A Reflection on the Human Condition

From the Point of View of a Naturalistic Philosopher


By Mr. Iain Kirkaldy-Willis,

Naturalistic Philosopher

Canary Islands, Spain



The following material has been formulated for reflection upon the human condition, in such a way as to motivate us to grow.


One of the challenging things involved in doing this sort of educational work is that it pursues a new paradigm drawing from other disciplines for a data convergence that sometimes is not to the liking of experts within one or other of the disciplinary fields involved.  But itís important for us to look at what different disciplines contribute to the matter of our humanity and its story, since that is not the property of any one disciplinary knowledge or another, but something each of us needs help with because of what we all have to sort out about it for ourselves in our own lives.  


The formulation of presentations like the following is of an educational nature, as an aid to the public in reflecting on the times in which we are living and being human within the larger scheme of things.This presentation, starting simply from the idea of waking up and becoming more aware, is the first of a number that evolve, one after another.

Without the extraordinary data convergence taking place nowadays, this presentation would not have been possible.  So, the author has absolutely no reservations in saying that the now continuous flow of data from every side will further elaborate on the issues involved, modify some of it, even call for a revision in some cases.  But that is the nature of science.  Professionally, one goes by the information and knowledge available towards making the unknown known, and personally, in simply trying to be more the human being it is in one to become.  And one takes fresh data for what it is as it comes in, or, in the name of science, that is what one should do!


 The presentation thus begins on the following pagesÖ.

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