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Who Gave the Right to Invade Human DNA? Will We Stay Without a Solution

for Our Human Evolution?


by Dr. Tanja Balažic Peček, Assistant Professor

Institute of Autopoietic Organization



If we set our thesis: A metabolic and an immune system are the key to human evolution.


Let’s take a look at what is surrounding us: the human environment is permeated with information, electromagnetic radiation and ‘cocktails’ of toxic substances. What is then within us, if a human is an open system? What a person holds within their cells -- and also within their DNA -- depends on their metabolism and also their immune system.


How to protect the biological and physical body of a human?


Penetration is a contact that takes place as sexual intercourse, with the ejection of semen, which has an evolutionary purpose. However, if the relationship is undesirable, disapproving, or one-sided, it is an intrusion into the human body, which is actually a brutal penetration or even rape!


The innovation of the injection for direct intervention into the human body was revolutionary fantastic for the past era. Its purpose was to enable faster absorption of the drug, and for many it saved lives.


Why intervene with completely healthy people?


What rights can we talk about at all, if we do not have the right to say: No! A human must have free will. After all, life and death is also an alternative, a personal choice.


I cannot remain silent if we have studied autopoiesis of a human, and now we will allow a vaccine to be mandatory for every world citizen! This is the most important topic on the planet at the moment.


Can we even sense the evolution and freedom of a human here?


Progressive Denmark is already changing its legislation because it is not humane to legislate something that is not in favor of a human. In this case, however, it is about a wider picture; it is about the existence of a human and his/her DNA.


But regarding self-management, this case is paradoxical. Human rights in society are dead if we force individuals to get injections of chemicals they do not want in their sovereign bodies.


Where is the consciousness of a human in the ‘Dictatorship Covid’?


Governments cannot demand ‘demoncracy’ if they force, their citizens, into something that takes their freedom away from them, which leads to tyrannical dictatorship.


As a Doctor of Science and a researcher of the foundations of organization, I state that the current situation is strongly under the already known and also surviving system of self-management.


How can a human evolve if he is being forced externally?


This state is not accepted even according to Marx, Engels, Kardelj, Žižek and the other materialist-sociological concepts. Also the concept of Autopoiesis, which establishes a higher human consciousness, does not allow this. It is literally incomprehensible and also unacceptable from the point of view of the natural laws of God.


People should be free to choose their reality. With the absence of this, it clearly indicates that our Slovenia is not as humane as Denmark and other countries with advanced consciousness.


Consequently this raises the fundamental question: a human hybrid or a robot ?!


To be continued. We are rewriting (our DNA) history in the future …

Slika, ki vsebuje besede oseba, oblačila, ženska, držanje

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Original article prepared by: Assist. Prof. Tanja Balažic Peček, PhD

Tanja’s origin is in a small Slovenian village, where she did not live fully in Love in a communist environment … however, she managed to protect her inner world of noble passions. After her successful pharmaceutical employments, she eventually found the inner spark to wake up and live out of her own, true Self. After her doctoral degree she lives and loves Autopoiesis in daily practice. Tanja is a genuine human, who is truly Autopoietic in a living coherence of the dynamic Agape in Action. She is now an anthropologist, organizatiologist, wisdom woman, holistic health researcher for the revitalization of the human community.