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Universal Harmony Principle Certainty:

Disharmony Overcome


by Dr. Jasna Loboda-Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and Artist


by Dr. Hinko Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and the Technical University of Berlin,

Berlin, Germany, and Artist



The results of our work in Natural Sciences - Art - Spirituality - Sociology - Philosophy and from Search for New Ways on each of these fields – we can understand and explain only by the Essence being the driving force generally, in processes in nature, in scientific experiments, in creation of artworks, and in all human activities. We named this Essence Universal Harmony [1, 2].  


Universal Harmony is the Essence in “All That Is”, i.e. in the world and in universes, even in the Human Being itself, and is the driving force to higher order in all fields. Universal Harmony is Love, Creation and the Life itself.


In feeling of accordance with Universal Harmony, human being searches for peace, freedom, beauty and harmony in life and in work, tries to explain the processes in the world and in the universe. Such individuals and groups cooperating together, linked in the Network with flow of Information nourished by Universal Harmony, make sure positive development in society, in spite of Space and Time Limited Disharmony.


In our two previous works we presented Universal Harmony as the base for Human Harmonization through Mental Quantum Evolution, MQE [1] and for Harmonization of the World [2]. 


Universal Harmony is the driving force for Positive Globalization, but consequences of Negative Globalization are also discussed [2, here].


Further features of Universal Harmony, presented now, are:

- Global Linking of all aspects in human life and activity, of processes in nature and in society,

- The role of Network or General-Consciousness for Harmonization of the world,

- Three mutually linked Principles Certainty, Creativity and Action-with-Love, based on Universal Harmony, are important for Overcoming Personal Disharmony and Disharmony in Society, and in different fields of human activities, as in Art, Science and Scientific Applications (technologies as economy, physics, medicine, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, pharmacy).  


A Concept for Personal and Global Disharmony Overcome is presented, with the goal to ensure a positive future for people, nature and the world.


1. All is Global Linked


Consciousness in the Stone Age

The earliest artefacts found were Celts from 1.75 Mil years on, followed by spearheads and arrowheads. These artefacts were eoliths, flint-stone tools, needed for every day survival.


Already in Stone Age, before 100000 years, the people had made paints of different colour in a workshop found in the Blomes-Cave in South Africa. The knowledge how to make paint is the evidence for beginning of research in this early time. 


From the beginning human being develops by MQE, links by consciousness (Network), and left traces in the form of artworks.


Especially astonishing are the paintings in X-Ray-stile on the walls of caves, about 60000 years old, from aborigines Australian artists. These paintings show also the stand of anatomic knowledge in those times.


From the time of 55000 years, some more art works as sculptures and cave-paintings are found [1, 2]. 


A new technique of expression in art started in the Aurignac-culture in the Neolithic period in Europe. In the cave of Abri Castanet the oldest, about 37000 years old, petroglyphs of animals and geometric forms have been found. This new art of communication was born in the time of difficult daily struggle for living, and documents the permanent evolution of consciousness.


The artists, at least 30000 years ago, started to paint signs on the walls of caves, all over the world, and this is perhaps the beginning of writing [2]. It is significant, that the same signs repeat over the whole world. One can only imagine that this phenomenon was possible through linking by higher developed consciousness.


Already in these early days, individuals undergoing MQE influenced the overall development, and did so through history. Only linking of various fields of human activities can push the positive mental evolution of individuals and society.

These oldest art works represent the rising through history of always new qualities in human harmonizing creativity, and the existing of Holistic Individuals and Pioneers [2] with their work being in advance of their time.


Hidden World


Hidden World [2] contains all Knowledge and Wisdom of All-That-Is, of the whole Creation by Universal Harmony, and exists stored also in every Human Being itself. These Knowledge and Wisdom emerge increasingly, as mankind changes with MQE, but in the space-time system (Duality) could never be discovered completely. As Human Beings develop to a higher level of Consciousness – they “see” more and more behind the “Wall surrounding the Hidden World”. Corresponding to their development, they see the complexity of all, the linking of all, see and understand Global Links, and the equal importance of doing or leaving undone for development of the society and of the world. This means, they are conscious that leaving undone is a passive behaviour, but it is also a decision, perhaps intensifying the problem.


Universal Harmony is the base and is the driving force for positive Global Linking of all on the world. From earliest time, individuals and groups search for harmony, peace, freedom and beauty, hidden in Human Being itself, in his feeling with others, with nature and universe.


Deep feeling of Universal Harmony, search for new ways and discovery of Hidden World in art and science is the base in our art and scientific work, described in [1]. To discover hidden aspects in each of different fields of performing is only possible by simultaneous spiritual presence on all these fields.


Cooperation, Communication and Dialog


Between different fields of creation, for instance Art / Science [1], cooperation, communication and dialog change the former expression of the separate works and shows many-sided interpretations, containing completely new ideas.


In a similar manner, creation in different fields of science, also called Interdisciplinary Work, gives deeper discernment into the materials and regularities of nature.


We have seen that the dialog of art-works by two artists gives us a plenty of new expressions. The same is the case when art and science start a dialog. 


This is one of the ways how art and science influence consciousness, in fact promote MQE.




Comprehension of “All is Global Linked” is manifold. In the space-time system people live in Duality. Duality means that they are not aware of their Self-Universal-Harmony, i.e. of Universal Harmony contained in them.


The people are involved in Mass-Consciousness that is predominantly built by thoughts from desperate and hopeless people, from their grief and sorrow and other negative feeling and thinking. By this involvement people are influenced by fear, uncertainty, powerlessness and helplessness. Besides, they are influenced by negative emotions, like hatred, avidity, miserliness, pride, arrogance and vaingloriousness.


By Mass-Consciousness the Majority of people are global linked. For the global linking there is a premise, a network. Mass-Consciousness is such a mental network. On the other hand it is nourished by mental pabulum from the Minority of self privileged people, being themselves in Mass-Consciousness (the rulers in the background: money, profit, might...). The influence of the Minority through Mass-Consciousness on the Majority is perfidious: the Minority persuade people, that the society as it is – is natural: there are lions and quarry, strong and weak, masters and servants, and so on.


As we can see, the Mass-Consciousness is also a tool to exercise power over the Majority by making it feel fear and insecurity. 


The pity is that even the Majority itself perpetuates the negativity of the Mass-Consciousness by its thoughts, suggested by the Minority. Even worse, the Majority propagates Mass-Consciousness by sayings, adages and slogans, we hear every day and by any occasion. There are negative forecasts or doubts about successfulness of plans. The same is the case when people speak about luck, health, happiness and money – always doubts are raised about success.


Especially dangerous is when the Minority stirs up the generational conflict, suggesting the young that the economical problems are caused by the older people. The Minority also stirs up the irrational fear of a nourishing problem in future, ostensible caused by the raising of world population.   


The mentioned problems have been raised only for bringing up fear. The solving of these problems is always a business with a good profit: Extermination of rain-forest for monocultures of palms for oil, soy-bens, maize and other crops. Gen manipulation of crops is also justified by these irrational fears.


To have the possibility for manipulations, the Minority tries to implicate that historical developments from past determine the future.


This could be only possible if the society would be a closed system. In fact, the Minority is just it selves in a closed system, without possibility to develop further, and hampers further harmonic development of the whole humanity.


The past historical developments can not determine, not even influence the Future in an open system, as the present society is. The people, with their positive thinking and doing, change the society and the own Future in the present permanently and completely.


In fact, there exists a counterbalance to Mass-Consciousness: The people in the Network or General-Consciousness (below) help to free people from Mass-Consciousness and to solve problems. The society and nature, i.e. the world is an open system, in a harmonic state that continuously shifts to better order. So, in reality, all above mentioned problems will be solved or will disappear continuously in the right time.


Network or General-Consciousness


The Network or General-Consciousness [2] is a positive mental network. This Network contains Nodes and Information Streams between them and is nourished by Universal Harmony.


In and between Nodes cooperate and communicate positively developed individuals and groups. MQE deliberates people continuously from Mass-Consciousness and from its influence.


The Network or General-Consciousness is overlying the Mass-Consciousness. The General-Consciousness influences the Mass-Consciousness by giving the people strength and firmness for mental deliberation from fear of failure.  


The Network has also a memory to bridge over times of Disharmony. It transports ideas and solutions how to overcome disharmony, how to make the living of all people in all countries better, and minimize differences. 


A network generally is an important attribute of nature. The society is split in two networks, with different levels of activity. The part of society linked in the network of Mass-Consciousness is passive or acts negative.


The other part of society is linked with the Network or General-Consciousness that bears the harmonic force for healing of every system. This Network is the best example that all is Global Linked; it is the base for positive development in nature and in any field of human activity.


Society and Economy




Behaviour of matter presented in [1] gives hints for analogy with other processes in living nature:

         - Harmonization is a dynamical process. Only open systems in matter have the possibility to harmonize their state, i.e. that the processes go in direction to higher order [1].

         - The behaviour of atoms and molecules in matter is linked by the crystal- or cluster-networks, that naturally always contain disturbances that should be healed.

         - Self-preparing of the structure in atomic dimensions at the crystal surface enables ordering processes in future in the whole volume, linked over some dimensions and shifted in time.   

         - Processes in micro- and macro-structure of matter are also tied up mutually, and are going on shifted in time and sometimes also simultaneously. 


Such linking of micro- and macro-structure and processes in matter is analogous with society, where the harmonization starts by individuals, proceeds by families, small groups and finally reaches the whole society. The analogy between matter and society is also a global linking, but a vertical one.


When we speak of society we really mean the whole humanity, because there are many societies, from the society of homeless people to the "high society". In society at the moment there is disharmony. Today there is a lot of it: homeless people, unemployed, half-time-jobbers, loan workers, refugees, and impoverishment of the Majority and extreme enrichment of a Minority.




Disharmony in society is the consequence of disharmony in economy.


The production of goods is increased and the unit price lowered by automation and employment of cheaper workers, for instance loan workers. A step in the same direction is globalisation from the standpoint of industry that is the transfer of production to cheap-labour-countries.


On the other side, the consumption of goods is governed by the salary the workers get. This increasing of profit comes sometime or other to an end, when the purchasing power of workers for these same goods reaches zero. Till now this is avoided by credits from loan-banks, but as the workers and employees lose their jobs, the loan-banks get bankrupt, as seen in the immediate past. There are possibilities that this further will not happen, because, for instance, some of the big factories still now give all the workers a premium, if the company makes a good profit. This shows that some of the rulers begin to see the problem. The super-profits must be cut back.


We have now the ultimate times of turbo-capitalism. The governments, having high expenditure for the socially weak that is for the losers of this economical system, must raise the taxes and issue government bonds. Through higher taxes the profit of companies is diminished, and in some cases it could be more profitable to employ more workers and so create more customers. On the other side, these workers are also tax-payers and so the government would get more money, had less social expenditure and could lower the income-tax of the company. It could be interesting to calculate such a model of cooperation between government and companies.


The profit the Minority gets from its speculations on the stock exchange and on the raw material exchange is much less than the damage made to the Majority by general price increase of all goods.


Some superrich think of doing a benefit to the poor giving a part of their money to a beneficence foundation. This foundation again gains more money in the same manner the rich gained theirs. So the foundations further pauperize the Majority.  


Full employment could be reached if the speculations, with money on the stock exchange and with row materials, could be stopped and the super-profits of companies lowered.      


This would be the first step in Harmonization of all sections of society.   


The Future of Bees is the Future of Mankind


Products coming from chemical industry for agricultural application have multiple and often dangerous consequences. Such products have side effects the management has taken as a risk justifiable for good profit. These products are for instance pesticides that have negative effects also on useful insects as bees.


As first developed the pesticides have been called insecticides. It is interesting how the name has changed to suggest harmlessness to useful insects and suggests also that it was an accepted risk.


Almost an equally important factor, influencing the dying of bees, is the change of living nature to an artificial environment by deforestation, monocultures, gene manipulated plants and, as a consequence, lack of pasture diversity.


By all these factors the immunity of bees is so lowered, that they are dying already worldwide.            


From this example it is obvious how all is globally linked, and the intervention in the complex life of nature is neither necessary nor useful, but harmful and disastrous.


The toxicant substances should be band by prohibition of their production, and so stopped damaging the nature and the whole humanity.


In fact, the Network or General-Consciousness of harmonic people helps to solve all these problems. In the present (2012), one international activist-group has sent a petition, with almost one million subscriptions, to one of the world biggest chemical companies to stop the production of high toxicant chemical products. This petition was refused by share holders and the production of neonicotinoids was continued.


But, this is not the last step in Harmonization of this problem.


         Albert Einstein (translation): “When the bee ones disappears from the earth, has the human only still four years to live. No more bees, no more fertilization, no more plants, no more animals, no humans anymore”.


2. Overcome of Personal and Global Disharmony


In nods of the Network Holistic Individuals, positive developed Pioneers and waked up people from Mass-Consciousness permanently undergo Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE). They are moral and ethical active, and their activity is determined, besides three Principles (presented below) by some Qualities reinforced by MQE [1, 2], as: Feeling of love for him-self, for all living beings and for the planet; Self-Respect and respect for all living; Awareness of Higher-Self or Self-Universal-Harmony; Feeling of inner freedom; Positive, fear-less and doubt-less thinking, feeling and doing; Cognition of equal effect, positive or negative, coming from doing or leaving undone, because doing nothing is also doing; Attentiveness; Reliability; Trust in himself; Self-Responsibility for all; Free Self-Decision; Listening to Intuition-Impulse from Self-Universal-Harmony; Work with Creation Impulse and Creation State from Self-Universal-Harmony; Search for harmony, peace, freedom and beauty; Permanent learning; Permanent self-development (positive transformation or changing); Taking care of all people without any differences, and of the whole nature.


Crisis or Disharmony


In human life and activity, in nature, society, in art, science and scientific applications sometimes a Crisis, or Disharmony, is needed to intensify the problems to be seen and solved. Time and Space Limited Disharmony is a step in direction to healing, and could be understood as a positive process, because Universal Harmony is always the driving force for Self-Ordering of every system.


Danger exists for society and nature from catastrophic situations caused by side effects or misuse of Scientific Applications made for profit. This situation can be and should be avoided. Fortunately, in the present time there is a high potential of an increasing number of harmonic people, with virtues obtained by MQE for positive action with love for healing systems.


Influence of Art and Science on Harmonization of the World


Creative Art is not a skill – art can be done only with an Impulse from Self-Universal-Harmony, in a mental state in that ideas are born.


Learning to do artwork, for instance in an academy, often hampers or even prevents own creativity, or makes difficult for the artist to find his own style. For doing the artwork, self-teaching or learning art history in schools and libraries, and the technical skills in a workshop – is all what and how has to be learned.  


On the other side, for work in science one needs firstly to learn the tools in university to do complex theoretical and experimental work. The creation or only application of the acquired knowledge depends on the level of reached MQE, and it is not easy to discover by oneself the difference between creation and repetition. This is the reason why some scientists have difficulties to do creative work, and why a high number of non-creative scientists exist.


Between Creative Art and Creative Science there are similarities. The creation can be positive only when the artist or scientist works with Impulse from Self-Universal-Harmony.


When creativity is absent, results are only repetitions of already existing artworks from other artists, and of somebody else’s scientific achievements. Repetitions of artworks express no feeling of life, are empty, and bring not a good or positive influence on viewers.


This situation in art and in science does not support, but hinders positive development elsewhere.


In the case of scientists and artists without morals and ethics, the creation can be negative and even dangerous for society and nature, because goals as profit, fame and power usually play the primary role, as it is well known.


These characteristics of scientists and artists are in history often utilized from the Minority for its goals. Some scientists and artist have made commissioned work for the Minority to influence the Majority.


With further intensified MQE this situation will be altered.  


In Creative Art Disharmony has its Satisfaction.  


Creative Art is never political; the artist tries to express own feeling about all surroundings.


Disharmony in art creation is only a time- and space-limited process. Disharmonic artwork is the reply of the artist on grievances in society. His role is healing the grievances by presenting a mirror to the society. The artwork will change to harmonic one when the grievances have been eliminated, and a higher order is established in the sense of Universal Harmony.


Disharmony in Science, Scientific Applications and in Society has no Justification.

Moreover, intensified disharmonic development in these fields could be the reason for catastrophes.


Disharmony is anchored in grievances caused by individuals and parts of society, and has the roots in their immorality, and lack of ethics and culture. Through greed for power or control over the Majority, for profit and fame, taking into account the risk in these mentioned fields without care for life and health of people – such individuals or groups cause sometimes apocalyptic disasters, as already known from history and present time [2]. Such standpoint of a Minority testifies its immorality.


Ethic and Moral Standards are necessary for positive development of human specie.


Creation-Act in Art and in Science is similar, and the Impulse from Self-Universal-Harmony is from basic importance for both.


Creative Art, Creative Science and Culture have the most important influence on humanization of society, are the base for ethic, moral and humanitarian development of Scientific Applications, and so ensure a healthy life for all people.


Individuals and groups linked in the Network influence, with their Ethic and Moral Standards art and culture, and through these influence society.



Principles of Positive Future Development Based on Universal Harmony 


Only the Harmonization of Human Beings by MQE and through that the Harmonization of the World enables positive, for all people and nature, beneficial acting in all branches of human activity. So, MQE ensures moral and ethic acting of individuals in each field.


This positive development is the consequence of Principles based on Universal Harmony: Certainty, Creativity and Action-with-Love.


Universal Harmony – Principle Certainty


Based on Universal Harmony Principle Certainty determines action to reach some positive goal. The individuals working with this principle have no doubt, no fear, but certainty that their goal will be reached. This principle ensures that future for all people depends only on each individual’s own positive thinking and doing. A Holistic Human Being bears Principle Certainty in himself, and other individuals need the Network or General-Consciousness – the link with others to feel certain.


This Principle Certainty determines Network, Communication, Cooperation and Action-with-Love. Harmonic individuals and groups working with this principle overcome all disharmonic developments in society, even in science and scientific applications.


Universal Harmony – Principle Creativity


Creativity is a positive principle when the Creation is in accordance with Universal Harmony. The Birth of an Idea is the Impulse from Self-Universal-Harmony, or Higher-Self, and the Following Process is the Creation from Higher-Self.


Positive Creativity is the base of all, of each development and even of life.


Principle Creativity is contained in all people, depending on the step of their development by MQE. This shows the importance of life conditions of individuals and so making possible the basic mental development of all people.


The most important conditions for creativity of an individual are Imagination and Visualisation, developed through MQE. With imagination and visualisation human being can lower the boundary to Hidden World [2], and so see deeper and clearer the solutions. 


Universal Harmony – Principle Creativity is most important for Science and Scientific Applications, because all disturbing developments there are excluded by this Principle. Following this Principle, Risk in these fields is avoided.


Harmonic, especially Holistic people have high moral and ethic standards, and during the Creation Process have no fear, and feel free from any influence. For this reason they do already and will in future repair through the Network or General Consciousness disturbances in these fields. 


Universal Harmony – Principle Action-with-Love


Principle Action-with-Love is vital for avoiding dangerous action by violence, because violence gains violence. Therefore, Love is the important condition for every action.  


Principle Action-with-Love depends on the level of human development by MQE to such an extent that no passivity, caused by fear, exists.


Fear is one of the causes for all negative, even catastrophic, developments. Fear has roots in: poverty, loss of job, hunger and becoming homeless. It is the worst weapon implanted into Mass-Consciousness from the Minority in the background, to discourage the Majority and make it manoeuvrable.


Holistic Individuals and positive Pioneers act with love through the Network or General-Consciousness. They wake people up and help them to overcome Mass-Consciousness, i.e. help the Majority, to develop in the sense of MQE, to understand that only action with love, without fear and with certainty, can solve its problems. On such a way waked people are also in the Network, communicate and cooperate, build Groups that grow faster now, and isolate the Minority. In this way the Minority loses the field of its negative influence and action, loses its “fertile soil and becomes dried up”. The Minority cannot exist without the Majority, but the latter can build a free future, and can do so at the moment starts to comprehend the power of Self-Trust.


Principle Action-with-Love means action without violence, even when violence from Minority over Majority still exists. With this principle the Majority have the possibility to free themselves from violence of any kind, but it needs time and help from Harmonic people in the Network.


Universal Harmony is the Base and Mutual Linking of these three Principles, presented here. In this way, the goal strived for is positive, born through Creativity, achieved with Certainty and Action-with-Love. 


Principle Hope from Ernst Bloch and Principle Responsibility from Hans Jonas


Only some aspects of The Principle Hope [3] and The Principle Responsibility [4] are discussed here briefly. These two principles are different from our point of view regarding the development of people and their activities [1, 2, here].


Both principles [3, 4] were developed in a time of a completely different world situation as it is in the present. Since that time, society, science, and scientific applications change faster, in positive and by time also in negative, even sometimes dangerous direction. From that time on, people also undergo MQE [1] faster and in increasing number, see solutions of problems and are certain in positive solving them. 


Philosopher Ernst Bloch developed in the time 1938 till 1947 The Principle Hope [3], as a concept of future ethics, where the aspect of social and technical development is of minor importance.


This Principle Hope from Bloch is far from real life, not taking into account people’s development already existing in his time, as positive thinking, feeling and acting individuals and groups. 


Our opinion is that Hope is only a nice but passive feeling, incapable of solving a crisis, but causing stagnation; thus from this point of view Hope is negative.


The Principle Responsibility from Hans Jonas [4], developed in 1979, tries to find ethics for the technologic civilization. This goal is positive, because he warns of dangerous development in sciences and scientific applications.


On the other side, the given solution is Heuristic of Fear from future danger caused by technologic crisis. The disaster prognosis is more important than the healing of the crisis. Therefore, Principle Responsibility from Hans Jonas’ point of view, is negative.


Moreover, the Responsibility of the Minority is only fixed on themselves; they feel no Responsibility for the Majority. For instance, every risk taken for profit by the Minority is a risk only for the Majority. So the Heuristic of Fear does not gain the Minority’s responsibility.


Only in conflicts between nations Heuristic of Fear freezes dangerous situations, but cannot solve them. Such solution is known from the past as Cold War. Here the Minority was in the same danger as the Majority.


The Cold War was solved finally after an extended period of time by communication, cooperation and dialog.


On the contrary, in conflicts between people and their governments, Fear does not solve or freeze the existing problems. These conflicts can be solved only by people, by direct communication and cooperation.


These harmonic people completely change the manner of solving problems now and in future.


Comparison of Principles   


Principles of Bloch and Jonas [3, 4] do not contain Universal Harmony, or even Harmony, as a base, and therefore can be positive or negative in solving problems. When individuals, groups, or nations follow the negative aspects of these principles then they are passive (doing nothing), or act negatively and Disharmony can be even intensified.


The difference between these two Principles [3, 4] and our opinion [1, 2, here]:


The Principle Hope from Ernst Bloch and The Principle Responsibility from Hans Jonas do not show and have not taken into account high potential and positive possibilities hidden in people, already in their time.


Moreover, the difference lays also in the harmonic development of the society as the most important process, including the healing and harmonic development of Sciences and Scientific Applications. These processes are necessary in order for creative people to act under Principles based on Universal Harmony: Action with love, positive Creation and Certainty that all will be made better. These Principles are implemented in these Harmonic people.


Besides this, Self-Responsibility of harmonic people for the entire world is important, and is the way to prevent dangerous developments already before starting.


No philosophy can insure the future alone – only the people can do this and they have the potential to do it.  


Negative aspects of principles [3, 4] have no negative influence on Harmonic individuals in General-Consciousness, but are dangerous when influencing individuals in Mass-Consciousness, not yet developed to a high enough degree until now. Fortunately, this danger is even more frequently and successively overcome by the influence of people in the Network on individuals and groups in Mass-Consciousness.


Principles based on Universal Harmony, Creativity, Certainty and Action-with-Love, work successfully.


3. Development of People, Society and Nature


Harmonic development (by MQE) of one part of Mankind intensifies continuously from the Beginning. These Harmonic individuals and groups grow also in number in the present, and guarantee a positive and permanent route for society’s development, regardless of Space- and Time-Limited Disharmony, of sometimes dangerous social and economical conditions.


The active role of people with highly developed consciousness, in the Network or General-Consciousness, increasingly prevents the Minority, the self-privileged individuals, to decide about the health and life of the Majority. Every Individual who takes Self-Responsibility and makes his Free Self-Decisions is the Creator of his own life, harmonizes it and harmonizes the world.  


The analogy with Darwin’s Evolution of Species had in history a negative influence on development of mankind. In Darwin’s Evolution Theory the competition and battle is the base for becoming a stronger species. Application of this Theory on human society results in unfair, cut-throat competition and does not contribute to the positive evolution of the specie Homo-Sapiens, but has brought it almost to the brink of the stone-age by atomic war.


Nothing new could be developed with violence, but with love, communication and cooperation. The future development, sometimes rough and interrupted by some stagnation, is positive and without world wide apocalyptic catastrophes. The danger, coming from the Minority exploiting the Majority, diminishes more and more.


The analogy between processes in matter and in society shows humanity’s future development: 


Processes in open systems in nature go by Self-Ordering in direction to better order. Every disturbance hampering the higher ordering of the matter is squeezed out [1].


In analogy, the Majority by the help of Harmonic people will vis-à-vis Self-Ordering successfully isolate and crowd individuals or groups out that hamper Humanity’s Harmonization and attain justice and a better life.


Disharmony Overcome, presented here, is not an ideology, but it is Action-with-Love, Communication and Cooperation. This is the reaction of Harmonic individuals and groups in the Network and of all people awakened in Mass-Consciousness on injustice, arbitrariness and violence. 


Global linking of all positive people gives the possibility for understanding and positive linking of nations.


Universal Harmony is the Essence contained in “All That Is”, even in the Human Being itself.


The Human Being acts by mutually linked Principles based on Universal Harmony: Creativity, Certainty and Action-with-Love, and by Qualities attained by Mental Quantum Evolution.


The Human Being acts with love with others in and through the Network, with the goal to establish Harmony everywhere. 


The Fears, formerly the worst weapons, are in the future no longer dangerous; no one has to fear anyone or any thing, and the Harmonic individuals and groups are conscious and certain of their harmonizing power.


Development in the Future:           

         - Personal and Global Disharmony will be overcome.

         - Harmonic (moral and ethic) and humanitarian development of Sciences and Scientific Applications (technologies as economy, physics, medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, biology and pharmacy) will be ensured.

         - For all of these it is absolute necessary to intensify the influence of the Creative Arts and Culture on society.

         - Positive Future exists for all people and nature.





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