Kokkola, Finland

Dr. Hilkka Voltti Dr. Hilkka Voltti was born in the city of Mikkeli on December 6, 1944, into the family of Vera and Heikki Voltti. Born between her first-born sister and third-born brother as the second of seven children, she had a fortunate childhood. After her schooling, she studied biochemistry with her respected teacher, Professor Sakari Piha, at the University of Oulu. This northern university had just included biochemistry in its curriculum. In addition to biochemistry, Dr. Voltti studied chemistry, mathematics and physiology. She received her Master of Science degree in Biochemistry in 1970 and her Doctorate in Biochemistry four years later.

From 1969 until 1972, Dr. Voltti worked in the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Oulu as an Assistant to Professor Piha and Research Assistant for the Finnish National Research Council of Sciences. Her research centered mainly on subcellular fractionation of mitochondria, membrane studies, and protein characterization. Her studies concerning the effects of iodine in an acidic medium with calcium, with attention focused on food and the necessity of vitamins and vegetables, began in 1972 in the Department of Biochemistry. These studies concern antitumour activity, radiation protection and diabetes.

Moving to the Department of Medical Biochemistry at the University of Oulu in 1973 as a Reader and Associate Professor, Dr . Voltti extended her studies to mitochondrial redox potentials and energy metabolism; e.g., Coenzyme A, an important cofactor in metabolism. After her return to the Department of Biochemistry in 1980, Dr. Voltti continued teaching and research. The following year, she began to specialize in clinical chemistry at Oulu University Hospital, where she worked until 1985. Since that time she has been working in her current position as a Chemist in the Clinical Laboratory of the Central Hospital of Kymenlaakso in Kotka in southeast Finland until she retired in 2001. Hard work has been a characteristic all her life; she was working simultaneously with her studies. Treatments and caring for the experimental animals of analytical experiments, and repairing the instruments, have taken her time, evenings and even nights. As such, she is unmarried.

In terms of career-related activities, Dr. Voltti has been a Consulting Chemist at the Medical Office of Kouvolan Laakariasema, a Chemical Specialist in south Finland, and an Occupational Safety Representative at her workplace in the hospital. With respect to non-professional pursuits, Dr. Voltti is interested in cycling, watercolor painting and the arts. In addition, she enjoys walking. She has been nominated as International Scientist of the Year 2002 by the International Biographical Centre (IBC), Cambridge, England; Most Influential Scientist of the Decade by the American Biographical Institute; and Lifetime Scientific Advisor to the President & Director of the BWW Society. Her professional memberships include the Society of Clinical Chemistry and the Society of Biochemistry Biophysics and Microbiology in Finland. Dr. Voltti is listed in many international publications. Presently, she spends the majority of her time caring for her sister. Also important is her religion of the Christian faith.

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