Fall 2022 Issue: Director’s Letter:

T E R E N C E   L A V O N Z A   J O H N S O N ' S




Institute for Positive Global Solutions - Bibliotheque: World Wide Society


VOL. I, NO. 3                                ISSN#: 1544-5399                          FALL 2022




This Issue’s Featured Papers:

Presenting the Third Edition of the Journal of Black Adventures:

Fall 2022:


John Pellam, President & Director

The Bibliotheque: World Wide Society and the Institute for Positive Global Solutions


I’m pleased to present you with the Fall 2022 issue of the Journal of Black Adventures.

This issue begins with our on-going series, The Voodoo Times: This Episode: The Disappearance of Jackie Carletto.


Next, we present a story from the ongoing series New Arrivals in Liberia: This Episode: The Kroomen.


Continuing, we present Into Africa: Episode III: Wonders of the African World: The Journeys of Benjamin Anderson.


This issue concludes with the second installment of The Life and Times of Grandison Harris: Real History with Some Elements of Fiction: Episode III: My Life in Augusta: Based on Researched Newspaper Accounts from the 1850s to the 1880s.


This Journal has been conceived by Terence L. Johnson, former Professor of African and African American History and former Field Archivist of the South Carolina Library at the University of South Carolina. Mr. Johnson developed the idea of publishing a journal consisting of a series of short stories about Black Culture in the United States, the Caribbean, and Sub-Saharan Africa. the Editorial Board found this concept to be both refreshing and inspiring and Mr. Johnson moved ahead with this unique new Journal, the second issue of which is presented to you here.  All stories are written by Mr. Johnson himself.

I’m looking forward to your receiving your comments, observations, and remarks regarding this issue’s presentations,

With best wishes,

John Pellam
President & Director
Bibliotheque: World Wide International Publishers
The Bibliotheque: World Wide Society
Email: president@bwwsociety.org



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