Globalization: Philosophy:


Universal Harmony – Exchange of Paradigms:

Overcome the “System”: Part II


by Dr. Jasna Loboda-Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and Artist


by Dr. Hinko Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and the Technical University of Berlin,

Berlin, Germany, and Artist


EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to the length of this paper, it is being presented in two segments. The introductory segment, Part I, was presented in the preceeding November-December 2014 issue of this Journal. Part II is presented here - JP


Birthright for Unharmed Life


The poor people are often ill, because of bed housing, no healthy nourishing, clear air and water, low education, no secure income, or doing work for to low salary - not enough even for a simple but healthy Life.

These conditions are bed enough, but they have even worse consequence: the uncertain life conditions of poor people causes life in fear of uncertain future, causing constant psychical stress.

Therefore, from all these situations, the poor people live shorter, than the rich one, with god life conditions. This fact was proved in the case of one town with high population [8]).


Moreover, poor people live shorter also from other numerous reasons. For instance, they are used to prove the new pharmaceuticals, or biological weapons.


This all is the highest injustice from the society, because all people should have the equal Birthright for equally long and good Life.

A positive society, based on Ethic/Moral as the Basic Paradigm, is the necessary condition for realizing the Birthrights.


Fortunately, in spite of the present disharmonic situations in some parts of the world, the Majority of society exchanges common Paradigms to positive. The growing number of Holistic and Harmonic Individuals and Groups has high Ethic and Moral standards. They all see the right way out of the misery everywhere and consequently through Act with Love change these situations.

The most important is to understand the Positive-NO-as-Personal-Paradigm, and Act without any compromise on the way out of from the misery.


3.1.3 Basic Paradigms for Future


Paradigms for the future are based on the Principles Certainty, Creativity, Action-with-Love [3], Principle Affirming of Life [5], and on Universal Harmony.

All positive Paradigms, presented in this work, are the Paradigms of people changing with MQE and are therefore positive. Such societies are open for new thoughts, ideas, and changing to better life for all.



The positive society strives for Harmony, to the state of high order, which is the Natural Law [5]. Therefore the end-state of Harmony will never be arrived, and the MQE of the people, based on Universal Harmony, is infinitive.




The Ethic/Moral-Paradigm contains Love for himself and for all people, Help and Cooperation, Unselfishness, Considerateness, Liberality and Generosity, Respect for Others and for Nature.


On this Ethic/Moral-Paradigm a new society and economy can be established. Such society will be the Society of Human Being. Differences caused by money and possession will not exist.


The Paradigms of all vital important fields of Human activity, as school, economy, society, handling of nature, the working conditions in all professions have to be based on Ethic/Moral-Paradigm. The new approach to any business, in the sense of this Basic Paradigm, guaranties realizing good living for Mankind as a whole.


Already in the past, and also in the present, some poor indigene societies are based on this Paradigm. All goods are shared; they who have give to the others who have not. On such a manner all can survive damage, for instance caused by the weather.


Ethic/Moral is a universal conception, but is also dependent on society. In the society of rich is exploitation morally acceptable, if the victim of exploitation is not member of the same society, or even that. The same is valid in some socialistic societies.


Our stand point is: The society should be the Society of Mankind, Animals and Plants, i.e. the biotope Planet Earth. In this Universal Society exploitation will neither be needed nor possible.




(This Paradigm is in detail described above.)

This Paradigm is one of very important Paradigms for liberation of the Human Consciousness. After this Paradigm the Humans feel free to decide about own future. The result is feeling of Affirmation of Life, as the most important feeling, necessary for positive development of the whole society.


3.2 Paradigms for Various Fields of Human Activity


Paradigms are important for special fields of interest, for instance Paradigms for Education in School, for development of Economy, Society, Sciences, Art, Culture, and Nature.


3.2.1 Paradigms in Art


Development of art through history accompanies processes in human life and activity.

In the past, we discussed the positive role of art in society [1]. Now we put attention to a negative influence of art or artists on society, called Academism, or we named Paradigm-Academism.

This problem is old. In the French Academy, and in Paris Saloons, in the late 19th century only Academic Art of painting and sculpturing have been recognized. This art had roots in Neoclassicism and Romanticism.


Academics worked for feeling of own power, and for profit. Therefore, they see new ideas always as dangerous. Artists not being members of Academy, or students, having new ideas, had difficulties to work. Therefore, to have a job, these artists produced copies in the manner of old art-works, or worked with style of their teachers, without possibility for any personal statement in their art.

The liberty of creation was unknown in Academic Art, and the influence of art on society was held in a rigid corset.

Only artist beyond Academy could produce right Art-works, but they had financial difficulties.


Academism was, and is till now, the best instrument of the Minority in Mass-Consciousness, for commanding of society with rigid and unchangeable thinking and opinion.


Mass-Consciousness has always a strong influence on the artist with existential difficulties. Academism does not allow development of new ideas, because it is a Closed System, and therefore is Academism the Paradigm of the Mass-Consciousness. This is the reason why the remainders of Academism could be found till now, also in other branches in Human activity.

From Paradigm-Academism, in the past and also in the present, follows one more problem: the collectors buy only the works from established art as capital investment and these art-works are mostly not created, but produced only for profit. Such works are no more art-works. From this reason growing number from copy-art exist. These art-works say nothing new and therefore bring not any positive development to society what has to be the duty of art, and of artists possessing talent.


Such situation produces art-strange behavior of artists: The acknowledge artists are known working for money: each day they were painting simultaneously more large paintings. Such work was not a Creation of something new, and has a bad influence on people who search for Art.

Moreover, especially in the past, in the time of Second World-War, for instance, art-works in Germany existed, as the help for government to influence negative people and artists. All other art-works are named Degenerate Art.


In the present the art develops to events in the galleries, and the art-works have only commercial value for the gallery-owners, collectors and smaller value for artists. This situation has nothing to do with Art as a Creative Act, and is negative for further development of Art.


Such situations in Art lead to statements, for instance: Each individual is an artist. But this statement cannot be correct. Only the high developed individuals can reach the Creation State, or others with lower Mental Level, can maybe only jump for a short time in it.

All what one individual produces must not be an Art-Work, maybe only an experiment, or a copy. The people have lost the feeling for Creation. Collectors and gallery-owners push some works, and artists, to high prices, always on the search for profit. This behavior de-stimulates real creative artists.


Fortunately, in the present the growing numbers of high mentally developed artists exchange the Negative Paradigm-Academism in Positive Art-Paradigm. Generally, Positive Paradigm could be exchanged further, when it is needed for positive development of art and society to the future.


In the 20th century an attempt to overcome Academism in Art was done from sculptor Prof. Peter Loboda on Art-Academy (Ljubljana, Slovenia). He putted importance on Liberation of the Creation Act of artist (student), without teachers personal mental influence on this process [9]. The students were free to develop own ideas and style. So, Prof. P. Loboda could change Paradigm-Academism in Positive Art-Paradigm, but only for a short time, because this process was too early in that time. Anyway, the beginning was done.

In the present and for the future is necessary to change the Paradigm-Academism to positive Art-Paradigm and the art-works should not be more an Investment Object for a small group of rich individuals for the Minority.

On such a manner, the Art will again have positive influence on the development of Society.


3.2.2 Paradigm-Academism in Different Fields of Human Activity


Money and Might are the most important characteristics in Mass-Consciousness for appraisal of individuals. These characteristics are the sense of Academism, of a conservative Negative Paradigm of Mass-Consciousness.


Academism hampers generally positive development in different fields of human activity.

This is always the case when positive Human Creative Work influences the development of Mankind, and is therefore dangerous for the Minority in Mass-Consciousness. For instance, we mentioned in the medicine, behavior of the psychiatry that runs the whole Medicine down (in The Signs for Agony of a Totalitarian System).

Moreover, even in the present, one can find Paradigm-Academism hampering creative work in sciences, art, medicine, pharmacy, school, economy, and in common Human living.

Fortunately, Mass-Consciousness in society, and Paradigm-Academism everywhere, is found as a vanishing process [1-5], but is still present.


3.2.3 Paradigms in Sciences


Reality and Projection of Reality in Science


We discuss generally Projection of Reality in chapter 1.8 and here especially owing to development of science.


Universal Harmony is the creative background of all processes in nature, in cosmos, and cannot be described by any formula mathematically in three-dimensional space, cannot be proved by any physical method only the consequences everywhere show the Projection of these processes from Reality (in higher dimensions) [1] on the three-dimensional space.

This situation is the problem, arising from impossibility to recognize and completely understand physical, astrophysical and other processes in three-dimensional space.

Known are attempts through history to understand and to determine mathematically and physically the whole universe, for instance, to create a world formula. Also the theories to understand the beginning of the universe were done, without complete agreement in all physical and astrophysical laws.


This problem is caused from discrepancies between Projection of Reality in Mental Duality, in three-dimensional space, and the Reality in high dimensional space, where processes are going on.

Therefore is the Projection of Reality focused only on matter. In society exists only the materialistic view on the world and the higher dimensions fade out. Therefore, the physical, chemical, or other processes measured in Projection of Reality, and from these projections developed laws are only the projections of laws in higher dimensions.


This Projection is simply caused by the fact that as long as thinking of people stay in Mental Duality, they can never understand the processes going on in higher dimensions of cosmos. The understanding of the universe is in the present still incomplete; till now the scientific laws cannot give scientific results exactly.

This incomplete knowledge in the present hampers the faster application to society and economy.


All processes in organic and inorganic matter lie in higher dimensions, outside of our ability to think and to visualize. Their Projection in the three-dimensional-space is not the Reality.


Experiments with water (Masaru Emoto) are the best and very important example to clear that Human Being is, as all in cosmos, simultaneously Matter and Energy, with Frequencies depending on his MQE development.

This is the reason why some Human Beings can by time more and more understand cosmic laws in Reality.


Paradigms in Sciences


Through history till to present, some scientists, when not developed to high enough Mental Level and having no Ethic/Moral, were dangerous for society, economy, nature and Mankind. They influence with the results of their work: wars, cause negative development in pharmacy, medicine, agriculture, and so on.


We define Paradigms in Sciences owing to positive or negative reaction of scientists on new development in science, and their influence on society and economy. The Paradigms are: Contemporary-Rigid-Scientific-Paradigm (CRS-Paradigm), Continuously-Exchangeable-Scientific-Paradigm (CES-Paradigm), Negative Scientific-Paradigm-Academism and Positive Scientific-Paradigm-for-Future.


Contemporary-Rigid-Scientific-Paradigm (CRS-Paradigm)

Most of the scientists understand the behavior of processes only in the three-dimensional-space. They can only understand the old laws, and new processes in nature and cosmos they try to accommodate on this old laws. Therefore, they are usually caught in Negative CRS-Paradigm.


Positive Continuously-Exchangeable-Scientific-Paradigm (CES-Paradigm)

Some scientists are not so strong bound on own Profit and Might, they work also from scientific interest, and are open for new ideas. Therefore, they have the probability to develop with MQE to a so high Mental Level, that they can exchange the own Negative CRS-Paradigm to Positive CES-Paradigm.


Exchanging of Paradigms in Science through history is always in flow. It depends on MQE of the scientists, when they stay caught in the Negative CRS-Paradigm, or when they understand by the time more and more the dualistic Reality of science, and work with Positive CES-Paradigm.


One can see through history that the new discoveries lastly always had success, and bring the wisdom to a higher level. Therefore, all knowledge, about Cosmos and about processes in Nature, however changes in the dualistic Reality continuously.


In science is important to understand the relativity of the established knowledge. This means: we should not overestimate, and also not anathematize, but use our achievements appropriately, and work on our further development, and development of science.

Such development of the sciences contains results, valid in the present, in the three-dimensional-space, as a result of our limited Thinking and Understanding. In spite of that, such development of science can be positive, and can develop and change further.



This Paradigm is negative, persistent, and has hampering influence on positive development of knowledge in science. The reason is that the scientists, having this Paradigm, work for profit and might, and therefore each new idea seems dangerous for them.

Scientific-Paradigm-Academism is negative and scientists react negative on all changes.


Two Negative Paradigms: Scientific-Paradigm-Academism and Contemporary-Rigid-Scientific-Paradigm differ in MQE Level of Scientists; Mental Level of scientists having the first Paradigm is low, and in the second is higher.

Scientists in Scientific-Paradigm-Academism react never positive, and the scientists in the Contemporary-Rigid-Scientific-Paradigm have the chance come out from it, and act positive.


Influence from Mass-Consciousness

In Negative Paradigms is hidden the danger for Mankind, depending on the MQE level of scientists and on the Contemporary Paradigm of society.

Negative Personal-Paradigms come from low mental level of scientists, which therefore easy fall into dependence of profit and might, from Mass-Consciousness. Such scientists work with Compromise, with Risk and Rest-Risk, and cannot say NO.

Therefore, they have dangerous influence on development of industry, agriculture, for health of others, i.e. they are the cause for disturbing of nature and society. Therefore they are dangerous for the whole Mankind (chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, gen-manipulated food, monocultures, and so on), as it is known from history and everywhere in the present.

Scientists can exchange own Negative Personal Paradigms in Positive, when they develop to high enough Mental Level by MQE.



Some exceptional Scientists, when they are Holistic or Harmonic Individuals, in the past and in the present saw and see faintly, or anticipate, the processes in the higher dimensions. Therefore they are the pioneers in science, and change the Reality to positive one, accommodated to realistic conditions.

Harmonic (ethic/moral) and humanitarian development of Sciences and Scientific Applications will be ensured.

For all these is absolute necessary to intensify influence of Culture on society [3], to develop general understanding of All That Is.

One should recognize that all wisdom and theories, created from scientists, have not, and cannot still in the present theoretically take into account The Primary Thought, The Primary Creator, or Universal Harmony, General Natural Law for development to higher order, to harmony All contained in high-dimensional-space.

One can only by the time, by positive Self-Reprogramming and development by MQE to higher mental level, enlarge the ownwisdom and understanding for development of Mankind and for laws in Nature and then one can further act positive.


3.2.4 School-Medicine and Pharmacy

The acknowledged science taught on university is often not an Open System, because of Scientific-Paradigm-Academism. In the most cases the teaching staff on the universities opposes new ideas in science; therefore innovations can only slowly take place. Old Paradigms slowly give place to new ones.


The same, as is the case in acknowledged science, is the case in classical medicine and pharmacy, even worse, because here the profit defends the whole good working many-making-machine.

The whole business concerning people working on curing illnesses, we call Health Industry: From the family doctor to the hospital chain, from the small pharmacy or drugstore to the pharmaceutical industry. Everybody must pay in the health insurance, so are the Health Industry and Health Insurance the homogeneous block for making money.


They all have one Negative Paradigm: The Human Being is a chemical and a mechanical machine, and can be cured like a car, or better like a computer combined to a mechanical and chemical robot. The mechanical part of his body is cured really like a car by spare parts, by the so called spare-part-surgery. The chemical part of the body by chemicals, that is pharmaceuticals, called also medicaments. The most of them only ameliorate or suppress the symptoms of an illness, or suppress pain.


Healing and Self-Healing with Mental Power


The most people have forgotten where the worth medicament comes from. It comes from the Latin sentence medica mente, what means heal with the spirit.


-Presently a lot of Medicine-People, which reviewed the old knowledge, learned on university, but look firstly on healing and not on profit. They try unorthodox methods of healing, like classical Chinese medicine, and even Mental Healing. Some tray to find the origins of the illness by questions about the living conditions and try to cure the illness by changing nutrition, living conditions, or even changing job to avoid poisoning material.


Sometimes the real cause of a pain, or feeling ill, is only difficult to classify, as belonging to one certain decease. Even, if the classical diagnosis is made, the real cause of the illness is just not found.

The real cause of an illness is mostly psychical, as: grief, sorrow, fury, hate, fatigue, uncertain job, fear of poverty in uncertain living conditions, bad working conditions till mobbing, or simply different sorts of stress. So, the real healing must remove the deeper causes of the decease. This sort of medicine is sometimes called Comprehensive Medicine.


-In Open Systems, which obviously are numerous now, Holistic and Harmonic Individuals achieve, on the field of Mental Healing and Self-Healing, unique results [2].

For instance, through mental development, by Programming of own Thoughts to positive ones, one can restore own cells [10], and can be the source of own live [11]. This means, Healing and Self-Healing are possible by changing Negative Paradigm in School-Medicine in positive Paradigm of Mental Healing.

Here we discuss only one part of the work [12], about the illness healing. This mental-healing-method overcomes the fear of illness, as ultimate spiritual way, using Release, Relax and Be Happy feelings. Fear is the worse negative feeling at all, blocking the healing of illness. With this method the success is based on a state without concentration on the existing illness, and therefore based on disappearing of Fear, followed by healing process, done by holistic body itself.


- Different mental-healing methods can be found in numerous books. The healing is mostly successful after applying the method, but duration of the healthy state is usually not known.

Moreover, the individuals are developed to different high Mental Level, and therefore one healing method must not be good for all.

Therefore, another way is possible: Our opinion is that for high developed Individuals the best method is the Mental-Self-Healing, with Positive Thinking and Feeling, Self-Love, Certainty to have success, Certainty that the body can heal itself, if not influenced by negative thoughts. Moreover, it is very important do not allow to be influenced from any other person or from School-Medicine.


Mental-Self-Healing means: Each Individual has contact with the Wisdom of Universe, through Self-Universal-Harmony, or Higher-Self [3]. Depending on achieved Mental Level, the Human get the answer how to Mental Heal himself. The Self-Information is the best and the most secure answer. Only in this case of Self-Information, the choice between different methods is most successful.


3.2.5 Combined System for Education Paradigm for Development of Children


Individuals and groups in Mass-Consciousness, with common, negative, rigid Paradigms, are dangerous for Mankind, Nature, and especially for mental development and education of Children.

The answer on the question: How can persons in General-Consciousness (Holistic and Harmonic Children and Adults), and Children in Mass-Consciousness, learn and develop without influence of Negative Paradigms depends on their MQE level, and on teaching program [5].


The influence on children is for Minority in Mass-Consciousness the best way to assure their might and power in the future. This is in the past and still in present always done by negative Paradigms of school-teaching-programs.

Moreover, by capture the parents in fear for the future, fear to be free and independent, but possible without job is also the way to misuse the children, which then develop in a negative atmosphere, to similar adults as their parents are, i.e. the good material to be exploited.

Such treatment was going on through Mankind history, from one generation to the other.

Parents which do not like to play such a play were poor and had difficulties to survive. This situation was in the past, still in the present, but the change is coming.


Children on any mental level should be protected from negative emotions and influences, misuse on whatever manner, exploitation and manipulation from Individuals and Groups from Mass-Consciousness.

Children must be especially protected from hatred against people of other nations or races, because the creation of a homogeneous Society of all Human Beings is from vital importance for the future of the planet.


The Positive Paradigm for development of Children, the Combined System for Development and Education [5], is based on free development of Children. The teaching plan is: the teaching of children by Holistic and Harmonic Adults, self-learning, learning by play, life-long-learning, contact with all sorts of art, contact of children with lucky animals and healthy nature.

In the present is still necessary: the teaching by digital programs that should not allow negative influence and manipulations by negative teachers or parents.

This Combined System is necessary, until people, influencing children, are developed to Holistic, or at least to Harmonic, Individuals.

This positive education system must be always available to all children, independent of social status and nationality, all over the world.


The Combined System for Development and Education of children is already experienced:

This system is personal experience of one of us, by the mother Jelena Loboda Zrinski, writer [13].

From earliest childhood of mine, she created a wonderful and interesting world, from tales and reality.

Because she was a Holistic Individual, she influenced positive, i.e. her behaviour was in agreement with the positive Paradigm.

She gives something more, as cited in [5]: Harmonic life-atmosphere, her exemplary life and love.

Important was harmonic living in an atmosphere of books, sculpturing, music, theatre, with animals and nature. The child`s liberty and inquisitiveness were respected, From childhood up to adult, the life was free and happy, the learning light.

The usual school had no influence, was not important for learning and developing, but in spite of that the success in the school was always the best.

Paradigms for development of Children to free and lucky individuals must be positive, i.e. the Children should be free from all negative influences and programming from Mass-consciousness. The Children should develop to adults, who are able to develop the new free and positive society of Mankind for the future.



4. Paradigms-Exchange in Society and Economy


4.1 The System


The System is an idea coming from Turbo-Capitalism, and works only in the globalized economy with globalized enterprises. The System directly does not exploit the people former exploited by capitalism, but exploits the capitalists, exploiting further on the working class.

The System is the Super-Exploiter and, by ever higher demand of money, makes the living and working conditions of the workers get worse.


Let us built a metaphoric house, as a social-economic model:

The room where money circulates is like a two-floor-building.

-The room where only small money is circulating, if any, is in analogy, the cellar of this building. There are the greater part of the third world population, and in reach nations the jobless, the part time jobber, the welfare recipients and the homeless.

-In the ground floor are the manual workers and the people working in the production of goods, in trade and industry, and in commercial services. On this floor is also the former Middle Class.


The working class can now be defined broader, as all people that are exploited working for a Multi, even as a director or member of the supervisory board.


-In the first floor are the bosses who earn good money, but also a limited one. The industry is always depending on the stock-owners, who insisted on a higher and higher dividend rate. On the first floor are also the bankers, who again depend on the bank owners. This metaphoric house was still built by the capitalistic system to the first floor.

-The System afterwards has generated Self-Dynamic in development to complete the house, by adding the second floor.

At least, the second floor is occupied by people that make money from money and from tax fraud, who buy and sale shares of stock in a large style, who have enough money to influence the stock prize. They take the money from people of the first floor only. They are independent of whatever comes: if the stock worth rises or falls. They own a hedge-fund, or two, and also make money if the fund is losing. The owner of the fund gets always a high rent from the fund.


A Dangerous Development


In the Industry trend is to avoid full-time jobs and instead create part-time jobs, that get less money, and the employers save contributions to health and social insurance, and eventually also other contributions.

The contributions to the owners have in the same time multiplied.


The System is today the holding organization of the society and economy in Mass-Consciousness. It is the holding even of the whole structure of the democratic states with the lobbyists, state dept, bank failures, taxation and tax evasion, old age poverty, and so on.


The System governs all this, and is responsible for the failure in the democratic governments. The System plans not only to overthrow the legal states, but to destroy and devastate the Democratic System and establish a totalitarian Plutocracy.


Ethic/Moral and the System


The System is an idea coming from Mass-Consciousness and from Turbo Capitalism, and is only possible through Globalization of enterprises. The System can exploit a whole nation or even the whole world. This would result in chaos and destruction of society, economy and the culture of Mankind. Before this happens the System must be stopped, or it stops himself by a catastrophic crash.

The Paradigms of the System are Unlimited Recklessness and Unlimited Rapacity, to get money, might and domination, the same as that of the whole Minority in Mass-Consciousness, and the same as that of Turbo Capitalism from what it originates. The System-Makers are in fact the supper-rich. They call themselves Investors. They are, if they succeed, the future Plutocracy of the world.


The System is born from the Minority in Mass-Consciousness, and so it is a deadly peril for Majority and democracy.


At the beginning of this development, the upper class was exploiting the people in the ground floor and cellar, but afterwards, from Minority in the Mass-Consciousness a higher class was born. This class established the System, in the sense that the first floor was not free as before. People there exploit the people in the ground floor as before, but now they are exploited themselves. It is the stock mechanism that was used, and further developed to exploit the primary exploiters.

The people who developed the System have given it their own Paradigms, have limited the before unlimited income of the first-floor-people.


The society always makes a difference between people who work, and the people who get the profit from this work.

The society is now differentiated into two extremes, also from their habitats. One extreme part of the society, the working part, lives in residential storehouses, and the other part (directors and members of the advisory board) in gated communities and members of the Investors on their yachts or even on their own islands.


The might of the System over the democratic governments is based on the fears the politicians now have to lose the lenders for their state depts. The System exploits the democratic governments by lending money to them, and forcing them to save money and so increase the taxes and lower the income of people by the tax-system.


The tax progression burdens the salary earner, but now also the Middle Class. The Investors lending money to the state pays no taxes, but in tax heavens being their property. The Globalization gives more opportunity for tax evasion, because a multinational and versatile company almost always has its seat in a tax haven.


Even better the globalized companies split the enterprise in several parts as logistic, administration, sales department and so on, and register these parts in different tax heavens, to obscure the whole profit and minimize the loss if something goes wrong.


The System used Globalization for this negative development. Politicians have all possibilities to change this by changing the laws. These laws must come soon! They are the only possibility for saving Democracy, because the System allows the unlimited concentration of money in the hand of a small group of people. So, some person can have more money than a whole state.


Some of the very rich try some experiments with the whole population of the world. They are in Mass-consciousness, and therefore propagate that the hunger in the world can only be surmounted by gen-manipulated food. One of them has the idea to generate a gen-manipulated banana containing also beta-carotene, and so be the ideal food to combat hunger in the world.

Such a food could be cultivated in monocultures with the adequate chemical fertilizers and insecticides, all good for profit in the gen- and chemical industries. Another such idea is the compulsory vaccination against some deceases, also all over the world, again a good business for the pharmaceutics industry.

Here we see that the money gives them the impertinence of ruling people, all over the state borders. These two examples show that the super rich still feel like owners and rulers of the world.


4.2 The Banking System


The immense fortune of the owners of globalized enterprises is based partially on tax fraud. The fundamental law on which tax fraud can function is the banker's discretion. To abolish this privilege must be the first steps in saving Democracy. These steps, on this maybe long way, are just started. The next one would be to close or isolate all tax heavens.

It is the international law that enables that some states get tax heavens, even within the USA. It is difficult to imagine that one of the poorest countries in Europe: Greece is a tax heaven. From this example it is seen that the banks are states within the state, and that they can blackmail and even ruin a democratic state.


What must be changed to avoid such a future?

First of all big financial transactions must be limited and taxes imposed on them, what still is in progress. Higher punishment for tax fraud and financial isolation of tax havens must be established by international law.

Reconstruction of the banking system by prohibition of derivates and limiting the field of their work, only on savings and loan, should be done by the government.

These are the step by step possibilities, but they are too slow and not effective enough to heal the whole world from the System.

A faster possibility is to join up all democratic countries to equalize taxis. The Globalization of companies and the Globalization of concentrated money can fast be stopped by the Globalization of the tax system, and at the same time close all tax heavens.


For the banking system the small people, who save a part of the earned money, for their old age, are interesting only because they give the institute a broad statutory reserve by very low interest. The people lose by this saving a lot of their money, first by inflation and second by taxes. This is also the intention of the System, leading to old age poverty.


The central banks inflate the banks with cheap new money, without inflating effects, as extraordinary rising of prices. The System absorbs the money, taking high credits in the banks with low interest. Ordinary people cannot get credits, because of their unsecure or to low earnings.

The superrich in the System can make their investments and speculations to get richer.

On the other side, the prices cannot rise, because the new cheap money does not reach the broad mass of consumers.


After the total dethronement of the banks, the rate of interest for savings will be higher than the inflation. This is something that will come.

The Barclay's bank in England has made the first step in the normalization of the banking system.

This bank stopped the trade with some raw material. This trade is understood as the quick system to make money without risk. This is fulfilled, if the investor has enough money to influence the market, that is initiates a shortage which lifts the price. This lifting the price, for instance in cereals, can initiate a hunger in some regions of the world. Therefore we still have said that the trade with raw material should be restricted on trade between producer and consumer.


4.3. The Middle Class


The upper Middle Class is the small capitalist with ambition to get big, but few succeed and create a bigger enterprise. They have been the lowest in the hierarchy of exploiters.


Capitalism was, as long as the exploitation was moderate, and has left a reasonable prosperity to the Workers and Middle Class, a preferable economic system for the industrialized countries.

Nevertheless, unemployed and poor had a very severe life without any public health service and social help.


In the third world countries this system was entirely negative. There the exploitation was unlimited, concerning all resources: raw materials, food and working power, even child work.


This way the System, as the Capitalism before, suppress education and unsure own domination, because education makes the people able to understand their situation and change it.


What do we understand now under the Middle Class?

It is the class of skilled workers and self employed craftsmen and mechanics, small business owners with a staff of at least 5 to 20 workers and trainees. These people, with some new ideas, can get by own hard work a business capital of only a few millions.

The savings, if are not more than a few millions cannot be invested relatively sure, because the taxes and the inflation eat them up, under the present saving interest rates.


The only sure investment is in row stock, or in semi products needed for their own production.

Some of such small enterprises are a sort of industrial mutual benefit associations. The earned money is divided between the members. This is one of the possibilities to avoid the System.

The upper Middle Class enterprise (100-300 employees) is often swallowed by a big versatile enterprise.

Here we have taken into account only the producing people in trade and industry. To this group belong also physicians, lawyers and public servants. The last stay a little bit beside, because they have special benefits in earning. For us they all belong to working class, also university professors, artists of any branch and individual farmers. Industrial production of food on monoculture fields is not meant here.


The economically independent Individual or group is the Systems worst enemy.


What has changed by coming up of the System?

It is the way of exploitation. The Investors are still governing some fields of living, and try to get all under control and make all to money. It is a system that is no more economy. It is total depravity that takes money from anything it can get hold of.

Such a system of operation must come to a limit, because the very rich get richer, but all others get poorer.


The result will be a lack of inland demand and demand generally. Before this really happens, the System will register the decrease of demand and eventually change the tactic.


Just now the Middle Class get also poorer. We see that the chain stores having served the Middle Class get bankrupt and the discounters flourish. But not only that, the discounters changed the assortment of the articles of merchandise, reflecting the nevertheless higher demands of the Middle Class.

Somewhere, for the political party of the Middle Class, people have voted ten years ago about 20% and today only 3%; also very significant.


4.4 Globalization


The world wide and quick availability of information makes more difficult to hush up and obscure bed doings. If somewhere is discovered an irregularity, it is always immediately published, and in the consequence, comparable irregularities found in other sometimes far-away places, are published too. The global availability of information brings also positive news to public.


On this place we must detect the negative evidence, that negative news get more attention than positive ones. It has to do with Mass-Consciousness, with tendentious, profit oriented media, where the people see their negative opinions and fears again confirmed and disregard positive news. This misbehavior of the mass-media is part of disabling influence of Majority by the Minority.


The availability of information about everyone is on the other side a negative development, because it goes toward the transparent citizen, again in accordance with the System.


Without change of Paradigms, Globalization is only doing in global scale exactly what was done in national scale and smaller what was negative, is also in the present so, and has to be changed, especially in society and economy.

Globalization of enterprises is negative, because endangers democracy.

The exception is Positive Globalization, based on Mental Level: the General-Consciousness, the Network with positive, high Mental developed Humans and their groups in Nods of this Network and in mental communication all over the world [4].


The society and economy are still dominated by the old Paradigms, as Recklessness and Rapacity, for money, might and domination.

The first step in changing the society and economy is changing the people themselves. This development is still going on by MQE and Self-Reprogramming.


On the grass-root level that is in the cellar of our metaphoric house, the influence of the Minority gets much weaker with time, because some people from the Majority undergo MQE, and it will be much more difficult to govern and exploit it.


The System knows always who's work gives the System-Makers the highest profit. This is obvious in case of big manufactures, for instance in Bangladesh, where local investors produce cheap garment for the rich countries, with very low paid woman-workers in very bad working conditions. Consumers in the rich countries have organized a campaign to boycott the garment firms who sell these products. The boycott was not as effective as supposed. Many people have such a low budget that they are forced to buy these cheep products.


The Capitalism changed from his turbo form into the System, but in the third world countries nothing changed, except the exploitation reached the manufactory state.


Some people blame the capitalistic system for negative development in society and economy. Is it really so, or is it a development initiated by the world wide Investors?

This development endangers the liberty of the whole population of the world.


4.5 Agendas and International Negotiations




This total enslavement comes to a stop, when the citizens start to rebel against such practices. To prevent rebellions the Agenda 21 plans small towns to get hold of such rebellions.

All Agendas are negative, if made or initiated by investors or governments dominated by big money [5]. Moreover, Agendas are negative, because promoting Minorities interests, working with Compromise, Risk and Rest-Risk, with damage for Majority.


International Negotiations


Beside of Agendas are also some Agreements and Partnerships between negotiators of different states, seeming dangerous for the Majority, for the personal Liberty and civil rights.

-TTIP (Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership):

The negotiators are unofficial government employees, lobbyists, delegates from the industry and investors.

In the background of the TTIP are interests of investors, who try to bind democratic governments to a regulatory cooperation; means: lower the standards, especially undermine consumer protection and gradual lifting of restrictions.

In Europe, for example, gen-manipulated food staff must be marked with a label. It is entirely different in the USA, where 90% of maize, soy beans and sugar beet are gen-manipulated.

The European commission has declared that no standards will be lowered, for instance the ban of disinfection of chicken with chlorine. The ultima ratio for the consumers is to get vegan and consume only fresh food. So, one can avoid also Bisphenol A, which is in Europe allowed for tinned food (inner coating of tin-canes).


-One of these negotiations is also TISA (Trade in Service Agreement). After GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services) negotiations come to stand still, between legal from government established negotiators, starts now TISA.


The negotiators from the involved states are states employees, but not officially designated for the negotiations by the parliament of their states. So, it is in fact an unofficial negotiation between interested enterprises, lobbyists, investors and traders.


It is not possible to see how it can be made official, and so binding for the states and their citizens. The negotiations are secret and this is also not usual in negotiations of international agreements.

It goes about all public services as: water, transport, energy, railways, illumination of cities, canalization and garbage disposal, security, health, banking, building services: cleaning in- and outward, catering for the employees, and so on. These services should be accessible to foreign firms from partner countries and, if ones privatized, could not be renationalized, even if failed to function (Investor's protection).


5.Conclusion Overcome the System


5.1 Differences between the Old-Time-Societies Crisis and the Disharmony Now

-The cause for disappearing of old societies, small nations, old cultures, through the history, differs from the disharmonic situations in numerous parts of the World in the present.

Disharmony is a necessary situation, which can escalate till a Crisis of society and economy, from which an impulse could come for a clearing solution and further positive development.

-There are some differences between the old-time-societies Crisis and the Disharmony now.


Difference 1: Communication between individuals, groups and nations is different in the past and now. In the old time small groups of people have been isolated, live on small territories.

In the present it is the whole planet, with digital communication all over.

Even more: Holistic and Harmonic Humans communicate positive over the whole World, linked by the Network, the General-Consciousness [4].

The problem-situations, crisis, wars in different parts of the World cannot be hidden in the present; the unlimited Information is a necessary aspect to overcome Disharmony in every part of the World.


Difference 2: The main difference is development of Mankind:

The Humans develop by Mental Quantum Evolution, and some of them even to very high Mental Level, to Holistic and Harmonic Individuals. This difference alone is cause enough for overcoming the present Disharmony.


Difference 3: Social and economic structures in the old time, of small isolated societies, differ to present World network, developed till now till to an unstable state. This unstable state is caused by a small part of the society.


From two solutions for overcoming the present Disharmony only one is possible:

One solution can be catastrophic disappearing of Mankind of all over the world (Global Catastrophe), as in the old time the catastrophe of small society or nation was.

The other solution is disappearing only of negative and disturbing part of society and economy (Minority, the Exploiters). This part of society and economy is in disagreement with the Natural Law for development to higher order. Therefore, from this aspect, this solution is only possible, in accordance with Universal Harmony.


5.2 Disharmony in Society and Economy: the System


The social and economic structure on the World is developed, till to present, to an unstable constellation, to the System, the Negative-Energy-Might-and-Profit, trying to spread over the whole World, over all people. Plutocracy is the last step. The distance between rich and poor is in the present almost on Maximum.


Social and Economic Structure in the Present


-In the present, middle part of the social and economic structure disappears.

The System is now reduced to two Extremes of social and economic structure, with a Broad empty Gap between them: the Exploiters as one extreme, and the Exploited People as the other. In this society the individuals have differently low Mental Level.


Comparing with the metaphoric house (chapter 4.1) the Exploiters are: people from the second floor (Minority, i.e. investors) and their handy man from the first floor (Minority of Majority, i.e. directors of banks, big enterprises and members of the advisory boards).

The Exploited ones were people from the ground floor and cellar (Majority, i.e. working people).


-Exploiters-Extreme on one side of the Broad Gap:

Individuals and Groups, the Minority, with negative Paradigms longing for unlimited might and profit, are the cause for present danger of the social and economic situation. They have the potential for possibly disturbing the Mankind and the Planet.

But, such development of this part of a society is in disagreement with Universal Harmony, and also in disagreement with Natural Low for the flow of processes to higher order in Universe. Therefore, this disturbing part of society makes at first the whole social and economic structure instable, then destroy them self and vanish by the time.

This situation has maximum in the present, and is the reason for rapid disharmonic development of economy. With their rapacity the Exploiter destroy all what they exploit, and through that they destroy themselves when the food is eaten up.


Such Exploiters can be found everywhere, in economy, industry, education, in science, government, and so on.


-Exploited-People-Extreme on the other side of the Broad Gap:

These people are the Majority of society in Mass-Consciousness, are exploited from the Minority (Exploiters), live in fear of hard and insure living conditions, of poverty, hunger, and to lose the job. Therefore, they can be influenced, exploited from the Minority. Their Mental Level is different, it can be similar low as that of the Minority, or can be also higher, achieved by MQE.


-Out of Extremes of the Gap, out of the System, are Individuals with high Mental Level, that are able to protect them self from negative influence of extreme negative part of society (Minority).

There are two sorts of such people:

Holistic and Harmonic Individuals, with the highest Mental Level at all, are the Creators and are in General-Consciousness, in the Network. These Individuals and their Groups are in the present already numerous, exist also everywhere, and they are a very mighty Opposition to the Exploiter part of society, because they are positive.


The other Individuals in Majority of Mass-Consciousness, with already achieved high mental Level, are able to leave the Mass-Consciousness, and develop further by Mental Quantum Evolution and Self-Reprogramming, in direction to General-Consciousness, to be the Creators themselves.


By Mental Quantum Evolution positive Humans develop continuously further, help others, to overcome exploitation. Then all together, in communication, increase the instability of negative part of society, and so overcome the temporary Disharmony and Crisis in Society and Economy.


5.3 Instruments for Survival of the Planet

-For Survival of the Mankind, the Planet and for establishing the New, Homogenous Society is important: MQE of people, Self-Reprogramming and Exchange of Paradigms to positive.


-In the present the great part of Humans, outside of Extremes of the Gap, is developed to so high Mental Level, that they can say NO to all violence suffered from the Minor part of society (Exploiter) till now. The Paradigm NO contains also: no more Risk, Rest-Risk and Compromise, only clear solving of problems, equally good for all. The clearing of disharmonic situations spreads overall at the present time.


-The Exchange of own, common, negative to positive Paradigms by Self-Reprogramming in all fields of Human activity, and that of the Society and Governments is of Vital importance and the only possibility to Overcome the System, and to survive and develop further Mankind, Nature and the Planet.



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