Globalization: Philosophy:


Universal Harmony – Exchange of Paradigms:

Overcome the “System”


by Dr. Jasna Loboda-Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and Artist


by Dr. Hinko Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and the Technical University of Berlin,

Berlin, Germany, and Artist


Authors’ Note: The Essence called The Omnipotence of the Universes, The Unity, The Source of All, The Primary Thought, The Primary Creator – we named Universal Harmony. This Essence is the Creator of the Human Being, on the base of inter-changeability of energy and matter.


 Universal Harmony is Love, Creation and Life.


Universal Harmony is the base for Human Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE) [1]. Universal Harmony, as a Natural Law, is the driving force in all processes to higher order in society, nature and everywhere [1]. This means, in the last consequence, globally good living for all people and good conditions for the whole nature.


Harmonization of the world develops through the Network, the General-Consciousness, which influences positively the Mass-Consciousness by information flow from the Nodes of the Network. This Network is an important feature of nature and society, bearing the harmonic force for healing the Planet.


Universal Harmony allows also Disharmony or even Crises in society and economy, because a short interruption in positive and harmonic development of Society can be an impulse for solving apparently unsolvable problems.


The results of our work in Natural Sciences - Art - Spirituality - Sociology - Economy - Philosophy and from Search for New Ways on each of these fields [1] – we could understand and explain only by existence of Universal Harmony. This Essence is the base for development in the past and to the future of Mankind, Society and Nature to Harmony.



The present work follows already published papers [1-5] about the Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE) of Mankind, based on Universal Harmony, and about various influences of Universal Harmony on development of Human Being, Society and Economy.


In the old time and in the present the social and economic structures are different. Through history disappeared numerous old social groups, cultures, nations. In the present, the living conditions and development of people is quite other than in the past. Therefore, the probability for overcome the catastrophe now must be investigated.


It is important to investigate the development of the society to the present instable state, to find the causes for possible disaster for the World, and how to avoid it.


The theme of our whole work is to search for positive development of the World-Order for future, in spite of timely disharmonic situations.


We search for initiators and carriers of the present Disharmony in the World.

We also search for initiators and carriers, and the instruments, necessary for unconditional survival of Mankind, Nature and Planet.



1. Introduction


1.1 The General-Consciousness or the Network



Universal Harmony is contained in “All That Is”, i.e. in the world and in universes, even in every Human Being itself, as his Self-Universal-Harmony, or Higher-Self [3].

Therefore, in each Individual is saved all Wisdom of the Universe.


People in General-Consciousness [2], because of their high Mental Level, have contact to Wisdom of the Universe, saved in their Higher-Self.

People at low Mental Level, in Mass-Consciousness [2], have no access to their Higher-Self, i.e. no access to Wisdom of the Universe.



In Sub-Consciousness are saved: positive or negative memories from the whole own life, the influence and opinion (Paradigms) of the society, of family also, all conditionings, all remembrances.


People in General-Consciousness, because of their high Mental Level, have no negative thoughts in their Sub-Consciousness.

People in Mass-Consciousness have low Mental Level and therefore can get information only saved in Sub-Consciousness.


Function of General-Consciousness

“The General-Consciousness is a Network with Nodes and Information Stream between them, and is nourished by Universal Harmony.

General-Consciousness is a Network overlapping the whole world. As a model: the Network is putted over the Mass-Consciousness. Holistic and Harmonic Human Beings, Mental developed Children, Pioneers, waked up former “sleeping” people, and Groups of such individuals are in the Nodes of the Network, communicate and cooperate in love with people in other Nodes.


All these people already have influence on Mass-Consciousness, and cannot be neglected more, because their number increases in time and is just much higher than the critical amount [2].”


Disharmony of Mass-Consciousness is only a temporary state, whereas Universal Harmony, saved in people in Nods of the Network, initiates the ordering processes.

Intensified violence in the present, over the world, leads to overpowering the old structures to get space for the New.

The most important condition for improvement of ethic/moral human relations is the access to higher culture for all parts of the society, besides MQE.


Virtues of Holistic and Harmonic Humans

Holistic Individuals, in General-Consciousness, with highest Mental Level, and Harmonic [1] with still somewhat lower level, have qualities reinforced by Mental Transformation (MQE), as for instance: Love for life, life-affirming feeling, thinking and activity, and having the courage to dream; Love for him-self, for living on earth, for nature and all living beings; Interest, inquisitiveness, thirst for knowledge, developing intuition, learning all over the time - are the base for fearless life; Ethic/moral and aesthetic in Human living, activity and inter-human relations; Creativity in all fields of life, searching for new ways in different fields of activity, fantasy combined with intellect and to be open to New and to Changes; Active engagement worldwide to help the weak members of society, as children, ill, enabled and old individuals, animals;  To give children better chances by sponsoring their education; Deep understanding and help to poor people, poor children to come out of misery; Mental synchronicity between people working creatively in projecting and elaboration of solutions; Humanity`s free will is always preserved; These people solve problems in accordance with Universal Harmony; Engagement for survival of Mankind, Nature, Planet.


Virtues of Holistic, Harmonic, and other Humans are fundamental positive opinions, are the base of thinking and feeling, of living behaviour and activity. When Human has more different Virtues his Mental Level is higher, and in consequence his development and help to others is broader.


1.2 Human Mental Influence on Reality


Thinking and Feeling

It is known that already old cultures [1], more than about 30000 years old, developed a new quality in human harmonizing creativity, appearing in that time.

In the time of harsh and disharmonic life conditions, some individuals needed a sort of counter-balance, to express their feeling to one-self and to share it with others. Only a few individuals, out of mean stream, started painting on cave-walls. The paintings show animals and their beauty. These were the first remains not needed for everyday living. But, by this activity they have changed the Usual Thinking and Feeling, and contributed to new, more positive development of all. They have changed the own Reality and that of others.


Water of good quality is needed for any form of life on earth. Drinking water that comes from certain fountains has been found able to ameliorate or even heal illness.

Through the history many individuals had a vision, the intuition, of the general healing influence of water.

For instance, there is the well known picture “The Fountain of Youth” (1546) from Lucas Cranach the elder, showing transformation of ill and old people and of disturbed nature, in to healthy and yang people in nice surrounding on the other part of the picture. This process is shown symbolically by ill people going through the water of the fountain and be healed.


We discussed very interesting experiments done by Masaru Emoto [1]. In numerous experiments [6] he exposed water to positive or negative human mental influence. Positive thoughts and feeling of Human Being caused the water to crystallize in a nice crystal structure, of high order. Negative Human feeling or thoughts produced disharmonic order in water, resulting in bad ordered crystals, if crystals at all.


Universal Harmony is the Creator of the Natural Multidimensional Laws that govern the changes and processes in the organic and inorganic world, the Memory of solid and fluid matter and order/disorder phenomena [1].

The cleaning of polluted water by mechanical removing the pollutant, as it could be found in streamlets, rivers, ponds and lakes, even in tap water, was not sufficient, because the accumulated Information of the pollutant is the content of its Memory, and is not cleaned up by such a procedure.

Only positive Human Thoughts cleaned and improved successively the quality of water. This means, the energies/frequencies of Human Thoughts and Feelings are high enough to clear the negative Information contained in water.


The Water is an obvious example for importance of Positive Human Thought and Feeling.

Negative Thoughts and Feelings cause illness, getting old, even death, are activities disturbing Mankind and nature.


On this place, we recall to mind the successful healing with Homoeopathy, i.e. healing only with Information (as energy, or frequencies) of different substances high diluted in water and not with substances itself. Positive Human Thinking is necessary to apply the Information contained in solution.


Similar, Placebo Effect is based also on positive, the Nocebo Effect on the negative Human Thinking and Feeling.


1.3 Self-Reprogramming


Self-Reprogramming is necessary to avoid negative influence from Mass-Consciousness (negative Paradigms) and to develop positive activities.


Human body consists mostly of water. The other fact is: the Human Being is a Creator. 

Therefore, Individuals, depending on their Mental Level, can exchange by Self-Reprogramming own negative Opinion, Thinking, Feeling and Behaviour in positive ones.

The Humans can create own new, positive or negative Reality, and influence the Reality of others and of the world. Negative slogans, opinions, expectations and behaviour, thinking, and emotions coming from Mass-Consciousness, remain in Sub-Consciousness.

By positive Self-Reprogramming this Ballast can be cleaned from Sub-Consciousness. Intention and Principle Certainty [3] are necessary for Self-Reprogramming. Now the positive opinion, thought and emotions are anchored in Sub-Consciousness and are able to exchange negative Paradigms to positive ones.   

Only on this manner, the Human Being feels Absolute Liberty and is a positive Creator.


Holistic and Harmonic Humans, in The General-Consciousness, can be attacked with negative energies from the Mass-Consciousness. In this case they defend successively by Self-Reprogramming.

Moreover, they help the people in Mass-Consciousness to exchange the negative Paradigms of Mass-Consciousness into positive Paradigms of General-Consciousness.


Generally, Thoughts and Feelings have positive or negative energy. Negative Paradigms, i.e. negative thoughts and feelings, are dangerous for the individual itself, resulting in his illness, getting old and even in his death.

It is well known from the history, and from present time, how disturbing is the influence of individuals with negative thinking, feeling and doing for the society and nature, even for development of Mankind and for the whole planet.


The MQE development to higher mental level and the Self-Reprogramming of every Human Being, and consequently of Mankind as the whole, is of vital importance for the future of all. From this aspect, the importance of Holistic and Harmonic Individuals, with their positive Mental Power and possibility to change the Thinking to a positive one (Self-Reprogramming) is obvious.

Therefore, it is necessary that every Human Being should be conscious of his own Power, positive or negative.


The Difference between MQE and Self-Reprogramming:

MQE is the development of the Ethic/Moral attributes (Virtues, above), and Self-Reprogramming is the positive exchange of Paradigms saved in Sub-Consciousness.


1.4 Mental Level, Brain Waves and Exchange of Paradigms


Mental Level of the Human Being is characterized by the Virtues, projected to the three-dimensional-space.

We compare Mental Level of the Human Being with their Brain Waves. The Brain Waves are not the projection to the three-dimensional-space; they are measured in this space.


Beta-Waves: 38 down to 13 Hz, Alpha-Waves: 12 down to 8 Hz, Theta-Waves: 7 down to 4 Hz,


Mental Level and Brain Waves


In the range of higher frequencies, of Beta-Waves, the brain is restless, and oscillates from ca. 38 down to 13 Hz.

This is the region of the Mass-Consciousness, of Humans with negative feeling, thinking, and activity.


Especially, frequencies near to 38 Hz: Individuals are susceptible for influence of negative energies, and usually are caught in the Mass-Consciousness.

Generally, this is the region of the Minority (rich people, the exploiter), the most negative Individuals and their groups. 

This is also the region of one part of Majority (poor, exploited people), Minority-of-Majority, which is negative as Minority. Their brain frequencies are near to highest values.


Especially, at somewhat lower frequencies of Beta-Waves, near to 13 Hz, the Majority of Mass-Consciousness has chances to positive and faster development by MQE.

The Human being in this state is not a Creator, with the exception: the Individuals in Majority can after a dangerous accident, or with the help of Holistic Individuals, jump for a short time, in the higher state of Creation (Theta-Waves).


-   In the range of Alpha-Waves (12 down to 8 Hz), the brain oscillates somewhat quiet. In this range the Individuals have a higher Mental Level. Meditation is possible, especially near to 8 Hz.

For a short time, and with the help of Holistic Individuals, jump in the higher state of Creation is possible (Theta-Waves).

At these frequencies the Human Being can defence oneself from the negative influence of Mass-Consciousness.

Especially, frequencies nearly 8 Hz: Generally, this is the region of Harmonic Individuals.


-   At lowest frequencies, in the range of Theta-Waves (from ca. 7 down to 4 Hz), Human brain oscillates slowly. This is the state of Creation.

Holistic and Harmonic Humans in General-Consciousness, in state of Universal Love, are Creators and Act with Love.


Possibility for one Individual to Reach Different Frequencies, or to Attain Different Brain Waves


The lowest reachable frequencies of an Individual depend on his Mental Level, but the Mental Level does not depend on Brain Waves.

This means: When Humans, for instance Holistic, have highest Mental Level, have General-Consciousness, and are in Theta-State – they can also have all Brain Waves, up to Beta-Waves, because they belong not but can live also in Mass-Consciousness.

Humans having lower Mental Level generally cannot reach frequencies lower than they already have, but only higher. Lower frequencies they can only attain by MQE.


Paradigm Exchange


The Holistic and Harmonic Individuals in Nods of the Network, or General-Consciousness, have the Theta Brain Waves, and can also live and work (influence) in Mass-Consciousness.

Because they live in low frequencies and can also jump in all higher frequencies, they can help Individuals in Mass-Consciousness (high frequencies), and so help to the positive development of society.


Only in the state of positive Creation (high Mental Level, low frequencies of Theta Brain Waves) is possible to exchange the Paradigms to positive ones.

This means, Paradigm exchange is a Creation Act.


Besides from Holistic and Harmonic Individuals, the Creation state, exchange of Paradigms, can be reached also from Individuals in Mass-Consciousness, by a jump in General-Consciousness, for a short time. Help of Holistic Humans, un accident, and also negative influence of Mass-Consciousness – all this play an important role for the possibility to jump for a short time out of Mass- in General-Consciousness.


1.5 Absolute Liberty


There are different aspects of Liberty of the Human Being. Here we discuss not all types of Liberties, even though all are important for general feeling to be free. We discuss the Absolute Liberty.


-   Absolute Liberty is one of the most important feelings of Human Being. Absolute Liberty depends on Human Mental Level.

In Mass-Consciousness Absolute Liberty cannot be attained, because of low Mental Level, negative Paradigms, and also of hard living conditions of the most people. Absolute Liberty is usually prevented by negative influences on people in Mass-Consciousness.


Absolute Liberty is a quality of Holistic Individuals in General-Consciousness, in accordance with the Universal Harmony, out of Mental Duality, in Open System with free development, Feeling to be absolutely free, without restrictions, or fear. Absolute Liberty gives the Feeling to belong to Mankind, to Nature and to Cosmos. Absolute Liberty gives the Feeling of Universal Love. The feeling of Absolute Liberty makes possible to be the Creator and be able to live in Creation-State, to work with Intention and Certainty.


Holistic Individuals can live also in but belong not to Mass-Consciousness. Therefore, the negative influence of Mass-Consciousness can exist, but because of their high Mental Level, Holistic Human defend them self immediately.


-   Individuals can have Absolute Liberty as born, and during a short time of childhood, but after that time they usually lose the Absolute Liberty. This is caused by the negative influence, of society in Mass-Consciousness, even of parents, which all changed and disturbed child`s feeling to be free. The most children, at the latest in school, develop all characteristics necessary to be Majority- or Minority-Members in Mass-Consciousness.

Therefore, the most important Intention in the life of many Individuals and groups will be to attain again this feeling of Absolute Liberty, important for Human free life and free activity, and therefore for free society.


How not to lose the feeling of Absolute Liberty, or to gain it again, is important theme of teaching children, discussed in [5] and in this work in “Paradigm for Development of Children”.


1.6 The Key to Changing  


Socrates: “The key to Changing lies in focusing all energy not on combat the Old, but on creating the New.”


-   This Wisdom is very old, but in the present one should think deep about the meaning, contained in it.

The confrontation was always the wrong solution. The Love, based on Universal Harmony, contained in communication of people, is the strongest positive Energy.


The people have forgotten this wisdom through history, and only in the last time and in the present, some Individuals have again the similar thinking, as cited above, because the Mental Quantum Evolution of Mankind is advanced.


The reason for oblivion, through history till to the present, lies in negative influence on Mankind, of all sorts of faith, believe and convictions, of groups or organizations, with their might and power.

Dark periods were numerous in the history of Mankind (Slavery, Middle Age, Wars), and already at the present in some parts of the world.


The reason for oblivion of the most people lies also in their bed living conditions, fear of uncertain future, hunger, wars, the feeling not to be free.

In such living conditions, and under different negative influences, was and is difficult to think and decide as a free individual.


-   Mental Evolution never stagnates during the whole “old time”, only advanced slowly to the future, with different velocities. The situation in society changes now even more rapid. The MQE development of Mankind is rapid, in spite of Disharmony in some parts of the world.

The people will now exchange the own negative Paradigms and that of society in positive ones, through Action with Love.


-   The General-Consciousness, and consequently also the Holistic and Harmonic Humans with their high Mental Level, belong not to three-dimensional-space, but they live in this space.

Therefore, they can help people to come out of Mass-Consciousness. On this way they can influence positive on society, economy, everywhere, and on temporary disharmonic situations in the world.


1.7 Paradigms    


-  A Paradigm is a model, an example, a fundamental opinion, the way of life in one society. A Paradigm is the base of thinking and behaviour, firstly of an Individual, and in consequence, of the society he belongs to.

For instance, Ethic/Moral can be the Paradigm of a mentally developed individual or society.


We define Duality as the state in which energy of positive and negative thoughts and emotions fight for predominance. Therefore, we call it Mental Duality [5].


A Paradigm is the mental product of people living in the three-dimensional space, in Mental Duality, and can be Positive or Negative. Therefore, Paradigms exist only in three-dimensional-space, in Mental Duality.


One Individual can have different Paradigms, some positive and some negative.

Changing the basic thinking in a field means exchanging the Paradigm. Such exchange postulates an Open System, or change of members into another society, for instance from Mass-Consciousness into General-Consciousness, which is an Open System.


-  The societies, contained “in the society of Mankind”, are positive or negative, in the sense of improvement of the life conditions for all people. This is the fundamental criterion for positive or negative judgement upon a thinking and doing.

The MQE changes people, and then the people exchange Paradigms, therefore the Paradigms depend on MQE development of Individuals. For instance, the Paradigm of people interested only in their own profit is negative.     


-   Paradigm is also the basic thinking in a certain field of Human activity, as for instance in science, where it exchanges in another Paradigm with the MQE of scientists, and with development of the experimental and theoretical findings and results of research.


1.8 “Projection of Reality”


Here we discus not the Personal Reality, but the Realities of processes going on in the three/four-dimensional space and in higher dimensions.


-   “Projection of Reality” is the Projection of the process in high-dimensional space, i.e. from Reality (Hidden World [2]), onto the three-dimensional-space – in the space of Mental Duality and into the Closed System.


The General-Consciousness is a Network nourished and based by Universal Harmony. From this, the Duality, and therefore Paradigms do not exist in General-Consciousness.

Virtues of Holistic and Harmonic Individuals are always only positive, i.e. in Reality. Individuals only continuously further develop more Virtues, as a base and principles for living in all dimensions.


-   The Stagnation in Mental Evolution of Individuals does not exist, because Mental Evolution is based on Universal Harmony. The velocity of development depends on already achieved Mental Level; for higher Mental Level velocity of development is higher.


Holistic Individuals develop their Mental Level to infinity, out of three-dimensional-space, into Reality, into space where we cannot think about this process and cannot understand it, but only anticipate it (Hidden World [2]).

We understand only the Projections, of Processes in Reality on the three-dimensional-space, the “Projection of Reality”.



2. Problem People and Important People for Exchange of Paradigms


2.1 Exchange of Paradigms


The Paradigm, as defined, changes not, but exchanges with one other Paradigm.


-   Negative Paradigms: Minority in Mass-Consciousness lives and acts with negative Paradigms to gain profit, without taking care of others.

Positive Paradigms: Holistic and Harmonic Human Beings, in General-Consciousness, are positive Creators. They exchange the Paradigms qualitatively, to positive ones.

Only on this way, based on Universal Harmony and for good of all, a positive development of society is possible, and the positive future of Nature and Mankind is assured.

Positive Thinking and Feeling are the Source for Positive Exchange of Paradigms.  


-   Exchange of Paradigms of the Whole Society:  Holistic People obtained holistic characteristic already by the birth [5]. Holistic People help others, to change their way of life, dictated by Paradigms of Mass-Consciousness. This means, they teach others, for instance Harmonic Individuals, Pioneers, and the waking up Individuals from Mass-Consciousness [2]: how can be liberated from the influence of Mass-Consciousness: By qualitative exchanging of own negative Personal Paradigms in positive ones.

On this way gradual general change of the whole society is possible, and is going on. The Birthright on better and healthy life for all, without hunger, and the possibilities to get the right education will be fulfilled.


-   Exchange of Personal Paradigms to Positive, i.e. Qualitative Exchange, is identical to Self-Reprogramming of Individuals from influence of Mass-Consciousness.

This process of Self-Reprogramming follows the MQE of Individuals and is only successful by attaining more Virtues.

Such Individuals change by Self-Reprogramming their negative Thinking and Feeling, to positive, and consequently the development of society to positive.


Conditions to Exchange the Paradigm are Many-Folded


-   We cite Socrates again: “The key to Changing lies in focusing all energy not on combat the Old, but on creating the New.”  


-   Universal Harmony is contained in Every Human Being itself. Universal Harmony is the Creator. Therefore every Human Being can be a Creator too, if reached an enough high Mental Level. Then is he able to create his own life, and influence the exchange the Paradigms of society. Such Humans are Holistic and Harmonic, being in General-Consciousness.

In reality, still in the present the most people have lower Mental Level, and are in Mass-Consciousness. Therefore, Exchange of Paradigms is from this point of view, somewhat complicated (below).


-   The Creation Act is always positive, brings The New, and Mankind further in positive future. The Creation Act is, for instance, the exchange of Paradigms in new ones, containing completely new opinion of individuals and therefore also of society.


The moment of Creation, the Creation Act, is in General-Consciousness, in the Network, equal to instantaneous and complete clearness of feeling, thinking and knowledge.


Negative Creation does not exist. Each negative development of society, for instance “The System” (below), Wars, Plutocracy, and so on, is only the repetition of negative developments, and could be found in history. It is not “The New”, and negative for Mankind and Nature.


-   The Individuals in Mass-Consciousness, in Closed System, can exchange the own Paradigms, but only when they jump mentally out of the three-dimensional-space, out of Mental Duality and out of Mass-Consciousness.  At this, they jump in Creation-State, in an Open System, in General-Consciousness, having Theta-Brain Waves.

This means, jump in a special Mental State, in an Open System, with feeling of Absolute Liberty, where qualitative changes are possible. We named this State – Creation-State.

The probability for a jump depends on already achieved Mental-Level, on positive influence of Holistic Humans as help, and on life conditions.


-   In the Creation-State, each individual, as for instance, the artist, scientist, or others, create their work; this means, they tread new paths.

The duration of the Creation Act can be short, as an idea, or longer as a vision – therefore Creation State. The Creation Act is always a Qualitative Act.

A new work is born, the paths are new and better, and should have importance for the future of society.


After work done in jump state, the Individual usually belongs again to three-dimensional-space, to mental Duality. The difference is now a somewhat higher Mental Level of such Individual in Mass-Consciousness.


The Feeling of Absolute Liberty makes possible to be the Creator and, to live in continuous Creation-State, i.e. in General-Consciousness.


-   Usually, poor people are caught in bed life conditions, and in Mass-Consciousness, in a Closed System, and in Mental Duality. Therefore, in this case, the jump in the Creation State is possible, but has low probability.


2.2 Mental Quantum Evolution and Paradigms Exchanges


The Mental Level of Mankind increases with MQE, following Natural Law for flow of processes everywhere to higher order [1].


Exception:  Mental Evolution, can temporary suffer Disharmony in development; and the increasing velocity is somewhat variable, depending on Mental Evolutions of Individuals and Groups, and on negative influence from Mass-Consciousness.

Such Stagnation in development is by prolonged duration dangerous for individuals and for society. The danger is higher if the Mental Level of Individuals and their groups is lower.

Usually, the Individuals, or groups, find back to Mental Evolution, and when not, then they vanish. The reason for vanishing: MQE is for each individual a continuous process, what means life, stagnation would mean death.


Disharmony, a short interruption in positive and harmonic development of society, as it is shown through history, was an impulse to clear up the society: By exchange of Paradigms, or vanishing of negative individuals, groups, and governments with disturbing activities.


Low Mental Level:

Problem-Individuals for Exchange of Paradigms


-   Low Mental Level, Mental Duality, Closed System, negative Thinking and Feeling, slow development, poverty, fear, but also unlimited rapacity – are the characteristics of different groups of people in Mass-Consciousness. The brain in this low Mental State is restless, and oscillates in the range of Beta-Waves, from ca. 38 down to 13 Hz. 


-   Negative Paradigms have roots in Mass-Consciousness. This means, such Paradigms are the base for enlarging of profit of rich individuals or groups, inconsiderate of others.

Negative Paradigms are rigid and very persistent, since they are the Paradigms of people living in Mental Dualism, in a Closed System.

The change of Negative Paradigms of the Mass-Consciousness, when is conducted without any jump in quality, is Quantitative the Paradigms are further negative.


-   The Problem-Individuals, in Mass-Consciousness, can be divided, depending on their Mental Level, in two main groups, Minority (Exploiter) and Majority (Exploited People), and in under-group of Majority: Minority-of-Majority. These groups have different goals.


-   Minority (Exploiter) in the Mass-Consciousness:

In the Minority Individuals have the lowest Mental Level and are interested only in own profit, money and might.

They have more than enough for good living, but their rapacity for money and might has no restriction.

The Minority have very low chance to come out of Mass-Consciousness, because their violence against others is their Character.

Their brain oscillates in the region of Beta-Waves, near to highest measured values, ca. 38 Hz.   


The Minority has a very low probability for exchanging of negative Personal Paradigm to positive. When some change happens then is usually persistent negative: profit, money and might will increase.  


Continuous development of Mental Level, Mental Evolution, is based on Universal Harmony, and means Life. Therefore, Stagnation in this development does not exist.

Exception: The Stagnation can exist only in Mass-Consciousness at lowest Mental Level. Stagnation is a negative “process”, and means death. Therefore, the Stagnation is the cause for vanishing of the persistent negative Individuals and groups, the Minority, at lowest Mental Level.


These individuals and groups will vanish, because their Stagnation or negative development, are opposite to Natural Low for flow of processes to higher order in nature and society.


As the present development of society and economy (“System”, below) shows that the Minority disturbs them self, caused by their own living.


-   Majority (Exploited People) in Mass-Consciousness:

The Majority is divided in two groups, the main group Majority and Minority-of-Majority group. Both groups differ in quality of their Characters, on their Mental Level. These two groups have different goals.


-   Minority-of-Majority group is negative as Minority is, because their violence is their own Character. The difference to Minority: they are poor people.

They have low Mental Level and their brain frequencies are near to highest measured values, ca. 38 Hz.


 It is a fact seen in different parts in the world, in history and in the present: The Minority-of-Majority Individuals are poor, and under influence of Minority, and for money, they turn over in handy man of Minority, with high violence against own people.


This Minority-of-Majority group together with Minority is the disappearing part of society.


-   The main group Majority (Exploited People) shows positive potential for development: The Majority has the chance to come out of Mass-Consciousness by MQE. Opposite to Minority and to Minority-of-Majority, the violence is coming from causes outside of their Character.

Generally, the main group Majority is interested also in money, but for getting job and food. The Majority contains a large variety of people with different opinions, different social states and goals, but never to make “money from money”, as the Minority Group does. Therefore, their brain oscillates in the region of Beta-Waves, at frequencies lower than 38 Hz. 


The Majority in Mass-Consciousness can only slowly elevate their low Mental Level, through their whole life, or over generations through history. A jump in Mental Level is sometimes also possible, perhaps after a dangerous situation in life.

The individuals in Majority are usually caught in fear of living conditions, and in, from Minority imposed opinion, “that it must be as it is”.


This group is in the present one cause more for slowly disappearing of Minority: Majority in the present increases their Mental Level, and therefore cannot be exploited as in the past. This process will accelerate in future.


Mental Level in Middle Region: Unstable State  


-   In the middle region of Mental Level the brain is somewhat quiet, and oscillates in the region of Alpha-Waves, from ca. 12 down to 8 Hz.

These frequencies belong to Mass-Consciousness down to somewhat near General-Consciousness.

In this region of Alpha-Waves, higher frequencies near to 12 Hz, belong to Majority (main group), with higher Mental Level as in Beta-Waves. The lower frequencies, near to 8 Hz, near to Theta-Waves, belong already to Harmonic Individuals.


-   In this Alpha region the increasing of Mental Level is faster the higher the achieved Mental Level is, or the Virtues are more numerous. So, development to higher Mental Level can be done rapid, or during the whole life.


In the Alpha region, near to 12 Hz, the Probabilities for qualitative exchange of Paradigms are in Unstable States, depending on achieved Mental Level, living conditions and intensity of Mass-Consciousness influence on the Individuals.

This means, that the Individuals, in Majority, in these states still cannot overcome the influence of the Mass-Consciousness. Because their Mental Level is maybe not high enough, such individuals can succumb to influence from Mass-Consciousness, act out of fear of future, and are on the end however caught again in Negative Paradigms.


Otherwise, when the Majority develops to somewhat higher mental level, than the Probabilities to overcome the influence of the Mass-Consciousness is higher than 50% (Unstable State), and the Majority can qualitative exchange their negative Paradigm in positive ones.

This region, of possible qualitative Paradigm Exchanging from Negative to Positive is continuous, with falling possibility of negative influence from Mass-Consciousness.


High Mental Level:

Holistic and Harmonic Individuals Exchange the Paradigms of Society to Positive – They are the Carrier of the Future


-   At very high Mental Level, Human brain oscillates in the region of Theta-Waves, from ca. 7 down to 4 Hz. This is the state of Creation.


-   In this region, Holistic and Harmonic Humans increase by Mental Quantum Evolution the number of Virtues.

Holistic Individuals in General-Consciousness have, already from the birth, a high mental level, and change it continuously to higher values, to infinity, because there cannot be stagnation. Holistic Individuals have in the present the highest Mental Level, help others, rapacity does not exist, and they work for positive future of All.

Harmonic Individuals change their somewhat lower mental level, continuously by MQE.


-   Holistic Humans live also in the three-dimensional-space, in Mass-Consciousness, i.e. live in the world with Mental Duality, in a Closed System – but they belong to General-Consciousness, to an Open system.

Holistic Humans have numerous Virtues and therefore they belong not to Mental Duality.This means, Holistic Individuals live in but belong not to Mental Duality, to Mass-Consciousness.


-   Holistic Humans, and partially also Harmonic people depending on their Mental Level, can exchange Paradigms by Creation Act.

They can help Individuals in Mass-Consciousness, in Closed System, to exchange quantitative their Negative Paradigms in less Negative ones.

Moreover, they can mentally initiate a jump of Individuals in Mass-Consciousness, for a short time, into State of Creation, from Closed in an Open System, to qualitative exchange their Paradigms.


-   Holistic and Harmonic Individuals can be attacked from Mass-Consciousness [2] by negative thoughts, emotions, opinions, but with their Virtues they can defend them self. The influence from Mass-Consciousness has no more success at this high Mental Level.


People with high Mental Level, as Holistic and Harmonic Individuals, are in General-Consciousness and live in sense of Universal Harmony with Absolute Liberty, Love, positive Thinking and Feeling.

The Holistic Individuals have so high mental level that they can live without any fear, in feeling of Absolute Liberty. They are helping with Love to others and to Nature to positive future.


Development of the Mankind follows Mental Quantum Evolution. Only positive Human groups develop the society to higher mental order.

Disturbing Individuals, groups and organizations, disappear, destroy them self – as the Natural Process in Open System dictates. This process reflects already on society and economy (“System”).


2.3 Unconditional Necessary Base for Exchanging Paradigms


Positive exchanging of negative Paradigms is only possible through Individuals high developed by MQE.


Holistic Individuals with highest Mental Level, in the General-Consciousness, have all necessary characteristics for the exchange of Paradigms. Their Virtues, Life and Activity are based on Universal Harmony and on the Principle Certainty and Affirmation of Life [3, 5].  Empowerment, Self-Love, and Intention they have, are also indispensable. Holistic Individuals have only positive Thoughts, Words and Feelings.


Otherwise, without such characteristics, and with low Mental Level, Individuals stay caught deep in Mass-Consciousness. The influence of such Individuals on himself and on society can be dangerous, as we know from history and from the present.


The change in human Thinking from negative to positive is the cause for positive creations of own life, positive development of society, economy and culture. This development is already proved in the past and even more in the present.

Exchange of existing Negative Paradigms to Positive, of Individuals and of society, is for positive future life unconditional necessary.



3. Types of Paradigms


3.1 Generally Important Paradigms


3.1.1 Positive-NO-as-Personal-Paradigm – is in the Present one of the Most Important Paradigms for Future.


Paradigms of people belonging to the Minority part of the Mass-Consciousness are negative, and disharmonic. They influence the larger part, the Majority, which have also Negative Paradigms, caused by fear and bed living conditions. 


Only positive people, Holistic and Harmonic Individuals, can exchange negative Paradigms, as necessary condition to develop positive living for all. More and more of this type of people exist in the present.


Holistic and Harmonic Individuals help individuals in Mass-Consciousness, in Majority, to understand their bad situations, and show the possibilities to overcome Mass-Consciousness, to overcome conformity.

They show the importance of deep understanding the positive worth of the Thought and the Word NO.

They show the importance to say: “NO” and “It Is Enough”, and to act after that.

To act without any Compromise!


To use word NO in positive sense means: The Individuals and parts of society decide unconditional, without compromise, no more suffering. They apply this Positive-NO-as-Personal-Paradigm with Action with Love. Otherwise, apparently unsolvable problems need disharmonic times to be solved.

This Positive-NO-Paradigm agrees with  opinion: “The key to Changing lies in focusing all energy, not on combat the Old, but on creating the New”.




Compromise is not contained in Real Democracy.

In Real Democracy all people are in harmony. They decide what is good for all, and not, as in Absolutism, for interests of only some groups.

A society working without Compromise means that the best solution of a problem, worked out in Harmony, is positive for development on all fields of Human activities, and so that nobody and nothing is neglected.


Partial positive and partial negative solutions, contained in a Compromise, retard the development of Mankind, are dangerous and sometimes disturb it.

We discussed this danger [2]: The Minority propagates the compromise as dogma that people must live with Risk, to attain prosperity. First of all, who’s Risk and who’s prosperity? This is a lie from the very rich, the investors and profiteers of lucrative projects or enterprises, like an unsafe chemical plant (Bopal) or a nuclear power plants.


For instance, the accidents in the nuclear energy plants: of Windscale, Great Britain (1980 and 1957), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (1979), Chernobyl, Ukraine (1986), of Sellafield, Great Britain (1986), and of Fukushima Dai-Ichi Japan, 2011) – showed that apparently highly improbable concatenations of problems happen and have horrible consequences for inhabitants, bed living and unhealthy conditions for broad mass of population, animals and nature.

The investors and profiteers play the Risk down, and do not help the victims of the radio-active material, originating from the catastrophic accident in the nuclear plants.


Generally, Risk and Rest-Risk everywhere, when can be avoided – must be done so, and if not possible – the whole enterprise should be forbidden, because dangerous for human health and life, and for environment.

One should act without Compromise, and say NO.


The Liberation of Personal Consciousness changes the negative word NO in a positive one, when it is applied on tyranny and slavery of any sort. In consequence, personal liberation from Mass-Consciousness is the result. This liberation makes possible everybody’s Personal-Paradigm-Exchanging. Therefore, positive development of society is assured for the future.


The Signs for “Agony” of Totalitarian Systems


Till recently it was easy for Minority to have the might over the Majority of people, because negative Paradigms of the Mass-Consciousness were predominant. The Personal Positive Paradigms were rare in the past.


In the last time, during about the last thirty years, and in the present, more and more Individuals develop Personal-Positive-Paradigms by MQE.

This process and the Positive-NO-as-Personal-Paradigm understand the Minority in Mass-Consciousness, as a dangerous development for survival of their ruling.

Therefore, the Minority’s massive reaction on this situation is the sign of the evidence for their “agony”: Misuse of psychiatry, as a weapon, in every Totalitarian Regime, where people and their new liberal ideas are going dangerous for them, is well known [7].


To lock a sane human in the psychiatry is an especially corruptive form of repression, because the means of medicine are used for punishment, and because it is a serious violation of human rights, by delusion and swindling.


The Modern Psychiatry is a breeding ground of corruption, because all non-conformity is declared a mental decease. This can be seen from the new diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders [7]: here they define a new mental disorder, they call “ODD” (“Oppositional Defiant Disorder”) and it stands in a row with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) diagnosed in lively children, that is also an invented decease, but who’s inventor Dr. Leon Eisenberg has admitted it on his death bed. 

Psychiatrists combat ADHD with psycho-pharmaceutics, with heavy side effects for the children. The same is done in the case of “ODD”-“patients”.


Such a behavior of the psychiatry runs the whole Medicine down, because operating with drugs, having partially very heavy side effects on people.


With other words, only persons who follow the “common herd” are normal. Here is seen that the ruler fear the “New”, new ideas or inventions, which could be dangerous for their ruling, or only for their profit.


Is it possible that Nikola Tesla, or Alexander Graham Bell and other inventors and scientists have been mentally ill, because their ideas seem to some people foolish?


In the present one can recognize over the world a lot of such signs of “agony” in Totalitarian Systems, or similar ones, because a growing number of Individuals and groups change own Paradigms in positive ones, say NO!, and act for liberation from systematic suppression, harass and impoverishment.


3.1.2 Cosmic-Law: Equal Birthright for All


We already discussed the Birthright [5] owing to suffering of a great part of Mankind, Animals and Nature, caused by the arrogance of power and inconsiderate rapacity of the Minority in Mass-Consciousness, based on theirs Negative Paradigms.

The part of Majority, with negative Paradigms, and negative opinions about social life, indoctrinated from Minority, are also guilty on suffering of people and animals, on disturbing of nature.


When a Human Being is born – he has a Birthright to live free, to decide by himself all owing to his Life. He has a Birthright to Live.

After Cosmic Law, neither foreign person, or parents, nor society or government is allowed to decide on his Life.

This Law, the Birthright, was through history and in the present continuously broken, in all facets of living.


Toys as a Weapon


Toys have been before some weapons, tanks, guns, bombes, soldiers, and so on. A short time after the Second World War such toys have been banished from children rooms. The Toys of that time have been constructing cranes, workers, bulldozers, cars and houses.

Now the Minority from Mass-Consciousness had found a way to bring the war again in the children’s rooms by computer games. These started as many fold combat plays against aliens and, in the last time, also against soldiers looking human. This is again preparing the children for a war, when they grow adult.


There are now also games for adults, besides football and baseball on television.

All these computer games for adults have two consequences for the player: First, the time spent for the play or game is lost for consideration about the reality. Secondly, the player loses the relation to reality and starts to live in the play. Further on, there is a high risk of addiction; especially if the players have difficulties in real life, they have a direct run away from reality.


In Mass-Consciousness give the subject the fundamental food and occupy his thought with something trivial and irrelevant, makes the ruling easier. Even the old Romans have known and practice it: “Panem and Circenses”.


Negative Paradigm of Society and their Rulers 


Two World-Wars were examples how the negative thoughts and feelings can influence and get the Majority of people to resonate with the same feelings and thoughts.

The first preparation for a war was done by the rulers and the media: The implantation of hatred in own people against the nation to be attacked. After this conditioning, it was possible to attack the other nation, or nations, without further explanation.

The same system of “conditioning” people for a conflict was done even in the stone-age. In indigene populations it was done by war-dances and alcoholic beverage.


Now implantation of hatred in people is more difficult, because nations come nearer to each other through globalized information and the people have a higher mental level than before.

The Globalization of education, and the deeper understanding of the mechanism of governing, and being governed, immunizes people against many of the ruler’s lies. They say NO for going into army, to kill others and excepting to be killed.


Only people indoctrinated by some religions for instance, and radicalized, are still susceptible for going into an armed conflict, kill others and excepting to be killed.

But, they all have the Birthright for life.


In the present more economic sources of conflicts exist than before. These are mostly about resources, import or export restrictions, but can escalate to an armed conflict, because of good profit for the arms industry. 



EDITOR”S NOTE: Due to the length of this paper, it is being presented in two segments. The remaining segment, Part II, will be presented in the subsequent January-February 2015 issue of this Journal. – JP



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