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Undemocratic Insidious Economic Controls

by Mr. Michael Mifsud

Author, Art Collector and Critic

Malaga, Spain


One of the most tiresome and disenchanting aspects of good investigative journalism in my opinion is the need to refer to the masses of jumbled economic information which has been politicized.  The effect on the mind when tackling the source of real issues and the aspirations of the people behind them is like facing a Berlin wall held in place by backward, suppressive forces intent to dominate every single one of its subjects to the point of denying them anything other than serving the need of the State.  How these people can find joy and enthusiasm in anything they do in terms of work or home building is difficult to understand. To those trying to get to the core of the inspiration behind these tragedies  the effort almost turns into itself and the realization that it can only be unraveled from a given standpoint, which can change according to one´s state of mind, is daunting. Who did what to whom for which reason ?  How can a dictator or a cabal of cronies set up a state for the mere asking and for no other reason other than economic flows based on needs and which in most of these cases end up in no more than stockpiles in the domains of the chosen few in exchange for tactic support of any tactic or force to keep the rest simply working for them and barely eating with what the conspirators spread out for them.  A Dantesque scenario, but the boring and painful output of most of the world´s so called successful economies.  The surprising thing about this is that most of them are designed to achieve this effort in the mistaken understanding that given the pressure and need, mankind will work intensely and sustain a rhythm essential for such end products as heavy armament and scientific exploration if not real medical research.  The banality of it all I that it stands out as the results of the very economic attitudes that reduce life and its quality to a meaningless, disrespectful order of things which must surely awaken lack of interest in theirs when illusions of meaningful living are seen against this backdrop of pain and despair.  Whether it is any better for those who accumulate these gains by virtue of their party or religious dedication, depends on the spiritual content of their minds and or ability to live in a self deceptive void which could be no more than simple ignorance, despite the hold on power.


But is this still happening today? Can it be by default or even by intent? Lamentably, it begins to color the vision of an increasing amount of free writers who by State interpretation are no more than public enemies whether they bring documents out into the open or talk with conspiratorial echoes.  The disturbing thing is that the majority of the citizens of the world, have to this day often supported their own executioners preferring in the name of apathy or accepted daily chores and meager  blessings, to opt for the same old devil they now know.

The trouble with what appears to now be a determined bid by the part of radical institutions to consider all things economical and bled of any abstract concepts like peace, health, aspirations and culturally motivated entertainment.  Mamon, if he was around, now appears to be an heir in waiting.  The whole concept of ethical standards, personal beliefs and sense of identity now appear to be issues which need economic answers rather than guardianship and guidance with charitable and well designed aid.  In short, where the Church once provided the leadership, cultural backup and influential pressure on the politicians who strayed from basic survival issues, the masses were left with nothing more than bureaucratic disdain, increasing taxation and expensive basic materials for life.  Something has gone terribly wrong and it is not too difficult to find out how and where although, as is now being discovered, to change the roots of this particular tree, drastic innovation  and prolific change as an answer, has become evident.  However, change has its shades of grey and its science is just as complex as the very organic forces that have emerged from apathy to turn the living standards once so proudly displayed into a harsh struggle to make modern living acceptable to most.


The question then arises.  Why do modern Governments and in particular, the West take up issues and enact fiscal legislation that any sensitive citizen can see is potentially damaging to his basic needs ? The answer is that democracy has become a relative word and politicians often publicly maintain that the average citizen does not have the last word and that certain matter depend on State Managers and not voters. The conclusion   - that the electorate tacitly accepts secrecy,  hidden decisions and the worst of the matter on offer.  In fact, technically with this in mind, governments, including the United Kingdom and the United States, by far the most influential of all modern governments, subscribe to this unfair control and can and often does condemn generations to come the results of expediency, false accounting and diluted truths.  The fiscal pressure which is now lashing the electorate with vehemence and breaking Europe apart, is technically beyond popular control with the affairs of State security mumbled incoherently by the hidden puppet masters who so terrify the weak politicians and party stalwarts both in and out of power.


The new President of the United States therefore, is a welcome entrant to the question of transparency and whereas he alarms the diehard political tractors, the electorate after a long time in coming, has the power, at least, to allow for results and in the end still maintain the right to block what can be clearly seen to be against their own interests.  Not so with the present political correctness based purely on personal and corporate monetary interests which are obviously heading in an unknown direction with sinister implications that could be the results of powerful insensitive directives born of complicated controls beyond political representation.  By that I mean both regulatory Institutions and economic power groups.



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