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Opening Up to Love


By Mr. Iain Kirkaldy-Willis,

Naturalistic Philosopher

Canary Islands, Spain



It is said that we are aware of only a minute fraction of the incredible amount of information the brain processes.  It is as if we are on cruise control until something alerts us, causing the brain to kick-in and pay attention to specific sensory input.  One goes into a room full of people.  Whether one knows it or not, one is automatically on the look-out for clues as to the vibes one is picking-up on.  This may be conscious, unconscious, or simply because one is alive, one´s brain is doing what it does and  something comes into focus.


How is the brain triggered to do this?


It is the heart that does it, palpating the situation in exactly the same way as when one quietly holds a stone, touches a plant, watches a person, or uses a pendulum to gather impressions.  For, as the body´s master organ, the heart master-minds the brain.  More than 60% of the heart´s cells are neural, the same as the brain´s.  So it is that this cardiac brain alerts not just the cerebral brain but also activates the gastro-enteric brain´s body-memory retrieval.


However, there is a problem here.  Not only are we not acquainted with this procedure, our belief, to the contrary, that our heads direct us, does not allow us to see otherwise.  Furthermore, we are poorly equipped to recognise such matters because of the way the issue gets blurred.  The heart may have called the alert.  But we take the matter on personally, using sensory input subjectively; interpreting information, according to our circumstances, perceptions needs and body-reactions, with the brain´s rational processes appropriating it all towards our own ends.


Well, perhaps that sounds  alright! 

So what is the problem, then?


That is what the following images and texts are going to look into, from this standpoint –

to be alive is to be sensitive to radiations from other bodies and fields that are, in their way, sensitive to our own energy radiation. The powers of the universe, the forces of nature, the movement of life and  the activity of organisms generate electro-magnetic energy.


 The presentation thus begins on the following pages….


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