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The Nature of Thought – Part VI


by Mr. Iain Kirkaldy-Willis,

Naturalistic Philosopher

Canary Islands, Spain


We create through our thoughts. That person looking back at us from the mirror is who we were because it comes from how we behaved, what we thought, said and did, back then. So, if we cultivate different thoughts and behave accordingly now, we will change who we become. In that those different thoughts are positive, we make it possible for “who I am” to, not only become different, but in a fuller way and to keep on becoming so. Yes, thoughts and feelings are just vibrations, frequencies with which we choose our energy field to resonate (even if only by default). In this, they do not just endorse or alter our energy fields, but they impact our environment, the field of play within which we move and have our being. Furthermore, they affect other fields, the people and other life towards which those thoughts may have been directed. Thoughts and feelings are consciousness. They are energy. They are life.


According to the consideration of thought in the first article, regarding how intellect cannot encompass what lies outside the parameters of the framework within which it operates, we also saw how intellect cannot accept that anything is beyond its grasp. With arbitrary schemes, classifications, quantification and ordering to look at things from this or that perspective, as opposed to some other, we treat the Absolute as if the unfathomable could be rendered and made manageable within the parameters of the scheme chosen, mathematical, philosophical, cosmological, whatever. By nature, intellect projects whatever occurs to it. But that does not stick. None of it is relevant because the Unfathomable just is so - for that is what the word says and means!

From out of The Absolute, into the Universe, to galaxies, then stars, into the Solar System, to planet Earth, with all its forms of life, their organs and the parts of their bodies, with their tissues and fluids, the cells thereof, with the molecules of the substances of which they are comprised and then the atoms themselves, all is energy. As bio-organisms, each of our sensory organs registers a given range of frequencies somewhere within the scale of energy activity. These are transmitted to the brain, where everything is transposed by the respective areas of the cortex, becoming part of what informs our lives in ways that conform to the particular picture we have come to have of the world. What we perceive within this sea of energy is no more than what pertains to that picture. Working from but a minute fraction of the information to which we have access, in a process that derives from a ridiculously small amount of the cellular activity that is continuously flaring in us, each of us lives as a bubble of self-absorption, suspended in that sea of energy. Everything else is gated both because the framework does not allow us to entertain it and by the way intellectual activity constrains sensory perception. The doors of perception are closed. All that activity, all the information, all that potential goes by the board.


From scientists working, both in laboratories and the field, with matters from energy to the environment, out to the rest of us, amongst friends, in families, homes, communities, jobs, countries, nations and cultures, all over the world, none of us realise the enormity of the matter. None of us live in accordance with the reality of it. None of us function as the entity each of us is, for having arrived out of everywhere, through our own equivalent of a Big-Bang, into the here of the bio-organism we inhabit that is transposing the frequencies the cortex receives from its sensory organs into those images that animate it.


It is clear that how intellect operates within the context of given parameters is similar to how computers operate according to the system to which it has been programmed. So, the fact is that our grasp of life is but that of the illusion formed from what is presented to us that way, as opposed to some other. As already stated, we are part and parcel of an Absolute that is totally beyond our ken. This is so profound that the rustle of science´s scratching at its surface, trying to make some sense of it, is but a whisper of unknowns beyond anything we can imagine.


Science with the reasoning involved is of the intellect. A reductionist approach has its place in sorting matters out in the spatial/temporal realm, in order to promote positive consequences on the other side. So, of course there is no question that the methodology of physical science and that Quantum Theory are relevant. The trouble is the degree to which we abusively employ them, usurping everything else on a scale to which we are blind and of which we are ignorant.


Again and again these articles have referred to the enormity of what the use to which we put science by-passes. Of course, my being told too often that I do not understand becomes an affront. I will bridle at it. That the machinations of my mind do not determine, do, or change anything, no matter what way I look at it, becomes the ultimate insult. So then, what is this `other´ that is beyond intellect´s ken? Well, for this article, here are 3 image/text presentations, The Other Side and The Other Science, parts I & 2, for reflection on this matter.


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