the no bail-out clause of the Maastricht agreement to save the creditors of the Greeks, the European banks. Further fatal sentences by Merkel follow, for example "We'll get this done" on 31 August 2015 which proclaimed that the right to asylum is without limits and declared Germany a safe haven for everyone persecuted anywhere in the world.”


“Everyone here feels how much the current policy of this Federal Government disrupts all standards: a fundamental change in population without corrective. Where are the journalists, publishers and intellectuals who will dare call out as in the fable about the emperor's (non-existent) new clothes: "The chancellor is naked!" to pull off the mask of humanitarian phraseology. Rohbohm continues: "Who in her administration has the guts to organise the resistance and finally close the borders to prevent further infiltration of terrorists? Who will stop the avalanche of refugees inundating Germany and other European countries which will lead to civil war-like conditions before long. By delusion under the mask of multi-culturalism, the German people are led to the precipice.”


“Immediately after the German reunification, Merkel won a seat in Parliament with the aid of the former GDR secretary of state Günther Krause and Lothar de Mazière. At the recommendation of Günther  Krause and Lothar de Maizières, chancellor Helmut Kohl made her a minister - first for Youth and then for Environmental Issues. After the coalition of Christians and Liberals lost the election of 1998, the new CDU boss Wolfgang Schäuble appointed her secretary general of the party; two years later, she took over his job. In the years that followed, she eliminated every powerful competitor in the party one by one: Edmund Stoiber, Friedrich Merz[1], Roland Koch, Christian Wulff, Günther Oettinger, Norbert Röttgen and Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg. Merkel represents a galloping change of the CDU towards social democracy. For a long time, she succeeded in shifting the course of the party towards the left. Thanks to her, feminism, vehemently combated as an element of socialism, by CDU and CSU in the past, won great influence in large parts of the Union. The friendly relations between the Chancellor and the radical socialist Alice Schwarzer is but one sign on the development, not to forget: the quota of women, abandonment of the previous position of the Union, namely "quality instead of quota".”


In his book "Geplanter Untergang" (The Planned Fall), Ralf Nienaber describes how A. Merkel and her doers destroy Germany (304 pages).


In his book "Umvolkung" (Inversion of Ethnicity), the successful Turkish author Akif Pirincci tells the truth about the dangers of the flood of asylum-seekers in Germany. As a result, the "do-gooders" and representatives of the extreme left are trying to destroy him financially and ostracise him socially, even though the book is sensationally good. This book is a must for everyone who wants to join the discussion on asylum (160 pages).

[1]              potential successor and financial genius (as found, for example in the government of  Singapore)

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