On the Decline of the Western Hegemony:


How Russia Has Been Forced to

'Dumb Down'

Messaging for Western Diplomats



by The Bibliotheque: World Wide Society

and the Institute for Positive Global Solutions



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Russia has said that they have been forced to simplify or dumb down their messaging for Western diplomats because of said Western diplomats' superficial and primitive approach to international affairs.




          Russian diplomats perceive their Western counterparts’ approach to international affairs to be “quite primitive,” Moscow’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, has said. Moscow’s representatives are not certain what caused this, but have simplified their messaging in response, he added.


          Polyansky made remarks about the quality of the Western diplomatic corps in an interview with RIA Novosti published on Monday, based on his personal experience at the UN. He expressed concern about Anglophone speakers at the forum selectively ignoring the context of particular situations for their own benefit.


          ”They pick an arbitrary point in time and claim nothing happened before it. They try to blame a nation for its actions regardless of prior events or the general context,” he explained.


          The diplomat cited the Ukraine conflict as an example. The US and its allies have been describing Moscow’s military action against Kiev as “unprovoked” and supposedly motivated by “imperial ambitions,” and have pressured other nations to frame it in the same way. As they learn more about the conflict, however, those parties realize how much the general context and Western actions since Ukraine gained its independence matter, he added.


          ”This trick does not always work, but it is a trend. I don’t know if it’s some deeper trend or just something typical for some people coming from [Western] schools of diplomacy,” Polyansky said. “Having a dialogue with them is challenging because they show certain superficiality, tunnel vision, and unwillingness to seek the core causes of conflicts. No solutions can be found without [such analysis].”


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This general analysis of Western diplomats is accurate. The people who are rising through the ranks in Western political systems are not the people with the highest intellect or abilities. Intelligent people largely do not want to work inside these corrupt and evil bureaucratic systems that exist in the West. On top of that, any critical thinkers are purged because they are viewed by lower IQ people as a threat. Therefore, the people who rise to prominence are largely those of average intelligence who are only good at obsequious behavior and agreeing with their superiors  no matter how ignorant or dull-witted their superior might be. In essence, they simply regurgitate and agree with mainstream propaganda and agree with whatever agenda there is to advance their career and standing.


As the Russian diplomat noted above, these people pick arbitrary points in time without taking into account the full context of historical events in order  to justify their positions. This is a tactic used regularly by the 'deep state'-managed media. If you watch any of the mainstream propaganda about what’s happening in Gaza, they routinely make the viewer believe that history started on October 7th, 2023 while purposefully omitting the Nakba of 1948 and the decades of occupation, terrorism and sadistic treatment of the Palestinians by their occupiers.


The Ukrainian war is another example. They make the viewer think that history began in early 2022 and that the Russians invaded the Ukraine for no specific reason. They purposefully omit the Maiden coup of 2014 and the eight years of attacks on Russians in the Donbass by the Kiev regime.


This superficial approach is painfully obvious when you compare the public statements made by various political leaders in the West with what you see from their Russian counterparts. Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov regularly make detailed public statements that contain great substance. Western political leaders regularly use stupid buzzwords inside of superficial statements that typically articulate nothing of particular substance or sense.