Negative Forces of Globalization:


Globalized Corporate Warfare

on the Middle Classes


by John Pellam

President & Editorial Director

The Bibliotheque: World Wide (BWW) Society


Consider this:


Everyone is well aware that there are many positive aspects of Globalization, too numerous to attempt to list here. But the concern of the BWW Society is the proliferation and preponderance of the increasingly overwhelming negative aspects of this phenomenon known as Globalization.


From a Cultural standpoint, if we idly stand by and allow these negative forces to continue unchecked and unnoticed, unique cultures throughout the world will go on being compromised and will be eroded away by corporate power. Economically, even in highly developed nations like the United States, the middle classes are shrinking and median income levels are falling, while banks and multinational corporations thrive on the very lifeblood of the citizenry.



Consider this:


Two decades ago, large corporations would buy out smaller, more innovative competitors, eroding competition but doing so through legitimate acquisition. A decade ago corporate conglomerates and their armies of highly-compensated lawyers began utilizing the courts and the justice system to simply eliminate competitors vis-ŕ-vis erroneous accusations of trademark or patent infringement, outspending their smaller competitors and essentially trampling them under the immense power and force of the corporate boot – “like crushing an insect under my shoe” – in the actual words of one fascist-style corporate executive in a trademark infringement case.


Today the insidious power of the multinational corporate conglomerates has progressed from the courts and has gone on to invade the legislatures of our very governments, leading to the mass spread of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the food supplies of an increasing number of nations – accompanied by increased rates of morbid obesity, diabetes and a range of other serious health problems, possibly even including the recent rise in autism rates and other ailments.


Healthcare and medical insurance coverage costs for the Middle Class continue to rise at incredible rates, generating huge profits and bonuses for the corporations and corporate executives; banking fees and borrowing rates continue to rise to levels inordinately high compared to the rates granted by Central Banks.


University tuition rates have been climbing higher and higher, forcing students to assume significant debt to pay their tuition and burdening new university graduates with tens of thousands of dollars of debt before they even start their first job, while at the same time giving the banks years of guaranteed income vis-ŕ-vis loan debt interest which they will collect decades into the future.


Multi-national Oil, Petroleum and Gas conglomerates are flexing their financial muscles in oil-rich nations around the globe, with such a ferocious strength that the very self-initiative of sovereign nations is under threat of succumbing to these overwhelming forces of corporate power.


I can continue on and on in this vein, but the fact remains that the predatory activities of the multinational corporations has gone beyond cultural threats to small impoverished nations on the other side of the world to – and into – the back door of the previously comfortable middle class citizenry of the developed nations. Corporate domination now affects us all.



And it is going to get far worse and far more serious:


With deceptive new programs underway such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Agenda 21, even the most democratized nations in Western and Northern Europe, the most developed nations in the Asia-Pacific region -- such as Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand – and the most seemingly financially-independent countries in the oil-rich Middle East – such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the UAE, and others, including even war-torn Iraq -- are all at tremendous risk of being dominated by the power of multinational corporate conglomerates in the near future. This is a future far closer than many of us realize, this is something that is already happening now.


The BWW Society carries a vital call that exposes the deception and reveals the truth. The Society’s vibrant call to dynamic action has brought together a vigorous multi-cultural international force.


The Society must continue to be a loud, clear, resonating call for effective, rock-solid action and solution. But today, your support is crucial. It’s that simple.


So far, the Society has accomplished great things. Together, we have exposed the deceit of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and have shown how this insidious deception – which has been devised by the squadrons of multi-millionaire lawyers of the corporate power structure – actually threatens the right of self-determination of sovereign nations, forcing them to surrender the law-making powers of their legislatures to the will of the multinational corporate conglomerates.


Together, as a collaborative grassroots effort, the BWW Society has revealed the underlying duplicity within the Agenda 21 program, and exposed how its regulations for land-use actually make land ownership obsolete as populations are moved into densely populated housing structures, restricting rural life, and undertaking a stringent program of population-control, making China’s one-child policy appear liberal by comparison (while condescendingly referring to global citizens as ‘eaters’ whose existence challenges the global environment).


To counter these and other global forces, the BWW Society has built a multi-cultural international grassroots collaboration dedicated to Expose, to Challenge and to Force Meaningful Change. Together, we have moved forward in a vibrant, liberating effort of courageous action.


But today the BWW Society is in crucial need of your ardent support and dynamic participation. Before you delay this or think to yourself “maybe later,” consider – just for a moment – how crucial, how vital it is that the Society continues and grows.


We – every one of us – knows the feeling of being called upon in a time of need, to take a stand against wrong, and to participate in something larger than ourselves in a significant way. The feeling that every individual can make a difference in a meaningful way, that every person can take a moral stand with dignity, and the feeling that those of us whose educations, positions and abilities are higher than average have the moral responsibility to answer this righteous call to action.


The Society’s vigorous, dynamic plan of action is just getting started. When you participate today, the Society can and will push forward to continue building a massive, multi-cultural, international movement to expose, to challenge, and push forward to force change that will begin to break the domination of the Multi-National Corporate Conglomerates.



Taking A Stand:


When you support the Society’s vitally and critically important work in 2014 with a significant contribution, your active participation gives a powerful impetus to our resolve and our ability to stand tall, strong and solid against the forces of the Multinational Corporate Conglomerates and other Negative Forces of Globalization; forces that have declared economic warfare on the struggling Middle Classes of an increasing number of nations around the world. Maybe – probably – even yours.


The Society has a dynamic 3-point strategic plan for 2014 and beyond: Expose – Challenge – Push Forward to break the iron fisted domination of the multinational corporate conglomerates.


With adequate funding, the Society is standing ready for action, fully prepared, and ‘chomping at the bit’ to make significant, forceful strides all throughout 2014, and beyond.


When you participate with a significant contribution to push forward the Society’s work in 2014, your participation plays a vital role in making 2014 the Year of Achieving the Utmost in carrying forward the Society’s critically important mission.


You – and all Members of the Society – are building a powerful and incisive international grassroots approach to exposing, challenging and rooting out the most entrenched and insidious economic and political crisis of our time.


When you make your contribution now, you are actively participating in the reality that we are all moving forward together, as an multi-cultural international grassroots force; I guarantee you that you will feel within you the invigorating sensation of empowerment knowing that your participation is propelling the Society forward to build our work to the scale necessary to expose, to challenge, and to push back against and vehemently resist the insidious domination of the multinational corporate conglomerates.


I know your own core conservative values, I know your core moral values, and – moreover – I know your dedication and courage to take a stand when and where a stand needs to be taken. Your significant contribution to the Society holds testimony to your own dedication, and for this I thank you, as we stand together in this crucially important mission.



John Pellam, President & Director
The BWW Society

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