Universal Harmony - 

Harmonization of the World


by Dr. Jasna Loboda-Cackovic, Scientist, Artist and Author

Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck Society

Berlin-Dahlem, Germany


by Dr. Hinko Cackovic , Scientist, Artist and Author

Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and the Technical University of Berlin,

Berlin, Germany



         From our scientific experiments, work in art and Global View “Art, Science and their Creative Interaction” [1] follows that Universal Harmony is to be understood not only as a nice and harmonic feeling, but primarily as an Impulse for creating every work, as Creative Force for changes everywhere, for processes in life, human activity and in nature. Universal Harmony is the driving force in the background of all processes.

         Disharmony in art, nature and everywhere is only a temporary state, whereas Universal Harmony prepares the self-ordering to a higher state of order.


         Universal Harmony is responsible for changes and processes in the organic and inorganic world, for memory of solid and fluid matter and order/disorder phenomena. Universal Harmony is the cause for the self-organisation in nature, for self-preparing of the structure in atomic dimensions at the surface of the crystals to enable volume processes in future.

         Universal Harmony is obviously the creative driving force also in art work.

         Universal Harmony and Love are the base for synthesis of science and art, contributions to the ethic and aesthetic part of human living and activity, for unity of human scientific-technical and ethical development, for freedom in all it’s facet’s through culture in the widest sense, for respect to all living beings, for protection of nature and preservation of species.


         Further aspects of Human Harmonization through Mental Quantum Evolution [1] and Harmonization of the World are presented in this work. These aspects are: Hidden Worlds, the Network, Holistic Human Beings, Pioneers, Mentally Developed Children, and Harmonization of Economy and Society.



1. Hidden Worlds


         In open systems the processes flow in direction to better order [1]. Human being can be an open or closed system. In a closed system processes go round in a closed circle, meaning stagnation and bringing nothing new, but entropy diminishing usable energy.  


         Human beings undergoing Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE) [1] are open systems and change continuously in more harmonic individuals. In accordance with Universal Harmony they move or put away the boundaries of  understanding, lower the barriers of comprehension, and so they can look more and more behind, can see farther away, higher and deeper in the present and the future. They can understand more and more the processes going on in nature and society, and can find the right way to further development and to solving problems with love and harmony.


         It is a fact that for all processes the Question Why permanently exists. This Question is the characteristic of a human being who is an open system, able to change; it is the result of inquisitiveness and drive to higher cognition. Question Why accompanies the human being through the history, is the driving force on the way to his future and the cause for work done till now.    

         The complete answer on the Question Why is contained in consequences of Universal Harmony, in Hidden Worlds, discovered gradually by the human being through history, now intensified, depending on his faster mental development.


         Hidden Worlds contain the essence of life and exist in the consciousness of every human being itself, as Personal Hidden Worlds. They are the understanding of nature and exist in essential problems of society, economy, in creative art and in science. Hidden Worlds are also in biological cells, newer discovered species and already died out species, or the unknown life in the deep of the sea, in the ice of the Arctic, or in universe. They are hidden in the beauty of a wall, the rind of a tree, in the macro and micro-world, in every thing surrounding us without being seen. One should learn to see the world around, and try to discover it, maybe only partially at the present time, and try to understand it more and more.  

         Hidden Worlds are open systems, always developing, and consecutively could never be discovered completely; the human being is all the time running after. Some answers on the question Why, some partial understanding of the Hidden Worlds could be obtained in meditation, by concentration and with the Intuition Impulse.


Consequences of Hidden Worlds


         Many books exist about Divine Proportion [2, 3] and describe how to do the work (architecture, art, music) that left a nice, harmonic feeling by watching and hearing it. One work done after Divine Proportion is divided on a determined way in parts: long section / short section = whole length / long section = Φ = 1.618033989 ….. .


         On the other side, quite different understanding of Divine Proportion and also of Irrational Numbers for constancies in physical and astronomical laws follows as a consequence of Hidden Worlds.


         As the history shows, to create harmonic work one must not know any equations or numbers, but only feel and imagine. From this reason belongs Divine Proportion to human nature and was from the beginning intuitively understood, before the mathematical formula was developed.

         Already in old time some people have produced harmonic works, in architecture, art, music, and produced harmonic things for every day use. This all was possible, since Universal Harmony belongs to human nature, and without Divine Proportion formula, but with intuition, imagination and feeling harmonic, rich in substance and vivid works were created. More over, in nature there are trees, stones, water, landscape, or the wind in the leafs, that lead to harmonic feeling. Obviously, harmonic feeling is more than the equation, or the irrational number.


         There are also Irrational Numbers in the mathematical description of physical laws. The question is: why these constancies are irrational and have just this value? This question can be the sign for incomplete understanding of processes in nature. The existing theories and laws are only the Shadow of Something, not understood in essence.

         The sense of describing processes in nature is firstly in understanding the essence and not in numbers. But, the sense for explaining the behaviour is restricted in physical space-time dimensions, and the irrational numbers are the consequence. 


         The understanding of the universe is in the present still incomplete. An important phenomenon is, for instance, existing asymmetry between matter and anti-matter. Universe consists almost of matter, and there is only a small amount of anti-matter. This asymmetry is till now not explainable with known four fundamental forces in universe: gravitation, electromagnetic force, and the two nuclear forces. To explain this asymmetry the scientists try to find the fifth fundamental force, or new elemental particles.

         Known are attempts to understand and to determine mathematically and physically the whole universe, that is, to create a world formula. Through out history understanding the world was changing, constructions of theories and world conceptions were developed, dropped, new ones developed and dropped again.

         Generally is forgotten, that the cause of all processes in organic and inorganic nature lies in higher dimensions, outside of our ability to think. Universal Harmony is the creative background of all processes in nature and can not be described by any formula mathematically, can not be proved with any physical method – only the consequences everywhere show the reality of this force [1].


         The Hidden Worlds are wisdom hidden in every human being, in Universal Harmony, and could be sensed by searching for answers in science, art, nature and life.

         Divine Proportion, defined by proportion equation giving the irrational number Φ, and Irrational Numbers in physics and cosmology, are in the space-time dimensions only the Shadow of the Creation in Hidden Worlds, i.e. they are the consequences of Hidden Worlds.

         In the present time, as already before, we put always new questions and we search after answers, hidden in Hidden Worlds. This situation means developing, changing and simply life, and is the sense of Hidden Worlds.


         In the physical time-space dimension Duality exists, because Hidden Worlds exist and that fore all past and existing physical theories, scientific laws, even thinking, are limited. The human being is caught in Duality, in the three-dimensional space and time.

         Hidden Human Boundary (HHB) is the boundary to Hidden World, through which only the Act of Creation reaches the Unity, where all is understandable, explicable, each thought is clear, and on all questions the answers exist. Through continuous MQE of the human being the importance of Duality and HHB in the future will diminish. The Individual starts to overcome the HHB, and gets the feeling and notion of Hidden Worlds in him. He becomes aware of the Unity with Universal Harmony and his possibility to rely on it. 


         In the past, the boundary to Hidden World was so high that even by Feeling and Intuition only rough solving of problems was possible, but adequate to human mental development in that time. In the present, after Over All Development, the physical laws, constancies, theories, are indeed useful and are all what we can reach in physical time-space, but show further a lack of essential understanding of  the Act of Creation by Human Being, Nature and Universe, or simply by Universal Harmony.


         The Art Work is an exception. It is created in the Hidden World with Feeling and Imagination, and a boundary for understanding the Art Work do not exists, because it speaks to Feeling and Imagination.

         In other human activities, besides a Feeling, the Intelligence also plays a role, and when the idea is created in Hidden World – in the physical time-space only the Shadow of the Creation Act exists; no complete understanding of the essence could be reached in the present.


         It is important to understand the relativity of established knowledge in science, in development of people, society and the world. We should not overestimate, and also not anathematize, but use our achievements appropriately, and work on our further development.



2. Free Self-Decision  


         Positively thinking and feeling individuals always exist, in all fields of human activity, with their harmonizing work being in advance of their time. They inspire others to heal the existing disharmonic state in the world and influence advances in society.

         The processes in inorganic and organic world are analogous [1]. It is known from crystal growth that a Critical Amount-Magnitude exists; particles smaller than the critical one are unstable and disintegrate, and somewhat larger grow further. The same law is valid for the formation of galaxies and planets. 

         An analogous process is going on in society through cooperation of a growing number of positively thinking and feeling individuals in different parts of it. Owing to development of the world situation, obviously now more than the Critical Amount of these People exists.


         In the present time more and more individuals begin to understand that they can self decide about all, and can free them self from old paradigms and dogmas. They begin to understand the essence of Now, which determines the future. They understand that the positive Self-Transformation or Self-Changing means life.

         Some others believe that it is not possible to free them self. They live in fear and do not understand the high possibilities of changing and activity, and remain further in their imaginary secure, closed systems. This decision means stagnation and that fore slowly disappearing of this type of people.


         In the Mental Evolution of an individual the Free Self-Decision to be an open system is the most important condition for further development of human species. Free Self-Decision is the cause for the existing of two types of human species, whereas only one, as an open system, goes further through the Mental Transformation. The fact is that the number of individuals being open systems is rapidly growing in the present time.


         In history MQE was not a general phenomenon, only a few individuals have undergone it [1]. In that time, the almost absence of Free Self-Decision and, as a consequence, stagnation for the majority of people could have been the reason for disappearing of some old cultures. So, the stiff-competition, proposed for physical evolution, has no importance for the positive development of the human species.



3. Self-Responsibility 


         Harmonization of the people is identical with Harmonization of the World, and this is a continuous process, prolonged in the future for all time.

         One of the most important requirements for Harmonization of the World is the Self-Responsibility of individuals for their own life and for all occurrences in the world. The level of responsibility depends on mental development of each individual and on his personal possibilities.

         When the people do not react on the occurrences near by and in the world – they, nevertheless, influence the development of world’s situation. Such influence is uncontrolled and is negative, because contributes to stagnation or regression, and this is dangerous in the case of large groups of such people. Only active and harmonious solving of problems in cooperation everywhere brings the positive world development for all people, without differences. 



4. Creator


         Creation of a work, not only perpetuation, is the necessary condition for further positive development in all fields of human life and activity. Already in the present, many people broaden their interests, change their way of life, thinking and knowledge. Individuals see the future, see solutions of problems and work them out; they work with Intuition and Brain-Synchronicity (described in detail below). This means, creative work is done not only in science and in art, but just in every human activity; every thought, project and decision can be creative.

         Creator is an individual, who got rid of obsolete experiences, has no fear and doubt, thinks positive, with love, and has his freewill; Creator is an Individual undergoing MQE continuously. Creativity is the normal state of mentally developed persons, because they work with the Intuition Impulse, in accordance with Universal Harmony.



5. Pioneers and Holistic Human Beings


         Universal Harmony is in every human being and enables him to undergo MQE. Also in disharmonic world situations, further developed individuals always exist, Harmonic Pioneers and Holistic Human Beings with their harmonizing work being in advance of time, and so help to heal the disharmony. (Pioneer and Holistic Human Being are staying for both genders.) 


         Holistic Human Being could be born as such an individual, who has the positive qualities, that brings MQE [1], and is a harmonic and universally developed person. He is aware of people and is sensible for their problems, he is attached to nature, he sees and hears the beauty, lives also in his inner peace, has the courage to tread new paths, and looks for freedom. He is attached with love to all living beings.


         High Mentally Developed Children are a phenomenon of the present time. Such new type of children was present also in the past, but now their number grows rapidly. They are interested in social and environmental problems and use electronic media for their communications. They help adults, because of their clear thinking and meaning, with Brain-Synchronicity, not influenced by the stereotypes of the society. 


         Harmonic and Disharmonic Pioneers are not universally developed individuals. With their positive or even negative thinking and work being in advance of time, differently influence development of humanity. 

         Some individuals can change mentally in harmonic persons, in Harmonic Pioneers, maybe through something happening in their live that starts MQE in their consciousness. The Harmonic Pioneer has visions for positive development of society, or generally of the live on earth. Owing to accelerated MQE, it may be possible that Harmonic Pioneers transform into Holistic Human Beings.

         On the other side, the Disharmonic Pioneers are dangerous, because theirs high egoism, lust for power and absence of love, destroy the society, as can be often found in history, and in the present time.  

         Holistic Human Being and Harmonic Pioneer undergo MQE during their whole life.


         Intelligence is an accumulation of rules, inculcate in our mind, and a collection of old experiences, through which we have learned how we should behave. In the present, we should overcome what we have learned, think free, not overestimate the Intelligence, and also not anathematize it, but use it appropriately.


         Holistic Human Being could be born with the quality of Brain-Synchronicity or learns to develop this quality during the process of MQE. By this process the right half of brain (Feeling) “assures” the left half (Intelligence) to be an open system and the Synchronicity in the whole brain will be established. On this way, the balance and the cooperation between Intelligence on one side, and Feeling, Fantasy, Vision and Imagination on the other, are the qualities belonging to Holistic Human Beings. This balance makes these people acting with love and deep understanding of All That Is in the world.

         Holistic Human Being has developed Intuition – that leads, and the Intelligence – that realizes.

         He feels deeply with nature, and remembers the state, the qualities and feelings when he was a child, i.e. in the time of thinking with Brain-Synchronicity, before the environment perhaps has changed him. Now, with MQE, thinking in Brain-Synchronicity is re-established. He can feel the Harmony and love, and his life is now free and conscious, without fear and doubt.

         Brain-Synchronicity connects Analytical and Creative Intelligence.


         Holistic Human Being, with his Brain-Synchronicity exists in closed and in open world systems, and helps the Harmonization of other individuals, the society and the whole world.


         In closed social systems energy is diminishing, and to avoid sinking into entropy some individuals see intelligence, ego-feeling and stiff-competition as the only way to survive. On the other side, individuals undergoing MQE, step over the bridge and help others to open the closed systems.

         In open social systems more and more Individuals loose ego, avoid stiff-competition as disturbing characteristics. They create now with intuition, vision and fantasy.


Art in Palaeolithic Period  


         Art works from the time of Neanderthal human specie, more than about 55000 years old, were found. This was at least 15000 years before the oldest archaeological culture of the young Palaeolithic period in Europe [1].


         In „Wildenmannlisloch“-Cave in Toggenburg (Suisse), about 12 cm high Pseudo-Venus was found: On the end of one bear-bone the silhouette of a woman’s head could be recognized, in bend pose. It seems that the accidentally found form was further worked out.  

         As the oldest artistic structure, the stone boxes with numerous bear-heads, arranged in layers, were also found there.

         In near by Cave „Drachenloch“, one Palaeolithic artist created a work putting a bear-bone through a bear-head.


         The artists, at least 30000 years ago, started to paint signs on the walls of caves, all over the world (North and South America, Europe, Africa, China, India, Borneo, Burma and Australia), and this is perhaps the beginning of writing. It is significant, that the same signs repeat over the whole world [4]. One can imagine that this was only possible through linking by consciousness.


         These arte facts testify abstract thinking and feeling, already in this early time of Human Mental Evolution. These oldest art works represent the rising of a new quality in human harmonizing creativity and the existing of individuals, Pioneers, which, with their work being in advance of their time, help the processes of society’s Harmonization.


Healing with Mental Power        


         One release from Hidden Worlds, which is slowly emerging by MQE, is the intensified phenomenon of Mental Healing, i.e. Healing with Love, and Self-Healing. During MQE in the present, more individuals comprehend their mental power for governing the own life and health, and learn apply it to help others.


         Processes, as chaotic social situations, war, disappearing of species, illness and all consequences of getting old, dominate in closed systems, with increasing entropy. In contrary, in open systems, that obviously now prevailingly exist, Holistic Individuals, Pioneers, and waked “sleeping” people achieve on the field of healing by harmonization unique results.


         The results of all mental healing methods are astonishing, and some of them, with different manner how to approach the healing, follow:


         DFR-Method (Deep Field Relaxation) from Clif Sanderson [5] is one of the first such methods in the western world and shows more than 30 years of experience. This mental healing method connects the old traditional knowledge and new ideas about consciousness, energy and intention. Sanderson has with his method successful healed children from irradiation damage after the nuclear accident in Chernobyl.


         Clemens Kuby developed the Mental-Healing® method, also successful for self-healing [6-8] after experiences on him self and by knowledge from old cultures. In meditative relaxation, based on α-state of brain, with waves between 8-12 Hz, mental causes for illness could be attained and the healing process can start. 


         Old tradition and new techniques merge together in the Matrix Energetics Method from Dr. Richard Bartlett [9]. Touching (Two-Point Method) and Intention to heal are the cause for spontaneous changes. In the Two-Point Method, two energetic sensible points, corresponding to the determined problem, were touched by the healer, and the healing process started. 


         Quantum Entrainment® Process (QE), or Instant Healing Method, from Dr. Frank Kinslow [10-12] works with gently touching and consciousness. This method is successful for self QE, far QE, QE for emotional healing, QE for healing of chronic illnesses, for long time problems, QE-Groups, and QE for all regions of life.   


         Mental Healing and Self-Healing based on consciousness, concentration and visualising, from Dr. Med. Lothar Hollerbach [13] is known as Quantum Code – Method (Der Quanten Code), called also Quantum-Medicine. This method is based on Christian culture, and not on Buddhist learning, as many other methods. The method can also be applied over large distances.


         The illness itself is not the primary problem for restoring of health. The fear from illness, and that what we learned about it, must be overcome and healed. Michele Longo O’Donnell [14] looks for the mental causes of illness, and shows how self-deliverance from the self-prison of thoughts and from suggestions is possible.


         Theta Healing including Self-Healing is the mental method from Vianna Stibal [15], based on Theta state of brain, with Theta-Waves between 5-7 Hz, the state of sleeping without dream. Being aware of the own mental power, “Creator Of All That Is”, love, intuition, feeling and thinking – all these influence determinant the healing process. 


         Self-healing from negative thinking and emotions, healing from illnesses, also over large distances, harmonization of processes in the world – by visualisation of pink-violet Magenta®-Energy (Christ-Energy) – is the mental healing method from Nina Dul [16, 17]. Magenta®-Energy is based on the Feeling of Love and is the healing with energy of Universal Love. This method is based on Christian culture. Healing with Magenta®-Energy is reinforced through work in groups.


         Healing and self-healing methods with Mental Power and Love from Russian scientist Dr. Gregori P. Grabovoi (Doctor of physical-mathematical sciences) [18 - 23] are especially successful when applied on individuals being mentally “open-systems”. Spirit, Soul and Consciousness are the base for healing, and harmonization of individuals and the world. Important is the existing of a clear intention to heal, or self-heal.

         Arcady Petrov [24 - 26] and Igor Arepjev, scholars of Grabovoi, work also successfully on the similar goal. Gregori Grabovoi, Arcady Petrov and Arepjev change with mental power the human state from ill or un-normal, to healthy or normal, even in the case of HIV and cancer in the last stage. The general stand point of these methods is that health is the basic state of the human being, and that fore any illness is healable, because healing is only the return to the normal state.

         Moreover, they successively re-establish different human organs, formally removed by surgery. The fact is: these methods of healing and re-establishing with mental power are proved by scientists and physicians, are documented, and attested by a notary. The results of these methods are different from all what we have known till now.

         The concentration on special rows of numbers, after Gregori Grabovoi, and the simultaneous intention of establishing a normal i.e. healthy state, is the base of this special healing method. The combination of numbers in rows depends on illness, or situation to be changed. The numbers are Biological-Field-Harmonisers, stay for vibrations that harmonise the body, processes and even society.

         Intuition Impulse triggers the Harmonization process and is the base of these unusual mental-healing and mental-self-healing methods, without help of any instrument, and even without touching the person to be healed. Moreover, it has success also with healing over large distances. 

         The understanding of these methods of healing as Creative Act (Intuition Impulse) is the necessary condition to have success. The goal and task of the learning from Grabovoi is harmonic developing and liberation of all people. By imagination of the healthy nature, healthy human being and just the whole healthy world or universe – one feels the Harmony in the construction from small Entities to unity with All That Is. 



6. Network Defined by Consciousness


         Harmonization of the world, by MQE of human beings, is in accordance with Universal Harmony [1]. MQE is a continuous process of developing personal or inner freedom, sense of well-being, loosing fear and doubt, and developing universal love for all living beings and nature.

         The positive Personal-Consciousness is an important result of mental evolution of Individuals. Each Individual with Free Self-Decision and Self-Responsibility is the Creator of his life and world, influencing the future of all. Mentally developed Individuals are aware of the importance of Self-Responsibility, theirs high creative potential, energy of thinking, and are careful and positive in doing.

         Owing to problems in the present in all parts of the world it is more efficient to summarize the potential of positive individuals in Groups, what they are doing spontaneously. The building of groups with high positive mental potential develops in the present time to a general phenomenon.  


         The Mass-Consciousness, the consciousness of the majority of people, is in the present time still mostly disordered. Some people without feeling of love, with fear and doubt persist in old dogmas and slow down positive development. Nevertheless, there are also “sleeping” individuals, undergoing MQE till the stage to be “waked up”.


         The General-Consciousness is a Network with Nodes and Information Stream between them, and is nourished by Universal Harmony. As a model: the Network is putted over the Mass-Consciousness. Holistic Human Beings, Mental Developed Children, Pioneers, waked up former “sleeping” people and Groups of such individuals are in the Nodes, communicate and cooperate in love, in direction to other Nodes.

         All these people already have influence on Mass-Consciousness and can not be neglected any more, because their number increases in time and is just higher than the Critical Amount.

         Harmonization of the world develops through The General-Consciousness, which influences the Mass-Consciousness by information flow from the Nodes. These communications with love, from Nodes wake up the “sleeping” individuals, so they overcome their fear, doubt and old dogmas, and change disordered parts of Mass-Consciousness to positive and better order.

         Disharmony of Mass-Consciousness is only a temporary state, whereas Universal Harmony initiates, through Nodes, the ordering processes. Intensified violence in the present, over the world, leads to overpowering the old structures to get space for the New. This will be established by waked up “sleeping” people, by their own MQE transformation, and by the positive change of Mass-Consciousness. The most important condition for improvement of ethic human relations is the access to higher culture for all parts of the society.


         During MQE of the human being, the Network becomes more densely; the number and magnitude of Nodes grow. Growing number of Holistic Individuals, Pioneers and Groups, in the Nodes of the Network, and waked up people over the world – cooperate and communicate by General-Consciousness, by which they are all crossed.


         In the past, the Majority had the feeling of weakness and helplessness, because the Individuals were mostly isolated with their problems. This isolation gives the power to the Minority to exploit the Majority. Now, this isolation is overcome, because the distribution of power is changed. The Network, or General-Consciousness, means gathering, communication and help, giving mental security.  


         No Mass-Consciousness-Jump happens. Only Individual-Consciousness-Jump of Pioneers happens by Mental Transformation, whereas Holistic Individuals change consciousness continually by MQE from the beginning. Because more and more positively thinking individuals are involved – Mass-Consciousness is continuously improved in the direction of peace and harmony. This process is more intense and faster in the present time.



7. Harmonization of Economy and Society


            A very important process for future is the Harmonization of Economy and Society, brought alive by Individuals and Groups in the Nodes of the Network, and with their cooperation and communication over the world in resolving existing problems. Positively thinking people in governments will create new organizations and establish commissions for Harmonization of economy and society. 

         The whole world is in the state of transformation now. In this work only some parts of these processes and possible solving of problems are touched.


Time-Limited Disharmony 


         Disharmony in society and economy in some countries in the present is time limited, because in the same time Harmonization, done by positive thinking people, changes disturbing influences and restores order for the wellbeing of all.


         The general characteristic of the society till now is the struggle for profit, corresponding to Darwin’s, not from all accepted because controversial, evolution of animal species, where the strongest male gives its genes and the species develops to a stronger one. But, in the human society rivalry is going over to unfair competition and results in war. Such behaviour does not contribute to the evolution of the species Homo-Sapiens, but has brought it almost to the brink of the stone-age by an atomic war.

         Such a war is made almost impossible, but the rivalry and local conflicts remain. Some conflicts also changed the weapons to that of economy. Nevertheless, on the base of Globalization states cooperate better and better, but in the society the rivalry between people not only remains, but gets stronger, because of increasing proprietary and social differences.   


         Who has money makes more money from it, without any moral scruples to damage others. For a diminishing part of the society he remains a smart businessman. The politicians, who should prevent that, because it leads to the impoverishment of the majority of people, have no other ideas than hold the social expenditures low and income taxes high.

         It is a deficiency of ethics and moral in economy and society in the past and in the present time.

         People who work, loose job and get in some countries underprivileged. Who is not hired again quickly, is being stigmatised as lazy and not willing to work. Such behaviour of one part of the society is a relapse in the Middle Ages, and is used for obscuration the fact that workers are fired for gaining profit.

         Children of the underprivileged, because poor, are underprivileged also in the education system. Competition in school is a sort of programming the children to competition in life, instead of teaching, cooperation and help. Every child is gifted for some subjects more than for others, so cooperation between children would help all to finish school with success. This is not the intention of the system, but to create an underprivileged class of cheep workers. “Divide et impera” was already the principle the Romans have used for their expansion and colonization. The somewhat altered systems are using some democracies, with political parties between the voters can chose. The consequence of this is a continuously diminishing voting attendance.   

         In present the government is dependent on money-makers, but also on people electing it. The low engagement in elections shows that people are not content with the party system in the present time democracy. To change the existing system some fundamentally new ideas are needed, essentially in economics.


         Today’s labour unions are “horizontal” organisations, i.e. they include sometimes only a small group of specialised workers, and are only focused on working conditions and salary. When the harmonic cooperation of the workers with the commercial and technical management will be established, the labour unions in the present form will be obsolete.


Harmonization of Economy


         The Growth of World Economy was till now the only way to further prosperity. What was the meaning of Growths? It was increased production of goods and money measured by the Gross National Product. The money appearing in the Gross National Product is partially gained by speculations of a relatively small group of people (irrelevant how high the amount of money) and therefore not significant for the Majority. We defined Stagnation as regression, but that was said for the case of stagnation in evolution. The simple growth, like it is meant here, is Stagnation because it shows no fundamental change in economy.


         Limited resources on a limited planet bring the growth inevitably to a stop. Further prosperity is only possible by reorganisation of the economy.


         Two essential alterations will be done: producing of energy and supply of raw material for the industry.

         With regard to producing energy, earth is not a closed system, as it is in the case of raw materials. Our energy sources we use are fossil accumulators of sun energy. These fossil fuels are running out in about 10-20 years and we must look for other sources of energy.

         The energy for the future must be brought in from outside directly from the sun, or indirectly from wind, water or geothermic sources, and not by biologic accumulators of sun energy. Even burning wood, especially grown for this purpose, is wrong because it could be utilised more economically. The same is the case by using crops for conversion into liquid fuel. In both cases the arable area needed for growing vegetable food is wasted for growing crops of secondary importance. 

         Woods are important for absorbing carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Rain-forests can do even more – deliver fruits. The priority will be given to agriculture growing vegetable food. To supply arable land till now was always done by “clearing” forest. Now it will go in the direction of converting deserts to arable land. The desert will also be used for converters of sun- to electrical-energy. These two uses will be combined. In the shadow of the collectors absorbing heat, agriculture will be possible, supplied with water by pipelines from sea water desalination plants, also operated by sun energy.

         Supply of raw material for the industry: Instead of exploiting natural resources and diminishing them by dumping the worn out products, recycling will be stringent. Planed obsolescence brings quick money, but such products will be not saleable. On a limited planet, like in a space craft, long-living products are needed and recycling them is the only possibility to continue prosperity without growing.

         All squandering of recourses will be stepwise diminished and replaced by recycling. Metal, glass, plastics, paper and also electronic products are just now recycled in a growing scale.


         Production of Carbon Dioxide by burning fuel to produce electric energy is reducing Oxygen in our atmosphere.

         Carbon Dioxide is also blamed as a possible, not proved, cause for global warming. Newer the less, the owners of atomic plants take it as an argument for further use of this dangerous energy production.

         Meat for human food is in its production squandering of resources: Rain forest is “cleared” or “cultivated”, it means exterminated to get pasture. Instead of diminishing hot house gases, as the rain forest does, cattle produce these gases. A study, made by the UN Nutrition and Agricultural Organization, comes to an astonishing result that agricultural meat production gives rise to more hot-house gases than all cars, airplanes, trucks and ships together [27]. The cattle breeding causes not only more Carbon Dioxide, but also 65% of world emission of Nitric Oxide, which is 296-times more damaging than Carbon Dioxide, 37% of the world production of the Methane being 23-times more damaging than Carbon Dioxide. Other damaging materials produced by cattle breeding is for instance Ammonium Hydroxide, in the amount of 64% of the world production. Ammonia damages underground water and causes acid rain.

         From these arguments meet consumption should be dropped. 

         There are also other arguments for rejecting meet as human food. Meet for human food is from the stand point of nutrition unnecessary and unwholesome. Besides all these arguments, the ethical aspect is the most important. Concerning the respect to all living beings and during the further mental development, the problem will solve continuously. Even now, nutrition slowly turns into vegetarianism.


         Arable land gets increasingly used up and needs fertilization to bring any yield. Industrial fertilizers need a lot of energy in production, and because of it will be exchanged by natural ones. It is indispensable that organic waste be composted not burned.    


         The agriculture producing vegetables and fruits will be more and more oriented to fresh consumption. Industrial processing of food needs a lot of energy and material (metal, glass, additives and others), and impoverish the food destroying vital components. Just now people start turning from consuming industrially processed food to clean fresh food.


         Some people blame money for all evil and think it should be repealed. But money is only a sort of energy, and can be used for good or be misused. So only the misuse of money should be forbidden.

         Speculations with the prise of goods, as food, row materials or energy, will be ruled out. Such speculations bring money to rich persons, and take it from the Majority. Just now international efforts are done to permit the purchases of food, row material and energy only to users, or appliers of these goods. Such laws will diminish and stabilise the prises. All transactions that bring money to an institution like a bank, or similar institution, that works with the money of the broad mass of people, and give them 1 - 2 % interest, and makes with that same money a profit of about 20%, will be put out of law, because contra productive.


         It will be possible to invest money only in production of material goods. Institutions like banks will not exist, because they make money from money, not belonging to them. When their speculations get wrong, the government, that is all people, must pay for it to prevent the crush. In future such institutions will be banned and such activities prohibited, because also a squandering.

         The absence of speculations brings the prices of goods and also money to stability; inflation, as a consequence, goes to zero. Inflation on one side is lowering the debts, also that of governments, but diminishes the purchasing power of people, and so contra productive.


         The human who "consumes" the planet and wears it out, is a run out model. Efforts of the people who had undergone MQE will make our planet wear-resistant, and this process is just running.


Harmonization of Society


         In the sense of money the banks stay between the people of a country and the government. The owners of banks, factories and generally people having money (that is the Minority) have a big power to govern. They can even blackmail the governments with their debts from banks and private investors. This situation is a plutocracy and not a democracy.


         During the harmonization of economy, society will be harmonized too.

         Already some states, also in the western world, think that the Gross-National-Product is not, and can not be, the measure of success, and therefore they tray to establish a Happiness Factor, a factor of feeling well. The states will try promoting the requirements to gain the Gross-National-Luck [28].


Constitution of Bhutan


         Bhutan, a small kingdom in the Himalaya, has some articles in its Constitution (2005), showing that a major change has started in the society, and that fore is worth mentioning even it happened on the other side of the globe [29].


         The moral principles of Buddhism are contained in the Constitution:

         Buddhism is the spiritual heritage of Bhutan, which requires the principles and merits of peace and of non-violence, sympathy and tolerance.   

         About the environment and self-responsibility of every inhabitant the Constitution says: Every citizen of Bhutan is a trustee of natural resources and environment of the kingdom, for the benefit of today's and coming generations. The fundamental obligation of every citizen is the preservation of the rich biological diversity of Bhutan. His obligation is also to avoid any form of ecological destruction, including noise, visual and physical soiling and pollution by introduction and support of ecologically beneficial practice and rules.     


         The royal government will: Assure protection, preservation and improvement of the untouched environment for the protection of the diversity of species; Prevent environmental pollution and ecological destruction; Guarantee the ecologically balanced, sustained development of the country and simultaneous furtherance of entitled economical and social development, and guarantee a secure and healthy environment.

         The government will assure, that in the interest of the preservation of natural resources of the country and to prevent the destruction of the eco-system, a minimum of 60% of the whole country-area of Bhutan be preserved as forest for all time.


Constitution of Bolivia


         Very similar to the Constitution of Bhutan is that of Bolivia, established 2009, by referendum with a voting attendance of 90% [30]. This Constitution, for a country of a high ethnic diversity, assures equal chances for all.


         In the preface stays, in general sense: We create today, a new, on the respect and equality founding state, with the principles of self-determination, dignity, improvement, solidarity, harmony and justice, by the distribution and redistribution of the social product. We create a state in which strive for good life prevails, with respect of the economical, social, legal, political and cultural diversity of the inhabitants of this country. In the common living together everybody should have excess to water, work, education, health and housing.

         The principles of Bolivia’s Constitution are: To make "good living" possible for all inhabitants of this multiethnic state; Natural goods and public services can not be private property; For the first time Pachamama, the Mother Earth, was incorporated in the constitution as a philosophical-juristic category, for securing the common well fare; Important branches of economy as oil, gas, telecommunication, transport, water and electricity are human rights and therefore common property; Democracy is decentralised by extra-parliamentary, communal and indigene autonomy, and by space for self responsibility.


         Before the General Assembly, the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has reported about his ten commandments for saving the planet, mankind and the life on it. These commandments are: Finish with Capitalism; Give up wars; The world without Imperialism and Colonialism; Water as the right for all living beings; Clean and ecologically beneficial sorts of energies; Respect for Mother Earth; Elemental services as Human Rights; Consume only what is needed and prefer local products; Respect for cultural and economical diversity; God living for all people. 



8. Globalization


         Global solutions exist for different aspects of life.

         Some of them are positive, as for instance quick transport connections for people and goods all over the globe, or personal digital communication between the majority of people, assuring quick and broad exchange of news and knowledge.

         On the other side, Globalization in economy needs a lot of transport being wastage of energy, but profitable, because of cheaper production in the third world countries at the present time. Global enterprises, with their huge concentration of money and executive power over the Majority, are rivals to democratic governments.

         Negative aspects of Globalization prevail and are dangerous for harmonic life in society. 


         Globalization and General-Consciousness or Network are global and have only apparently a similar scope.  

         The difference between Globalization and General-Consciousness or Network:

         Globalization is an economical construction, connecting stiff all parts of the world by global enterprises, for the benefit of a Minority. That fore, the Globalization is a closed system, with negative influence on economy and development of society.

         General-Consciousness or Network is an open system, with free connections, based on Consciousness of harmonic people all over the world. In the time of Globalization, the General-Consciousness of more and more people is necessary in society to overcome the disharmonic, negative overall situation.

         Obviously, Globalization in economy will not exist in future, because it is destructive and disturbs society. General-Consciousness or Network has the potential needed for Harmonization of the society, and to assure a good and happy life for all people.



9. Risk and Rest-Risk


         Risk and Rest-Risk, discussed here, should be understood as a situation produced by a Minority, intentionally for profit. Rest-Risk is a construction of the owners of nuclear power plants, chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical and other industrial production plants, and their products, suggesting a high improbability of it. The explanation by the Minority why risky situations must be accepted is that without Risk or Rest-Risk no prosperity could be achieved, even the supply of some goods or energy could definitely not be secured.


         In the past and in the present, technical and economical developments with Risk and Rest-Risk are attractive for a Minority because of hunger for power and high profit, in spite of danger for health and life of all people. Such standpoint of a Minority testifies its immorality. The corresponding and necessary development is to gain the Ethic and Moral Standards.

         It is evident that there is an absence of Ethics, because governments in some countries see the necessity to establish ethics commissions. The deficiency of Ethic means deficiency of old virtues: honesty, modesty, fairness, decency and reliability. Without these virtues a stable society is impossible.


         Risks for health from alcohol, smoking, drugs, tined food, eating meet and similar, we can avoid alone, every one by him self. Risks endangering fundamental needs for life, as for instance pollution of air, water and food, can be removed only by cooperation of the people in the Network or General-Consciousness.


         When by removing the Risk from one problem another Risk arises – the only possibility is to avoid this problem completely. This is a responsible, moral and ethic decision.

         Particularly is this demand unconditional by nuclear power plants, not secure in any direction, and extremely dangerous for human health and life, for a whole nation, or even for the whole planet. One can not have a clear view how horrible the damage in the case of accident could be. In spite of that, an immoral Minority in many countries takes into account the Risk and Rest-Risk for all, and will build further nuclear power plants for their own profit.


         For calculation of Risk, insurance companies multiply the probability of accident with the resulting damage. In the case of economy, industry, and energy supply, the Risk could be mostly covered by insurance. Because the damage in the case of reactor accidents is always immense, unpredictable and incalculable, insurance companies practically are not able to insure nuclear power plants.       


         Permanent Risk in obtaining electricity from nuclear energy lays also in the Solar Flares, Coronal Mass Ejections with energies from some hundred millions nuclear bombs. The Solar Flares are an emission of electrically charged particles emitted with high velocity. When coming to the atmosphere they cause a high charge of static electricity in the high voltage supply lines. This can cause damage in transformers, and even in data transfer lines, computers, satellites and airplanes. This is especially dangerous for nuclear power plants.

         In Quebec, Canada, March 1989, the electric-supply lines broke down totally during nine hours, caused by solar flares. Solar flares 2003 caused in Sweden an extensive break down of electricity supply. In South Africa high-voltage-transformers burn through, and parts of the country have been without electricity supply for months.

         To avoid the proneness to solar flares, and also to snow, wind and corrosion, the high-voltage over-land supply lines will be replaced by underground cables. This measure would only partially diminish the Permanent Risk caused by Solar Flares. The proneness of computers, transfer lines, satellites, etc. remains.


         The accident in the reactors of Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear energy plant (Japan, 2011) showed that apparently highly improbable concatenations of problems happen and have horrible consequences. This is sufficient reason to leave the use of nuclear energy world wide instantaneously and completely. Besides that, it is known, that this could be done without reduction in climate protection or life quality. To realize the change, some transformations in economy and society will be done. Changes in consumer behaviour, higher investments in restorable energies and a more efficient use of energy are still going on.


         Different reaction of people on the accidents in the nuclear power plants, for instance in Fukushima Dai-Ichi, in Japan (11.3.2011), four catastrophes more in Japan (2004, 1999, 1997 and 1991), in Chernobyl, Ukraine (26.4.1986), in Sellafield, Great Britain (1986), in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (27.3.1979), and in Windscale, Great Britain (1980 and 1957) – show within about fifty years intensified development of Consciousness of human being by MQE. People, even children, react more engaged now, ask questions, search answers, link with others all over the world. These all brought clearness in manipulations on Majorities, concerning problems important for life and health. The Majority has now a high Self-Responsibility and Free Self-Decision, and can not be neglected any more.


            Consciousness helps to throw away the dogma, propagated from the Minority, that people must live with Risk, to attain prosperity. Consciousness of people in society makes sure, that no Compromise is possible when health and life are endangered, and every situation should be always clear for all. More and more people undergo MQE, think positive, work with moral and ethic feeling in economy and in society, accelerate positive development on all fields of human activity, in the present and in future.


         Generally, Risk and Rest-Risk everywhere, when can be avoided must be done so, and if not possible the whole enterprise should be forbidden, because dangerous for human health and life, and for environment. Every Risk, or Rest-Risk, produced by Minority for their profit, will be prevented, because health and life of human being and nature have priority.   

         Moreover, Holistic Human Beings and Pioneers will see the danger, and before any accident can happen – they will remove any Risk and Rest-Risk, or change the whole situation before any harm can arise. 



10. Comparisons


         1) In his interesting book has Dieter Broers [31] mentioned some models and theories for description of the World, as: the World from William Tillers [32] and The Model from Karl Popper and John Eccles [33].

         These models are different and interesting, but the World described here and presented in [1] is our visualisation, born from life, and work in science and art. That fore, to draw comparison to above models has no sense.


         2) People who are closed systems have pessimistic feeling about present and future world situation. These people are a part of the Majority, that have no trust in mankind, and that fore also not in the future, take the present situation as not reparable, and think only about how we can live with Risk, and how we can prepare us for coming, also nuclear, catastrophes. This standpoint is hopeless, caused by feeling of fear, resignation, weakness and isolation of the Majority. The situation in the world contradicts this hopeless opinion.

         The Minority, on the other side, is also a closed system, but the world situation is irrelevant for it as long as it can gain its profit.


         3) The only possibility for mankind to survive is Harmonization of the Human Being and through that the Harmonization of the World.


         This goal is pursued by the group of Russian scientists (Grigory Grabovoi, Arkady Petrov and Igor Arepjev) [18-26], and by our Imagination of the World, presented in this and in the previous work [1].

         The difference between these two standpoints is in understanding the Network, i.e. the path to be followed, in the opinion about the present mental development of people, and their potential to overcome the disturbances of the world by them self.   


         Russian scientist Arcady Petrov is the founder of Petrov-Foundation [27], with the intention to search the possibilities of general healing and harmonic development of the world and prevention of conflicts and disasters of any kind.

         The starting base of this foundation is a dark, apocalyptic view of world situation in the present that should be changed. The foundation’s concept is a public movement “Metamorphosis”, where people would be trained in harmonization. This training should start from school children and should incorporate also the government, where the administration should understand the necessity of the change in thinking and perceiving world for saving it. This movement is planed as a network over the world, where persons after training in Petrov-Foundation teach others about the foundation’s concept.


         The network of Petrov-Foundation and the Network or General-Consciousness presented here, are different. In the first, the Harmonization would be learned in the foundation how to do it, and in the second the Harmonization is going on by Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE).


         The Network or General-Consciousness exists from itself, was built spontaneously, already long time ago, and gains his density continuously. This Network consists of mentally developed individuals and groups, which from them self harmonize the world, with an Impulse, coming from inside of the person – with Universal Harmony, as driving force in each of them. All knowledge is already contained in each person, in his Hidden World. Art and culture in the widest sense, together with science and technology, are equally important for Harmonization. Learning, as in Petrov-Foundation, how the Harmonization should be done, perhaps can recall the hidden knowledge to mind and support MQE.

         The starting base in this Network or General-Consciousness is not dark and apocalyptic, but is positive and light-full, even in disharmonic times, and is always the base to find the right way. All people in the Network, or General-Consciousness, work on Harmonization. This Network is reality, seen in positive developments in many parts of the world, already in the past and now, in spite of some Time-Limited Disharmony.



11. Conclusions


         Universal Harmony provides the Network with Information. Harmonization of the World is going on with love, transformation and harmonization by Holistic Individuals, Pioneers and Groups of positive thinking people in Nodes of the Network, and by wakening up the “sleeping” people outside the Network. All these people are crossed by General-Consciousness.

         Intuition is activated and the Information flows instantaneously through the Network. Mental synchronicity and cooperation, mutual interaction between different fields of human activities, are integral parts of the Network.


         Harmonization of the World is going on already from long time ago, but now faster, and more and more individuals are waked up. This process can not be stopped, as can be seen in the past and in present time. The individuals and groups in the Network are the leaders to the future, continuously change themselves, communicate and cooperate free and synchronically in solving the problems everywhere; they prevent any negative influence. They penetrate deeper in Hidden Worlds, understand more and comprehend the diversity of the world not seen before, and open new horizons. 


         The positive energy of the people, contained in the Network, is very high, and can not be ignored any more. These people influence the future processes in society, economy, initiate the new harmonic development in science, art, and technology, just everywhere. More and more people change disharmony or crisis in economy and society into best chances for future. The goal of all new developments worldwide is to improve the nature and the world, in which we live now and in future. 

         Globalization of fair chances for all people, concerning education, nutrition, employment, availability of water, housing and energy, that is the future for all people, is only possible due to the World Harmonization. Moreover, Harmonization of the economy will give fair chances also to nature.


         Fact is that in the past only few individuals undergo MQE and were Pioneers in new feeling and thinking, but in the present the MQE becomes more and more a general phenomenon. As the consequence, a growing number of Individuals are Creators, and work with Freewill and with Self-Responsibility. In the future dense General-Consciousness, i.e. a dense Network, would prevail and more people get free through Self-Decision.         


         For Harmonization of the World all Individuals are important doing their creative harmonising work. That fore distinct care should be taken in society on weak members: children, old, handicapped and ill individuals. Surely, care should be taken on all living beings, without any differences, and on the whole nature.

         In the past, the Majority had the feeling of weakness, because the Individuals were generally isolated. That fore the manipulation of them by the Minority was easy. This is changing now, because communication between the individuals and gathering to Groups give them energy. The People in the Network help and do not allow vanishing of any living being. The life of every person is precious, because high potential is hidden in each individual.


         In history some cultures disappeared, but now is the situation quiet different. Individuals with negative intentions, have no more chance to influence the future of the world significantly. They only cause time-and-space-limited Disharmony, some times also violence, whereas Universal Harmony, through Individuals and Groups in the Network, transforms these old, disturbing structures, because nothing new could be developed with violence, but with love and cooperation. Harmonization of the World leads to a stop of violence, of destroying the nature and species, because Harmonization of Individuals is simultaneously Harmonization of the World.


         Harmonization of the World described here and presented in [1] is not Utopia, but vivid, indeed partially turned into reality, as in Constitutions of Bhutan and Bolivia. In other countries social and economic changes started, or are prepared.


         The active part of people, in the Network or General- Consciousness, with high developed consciousness, more and more prevent that the Minority decides about the life of the Majority. Every Individual who takes Self-Responsibility and makes his Free Self-Decisions is Creator of his own life and of the Harmonized World.





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