Living From the Heart


By Mr. Iain Kirkaldy-Willis,

Naturalistic Philosopher

Canary Islands, Spain



The history of human culture is older than deemed. Subject to events that rocked the planet and scarred the human psyche, it is also more troubled. We know that things buried in a personís subconscious come from the ancestral experience of family, society and race, as well as from the individualís own life experience. So, just as we accept that personal and social disorders stem from such collective, racial experience, we must recognize how it is at the very root of societyís malfunction.


Earthís history shows that it passed from one condition to another (changed position in space, changed climate and order of seasons, with a different distribution of land and water) 11.500 years ago, when fragments from the explosion of a super-nova in the Vela system tore through our solar-system, and shifted our planet on its axis. Records from around the globe bear witness to this occurrence and to the several conflicting interests, the pervasiveness of corruption, being at the mercy of our own governments, alien desires, rogue elements and pernicious trends in society, we are societies at war within themselves as much as with one another. What we fear in others is what they fear of us. We are them. They are us. Traumatized thus, the human psyche is split.


As a biological form of life, humans are very much alive. But the higher selfís awareness, its vision, its sense of life and purpose are discarnate. We live in confusion as to what life is about, what sense it makes, whether it means anything at all. We live in limbo. Following that ancient event, knowledge of the discarnate human spirit has been preserved by some who revered it. Access to it depended on the combination of personal ambition and instruction, necessitating discipline and effort towards reuniting the disparate elements of the aspirantís identity. Individuals sought this out, and there have been those thousand years of chaos and upheaval that followed, in which land and sea masses changed, sea-levels too. The movement of the planetís liquid core, at variance with the new rotational plane, further contributed to the holocaust, causing crustal shifting and world-wide flooding that went on for millennia.


The human condition was deeply affected. Psychological short-circuits wiped the terrifying memory of global cataclysm from the human psyche. Entire cultures read their written records as allegory and metaphor. Civilizations came and went. Now a civilization is in crisis on a global scale, once again. The scar of that ancient wound throbs once more and fears predominate. Collective amnesia is driving us to visit calamities on ourselves that would bring about our own destruction. Catastrophe, Natureís revenge, the geo-political backlash of who mastered it and brought teachings concerning it to the people of their place and time.


However, the knowledge of the fullness of human nature is not exclusively theirs, for it pertains to humanity as a whole. It is in this context that it belongs to each individualís waking up from the nightmare, the healing of the psyche, the bridging of the separation of self each of us suffers. With this in mind, the following sequence of images and texts is offered to arouse the desire to know the love that from our birth lies over and around and within us - for the sake of that reawakening amongst us. The knowledge of our higher nature has been well cared for. Its reality is available to each of us, anytime, as we begin to appreciate what happened.


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