Globalization: Philosophy:


Universal Harmony – Principle Affirmation of Life


by Dr. Jasna Loboda-Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and Artist


by Dr. Hinko Cackovic

Scientist, Artist and Author

Berlin, Germany

 Formerly: Scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck

Society, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany, and the Technical University of Berlin,

Berlin, Germany, and Artist


Tray to look at things, as seen for the first time,

as not be familiar with the attitudes of society.

Let reject all we have learned as to be normal.

Let see things with the eyes of a child.


The results of our work in Natural Sciences - Art - Spirituality - Sociology - Philosophy, and Search for New Ways on each of these fields – we could understand and explain only by existence of one Essence, we named Universal Harmony [1-4], and with Global Linking of all processes in the world [3]. Global Linking of all is one characteristic, among others, of Universal Harmony.


Universal Harmony is the Essence contained in all, in Nature and also in every Human Being.

Therefore, every problem can be solved positively by the Human Being itself, and not from outside.


In our work we search for New Ways in Positive Global Development of all, in the present and into the future [1-4]. 


At the present, we put attention on development of the Creators and Carriers of the good future for all: on Holistic and Harmonic Individuals and their Groups, especially on Holistic and Harmonic Children, as Messengers of the future.


From interest are the qualities of children as they are born. Their further development by Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE) [1] can be influenced by society, but also the society changes by all these differently developed individuals.


1. Holism of Mankind


Human Being develops by MQE to a higher mental level over his whole life.

Harmonization of the World is going on by positive thinking people, as Holistic and Harmonic Individuals. These Individuals cooperate and communicate over the world by the Network of General-Consciousness [2, 3].


Individuals in General-Consciousness are differently high developed:

Holistic Children and Adults are universally developed Individuals and reveal by MQE most of the mental qualities on the highest level till now.


Holistic Individuals have the highest moral attitudes in communication and living together with other people. Holistic Individuals have the unlimited and selflessness Love for other people and the whole nature.


Harmonic Individuals are not so high developed as the Holistic. For instance, these are harmonic Positive Pioneers [1, 2], with their positive work being in advance of time. Through such work they positively influence development of Humanity.


The Majority of people being in Mass-Consciousness [2, 3] reveal by MQE only a few positive mental qualities [1], if at all, till now. Some of them are deep bounded, disillusioned, helpless and are impossible to free themselves out of Mass-Consciousness.

People in Mass-Consciousness on the beginning of their harmonization we call “sleeping” people [2]. They wake up out of Mass-Consciousness by MQE, and by the mental help of Holistic and Harmonic Individuals, and transform and harmonize into General- Consciousness. 


The number of positive thinking people supporting the development to a better future increases all the time faster by this process.


Some people in Mass-Consciousness show negative mental characteristics, dangerous for society, and we call them the Minority. They manipulate the Majority, by their negative Network in Mass-Consciousness.


The history of the last time shows till now the existence of enough positively thinking people, securing Positive Global Development of Mankind and Nature, in spite of sometimes dangerous situations worldwide.


Harmonic and Holistic Children and Adults in General-Consciousness, on one side, and people in Mass-Consciousness, on the other – should not be understood as two classes.

The quality of Harmonic and of Holistic Human Beings, and people in Mass-Consciousness, discussed in our work [1-4], is determined by Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE). Only the moral, ethic and aesthetic life of Human Being, i.e. the MQE-Level, is essential for positive development of Mankind. Only the high MQE-Level is the guaranty of a good future for all.


Mental Moral Codex


We define Mental Moral Codex on the base of Universal Harmony, MQE, Holism of future society, on the base of present living and acting Holistic Individuals, i.e. from our view on development of Mankind [1-4].


Mental Moral Codex contains general norms for living and doing of Human Being: not to harm others and act positively as for himself also for others.


Mental Moral Codex is saved in the sub-consciousness of every person, because based on Universal Harmony contained in whole Mankind.


Even criminals can distinguish between right and wrong, but by doing wrong they violate deliberately the Mental Moral Codex, depending on the threshold of theirs MQE.


Obeying Mental Moral Codex is already an obvious attribute for Holistic Individuals. The Future Society will obey the Mental Moral rules only after Vanishing of Mass-Consciousness (see below). 


Universal Harmony Principle Affirmation of Life


Holistic Human Beings influence positively all aspects of life, secure future of Mankind and of nature by Positive Global Solutions through Network of General-Consciousness [2, 3]. For this purpose, the feeling of Affirmation of Life is the most important feeling.


Positive influence on the development of the world would be impossible without deep and positive feeling for Life. Affirmation of Life is necessary to overcome disharmony and to resolve problems positively in society and economy.


Moreover, the deep feeling of Affirmation of Life is important for each individual, to live without any fear, without existential dread, to recognize the Knowledge hidden in him and in nature (Hidden World [2]), to live healthy and lucky.


Only on this way one can solve positively each negative situation, overcome any disharmony and see the future positive.


To help himself and others – is only possible by feeling of Affirmation of Life, of Love generally, and by Action with Love.


Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony


For every Living Being, the fact to be born is a miracle, and the life in all its facets is a miracle. Therefore, the own personal way of life must be protected against whatever interference from any individuals, groups or society.


Every Living Being should have absolutely free decision how it will live and develop.

This is possible only under the conditions: not to damage other Living Beings and Nature, and with Affirmation of Live and Action with Love secure positive and free development for himself and all others.


In reality, many individuals live and work in imposed conditions, dictated from establishment or Minority [2], and not following personal feeling and needs.


The people in Mass-Consciousness cannot get rid of the strange, imposed conditions. They except slowly these imposed conditions as their own, without being conscious of that.

On the other side, Holistic and Harmonic Children and Adults can be disturbed in their development for some time, but fortunately their Mental Quantum Evolution and other Holistic Individuals mentally help to restrict and repair such disturbances.


To impose violence on nature and on everybody’s live, even on animals, is a criminal, unnatural and immoral act. Such behavior will be impossible in the future society.




– Holistic and Harmonic Individuals increase their Sensitiveness by MQE, as a positive emotional characteristic. This is necessary to feel positive and negative emotions from the surrounding. They also feel generally the suffering of people and nature. To be able to heal it, the Holistic and Harmonic Individuals develop one Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony around them, from their own positive energy, centered in their hearts.


It is a Multidimensional Sphere, with the number of dimensions depending on MQE of the Sphere’s Creator. The radius of the Sphere depends also on his MQE.


Depending on the needs the Multidimensional Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony serves as Multidimensional Sphere of Action and Multidimensional Protecting Sphere.


The Sphere is defined by positive energy, i.e. by Certainty in protection, by Affirmation of Life, Free Will, Freedom, identity with nature, and is the source for harmonic influence on Mass-Consciousness, and for the Positive Global Development in the world.


Generally, this Sphere is always permeable for positive energy, from and to the Individual, and can be closed for negative energy from outside.


– The Holistic and Harmonic Individuals are sensitive for difficult life conditions and suffering of other people, animals and nature, all over the world. This compassion causes also their personal suffering


The Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony acts also as a Sphere of Action to help suffering people and nature.


The boundary of this Sphere has a high Permeability for Positive Mental Energy, harmonizing Energy of Light representing positive thoughts and emotions.


Individuals permanently strengthen energetically their Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony, or Sphere of Action, to be able to help more people and to cure world from disharmony.


– Energies of negative thoughts and emotions, when directed against Holistic and Harmonic Individuals, can cause disturbing, and they must protect themselves.


Consequently, protection of positive thinking and feeling people against negative energies is necessary for living and acting in the present Dualistic World. Therefore, Holistic and Harmonic Persons develop their Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony to a Protecting Sphere. 

The Protecting Sphere is an untouchable, a forbidden zone for others.


The Sphere is the region protected against violence, disharmony, and each negative influence. This means, protection against dangerous influence from outside, from Mass-Consciousness, from Established Minority.


Depending on the MQE-Level, the Permeability of the Boundary is lower for the Sphere of Holistic, and somewhat higher of Harmonic Individuals.


The Permeability of the Boundary of the Protecting Sphere gets damaged energetically after the influence of negative energies from the surrounding.


Holistic and Harmonic Individuals have developed a high potential to repair the permeability of their Protecting Spheres simultaneously and permanently. They heal the energetic disturbed places on the boundary, by own positive energy through Consciousness and the imagination energy of Light.


– People in Mass-Consciousness posses only a “Point-like Sphere”, since they are in an incoherent, chaotic, disharmonic state, and therefore very vulnerable.

The “Point-like Sphere” is in the present the seed for the Protecting Sphere. For instance, “sleeping” people [2], have the possibility to develop the Protecting Sphere by MQE, and with the mental help of Holistic and Harmonic Individuals and Groups.


They need the Protecting Sphere urgently because they must get rid of Mass-Consciousness and of its negative influence.


– The Positive Interactions between Individuals go through positive energy by their Consciousness and the imagination energy of Light. 


The interactions between Holistic Individuals, with their positive energy, and the surrounding, with negative energy, are always possible only in direction to outside.


The Interaction between Holistic Individuals is always going on with positive energy, and therefore in both directions, from and to outside.


– The Holistic and Harmonic Individuals with their Multidimensional Sensitivity Spheres of Harmony are in the nods of the Multidimensional Network of General-Consciousness.

Vanishing of Mass-Consciousness in the future means vanishing of Mental Duality of Mankind (see below).


Consequently the personal Multidimensional Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony widens to a personal Multidimensional Field of Harmony all over the world, and overlaps with other personal Multidimensional Fields of Harmony, always preserving the individualities through this whole process.


Influence of Environment 


Differences in One Family                                         

It is the fact, we know, that in one family, i.e. in the same social, economic and cultural environment, when more children are born, they can have completely different mental characteristics, varying from holistic, harmonic, down to criminal.  This means: each individual is born with his own special, personal MQE-Level.


Holistic Born Children

It is the fact we know that Holistic Children are born already as Holistic Individuals.

They understand all around, are conscious of general Knowledge saved in their Hidden World, feel free, feel their unity with healthy nature, have a deep feeling of Love, and are lucky children, without fear. Already at the beginning of life they posses most of the qualities obtained by MQE. They are higher positive developed than the most Adults.



– It is the fact, we know, that by difficult living conditions, Holistic and Harmonic Children are not influenced essentially, if at all. They can at first lose their carefree way of life, but through development by MQE to a higher mental level they find back, and develop further free. Decisive for their development are their firmness in Principles, as Affirming of Live, and Certainty, Creativity, and Action with Love [3].   


Holistic Children and Adults overcome any difficult situation or disharmony.


Personal Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony, as the forbidden region and the region of Protection and Action, is most important for development of Holistic and of Harmonic Children. Harmonic Children develop only somewhat slower than Holistic ones.


– The situation is different for Children and Adults in Mass-Consciousness. Because of their low level of mental evolution, they are endangered by negative influence from their surroundings.                                                        


Difficult living conditions, poverty, unfair competition, negative influence and wrong programming by the parents, school and established society, have immense influence, and can cause or wake up negative, even criminal behavior of such children or adults.


Help of Holistic and of Harmonic Individuals, and own development by MQE give to problem-children and problem-adults the possibility to gain step by step deeper understanding, affirming and believing in beauty of life.


Their “Point-like Sphere” widens and reveals into the Personal Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony.



Parents, of whatever MQE-Level, shape and determine deepest the life and development of their children. Parents have the most influence on the developing of their children to adults, more than school, society and any other factor.


Parent’s way of life, Affirming of Life, respect for all Living and Nature, distinction between right and wrong –  are the determining characteristics for child’s whole life.


A too large number of parents in Mass-Consciousness have no mental responsibility for their children, independently if born in abundance or in poverty. These children are born without love, undesired, or needed only to make money to secure the parents old age. Such behavior of parents is most harmful for the child’s development. On this way, children have low chance to come out of the misery of Mass-Consciousness, independent if rich or poor.


The birth of one new Individual is a miracle. Therefore, besides the feeling of love for the new life, the parents should have the duty and responsibility to live harmonic, at least from the time of conception.    


The influence of Holistic Parents, with their way of life, is helpful for the mental development of Children. Fortunately, in the present, there are more and more Holistic Parents, leaving to Holistic and Harmonic Children free development, and so secure lucky infancy and easier development to Holistic Adults.




We discuss the negative influence of the established society on mental development of children, but there are other also destroying influences.


The arrogance of power of the Minority in Mass-Consciousness is the cause for suffering of Human Being, Animals and Nature.


Present society should not disturb the own future through disturbing not only the mental development of  children, but also their health, by poverty and hunger, causing the present dying of many children all over the world. Such action of the established society is imprudent and self destroying even criminal, caused by fear to lose own present convenient life.


This Disharmony is a Time-Limited state (see: Natural Low). Fortunately, in spite of present disharmonic situations, in some parts of the world growing number of Holistic and Harmonic Individuals and Groups see the right way out of the misery everywhere, and Act with Love successively.


Each individual has the Birthright for Healthy Nourishing, Clear Air and Water, Housing, Education and Work for Salary, all necessary for a simple but good feeling Life.


Each individual has also the Mental-Birthright, for Life in Freedom and Liberty, and for an inviolable Human Dignity.


The Animals are Feeling Beings, and therefore have a Birthright as the Human Being has, have the same right to live adequate to their nature and without existential dread for life.


A positive society and healthy nature are the necessary conditions for realizing these Birthrights.


Learning Process    


The Learning Process discussed here is valid for both, children and adults, and should be a continuous process, like MQE, during the whole life.       


The Problem

The question is how can persons in General-Consciousness (Holistic and Harmonic Children and Adults) and those in Mass-Consciousness learn and develop.


The answer is difficult and depends on their personal consciousness and MQE, and on society.


Present established society is a closed system and cannot imagine and understand the Future Society, which will be an open system. Therefore, the established society cannot understand the Holistic Children and Adults – the Messengers of the Future Society. Because of that, conscious or non conscious influence of established society on Holistic and on Harmonic Children through the teaching process is harmful. The reason is in coercive overlapping of thinking, experiences, and emotions of teaching adults over those of children. On this way, the established society retards the development of the pupils. They are torn out of their higher level of mental evolution to a lower level, and need time for development to find back.


Generally, the present established society is an elbow-society, being in Mass-Consciousness, with thinking and feeling accommodated to the present, and to the past. Therefore, it is not adequate to teach Children and Adults, is harmful and retards the development of the Future Society.


The Way                                                                                                                  

One should leave the Holistic Children to be free from the beginning, as they were born, leave them their infancy and give them love.


Holistic and Harmonic Children should develop spontaneously by MQE, should independently invent the world, be aware of nature and feel the affirmation of life.

On this way, they can gather themselves all Knowledge if and when needed, saved in their own Hidden World. They should firstly learn all around, and should not be influenced by usually strange experiences and negative feelings from established society. This is the natural way of development of Holistic and Harmonic Children.


They have their personal Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony, forbidden for others, besides of positive help from Holistic Adults.  


Present Holistic Children belong to Future Holistic Society, and therefore should not be disturbed mentally, and their development should not be hampered.


It is better leave Holistic Children to develop free, and create by Action with Love together with Holistic Adults a better life for all.


Present education programs prevent creativity of children, inquisitiveness to make the acquaintance of something new each day, joy to learn, enjoy life, live in Now.


Children in Mass-Consciousness have a low mental level. Therefore they need help, but without force and personal negative meanings and emotions from Mass-Consciousness. Only Holistic Adults can help, since they do this with love and respect for child’s individuality.    


The parents should themselves develop mentally at least to Harmonic Individuals, to be able to give the children a positive home atmosphere.


Parents and adults, being in Mass-Consciousness, should not teach children, because they always influence them with their negative thinking and feeling.


Children on any mental level should be protected from negative emotions, influences and manipulations from Mass-Consciousness.


Teaching and Learning Programs for Children and Adults 

– Holistic and Harmonic Children and Adults should develop independently and spontaneously by MQE. This means, by self-learning from all existing around, and from

Knowledge about all in the world, saved in own Hidden World. 


This personal saved Knowledge can Holistic and Harmonic Children and Adults discover only when they can feel free and if they are conscious of their free will.


The Holistic Individuals feel, understand and discover that they are a part of Universal Harmony.


This means: They understand Love as general idea, as the strongest energy. They feel different expressions of Universal Harmony, as various energies, for instance thoughts or words, ideas, sound, color, form, numbers.


– Good literature, fable, theatre, music, form, i.e. all sorts of art, develops fantasy, influence the development, interests and understanding of all around. They are the base for broad knowledge, widen the personal Multidimensional Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony, and are the best guide through the whole life.


– The personal teaching of children, on all mental levels, by Holistic Adults is the best way, since it is done with respect to personality, with positive emotions and with love. 


– By personal contact of children with lucky animals and healthy nature, inner pictures were imprinted, important for infancy and for later life.


Communication with not holistic persons should be allowed, but only without personal, emotional influence. This means, by analog (libraries) and digital knowledge, and by technical skills in workshops. Teaching only the historical facts of development in different fields of human activity must be given in school impersonally and emotionless.

For all of this, the teaching digital programs should not allow negative influence and manipulations of pupils. 


Children learn also by play, because it is able to influence fantasy, cooperation and positive development.


On the other side, in games can be hidden dangerous mental influences and manipulations from Mass-Consciousness. Electronic games consisting of war, battle, and invasion of aliens are programming children for war, confrontation and competition, and through that implant negative emotions. Moreover, electronic games have a high danger of addiction.


This combined type of learning is necessary, until all influencing people (teachers) develop to Holistic, at least to Harmonic, Individuals.


Learning systems, now and in future, must be always available to all children, independent of social status and nationality, all over the world.


2. Society – Moral – Economy


The Globalization brings people from distant countries mentally and emotionally nearer to each other, but nevertheless the whole society of mankind diverges, drifts apart.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Why? What is the reason? Where does it originate from? 


The attempt is made to find the cause or causes, and here the search starts.


Society – Moral – Economy is a Triplet Influencing Each Other.


In the consciousness of the Majority of people the image of the smart business-man is decaying.


Earned income is here put against "Collected money".

Earned income means salary or remuneration for a productive work, or service, done.

"Collected money" means money produced from money, without production of a material, or mental product, or service, only with the misuse of trade, or manipulations of stocks or firms and also misuse of banks.


Normal trade, that brings a product from the producer to the consumer, has its entitling.

The trade should be fair and give both partners a reasonable income. The price should be governed by offer and demand between producer and consumer, without unnecessary intermediate trader.


Investment in an industry, producing goods for everyday life, is pursuant to Mental Moral sense, if not done for speculation.


This seems as going to the roots, but any possibility to make money without producing material goods or services, is morally intolerable and results in the last consequence in poverty of the people’s Majority.




People collecting things, like stamps or coins are familiar to us. People collecting other things, like figurines of elephants or frogs, used railway-tickets or other odd things, evoke an amused smile.


Such attitudes do harm nobody.


More and more people see the problem, but the "collectors of money" deny doing harm to others, even accuse the critics to be envious of them, because of the money they have. To deny the harm done to others, shows they are driven by avarice, by greed for money.

This "collecting money" is a mental deficiency, because they harm others. Moreover, it is a mental illness, a disease, because they deny the evident harm done to others.


To accumulate riches further on, beyond modest and even immodest needs, has the appearance of an obsessive neurosis and megalomania.


The excessive amount of money gives them the feeling of might over others, typical for the overcompensation of an inferiority complex.


Collecting money is also near to an addiction, like that to alcohol or drugs, and could perhaps be cured by withdrawal.


The "collecting money" harmful to others is the worst and reckless sort of making profit.  



The present established society consists of rich persons, and persons to whom the Majority has given the right to rule. Both groups of people (Minority) try to make profit without any Mental Moral scruples.


The Majority does not belong to this society. The rich manipulate these people that have less money, and make profit from their work.


The manipulations of the established society result in a “surplus” of people that cannot be further exploited. The Minority pushed this part of Majority on the fringe of living conditions. The rich can manipulate governments and nature on the whole planet, so if they would not be stopped they would create slums everywhere to get rid of this part of Majority. Bad living conditions, lake of pure water, infectious diseases causing high mortality should solve this problem for the Minority.


The Minority has made also the rules for manipulating money, and therefore they are always in the right. They have also made rules for banks, useful for themselves.


Law and justice are farther away from each other than ever before. The Majority begins to understand the system of manipulations on the whole society of Mankind, and starts to organize resistance.


Branches of "Collecting Money"

The consequence of all four Branches is that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and the whole society of mankind diverges economically.


– One is speculation on the future exchange, forcing up prices for raw materials, also food. Such an action is fraud on the poor and even on the middle-class in the richer countries.

In the poor countries can cause even hunger and death. Therefore, it comes near to negligent homicide.           


The speculators on the future exchange reject in all respects that their manipulations push the prices up.                                                        


Studies of the UN-organization for world trade and development (UNCTAD) show, to the contrary, that the prices for wheat, soybean and maize often gets higher, than the price determined by offer and demand.


– Another deed of "collecting money" is speculation on the stock exchange, baying shares of a company or a factory, and force their price up, over the real value, and then sale them, causing a price drop to the former price.


This system destroys money, some people say, but only in the view of the too slow reacting share-buyers, who buy too late and only wait for the distribution of a dividend. In fact the money changed into the pockets of the quick ones, the speculators.


The shareholders, trying to get profit from the companies or factories dividend, often force them to a higher profit by rationalization.


Rationalization without investments in the enterprise, that would diminish the dividend, means diminishing the staff, gaining unemployment, burden the remaining staff higher.

Another, often applied, possibility is exchanging the staff by cheaper part-time employees, or rental workers. Both last methods harm others.


– A third possibility is investment into insurance. This possibility of "collecting money" is the business with the existential dread, economic fears and fear from illness. Some of the insurances are prescribed by law, but not the profits for the insurance company.                  

Fears of everyone about a failure or misfortune, even everyone’s fear of catastrophes – are deeply rooted in Mass-Consciousness and augmented by the Minority. The best profit is made by persuasion to a great amount of totally needless insurances.


– There is a fourth possibility of "Collecting Money": Financial Investors have formed organizations of people with the intention to make quick money.

Their modus operandi is like that of locusts, they buy an enterprise, and then make it to money, on the most profitable way in shortest time. At the end remains nothing of any worth but redundant workers.


Armaments Industry

The investment in armaments industry is aid and abet before the multiple criminal act of felonious homicide. World War was mass-homicide as any other war too.  

The business with death is for the Minority very lucrative, only the market gets smaller. Only dictators, putschiests and insurgent movements are now-a-days buyers of weaponry.


The established society used money to initiate political crisis, putsch and civil war in Third World Countries. The same have done and do some so-called religious organizations, trying to get power and profit.


At the end, the established society gets the money from the weapons deal, and the mineral and agricultural resources of the target country. The target country gets a new government that is again an established society, similar and accompanied with the initiating one.


On the other side, now most of the western countries start to repeal the universal compulsory military service, because it is expensive and most of the young people reject the service on the weapon.


Moreover, a war cannot be started the same way as before, with the same pretext, because too much people are immunized by MQE against brainwashing, stupefaction and persuasion or force to kill.


In the battle for resources, the Minority can now use only paid professional warriors, killers on command.


Development Dangerous for Democracy


One especially lucrative method is to trigger a bank-crisis.

To do this, some investors invest through a bank, money in very speculative enterprises, looking very lucrative, as investment in cheap house building, and give people low interest credits. The bank is now the investor and debtor to the real investors, who are now only clients of the bank. If the investment fails, the bank must return the debt plus interests to their clients.


The bank must go bankrupt, if had not enough reserve funds, and the clients are safe by bankers discretion. Then the bank can blackmail the government, and the tax payer for saving it, because otherwise the bank is not able to give credits to the economy.


The government must save the bank to ensure credits for the economy, to avoid recession.

The government cannot get hold of the investor in the background, safeguard by banker discretion. From this is seen, that the established Minority tries to hide, because they are afraid of Majorities understanding and accelerating of MQE (see Appearing Positive Globalization).


Because of Negative Economic Globalization, such morally criminal, but legal transactions, can be made also over borders and can ruin a small country totally, as seen in the near past in Ireland, Spain, Greece and Cyprus. 


This economic development is very dangerous for democracy, because the investors try to destabilize democratic governments and establish a totalitarian regime of money.

The governments have been forced to limit the banks freedom of trade, otherwise as happened in the near past, the banks mismanagement can bring them to brink of bankruptcy.

As long as the rapacity of the investors cannot be stopped by moral persuasion, the government must limit the freedom of trade drastically what just has been started.


The next, should be to abrogate the banker discretion, to secure the democratic governments.


Malfunctions: The possibility to “collect money” is a deficiency of the economic, political and social system.


The deficiency of Mental Moral, combined with avidity, is the proof that the Minority is deep in Mass-Consciousness.


Our monetary system is neutral. It can be used for the prosperity of all, or misused as it is done in the so called social market economy.


The politics has the possibility to change these malfunctions of the economic system by laws, and should do it soon, because the democracy is endangered.


Negative Globalization


Before begin of globalization, different factories producing different products unite into consolidated companies.


The next step was the fusion of enterprises over country borders, called Economic Globalization. Globally operating companies had best possibilities to obscure their profits, and commit tax evasion, even legal. Now the situation is as described above.


People also understand more and more, that tax evasion is also fraud on the populations Majority. On this way, some individuals get rich and enlarge their assets, also by lending money to the government he had defrauded before by tax evasion. On this way, the poorer people paying higher taxes to pay back the debts of the governments, caused by the tax evader, make him even richer.


Such behavior is also an attack on democracy.

This development can be only stopped by closing the tax havens, so the Minority (financial establishment) cannot hide money, originated from tax fraud.


Systems Economic Deficiencies


The working people had not enough money to surmount the gap between two times of employment, so the state has taken charge of the workers and employees well-being.

To hold the whole country together, the government was forced to take care of people, damaged by the economic development that is victimized by rationalizations. 


Social legislation: unemployment insurance, unemployment relief and social welfare have been the result.


The first victims have been the unskilled and semiskilled workers that get unemployed after automation. This was the first big wave of rationalization for higher profit. The owners of the factories brag about the improvement for the workers, because work dangerous or detrimental to health was taken over by automatic machines. The workers former employed there see no amelioration; they get redundant.


People understand also the intention and aim of the Minority, to create a working class of poor people, demoralized and in fear, but hold in equilibrium by low-paid jobs, "all become better"- slogans from the Minority, and money from social welfare, paid by the government.

For the nourishing of these people, cheap synthetic food is produced, as for instance imitations of cheese and meat, synthetic beverage, cheap margarine, and so on.


The problem of cheap clothing is solved by production in Third-World-Countries by underpaid women and children.


In the Third-World-Countries the local Minorities in the government license companies from the First-World to exploit mineral and agricultural resources, and get a part of the profit. The living standard of the Majority changes only in a very few cases slightly.


In the First-World we live in a waste-oriented society.

In the industrialized countries there is a surplus production of food.

The chain-stores, for instance, throw away a lot of packaged food after exceeding the date of expiry. Charity organizations sometimes persuade these stores to relinquish such food for the poor, but the greater part of them rejects.


To squeeze out some more money, even again from the poor, these stores lover the price of the food near date of expiration.        


Social Market Economics              

The economic development of today is some times before defined as social market-economics. That is not quite correct at the present.


It is right, that in the industrialized countries nobody is suffering from real starvation, as before or as in the Third-World-Countries. The social and sickness insurance funds, supported by the governments, prevent the worst. These insurance plans are also dependent on banks, administering the money and increasing it again by speculations, also for their own profit. The profit of the bank again diminishes the gain of the funds money.


Banks under democratic government administration would be the better solution.

Again, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.


The whole system in which this is possible is a malformation.


How this trend can be stopped, or slowed down, or even reversed?           

Going into detail: where lie the roots of the problem? Is perhaps the freedom of trade understood as freedom of recklessness rapacity?


Is it perhaps only the human rapacity and recklessness to grab money, and achieve might over others that hampers the prosperity of the Whole Society of Mankind, i.e. the whole Humanity?                                      


Working people bring, if they have a surplus, the money to a bank. This money is to a certain limit secured by the government, as it said. The bank "works" with that money, gets profit, and gives a small interest to the depositor, smaller than the loss by inflation. Again the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.


To prevent such a larceny and fraud on the small depositor, and all for the benefit of the Minority, the central bank of a state should be under government control and all the other banks also.


To finish with the malformation of the system for the small depositors, the government should open a bank and give higher interest for depositors of limited sums of money. This would draw all small depositors in the new bank, and free the government from influence of the Minorities money.     


Growth, Expansion and Increase of GDP

Our monetary system can be used for prosperity of all, or misused for the prosperity of a Minority, as done till now.


If the Minority would give others a chance, there would be prosperity for all, without Growth, Expansion and Increase of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The last is only needed for the extreme profits of the Minority. 


The Gross Domestic Product implies the Minorities "collected money". Therefore they suggest to the government that a high GDP is a measure for the countries prosperity. In fact it is only a measure for the Minorities enrichment.


Some Deficiencies of Democracy


Democracy is at present the most favorable form of government. With only a few exceptions, all states on this planet have democratic governments. These governments are dependent on money, they collect by taxation. The tax fraud or tax avoidance is not only a financial offence, but a political one, attack on Democracy.


Democracy disturbed by the Minority has some deficiencies for the Majority.                  

The Minority influences the "representatives of the people" by lobbyists, informing them what would be good for prosperity, that is Growth, Expansion and Increase of GDP (Gross Domestic Product), and what else "would be good for the country", what means good for the Minority.


The Majority has no lobbyists and no self-confidence.


The Minority blackmails the governments with the promise of safeguarding employment, but they fulfill it only partly and not with fulltime jobs, only by low-paid part-time jobs with not cash enough for living.


The government again must support the low-paid jobber’s, or they must take some more jobs, if they can get them. The Minority defends itself from the reproach of high unemployment by blaming the high taxes for it.


If one is able to see this from outside, it seems as if all are crack-brained, but this whole back and forth squabbling serves only the stupefaction of the Majority, and is also an attack on Democracy.


Being in Mass-Consciousness, disappointed and disillusioned by the government, the Majority does not vote, because whatever politician they vote, or whatever political party, their living conditions do not change to the better.


This will change when the Majority will get aware of their clear and distinct consciousness of power. Changing by MQE the Majority, assisted by people from General-Consciousness, will initiate the change. The Majority will by voting and lobbying by their every member, change the attitudes of the government and remove the Minorities influence


Future Economy and Society


The Mental Moral always links the Society with Economy. Society and Economy will obey the rules every Human Being has, in his moral feeling, developed by MQE.


The Future Economy will be based on Universal Harmony, and on the work of Holistic People. It will be an open system and develop under the Natural Low of Development to Higher Order. The same development will undergo the whole society of mankind, and it will be united economically, because the chances for all people on this planet will be equal.

All present problems described in this work are Time-Limited-Disharmony, and will be solved by “Vanishing of Mass-Consciousness and of Negative Globalization” (discussed below).


3. Creators of a Positive Global Development and of a Good Future


Jump in Mental Quantum Evolution


Mental Quantum Evolution of Individuals usually changes almost continuously, but after strong Negative Emotional Events, MQE can jump instantaneously.


Such change in the mental level can be positive or negative, depending on former mental level, and from the event causing the jump.


Events can be personal, or occur to other persons, but in each case cause immense emotional suffering, that can change the personality.


The cause for the change can be events dangerous for health and life, for instance, involving in a war, dangerous events happening to other human groups or nations, as hunger, accidents in a nuclear power plant, or death of a near person, own near death event, dangerous illness, and other serious events.


Jump in MQE undergo people in General- and in Mass-Consciousness.

Jump increasing MQE means positive change of mental qualities [1] in such extent that one new positive person develops in General-Consciousness. For instance, Holistic and Harmonic Individuals can develop self-healing, or be able to help other persons and nature, and influence the world positively.


People in Mass-Consciousness can start to “wake up” out of passivity.

Jump decreasing MQE can, in extreme case, produce a negative person, still deeper bounded in Mass-Consciousness, for instance, with deep feeling of hate and vengeance. 


In the present the MQE instantaneously jumps for a large number of people, because of the higher possibility to be involved in a dangerous or catastrophic occurring, or get after catastrophe an emotional shock.


Holistic Individuals Prevent and Repair Global Catastrophic Situations 


Prevent and Repair of Global Catastrophic Situations, caused by negative human activities, means surviving of all present species and nature, all over the planet.


Holistic Individuals see global catastrophes, which can develop in future from present situations, and they repair and change these present situations with their positive consciousness and energy.


In the present, Groups of Holistic Individuals, linked in the Network, are more energetic as a single person, and can repair successively global catastrophic situations before they happen.


Development of Individuals and Groups by Mental Quantum Evolution (MQE) is decisive for moral development of society and economy.


War and violence do not solve problems, but generate them. Therefore we search for such Individuals, who by Action with Love, as the only possible way, solve problems in society.

Such a way is in some situations difficult and complicated. Events endangering larger groups of people, their life, health, development, at least their peace and freedom, even endanger some nations – needs corresponding solutions.


Time-Limited Disharmony, like an abscess, with catastrophic potential to destroy species and nature – needs Adequate Solving, for a Good Life for All. This way is always linked additionally and simultaneously with Action with Love.


The Holistic Individuals are the highest positive developed persons, but they should develop in future even more, to reach such a high mental level, to be able to prevent global catastrophes by themselves.


Some Holistic Individuals are already now near to be able to do so. Consequently, global catastrophes caused by human activities will not happen in future. 


Mental Duality of Mankind


Universal Harmony is contained in every person, whatever mental energy it has.

Holistic and Harmonic Individuals are deep conscious that Universal Harmony is in them. The persons in Mass-Consciousness are not conscious of that.

There is no Duality between Human Being and Universal Harmony.


Holistic and Harmonic Individuals can help people in Mass-Consciousness by Action with Love, appealing to Universal Harmony in them.


We define Duality as the positive contra negative energy of thoughts and emotions. It is a Mental Duality.

This Duality depends on people and their thoughts and emotions.


Every Human Being, which develops by MQE, goes through a change from more negative energy of thoughts and emotions to a more positive one. So, any Individual develops from Mental Duality to Mental Unity, i.e. to a Holistic Individual.


From our definition of Mental Duality follows that the Duality in this world is not a constant, but varies from prevailing negative (Mass-Consciousness) to prevailing positive (General-Consciousness).


The Mental Duality develops to Mental Unity, when Mass-Consciousness vanishes.  


Holistic Individuals have only positive thoughts and emotions, and the Harmonic people have predominantly positive thoughts and emotions. Both are in General-Consciousness.


The others, having predominantly negative thoughts and emotions, are in Mass-Consciousness. But there is also a zone between these two. Some people, going through MQE, waking up from Mass-Consciousness, are in this zone.


Holistic Individuals live in a Dualistic World, constructed and organized by the Minorities being in Mass-Consciousness. Therefore, it is a world of Duality in which we live. 

MQE and Affirming of Life is the way for Individuals to come out of Mental Duality. So, Holistic Individuals having no negative thoughts and emotions, have already no Duality, but have Unity in them.


Fortunately, groups in Mass-Consciousness vanish (see below), and Holistic Individuals, with their Multidimensional Field of Harmony (chapter Sensitivity), will work in future on every field of human activities. The World of Duality will develop to World of Unity. This means the Good Future for All.


Vanishing of Mass-Consciousness and of Negative Globalization    


Globalization in the present Dual System has two antagonistic features: Positive Globalization through Network of General-Consciousness and Negative Globalization through Minority and their Network in Mass-Consciousness.


– Negatively active and passive people and groups are bounded deep in Mass-Consciousness.

The Minority, as the active part, manipulates through their Network by negative energies the Majority in Mass-Consciousness.


On the other side, the “sleeping” people in Mass-Consciousness feel, by their personal MQE, the offered mental help from Holistic and Harmonic Individuals, used it and wake up.


Emotional Energy is immense strong, and important for interaction between people.

Active part of people and groups in Mass-Consciousness (Minority), with dangerous Negative Emotions, as egoism, greed for money, profit and power influence and manipulate the Majority, i.e. the passive part of people in Mass-Consciousness.


Passivity has always the source in feeling of helplessness, in paralyzing feeling of not be able to defend themselves against violence and poverty, and in feeling to be alone. Emotions, as sadness, reaction on unfair competition, feeling of being victim, absence of self-responsibility, cause a state of resignation, and therefore such individuals are not able to solve and transform their own problems.


Fear is the worst negative feeling of all, and produces passive children and adults, who can therefore not think creative and are easy negatively influenced. They cannot recognize their own potential and possibilities, and consider their present mental state of weakness as normal.


Natural Low of Development of All to Higher Order

The order in the positive part of society increases by Mental Quantum Evolution, analogous to the processes in nature flowing in direction to decrease the entropy of the open system.

From this Natural Low of Development of All to Higher Order [1], proved on processes in nature and on MQE in society, follows:


Disturbances in nature and in society are only Time-Limited Disharmony.


After this Natural Low follows also:

Because the Mass-Consciousness is a closed system, with increasing entropy – the active, negative people and groups in Mass-Consciousness, the Minority, with their disturbing influence on society and nature, will vanish with positive development of Mankind.


– If the passive part of Majority in Mass-Consciousness will further exist, then must overcome the own passivity by Action, make use of the help of Holistic Individuals and Groups, and change over in the General-Consciousness, i.e. in an open system – all these in accordance with the Natural Low of Development to Higher Order.


The remaining passive part of Majority immerged deep in Mass-Consciousness with their fear, resignation, without being able to escape out of misery, is the weakest part of society. The Minority pushed this part of Majority on the fringe of society, because they cannot get profit out of them. Therefore, it will vanish with the Minority.


The vanishing of negatively active part (Minority) in Mass-Consciousness and the remaining passive part of Majority, means the vanishing of Mass-Consciousness itself, vanishing of


Mental Duality of Mankind, i.e. vanishing of Negative Globalization.

This is the consequence of the Natural Low of Development to Higher Order.

This process starts already, in the present, certainly, determinately and successfully.


And then, one day, all people will understand, that there is enough of all needed for good and healthy Life, for all people on earth. Therefore for such a Life is not needed to destroy other people, other Living Beings and Nature.


All people will be conscious that to achieve this state only each person should act with Love, and in Affirmation of Life.


Appearing-Positive Globalization


There are Positive and Negative Globalizations, but more negative than the Negative Globalization is the Appearing-Positive Globalization.


The reason is that such Appearing-Positive Globalization has the potential to be accepted, because the real motives are highly in-transparent.

At the present, Appearing-Positive Globalization is the way Minority obscures its action, because for many people the former methods gone transparent. 


The established society is a closed society, oriented on the present and on the past. Because it is deeply anchored in Mass-Consciousness, it sees in the future only profit and might, and fears further positive development. So, their Agendas are at the present an instrument to manipulate the Majority and Nature, to make profit and to retain power over them. 


Agendas for further Globalization, i.e. actions and development on many fields, influencing everyday life, edited from the established society – are only Appearing-Positive Globalization, and in reality are harmful, even dangerous for the Liberty of Mankind.


Such Agendas are edited by government organizations, and also by organizations appearing to work without profit, and further by firms known as dangerous for catastrophic development for nature and animals, and therefore for humans too. 


For instance, one of such firms is, among other, known for gen-manipulations of food and feed plants, which proliferates these gen-manipulations further in the food chain. Further on, this firm occupies land of peasants and rainforest, for monocultures. By licences for its seeds this firm forces the peasants to by only its (gen-manipulated) seeds, because of “higher yield”. This firm pleads it as a necessity for the survival of the world’s growing population. These are only some examples how mendacious plans for their future world are.  


All these would change the nature and our planet to artificial gadgetry for exploiting and ruling over the majority isolated in some ghettos.


If one Agenda shows some positive solutions, but only one supporting partner is only appearing positive, or even negative – the whole Agenda cannot be trusted.

An Agenda must be uncompromising positive. 


The profit-makers of all colours have only one goal, to generate a world structure giving them the highest profit and the unlimited power over the whole planet.


All these organisations are influenced from the Minority or their exponents.


Already in the present, more and more people see the real motives and consequences of Agendas, and damask them.


Therefore, these Agendas are only a Time Limited Disharmony, vanishing after the Natural Low of Development of All to Higher Order in an open society.


Only the solutions for further development, coming from people deliberated from Mass-Consciousness by MQE, and from Holistic and Harmonic Individuals – can be trusted.


Holistic Individuals – Messengers of Future Society        


Holistic Human Being, in General-Consciousness, is a Creator, and creates himself almost continuously by MQE.


He works in the feeling of inner and outer freedom, listens to Intuition-Impulse, impulse from saved inner Knowledge (personal Hidden World), and works with Creation Impulse and in Creation State [3]. They create the harmonic world, and secure good future for all species and nature.  


Such individuals and groups harmonize other individuals having “point-like Spheres” as for instance “sleeping” people in Mass-Consciousness.


Only Holistic and Harmonic Individuals, in harmony with themselves, influence the Global Development positively, and transform Disharmony wherever it appears.


Holistic and Harmonic Individuals create their personal Multidimensional Sensitivity Sphere of Harmony with a high Positive Mental and Emotional Energy. They are linked mentally and emotionally in the Network of General-Consciousness over the whole world, work harmonic and synchronically together, and this gives them the power for positive action.


They work not with violence, but Act with Love, with respect for Life, for personal Freedom and Individuality of all Living Beings, and respect for Nature.


The Holistic and Harmonic Individuals have a high culture, and are able with Creative Impulse search for new ways in solving problems at work and in life.


Such behavior is a personal quality and cannot be learned, but only developed by MQE.

Development by MQE lies in the Individual alone, and is supported by overall Interest for all what was, what is, for development of Human Species, Society, Nature and the whole Planet.

Children are important as future Holistic and Harmonic Individuals. Therefore, care must be taken on their infancy and development, to secure lucky and healthy life for all in the times coming.


Holistic Human Beings call for harmonic values, clear insight, positive and motivating relationships, and for affirmation of life.


Holistic Human Beings are visionary leaders, who have the overview and successfully form a strategy for Positive Global Solutions, to enhance the positive and harmonic development to a higher level, necessary for future.


Surviving of species and nature is secured by the help of Holistic and Harmonic Individuals and their Groups, on the base of Universal Harmony, with Affirmation of Life, and with respectful working with Children, as Messengers of Future Society. These Individuals and Groups are the active Creators of Positive Global Solutions for a good life for all people and nature, and work together without loss of individuality


High Moral and Affirmation of Life are necessary for Positive Globalization, to solve problems positively in society and economy, and wherever it is needed.


Each Individual, Groups and Nations should develop to an as high as possible MQE-Level, to have success in each positive work generally, especially to gain and to keep peace and freedom.  



Note: Some words in the text are written with first letter capitalized, intentionally to point out the importance of the word’s meaning.



4. References  


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