Director’s Letter/Editorial:

The realties of Globalization, threats posed by unrestrained corporate multi-national mergers and consolidation; new ecological dangers; "digital poverty"; creating a forum for the presenation of ideas, concepts, responsibilities and solutions

EXCERPTED TEXT/OVERVIEW: Ten years ago the concept of `digital poverty’ was not only non-existent, but even if this term had been known it would have been meaningless to us. But today hundreds of millions of the world’s citizens are being intellectually isolated as the digital age leaves them aside.

Ten years ago mega-corporations were necessary to create immense projects such as the Space Program — but today’s monolithic multi-national corporations continue to merge and consolidate without need, to the point that a growing number of these

" . . . a growing number of these corporations wield more power than a substantial number of national governments . . . "

corporate behemoths wield more power than a substantial number of national governments, in a seemingly endless stream of consolidation with no benefit other than to the corporations themselves, while their financial tentacles reach from California to Buenos Aires to Brussels and even into the small rural hamlets of Southeast Asia.

Thus the world domination which was attempted by the dictators of the mid-20th century — and which was met with such furious opposition — is today being accomplished by the multi-national corporations, while the world remains silent.

And thus the question for our future is raised: is globalization a boon for world civilization, or will gigantic multi-national corporations dominate us all — whether we are citizens of superpowers or citizens of nations of the Third World — to the point that entrepreneurship and true free enterprise become mere relics of a soon-to-be bygone age?

Corporate Globalization, World Peace, the Protection of our Environment and the Preservation of the World’s varied Cultures — these are just a few of the concerns

" . . . the BWW Society has come together to pose questions, offer solutions, and recognize needs . . . "

which have been presented to me of late. These are concepts and questions which have been posed by some of the world’s finest intellectual minds. I believe that with our awareness and our action these challenges can and will be met (. . . Complete article available in the Journal Archives)


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