The BWW Society
An Interdisciplinary, Multi-Cultural International
Forum, Dedicated to the the Future & Committed to Excellence

John Pellam
John Pellam, Publisher & Director of
Bibliotheque:World Wide International Publishers

The Bibliotheque: World Wide (BWW) Society is an international interdisciplinary multi-cultural forum based on the exchange of creative ideas and innovative concepts, and is primarily focused on the on-going effects – both positive and negative – of globalization.

The BWW Society is comprised of a worldwide membership of academics, technologists, economists, psychologists, scientists, physicians and medical researchers, professors, artists, musicians, religious leaders, civic leaders, professionals, business leaders and others of substantial influence in the arts and letters, humanities, sciences and international commerce who have come together to pose questions, offer solutions, recognize needs and fulfill responsibilities within an interdisciplinary, multi-cultural international forum.

The official publication of the BWW Society, The Journal of Global Issues & Solutions, reviews the benefits as well as the consequences of various aspects of globalization (economic, social, political, cultural, environmental, technological, scientific, et al); the Journal also addresses topics such as the fine arts, humanities, literature, science, medicine, education and other areas. The Journal’s contributors include professors, researchers, scholars, academics, economists, business leaders and other BWW Society members. The Journal features articles, special reports, proposals, and academic papers as well as editorials and commentaries expressing the views and opinions of the Society’s individual members.

Whether standing as Professional BWW Society Members or Members of the BWW Academy of Fellows, as today’s world continues to face the challenges of globalization, the members of the BWW Society have stepped forward to identify both the positive and negative aspects of this massive phenomenon. The positive aspects of globalization are undeniable, allowing us economical and immediate worldwide communications and an access to knowledge and information on an unprecedented scale; advancements in medicine, technology, education and a vast number of other areas are of tremendous benefit to humankind. Negative aspects of globalization, of course, also exist, and the challenges facing us in today’s globalized world are being boldly confronted by the BWW Society membership through their on-going contribution of solutions and answers to the myriad issues facing us today.