Development of Society Determined by Natural Laws


by Dr. Jasna Loboda-Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and Artist


by Dr. Hinko Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and the Technical University of Berlin,

Berlin, Germany, and Artist

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The present work follows already published papers in the Series “Universal Harmony” [1-7] about the Harmonization of the World, now with the themes:


- How different Natural Laws determine the development of Economy and Society, the survival of Human Species and healing Nature.

- Analogy between living and dead matter shows the universality of Natural Laws.

- Binding forces between members in one group of Humans, Animals, also in “dead” matter as crystallization processes, influence the processes in survival of species in Nature and in Society. These Binding Forces are important for the Natural Laws.



Bindings in a Group of one Species


Two types of bindings between members in one group of living or dead matter are responsible for different activity of members, to be joined to elementary entity of crystal, animal- or Human-Society: 1) Nearest-Neighbor-Binding or Connection on Short-Distances, in living and dead matter, with positive and negative energies, with attractive and repulsive forces.

2) Long-Distances-Binding in Network, worldwide, with positive Mental Energy of Humans. For survival of the Human Species predominant is Long-Distances-Binding between members.


Two types of physics define the Bindings, Newtonian Physics in 1) and Quantum Physics in 2).


1)  Nearest-Neighbor Binding: Short Distances


The binding of members in matter depends on the natural repulsive or attractive forces between atoms or molecules, and acts over short distances, for instance over some atomic distances, in micro-lattices, or up to 100 times larger, in macro-lattices. Binding forces are responsible for number of members in entities and for forces between the entities. Binding forces are also responsible for diversity of living and dead entities in micro- and macro-world.


Mental Level of the Human Individuals develops by Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE) [1].


In the past, only rarely were Humans high mentally developed. The more or less high negativity of Humans in Mass-Consciousness [1, 6] depends on their low Mental Level, i.e. the negative thoughts of members are responsible for repulsive forces in and between different groups of Humans. The negativity of the members in Mass-Consciousness has values from deep negative energy values to more or less positive values, depending on mental development, on living situation, and on activity, depending on goal of members.


Direct negative influence of the part of Mass-Consciousness with totally negative energies, the Destructive Part of Society and their accomplices [6/II, 7], has a highly disturbing influence on society, as long as the mental level of the rest is low, and they cannot free themselves from negative influences.


In animals’ societies the connections of members are only over short distances in a group or between them, depending on a communal goal.


2)  Bindings of Humans in the Network, on Long Distances


In the present, modern Human Species exist, in spite of disharmonic situations, such as chaotic social injustice, tyranny in various forms and different types of war.


The reason for this behavior is the accelerated development of one part of Human Species throughout history and up to the present: in Holistic Individuals in General-Consciousness [1] in the Network, with highest mental level, and in Harmonic Humans with still somewhat lower level. They have positive qualities [1, 6/I], reinforced by Mental Transformation or MQE. They are mentally connected worldwide over long distances.


Holistic Individuals feel deep Love for themselves, for all people, for animals and for nature. They are acting over long distances. Therefore, after Quantum Communication (Quantum Physics, Quantum Entanglement) all Holistic Individuals with their positive energies are in Resonance [7]. This is the reason for the most powerful influence of Holistic Individuals on positive development of the whole Society and of Nature. 



Natural Laws


Natural Laws determine changes of All, of the living and dead matter. These Laws are the base for development and survival of Human Societies, for repairing the Economy and healing Nature.


All processes flow to Harmony, independent of where they happen, in three- or higher dimensional space. This flow is accompanied by Natural Laws, valid in all dimensions.


Observed Natural Laws are the Projections on three-dimensional space, on Duality, where they follow Newtonian Physics. The Laws obey Quantum Physics in General-Consciousness of Holistic Humans. 


Natural Laws determine the development of all, but the Human Being has a Free Will, and he has the free decision to act in every situation. The Human Individuals determine the conditions for development of processes according Natural Laws everywhere.


Human Beings exists, during their entire lifetimes, in one Field of Decisions between projections of processes in Multidimensional space on the three dimensional space. Each decision of the Human Being influences the next, and also the whole Decision Field.


Free Will means: in each situation the Human Individual has Free Self-Decision and Self-Responsibility [2]. He has different possibilities, also to do nothing, and in spite of that, the decision will be made. After each decision appears a new situation and again a new decision will be made. So, to do nothing is an Illusion. Nothing is also deciding for something [8].


Natural or Cosmic Laws are valid everywhere, in General- and in Mass-Consciousness, for all steps of mental development.


1) Natural Law: Processes in Open Systems Flow to a Higher Order, to Harmony


This is the basic Law, valid for all [1], for living and dead matter. Universal Harmony is the driving force in open system, in all processes to higher order in society, nature and everywhere, for Life and Surviving of all species, and for growth of entities in dead matter.


For instance: flow of processes to higher order, to Harmony, is established in the global survival of the Human Species from ancient times to the present, and in the ordering processes in complex materials of mono-atomic and alloy single crystals [1].


This Natural Law is characterized with processes going on in an open system, with development without stagnation, in movement, continuous changing and living.


2) Natural Law: All is Mutually Interconnected


This is the basic Law, based on Universal Harmony, and therefore is valid for All-That-Is. 


Universal Harmony is the Essence contained in all, in Nature and also in every Human Being. Therefore, every problem can be solved positively by the Human Being himself.


Only high mentally developed Humans (Holistic Individuals in General-Consciousness) are conscious of this Essence in themselves and of possibilities to use the Essence. The people in Mass-Consciousness have this Essence also in themselves, but they are still not conscious of this Essence, which depends on their too low Mental Level till now.


3)  Natural Law: World Order of All-That-Is


The Natural Law Processes in Open Systems Flow to a Higher Order, to Harmony applied on All-That-Is is the Natural Law World Order of All-That-Is. Different conditions for development of the World Order are discussed already earlier [1-7].


In Human Societies World Order is changed from negative form, established in ancient times by destructive Humans, and then repaired by Holistic Humans. To heal the present World Order, the processes will flow from the present, sometimes chaotic situations, to Harmony. This means also: Development of Human Society from the World influenced by the Destructive Part of Society and their accomplices – to the World Order based on Universal Harmony, with Humans developed by Mental Quantum Evolution [1-7].


In one World in Harmony, free Humans will build a Society with free thinking Individuals and groups, with a free way of life, without violence to each other, or to Nature. This is the World, firstly only partially and then complete developed worldwide.


Remark: “New World Order” discussed in III) is different from Natural Law World Order of All-That-Is discussed here. The last is a Natural Law, showing the World Order as a development of Society to Harmony.


The “New World Order” should be established worldwide from a super rich Group of people, unknown in public, who try to control the whole world in the near future. They are interested in resources and territory worldwide. This establishing should be done, as a means to an end, among other methods, by different types of war, or by psychological terror, or by luring their accomplices, i.e. of people with different cultural background and way of life, to do an invasion on strange territory.


In the present, the goal of this group is to destabilize parts of the world and among others to develop a new race for better control. This will be done by wars of Darwin-Evolution-type (below, in Evolution), based on power and the brute force of individuals, or groups – an obsolete method for the present Human Species, highly developed mentally by Mental Quantum Evolution. These Humans could not be deceived by this old type manipulation of world and people.


One fact shows the impossibility of the idea to integrate people of a very different culture and way of life. This has happened already in Germany, about fifty years ago, when people came as foreign workers from Turkey. Generally, they never integrated, nor did their generations of children.


This was the case for a not too numerous group of strange people. Quite other situation is the case of invasion of millions of people, also with very different background. In this case, in reality, in spite of government’s trying forced integrating the immigrants, the result will be assimilation of indigenous people or immigrants,


All these show the absurdity of the intention to establish the control worldwide. In the present, Natural Law Mental Quantum Evolution is obviously unknown to this group of super rich people. So, the attempt to establish the “New World Order” is indeed only bound up to chaos in the world for a short time, but it will be without success.


4) Natural Law: The Mental Quantum Evolution


This Law is: the basic Natural Law Processes in Open Systems Flow to a Higher Order, to Harmony applied on Human Mental Development.


Not the natural selection or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life (Darwin) – but The Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE) [1] of Mankind, based on Universal Harmony, is the guaranty for survival and further development of Human Species, and also of Nature.


The mental development of Animal Societies is discussed in part: “Survival of Animals”.


5)  Natural Law: Minimal Stable Number of Members in an Entity or Critical Size of one Species


It is known, that Entities of living or dead matter grow only above the Minimal Stable Number of Members or Critical Size, below are unstable. The conditions for existing of Minimal Stable Critical Size depend on binding forces between members, their quality and on the quality of surrounding (purity and sort of impurities, also Human influence on surrounding).


This Natural Law is valid for Minimal Stable Critical Size in Mass-Consciousness, in the case of short-range-forces, and describes a small number of members in an Entity.


This Law out of Duality, for forces reaching Long Distances, in General-Consciousness, follows Quantum Physics. Connections between members are worldwide, so the Entity of Holistic Individuals spread worldwide.


6)  Natural Law: Time Limited Disharmony


Process of Time Limited Disharmony in societies of living and dead matter [3, 6] overcomes the state of chaos, or stagnation/resignation, and is an important impulse for solving apparently unsolvable problems. Disharmony is only a temporary state, limited in space, while the Self-Ordering based on Universal Harmony prepares the states of higher order.


7)  Natural Law: Time Limited Armageddon


More dangerous for Society and also for Nature is Time Limited Armageddon [7], is more or less chaotic and expands worldwide. Armageddon is the result of the activity of the Destructive Part of Society [7], i.e. of the Deep Negative Part of Human Society and their accomplices, against positive Human Society and Nature.


The End of Armageddon can be positive or negative for the future of Human Society and Nature. The positive End of Armageddon depends on positive thinking and acting Humans in the world, which will act positive, opposite the Destructive Part of Society [7].


6/7) Time Limited Disharmony and Time Limited Armageddon – are Natural Laws valid exclusively in Duality. These Laws exist not in General-Consciousness, but only in Mass-Consciousness, where disharmonic situations appear, which should be solved (Disharmony). Sometimes situations in society and nature attain a very dangerous chaotic state all over the world (Armageddon). During the Flow of Processes to Higher Order, to Harmony – Human Societies can overcome the state of chaos. So Disharmony and Armageddon are both Clearing Processes of Society.


8)  General Development Law: Saw-Tooth Behavior of Human Development


This Law describes all aspects (culture, society, economy) of development of Human Societies in Repetitions, through whole Human history: Repetitions of high positive mental and social states of Human Societies – and negative development of Human Society in between. The Repetitions through history can be understood as frequently clearings of Society with Disharmony processes. The Repetitions can be also caused by disappearing of numerous cultures of the Human Species over the centuries and millennia of history through Armageddon.


Through history the saw-tooth curve lays on one ascending line. This line represents the Natural Law: Processes Flow to a Higher Order, to Harmony. This means: Repetitions stay always on an ascending base line, and every minimum, that is after clearing even after Armageddon is better, more positive than the minimum before. This means, the Society, in spite of timely negative developments through history, develops to a better order. The cause is the positive influence of increasing number of Holistic and Harmonic Humans (Mental Quantum Evolution) on Society.  


It can be possible in the present, that this Law is on “the end of the clearing way, out of Duality, out of Mass-Consciousness”, and will go over in further Development for all to a Higher Order, to Harmony.


The other possibility: the present clearing is only the way to future through another Repetition. Firstly the conflicts and violence must be solved, and all parts of the world should get back their stability. 


For this, Holistic and Harmonic Humans in General-Consciousness and positive wakened Humans in Mass-Consciousness will surmount, by Actions with Love, the negative forces of the Deep Negative Part of Human Society and their accomplices.  



Evolution of Human Species and Nature – According to Natural Laws


 “Origin of species by means of natural selection or the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life” (Charles Darwin, 19.Jh.) is physical-chemical selection. This evolution is based on power of individuals, or groups; on instinct of preservation of species, assuring their survival.


Such development of Humans would explain through the history repeated “Civilization Breaks” [9], as the result of war with violent invasions of one population to disturb the indigenes one, with completely different culture, religions and way of life. The identities of complete populations were disturbed.


So, in the present, great culture art-works are destroyed, as monumental ancient, gate-keeper statues in Mosul, temples from Assyrian time in Nimrud, in Nineveh, Baal-Sanctuary in Palmyra, the world highest Buddha-sculpture in Afghanistan, Library of Alexandria, temples in Tenochtitlan, distractions during the Cultural Revolution in China, and more.


In spite of this type of evolution with “Civilization Breaks”, the Survival of Human Species till present shows another development as predominant, Mental Quantum Evolution [1] of Human Individuals. This evolution is determined by Natural Laws, which are valid for all in Nature, for living and dead matter.


I) Universal Harmony


Processes Flow to a Higher Order, to Harmony

Throughout history, Human Society changed the goal of all members of one group. Freedom and justice play increased the most important role in life of the Human Species.  


The rapid development of the Society reveals the most positive Holistic Individuals, acting in the Network worldwide. This development is caused by their high positive mental energies and acting with Love.


According to this Natural Law the number of mentally positive Holistic Humans increases with time by MQE. They improve the bed situations in Society and Nature, caused by people with negative energies out of Mass-Consciousness. On this way, the whole Society is more and more positive.


All is Mutual Interconnected

An example from ancient times [2]: The artists, at least 30000 years ago, started to paint signs on the walls of caves, all over the world (North and South America, Europe, Africa, China, India, Borneo, Burma and Australia). It is significant, that these signs are similar and repeat over the whole world [10]. Obvious this was only possible through linking by consciousness, in this early time of Human Mental Evolution.


II)  Minimal Stable Critical Number of Members in Entities that can Exist, Develop and Increase


a) Members with Weak Binding Forces



Entities consist of members with weak binding (short distances), attractive and repulsive forces as in Crystals, positive and negative energies in groups of Animals, or by Humans in Mass-Consciousness, with more or less predominant negative energies.


Below the value of Minimal Stable Critical Sizes the Number of atoms or molecules in Crystals in dead matter, or Members in Groups of Humans in Mass-Consciousness, or in Animal-Societies – all are generally small, are weak and unstable.


Cosmic dust crumples up into a ball and so produces stable planets when the number of bounded entities is stable enough and the gravity force, the repulsive force and the surroundings make possible further growing, to a planet.


The example of prosperity in economy shows obviously a minimal critical size of groups of people with similar interest as only possibility to exist effectively and efficiently.


a1) Humans in Mass-Consciousness:


There is an analogy with the minimal size of a crystal and a group of like-minded or persons of the same conviction in Mass-Consciousness. There are large varieties in Number of Members in a Group, depending on communal or opposite goal of Members and on their positive energies.


Usually, through history to present, lower mentally developed Humans in Mass-Consciousness [1-6] were and are in majority. Their entity consists of a small number of members, because the energies are more or less negative, and bindings are only over short distances in groups or between them.


The question is: what is responsible for disappearing of numerous cultures of the Human Species over the centuries and millennia of history. In the history predominate negative energies, and therefore short-distances-bindings in Mass-Consciousness were the rule. This can be one of the origins for problems in development of Human Societies in old time, and also in the present. Such disharmony in development of Human Society can drift to Armageddon and disappearing of the species.


In Mass-Consciousness exists in the present growing number of awakened “sleeping” people [2]. More and more positively thinking and acting Humans are awakened by Mental Quantum Evolution and by influence of Holistic part of Humans on this changeable, not completely negative part, of Mass-Consciousness. The Majority of Mass-Consciousness has chances to positive and faster development by MQE [6].


A big support to the Holistic are numerous people just emerging from Mass-Consciousness, because heavy working conditions, unemployment and poverty opens their eyes to the “big connections” causing this conditions in the world.


Destructive Part of Society, and their Accomplices:

-  The most negative Individuals in Mass-Consciousness are Humans with negative isolationistic, or even aggressive, selfish, dogmatic, pigheaded activities (the super rich, the exploiters, predatory investors). These individuals are negative, and think only for themselves and against others. They take no care for others suffering. These individuals appear till present as power-hungry individuals. They are not numerous, they are negative, isolated individuals, in battle against other similar super rich and against positive Humans, worldwide. Their money is only the instrument to reach this Might, buying accomplices. They try to establish the static “New World Order”, to have control over all people worldwide.


-  Negative individuals in this category are also not rich, but also not poor, allured by the super rich with might in industry, politics, and some regions of science.


-  Similarly negative is also one aspect of poor, exploited people, who are isolated, are negative as the rich one, and are also accomplices of super rich [6]. They have a Mental Level too low to free themselves. 


-  These all three parts of Negative People in Mass-Consciousness have the lowest Mental Level. The number of members in entities is small, because they are in reality negative individuals, with repulsive forces. They are individuals in a closed system, without Mental Development. They only stagnate, exist for some time, against all natural laws, and disappear.


a2) Survival of Animals  


Human Society influences decisively survival of Animal Species, in the past, and present. Relation Humans – Animals is important for Mental Development of Human Individual itself. Human Individuals generally should be more developed mentally: to be able to see and to feel the Animals as the Species, with identical right to live, right on free living space, and to survive as the Human Species. 


The Minimal Stable Size of the Group

The minimal size for the survival of an animal species in the present general assertion was estimated about 5000 individuals, in reserves, Zoos, and other institutions, i.e. not in natural environment for animals.


A new study shows [11] that the survival of smaller groups is secure, if the requirements for safety, food, climate and for instance also harmonic cohabitation with other species are fulfilled. From this reason, to give the needed space, healthy nature, and the liberty to animals are necessary. Unfortunately, these conditions for Animals and Nature are absent worldwide, even are bad and worse with time.


Development of Animals

Recent studies about mental behavior of some birds show a high level as that of anthropoid apes [11].


Interesting experiments on one sort of animals, especially monkeys, are well known. Also the behavior of some free living individuals of monkeys, birds, and also learning in the group from these individuals, are also already observed.


Similarities between Human Groups in Old Time and Present Animal Societies

In quite other type of observations [12] a new aspect of Animal development was observed: Contact of Mental Understanding is possible between mentally developed Human and developed Animal Individual.


For this, comparison between Human Societies in Old Time and Animal Societies in the present is from interest. This comparison shows similarities in development of members in both groups.


For instance, in the Paleolithic period, groups of Human Species in Mass-Consciousness contained small number of members. In spite of that, the groups contained, indeed rarely, high mentally developed Humans. These Humans produced artwork, important also for development of later followed Humans and even for Humans in the present time [1].


It was observed [12], that Animal-Individual of one sort in one group was higher developed than other members in the same group. Therefore: Between two developed Individuals, Human and Animal, initial Mental Understanding was obvious.


This Mental Understanding between Human and Animal Individuals has nothing to do with training of the animals or with development in sense of Darwinian Evolution, but with Mental Quantum Evolution from all Living. It is the understanding between two mentally developed individuals.


High Potential for Survival 

Independent of sort, in one group of Animals some Individuals develop higher than others, but indeed rarely. They have Mental Contact with Human Individuals. Such Animals have high potential for further development, when it would be possible to be free from outside influences. And they can help to other Animals in the group, as rarely Human Individuals in Human Society also. Help between Animals in one group, even between groups, or between different sorts, is already observed.


One can imagine the development through history of Animal Societies up to the present, similar to development of the Human Society from Old Time. This could be if the Animals would not be prevented from their normal development by Humans. Higher developed Individuals, in Human or in Animal Society, contain possibilities for Survival of Species through history.


Not only the number of members important for survival, but also their Mental Quality. Therefore, Darwin’s Evolution plays for Survival no important role for Animal Species and Humans.


The fact is: in the past and in the present the survival of Animal Species is low. Already many animal species have disappeared throughout history, and are also disappearing in the present. Moreover, many animal species disappear before the Humans discovered them.


Why is it so?

From mentioned experiences [12] follows: Animal Societies have similar potential for development as Human ones. Moreover, Animals do not disturb the nature as Humans do (in Mass-Consciousness), but live in harmony with it.


As long as Humans disturb nature, use Animals in medical experiments, in Zoos or circuses bringing profit, see Animals only as slaves and as food, or as disturbing factor in Nature – the Animals as Societies cannot develop.


Animals in contact with Humans in Zoos, medical experiments, or domestic animals, have civilization illnesses as Humans have. Similar, indigenous people get civilization illnesses also after “civilized” Humans discovered them. For Animals used in industry – there is no survival.


The Human Society leaves the Animals not enough space to live free. So, the Survival of Animals in nature is presently only possible in small groups and only for a short time.


It exist a discrepancy between what should be and the reality:

For instance, Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany (Grundgesetz), article 2, contains an obligation “each has the right for unharmed”, and in article 20a legislator, government and court of justice are obliged to protect all animals. This discrepancy to reality can be removed only by further increasing of positive Mental Level (Mental Quantum Evolution) of Humans, in all social positions.


b) Human Society: Members with Bindings over Long Distances


Holistic and Harmonic Human Individuals in General-Consciousness or Network are connected worldwide over long distances, with the highest positive Energy of Love, with strong Mental-Binding. They all are in Resonance in the Network, according to Quantum-Communication.


So are the Holistic Individuals with their influence on groups and near-neighbor members in Mass-Consciousness – an important characteristic of society and Nature, bearing the Harmonic Force for healing the Earth.


Because all Holistic Individuals are in Resonance the number of members must not be high to be successful in acting. The Minimal Critical Number, necessary for further development and survival of the Human Species, is small. In the present, already only some percent of the whole Human Society are enough to change to positive the development of Mankind and Nature. 


The Holistic Humans are always spread as one ENTITY WORLDWIDE.


III) In Duality: Time Limited Disharmony and Time Limited Armageddon


The development of economy was from the beginning positive for all, the owner and the workers. The disruption comes in the present, based on greed and an unbounded feeling of might and superiority on one side, and on poverty and despair of most people on the other.


All this is the base for problems in the present, with tendency from Disharmony to Armageddon worldwide, as the discrepancy between super rich and super poor increases, with possible negative or maybe positive End of this present Human Society.


Economy Drifting to Armageddon


The question here is about the emotional changes of the owners of enterprises from the beginning of the industrial age.


In the first stage when the factory emerged from a master craftsman workshop, where the workers have learned from the master, there was more or less a feeling of solidarity, a sort of fellow feeling. The personnel were more or less familiar with the owner, who was “one of them”. They have the possibility, when getting master craftsmen to open their own workshop, to develop new products and step in competition with the old master’s workshop. The possibility gives all a feeling of independence, of liberty.


The middle class was born.


In the next generation of owners, if the owner was also a master craftsman, the relationship was perhaps much similar. For some time there was a social engagement of the owners for the workers living, especially for their housing.


When the next generations have separated from the production, the personnel were enlarged, maybe first by a secretary, then by an accountant, a stock clerk and so on. In the meantime the owners were more familiar with the “white collar” employees, but at the end the factory was only a “money making machine” for them.


The owners separated not only from production but also from the management. The owner employed meanwhile a complete management, but he was still the director.


Just when he employed a director, the owner has separated totally from the dream of his ancestors.


Here again the minimal critical stable size is guilty. If the factory is big enough – it can grow. The worth of a bigger factory is higher for investors, because it is more stable in respect to financial stability. The factory, if big enough, is negotiable at the stock exchange.


The factory owner gives itself in the hand of investors, but by selling the stock gets money to enlarge the factory or to buy other factories.


The system of shares totally separated the production of goods from “producing money”. The enterprises are now run by a staff of employees from the semi skilled worker up to the director general, all are only salary earners.


The economy today is the economy of investors, so can be called Investorism. At least the whole system of shears has lead to the extreme difference between reach and poor.


Another cause for this negative development was the erroneous opinion of economists that Supply and Demand will stabilize and govern the world economy most efficient. The fact is that the big money has governed supply and demand for their economic interest. These economic mistakes had resulted in the present share out of goods. At the moment more than 99% of world’s population had only 50% of the goods, and less than 1% of the people have the other 50%. 


The whole system was divided, because the whole economic system must now only give more and more profit, because the money awakes the desire for more. This desire impresses and imprints the whole economic system of today.


Till now we analyzed what goes on with the factory or enterprise that was degenerated to a money making machine, but what goes on in the owners?


The owners transform to investors.


They lose the contact with the enterprise and with the people working there. We know: the more one has – the more one wants. This has as a consequence an upward spiral of money withdrawn as a dividend from the factory noted on the stock exchange.


The shareholders have no emotional binding to the enterprise of which they own stock. They feel emotionally “higher class”, they belong to people who have “done it”. These people have the opinion that the poor people are self responsible for their poverty, because they have no contact in any form with the people working and the people squeezed out of the enterprise, by their demand for higher dividends.


They blame the politicians, the government, the economists, everybody but not themselves for the progressive pauperization of working people, especially the elder and the pensioner.


On the other side the stock exchange noted enterprise is responsible to the shareholders meeting. On it the investors always claim higher dividends from the management of the enterprise, and pressure it to work more efficient, that is diminish “negative items” in the balance. The management must obey, because they also are only employees and as such exchangeable.  


The Natural Law of Agglomeration or Crystallization (Minimal Stable Size or Entity) gilt also for money. If somebody’s money has exceeded a certain critical amount it is sure he will get more by his transactions.


Only if he makes two risky transactions it is like heating up a solution of a crystallization experiment. An even bigger crystal will solve and diminish his mass, and by the risky transaction the investor will lose money.


In contrary, when somebody has less money than a critical amount, his money always vanishes whatever he tries. The smallest amount of money is just now as high nobody can reach it, except still rich people.


The frame conditions for the smallest stable amount of money depend and are made by the banking system and the government. A small amount of money deposited in a bank carries interest of about 0.1 - 0.5% by an inflation rate of the same value. The small saver who tries to save a small amount of money for his older days gets nothing.


The central bank lowers the interest and injects a great deal of money into the system by buying government bonds from investors.


That way the central bank gives cheap money to investors with the lame excuse that this money will give cheap credits to the industry and increase production and stimulate the whole economy. But this is the wrong impulse – the production can be only stimulated by consumers, who have more purchasing power because of higher salary. 


The banking system is as impertinent and shameless, that it suggests how good the small interest rates are, because the small credits are cheap 3-5% and so even small earners can get them. Even those who earn a small salary can buy things with these credits and so the low salary earner is again further exploited by the investors.


It is the owners who have no social engagement with the employees, but only care for the growth of their own profit. The shareholders ask them only: what is the profit, how can the profit be increased, and the negative items in the balancing diminished. These are the questions also at the shareholders meeting. They see only the profit: either the valuation of the share, or the height of the dividend.


The salaries of the employees are negative items in the calculation of profit. To increase the profit the number of employees must be diminished or their salaries decreased. Fewer employees must do the same work as the bigger personnel staff before, or all employees must be paid less. Automation is also a big factor in the pauperization of the working people.


This is the Downward Spiral of Salary. Parallel to this is the Upward Spiral of Profit realized by the investors. The downward spiral of purchasing power of the employees needs the development of prices for clothing, housing and food in the same direction.


All the producing factories work on the same principle of exploitation. The prices of the products must go down because the purchasing power of the people goes down. So the employees of these factories must be paid even less. The factory transfers the production, for instance for clothing, to a “third world country”, where the living expenses are lower and so the salary of the employees is also lower.


The production of many other things is also transferred to third world countries. This way television sets, computers, handy and play stations can be sold cheap and everybody can be controlled in his free time. Political and industrial advertising must reach everyone. The other things must keep them occupied and unable him to think free. The expenses in the third world countries in the stream of Globalization also go higher, and so this translocation will not resolve the problem over the long-term.


The general public should have more money.

The rich are not consumers who could trigger the production (except of yachts, mansions, etc).


They could trigger the production and even gain their profit by a higher pay for their employees. In fact the investors could establish more factories employing more people and so sell more goods and realize more profit, but over a longer period of time. But for this they are in too much of a hurry, because they are  fixed on quick profit.



High unemployment is difficult for the government. To lower unemployment, a social-democratic party has had the idea of getting more people to employment by part-time jobs. The idea was: after a certain time, if the people did good work, the enterprise would take them over in their regular staff with full pay.


The employers see it another way. They employ many half-time jobbers and the number of unemployed diminished, but the mini- or half-time jobber must find a second job to survive. The mini-jobber -- even with two part time jobs – is not able to pay the fee for social insurance or contribute to a pension fund.


After his working age his poverty is programmed.


At the same time emerged agencies for rental workers. This is a new branch of super-exploitation.


The government acted by an increase of the lowest hourly pay/minimum wage. But the investors cannot be impressed by this step. The enterprises react with an attack on the government, because the rise of production costs and the loss of competitiveness against foreign firms.


The government can be blackmailed, because it must care about the unemployed. The government is expected to be merciful to the unemployed, because they are also voters.


It is obvious that they have designated the target: The total pauperization of the world population.


The enterprises and the investors neglect the unemployed totally. It seems they consider the employees not belonging to the human species, only they do. The investors say they must govern an enterprise and cannot care for everybody. With such behavior of the investors they separate themselves from the society of the Human Species, because they are totally inhuman.


The super rich like to show their humanitarian care for the poor by beneficial “events”. This they do by being philanthropic and their money comes to them by “luck”. Others are not so “lucky” and they help them.


The enterprises i.e. the investors till now influence and even control the legislative work of democratic governments by their lobbyists. Now the New TTIP and other treaties are an attempt to force the democratic governments under the jurisdiction of the investors. This way, their total control of the governments can be realized.


For instance, salaries and wages would be set by the enterprises. No labor union, no social court would exist.


This is an extrapolation from the present circumstances.


The “surplus” of people that is Human Beings that cannot be exploited are treated as in ancient times as the leprous, now the homeless. None, neither the economy nor the government, take care. Private individuals, being not especially well situated themselves, have concern for the poor and try to assist tem. The same is the case with people from “third world countries”. Private persons with small private initiatives build schools and help children be able to go to school. School education is among others also a handicap for exploitation.


Some people even in Mass-Consciousness will see what is going on, and see the true intentions of the super rich. The accumulation of enormous riches is not the last goal. Their goal is world supremacy. First of all they will ruin the democratic governments. The first is Greece. The super rich, regardless of nationality, try to establish a “New World Order”. The “modus operandi” they use to reach it shows the quality of this “Order”: An absolute cruel and bloody dictatorship.


Before this is possible the nationalities which are the strongest opponents of such totalitarianism must be disintegrated and extinguished.


Worldwide Armageddon


The negative feeling by most of people is based on the confrontation with a hopeless situation concerning their pecuniary possibility of survival at all. Being in Mass-Consciousness they see no other escape but confrontation and violence against political or governmental authority. Those “Truly Responsible” for their situation is not known by them and is out of reach for all. Their despair is used by the super rich to carry out their destructive politics, causing Armageddon.


They buy instigators to spread fear, hatred and suspicion between peaceful interdependent nations. They spread weapons and finance terrorists or groups of opponents to a government, to destabilize a whole region. When the war is vigorously fomented, a foreign government starts -- under the cover of hunting terrorists or liberating people from dictatorship or some other lame excuse – to bombard cities and disperses refugees all over the earth. These people, difficult to integrate, destabilize the peaceful countries where they ask asylum. Some of them are even paid to destabilize the country of asylum.


The Worldwide Armageddon in economy and society has arrived, because the Deep Negative Part of Human Society, i.e. the Destructive Part of Society, accumulates their money all over the world. They use this money to destabilize the world by financing greed and hatred between displaced persons, migrants and using lies and making irrational promises others will fulfill as they say. These migrant people become like an army of “sleepers” occupying the countries where they get asylum and change the way of life there. This is also an attempt to kill national states and democracy.


As long as these super rich find warriors in Mass-Consciousness for their wars, there will be these kinds of disharmonies. 


Their intention is to diminish the world population by war and illnesses. A low world population is easier to handle and rule over.


The super rich have first of all diminished the middle class worldwide, because it was able to start an opposition to them on equal fields. The rest of the middle class is neither of political nor economic relevance. It will be totally ground down in economic battles, in wars and migrations. 


The predominant rest of the people have almost nothing. This, the largest discrepancy till to present between the small number of rich and the majority of poor, means: This is the End of development of the Human Society in present form and the “Abscess” is just getting ready to burst on more and more parts on earth.





Two factors are important for survival of Human positive Society and for healing the Nature: Natural Laws and positive thinking and acting Humans, developed by Mental Quantum Evolution. 


The development of Humans changes more and more rapidly in the present, to new type of Society. Human Society will be established with free Humans, living according to their Birthright on Free Life. Free Life means living without fear from anyone or anything, with free will, with feeling of Love for All-That-Is. Holistic Humans are always spread as one Entity Worldwide.


Till this, the present chaotic situations worldwide, the Destructive Parts of Society and their accomplices – will be cleared out of Society, according to Natural Laws and by positive Holistic and Harmonic Humans.





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