Globalization: Mass Immigration:


Commentaries on the Refugee Crisis in Germany


by Professor Dr. Dr. Randolph Riemschneider, BWW Fellow, Inst.Gov.

Berlin, Germany


In "75 Years Chemistry - Re-Reading" the author wrote about his cooperation and friendship with Japanese, Brazilian and American colleagues (1). As customary at Christmas and New Year, we also exchanged greetings/best wishes in 2015, but this time the above mentioned friends added questions, thoughts and expressed their concern about the refugee crisis in Germany, first and foremost about the incomprehensible situation into which Chancellor Merkel (intentionally? [nicht unüberlegt?]) brought Germany and Europe:


An invitation to all and the Chancellor's "We will get this done" [Wir schaffen das] without indicating how and without prior consultation with the parliaments in Germany and Europe. "'No, we won't get this done - and we do not want to deal with such mass immigration,' say more and more people in Germany and even conservative politicians - the number of dissidents of the Chancellor’s Christian Democratic Party, CDU,  is growing," writes head editor Dieter Stein on Dec 11th  2015 in the magazine >DIE DEUTSCHEN KONSERVATIVEN e.V.<  under the heading: "Merkel gives free rein to the asylum crisis: What can we do against mass immigration?"


Dieter Stein continues: "We have a Federal Chancellor who constitutes a safety risk for both our country and Europe." Thomas Hinz comments on the predicament into which Germany and Europe got into as a result of the huge influx of Third World people: "Controlling borders and access to the country forms the basis of sovereignty and statehood. Anyone relinquishing such control becomes defenceless outwardly and abolishes law and order. In these terms, the present German Chancellor has committed a coup d'état against order in her own country. This also affects other countries which, without being consulted, have to serve as transit corridors or final destinations, and the EU on the whole." A public opinion poll would demonstrate what the German people really want.


The above-mentioned friends of the Re-Reading author (1) are worried about German culture. In this respect, Charlotte Knobloch, former president of the Jewish Central Council and present chairwoman of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper-Bavaria wrote in a letter to the CSU chairman Horst Seehofer: "I appeal to you as a democrat to place even greater emphasis on the topic of patriotism and protection of our culture and our values than before. We keep hearing about the debate how our country will change. I am firmly convinced: Our country must not change. - Questioning our style of life which is characterised by liberty is not an option. We have cultivated a form of integration characterised by "multi-culti" for far too long which, in fact, resulted in a ruthless exploitation of our concept of values."


Peter Helmes writes in his brochure "The magic words - Right to asylum" (2):

"For some time, there have been more foreign than German children in many school classes. The result: Language problems during lessons. Teachers can no longer teach, because they are not prepared for so many pupils speaking different languages. Universities can not longer fulfil their academic duties because the admission requirements for refugees were lowered to a point where the quality of teaching and research drops rapidly" - to a level even below that resulting from the 1969 Berlin University Act and the so-called democratisation of German universities; for further details, please refer to the author's essay: Past Politicalization , also in Part V-A, p. 337 (3).


Helmes continued: "The German defining culture will turn into a mixed culture - and, eventually, the defining culture in the new Germany will be characterised by Islamic traits (>minority rights<). Our liberal Germany has changed beyond belief. [Aus unserem einst gastlichen  Deutschland ist ein garstiges Land geworden].  Mom Merkel (who was moulded by 45 years in the communist GDR) will feel right at home: egalitarianism, cultural stuffiness, barbed wire already in demand, the wall is still missing. However, we will take the necessary steps: "We are being deluded by our present President Gauck (who also originates from the GDR) into thinking that the entire nation is fighting against right-wing tendencies. ["Uns wird vorge-Gauck-elt [der derzeitige Bundespräsident ist auch einer aus der DDR], die ganze Nation kämpfe gegen rechts.]   Oh no, dear Federal Government - your contempt for those who are worried about our fatherland has only one reason: You wish to veil the fact that we have good reason to be worried. It is high time to open both eyes - but I fear that we won't see anything with the left one."  - That much from Helmers (2).


Reinhard Müller writes in a remarkable editorial in FAZ of Oct 12th, 2015 on "the tremendous flood of refugees inundating the European Union and primarily Germany and tearing down much - if not all - of what needs to be preserved": "Protecting borders is not self-serving, but the basis of our existence: This union is being steamrolled." Who gave Merkel the order? Who made her say "We can get this done." This is certainly not found in the political programme of the CDU. - No society is capable of integrating vast numbers of people from a completely different cultural background within a short time. It is absolutely necessary to clarify the terms "asylum" and "refugee" so that the chaff can be separated from the wheat at least in linguistic terms, i.e. bogus asylum seekers from genuine ones.”


A high-ranking diplomat, namely the representative of the Republic of Congo at the United Nations (UN), Serge Borel Bokwango, calls a spade a spade and says about the so-called refugee policy of the EU: "Leftists do not let refugees in for humanitarian reasons, but to put into effect their diabolic plan of changing the population of Europe through other, non-European peoples."


Helmers (2) says in the section: "Multi-culti against the German homeland": “Multi-culturalism is a declaration of war against our homeland, against the well-being of our nation", and comments in detail in the cost issue under "Unbelievable cost of 'asylitis': 45 billion Euro or  more every year."


The search for affordable places to live in Germany will become even more difficult for Germans. It is stated in the section "Germany, the Social Welfare Office": “The Hartz-IV decision of the Federal Social Court (put bluntly: welfare for everyone, including <immigrants> of all kinds) is a further signal on the way towards a different country, a 'New Germany'. This 'new' Germany will be 'de-germanised' increasingly: our country has become the prey of Salafists, Islamists and their friends.”


The author Dieter Stein has summarised comments on this issue in the magazine JUNGE FREIHEIT (Verlag GmbH & Co, Hohenzollerndamm 27, 10713 Berlin):

"The Berlin historian Jörg Baberowski says in FAZ: Instead of strictly controlling immigration, Germany is abandoning its sovereignty and leaves it to the illegal immigrants to decide who will be allowed in and allowed to stay. Such a waiver of control will jeopardise social peace."


"Here in Berlin, we experience the ramifications of the asylum crisis every day: Mass accommodation is established in public buildings, "refugees of all kinds" are camping in front of the notorious "LaGeSo (State Office for Health and Social Affairs). The conditions there are absolutely incredible - fist fights among each other and with the security staff erupt regularly. The Berlin Senate threatens that sports halls and other buildings in the districts will be confiscated if not made available to immigrants immediately. Rape, theft, physical injury and mass fighting take place. The cost issue is not clarified."


On German TV, a comedian took up the refusal of the citizens of Hamburg to host Olympic Games and offered an explanation: The athletes cannot even prepare for the Games since all sports halls are reserved for refugees.


According to Anthony Glees, British political scientist, the tectonic plates in Europe will shift if Germany continues to act like a hippie state.


Unfortunately, national referendums as customary in Switzerland do not exist in Germany - just think of the surrender of the German Mark, military missions, etc. If such referendums were possible, the German taxpayers would certainly not forget the burdens imposed on them in the last few years: the zigzag course in connection with the rash way the nuclear energy issue was handled, the cost of justified lawsuits brought against the Federal Government, the insistence to stick to the course regarding Greece even though tricks were played (6), and, finally, the invitation to all refugees to come to Germany/Europe without consulting the 28 states concerned, not even the German Parliament. It is stated in "JUNGE UNION" no. 45  of Oct 15th,  2015: "The influx of illegal immigrants is exploding - but the Federal Government refuses to act."

Poor misguided Germany.


Closing remarks:

The author felt the need to address the justified concerns of his friends with the above quotations and comments. The author thanks John Pellam, Editor and Director of Bibliotheque World Wide, USA, for his suggestions on this topic and for including these quotations written in December 2015 in the BWW Journal.





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