Globalization: Culture, Strife and Politics:



Global Cultural Menace and WWIII:

Is it Preventable?

Or Part of a Re-Invention Process to Shirk Off Old, Inefficient Ways?


by Mr. Michael Mifsud

Author, Art Collector, and Critic

Malaga, Spain


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A decade ago, with the subtle overlapping encroachment of cultures on cultures through well known social phenomena like e.g.  immigration and manipulative external propaganda, a tacit and sinister, unwillingness on the part of European and North American Institutions  to be seen to even have an opinion on such matters, forced it to find its own balance. This balance, in the main, has now rendered defensive exercises provoked by public alarm, to be too little too late.   In fact, it looks worse than that, as indigenous people – heirs and transmitters of high levels of tolerant behaviour based on ethics – find that the wall is only just behind them and that their societies fail to respond to dangerous, unquantifiable challenges that spell extinction.


This natural balance which has insidiously found its way into every aspect of the host country social strength is not only stagnating through the clear immiscibility (that should have been seen at the outset of the experiment by the intelligence services), but the community leaders forced to accept that they are unable to go further to reduce its corrosive effect on individual family values. Even as this being written it is not difficult to conjure mental  images of bureaucratic response to such alarmist theories that deny the very existence of either provocation or inability to accept what they would consider an honourable challenge “or doing our bit” for humanity. It makes investigative onlookers wonder just who these  supposed “guardians of posterity” represent in the final analysis.


The new neighbours fruit of their  uncontrolled, relentless run towards Western doors has turned nasty after years of tentative experimental exchanges brewed in the hope of a more rewarding and diverse  economy  and a product of the sacrifice on both sides.   The wary, self controlled  (and adjusting?) initial trickle of alien visitors from diverse cultures overcome by the rainbow  of its new promised land were drawn mainly from war torn or economically depressed countries insensitive to their needs.  Today, the very enemies of the culture invaded, mingle with the really needful intent on their Trojan  Horse intentions.   The term need of the acceptable among them however, is now under close scrutiny as the experiment goes sour and the talons rise on either side of the cultural divide.  At first,  the polarization of cultural entities within the  poorer (and cheaper quarters) of the towns was not immediately visible and cultural peculiarities spilling onto the streets was seen  in the light of an acceptable and manageable, TV influenced horizon.  At the start of these experiments (no doubt organized diplomatically as friendly exercises), they were interpreted as a lending a hand in the unemployment load of countries which in turn were suitably targeted for import/export benefits. No one would have ever imagined that it would lead, as the internationally decried Enoch Powell to his fulfilment of blood in our gutters.  The whole affair did not even touch the basic sensitivity of the host countries but it did start to alarm the  “ghettoes” which until then were accustomed to the stress and its own social problems. Both Brixton and Harlem were a case in points, although even they are without doubt aghast at the audacity of the current disorder.


 The continued and increasing flow that followed those early years  almost everywhere in the developed countries, now promises to curdle political stability with an explosive political force, hitherto considered unlikely.  Not only has this led to the entrenchment of the radical cultural elements within the country, but with the advent of the terrifying violence now reaching 9 on social Richter, aided and abetted by what appears to be disillusioned non-absorbed immigrants of second and third generations, powerful political forces rise from the hitherto apathetic lower social classes. These subsequently lend force to the opportunistic political elements willing and able to turn the society on its head in an attempt to get the extreme and anachronistic left back into place. The chaotic vacuum is easy meat for the radical religious stimulants not willing or able to take their confused and penniless own to auto sufficiency. The left which has been seen to be no more than the social mores of a cornered, remnant of misplaced Bolshevik (hungry peasant) ideology is almost extinct in Europe though perhaps hiding in the so called “left of right” nonsense.   The absurdity of communism and loosely termed socialism, made comebacks periodically at the end of failed conservative missions but  out of sheer perversity on the part of a few militants.  These in turn, like the British and  Spanish Union leaders of Spain continued to dominate the screens after each periodic economic downturn and are now heavily into corruption and deviation of funds for their own personal and party purposes.   Yet they blame social ills on those who provided the very social benefits which they did not or were not interested in themselves.


 Recent barbaric and  “incomprehensible”  events in the USA, Europe and as far afield as Australia and New Zealand have driven terrified societies  to situations to consider draconian measures similar to those of the great expulsions of undesirable religious factions associated with the Middle Ages.  Could it all be leading humanity to a full scale holocaust, designed  perhaps by hidden hate elements of the very nature of these aggressive forces?  Can mere idealists, gather, starve and allow themselves to be trained for death in pursuit of a scrap of fantasy?  It is not as easy to accept as some would make out.  Such vehemence is not endemic  through natural self preservation and mitigating factors.  Frontal disrespect for the belief of others has always been there, even among the allied and stepping on the sensitivities of a Jewish or Islamic radical does render him or her white hot explosive. Many do it all the time. There has to be a ground swell concentrating factor to understand the unnatural intensity.  Fact or fiction, conspiratorial or obvious?  A closer look, challenging the very diehards of polite thought,  for want of a better phrase,  shows just how difficult it is to go behind the veils of origins of the present rash of gruesome killings or even how to face up to it without devastating and generalized social restrictions – or descent into  a totalitarian State.

Our present reality.


Analysing what we now have in modern examples of these potential results gives us startling and highly defined visions of nightmares to come  with seemingly no real answers other than entrenchment and careless answers which aggravate the problem.  


But what if this is but a modern evolution of the old war system where mass confrontation and  clumsy, suicidal invasions have been  reduced to pocket destruction of scientific  accuracy designed to disarm in a different way?   And what if even this is a palliative measure, unable to tackle the age old  issues of urban warfare and sniper activity which appears to emerge and  that can of itself lead to  the way to the destruction of the bases of both cultures in conflict? 


 The very echoes of culture bring to mind the essence of much that has caused the military violence of the last few hundred years, if not the millennium, where religious sentiment (culture at its deepest) was forged into political instrumentation, religious and sovereign,  to give teeth to the concept of keeping those with different cultural interpretations away. i.e. those who could not be moulded into slavery other than through fire and threat.   It seems anachronistic that this in reality could be what all our modern social evils appear to radiate from.  Christianity, Judaism, Islam (mainstream religious identities),  Kurds, Tamils,  Buddhists, Hindus, Communists, Zionists, Palestinians (cultural identities)  either living for their future  promised lands or aspiring for recognition of their historical identities, simmer with hatred and defiance of their own political realities and unabashedly wanting to live apart on their own historical or ancient grounds. For what,  other than world domination?  The concentrated frustration is understandable as cultures look to see their own at every corner of every street with their own way of thinking and doing things.  This is the panacea of the masses, but not at the expense of others unlike them who prefer to do things differently.  The world would be a very grotesque place with isolated fortress like communities genetically trapped and fearing eternally of the enemies outside.   In fact this is what it really was in Feudal baronial times and why castle architecture was a product of the times but does it work? Of course not – and even nations are tight under the arm but cultures which are governed by frontiers cannot be worth what those who live in it may be led to think.  Is North Korea a measure to go by?  Really?  Is Iran not a bit short of ideological space despite having similar brotherhoods  throughout the world?  One would think so, yet the executioner and the persuasive preacher in the garb of good government forges communities that will restrict generations to doing things without question the very values of nature and life itself .


However, none other than through defence of their liberties have perpetrated calculated, gruesome street  executions of the bloody order of what is happening today. Generations of invaders of real homelands by alien culture forces  that have flowed through them and radically altered the aspirations of their inhabitants, has not driven them to anything other than understandable slaughter in the heat of battle, followed by silent resistance in submission and perhaps cultural concentration in heart and soul. Judaic, Christian and Islamic biblical bases, are all certified Sumerian folklore and not original. – the language and belief of the captors.  It therefore makes the built in enmity between the great religions, more of a product of lack of understanding than fear of losses.  It is moreover much more likely that the original Ten Commandments or Tablets of the Law are those of Hammurabi  and these were found in the Temple at Baalbek. There is no other archaeological find that points in a different direction, and in a mosque recently peopled by self declared Sunni’s a member of the congregation expressed surprise at finding Hammurabi among his new teachings with the mental training of the Shiite found in gurus like Gurdjieff who is a well known Sufi. Yet, the same person tackled on his feelings on the Shiites – explained unblinkingly that they were not Muslims and did not believe in God!  It therefore all sounds as if the perpetrators of all this confusion and intermingled unrestrictive “knowledge” are not their immediate masters, but further outside their own with the express intention to create hate where they can.


Peoples being driven to wandering and new encampments has not provoked a suicidal tendency, quite the opposite.  A loss of a home takes one generation to sublimate and Cyprus for example is a case in point.  The assault on Palestine by fleeing  Jews is an exception under exceptional circumstances  on the part of a people close to a real extermination threat. They would have gone anywhere safe except that the first shiploads were by those who had enough to pay the Germans for their lives according to recent research. The others had nothing to offer and their demise is even more poignant because of that. What could they be paying for when all they had was basic and those who did ignored them? Is this not what ghettoes are all about?  Even then, given having taken the law into their own hands and driven the British out, they were not occupying any more  ancient homelands than that which they  always shared with other racial and cultural types throughout the centuries and  without undue conflict. In Jerusalem of Jesus days, the lands were occupied by Greeks and Romans and the interceder quisling for Jewish affairs, was not Jewish himself but Idumean and the Temple just as pagan as that of Solomon which had been universally rejected by all the tribes.  These are plain facts and all of it interesting and a universal reminder to humanity of where we all came from.


 The modern invasion of Palestine however, one would have thought would have been more than sufficient to assuage the legitimate anguish that we all know too well and share to our peril.  What is incomprehensible and provokes deep thought is the domination of the subject in the media all these  decades to the exclusion of other infinitely more important  racial issues, like the African, and it is this that betrays a purpose far from clear. 


Lamentably, due to the often  misplaced pride of place of many an ancient religious concept within modern societies  questioning incorporated aims  has  become an issue of  taboos unwisely associated with xenophobia. In this case the anti-Semitism cry which only now by sheer need and  in self defence, has been torn down. What Jews now describe as a wave of anti semitism is no more than critical regard for what appears to be the very foundations of a potential World War.


People are asking why the barbarities against innocent, defenceless Palestinians, living in refugee camps in their own land, en masse, for the sins of  an isolated few lone warriors, cannot be equated with what happened to their own all those years back.   Recently, a confused and obviously distressed (shown on 24 hour News Channel – Spain)  well dressed Palestinian driver surrounded by Jewish tanks and heavy armoury, suffered  the unleashing of  hundreds of bullets which tore into the car and body of the hapless man who was desperately throwing his car into forward and reverse and obviously unarmed.  Despite the intensity of the killing, the driver just about managed to open the passenger door before he died.  The onlookers smiled, laughed and clapped with huge amusement. Somebody never told them that this is the reason for their own existence away from the Germany their people were being tortured and killed in. The world watched and cried and changed. This was but one of thousands of isolated incidents that have destroyed whatever sentimental value the holocaust had in their minds.  It has opened a Pandora’s box which looms menacingly against the homeland they were supposed to share with its indigenous inhabitants.


To understand and unmask the perpetrators of the present hugely incensed conflict and orgies of blood and destruction of the average family in say Syria, is to strip the mind of all pros and cons.  Sheer cold reality expresses what sentimental attachments can only confuse.  Genocide is a calculated policy and millions of innocent people with little more than the remains of their proud, basic home, are massacred decidedly in their own streets devoid of military personnel. Where armed guerrilla would not follow, planes destroy everything beneath them.  Political opposition turned militia against Government – Government against their own – Ideological fanatics (really?) against all  – Alien countries against one or the other, whilst a minority ruler clings close to his throne.  Even a film script for a horror story would sound hollow and yet this is what it is all about.  The people flee in hundreds of thousands and the weak and humble stay put waiting for Providence to take its turn.  Something is missing. The absence of intelligent outside mediation and defusion offers loud silence.  Why, when the massive emigrations were foreseeable? Two world powers at each other’s throat unafraid and possibly unaware that the Chinese dragon is largely aware.  And yet, the Palestinian sore which gave place to most of these uprisings appears to blend in the background and the mercenary forces behind these attacks on whole poverty stricken communities waiting for death, show little sign of their origins of their wrath.  What is going on?


New phrases cross my mind when viewing present day scenarios and attempting to decipher their real content. Infectious politics, dominant minorities, cultural vulnerabilities and not least, hidden hands. The nature of infectious politics is the subtlety of its delivery. The half truths with the bait – the carrot and the stick.  No one can deny that most of the poorer side of the world is in the hands of those whose infectious politics appears to give them a bit more than some of the others – enough credibly to get on with.


Dominant majorities are always found in areas of high yield like empire builders.  Doing it all democratically is no long in the agenda against institutions like the banks, commodity cornering,  information technology and biochemical cartels. These relatively reduced international communities can rule the world easier and with greater speed than the ballot box. In my book, if it can be done, some will already be doing it. World affairs generally, are not in the hands of simplistic international organizations like UNO which are the modern versions of Babel, but in armament design, banking and Institutional control. Only one particular race, religious belief and concentration of presence leads the way – the Jewish community.  Recent studies have shown that apart from the obvious banking, regulatory and institutional presence, their political punch has increased a thousandfold from the background.  It is not difficult to see  how the Middle Eastern free for all in all its gore is a result of this highly concentrated presence which derives strength and support from the USA particularly and which seeks to discredit the Islamic claims despite their cultural proximity.  But can it be associated with such matters as organized, camouflaged desecrations like the radical elements emerging appear to be carrying out with such alarming results?  Can a radical element even horrify its own people for any ends? Something does not add up, but it appears to be the hasty reason for a mainly Islamic country like Turkey to establish a concordat with “Israel” almost as if they have seen an  abyss and can do a 180-degree turn despite the programme of Islamization perfectly viewable in the horizon? The fear, it seems, is indiscriminative mercenary attacks which could undermine President Erdogan’s carefully laid plans and fragment the powerful society in a manner which would make Syria pale by comparison. The political fear today and which has been the very essence of all conspiracy theories, is precisely the matter of hidden hands. The open questions that  still wait to be answered in the twin tower, train station Madrid and Olympic day metro London have a very close affinity that even now begin to support the conspirators but which is more unsettling, attracting orthodox personnel in a way we have not see before.


Cultural vulnerabilities are the prime source of motivation of the cold blooded killers in the garb of political expediency. Where there does not appear to be cracks in the armour of fully fledged societies, forced immigration, economically unwise welfare provisions and cultural divides, are sought and implemented step by step for the final lunge or takeover. This is now being seen as a result of the critical achievements of the mercenaries and it gives cause for closer study.  A closely knit grouping with banking and Institutional powers of political penetration could easily organize it all when we take into account that a handful of military dreamers have divided whole nations in South America with less than any of that and caused the death of millions holding democracy itself to ransom.  So is this what it is all about?  There is only one genuine candidate for the job and it is called Zionism, both Christian and Jewish. The promoters of a world government based in the Holy Land and a permanent blanket on Islamic unity.  Only money in the wrong hands can drive pragmatic, hate filled urban militia to undertake such training and implant infectious politics in the mind of confused Imams and millions of displaced, despairing families in the camps and ghettoes of the forgotten. The spectre of anew repugnant holocaust in the form of utilizable unpaid whole communities with militia of different creeds threatening them to think in one way or another bears little thinking about, but it is there, waiting to be seen and hopefully, caught in time. 


Conspiracy theories do no harm other to alert to possibilities that some may see and others not, but the unsettling concept of turning them into full blown taboos only lends them even more conviction. As we are now seeing today. As such therefore, luckily they have survived and the spirit of denouement is alive and well.  Modern literature has awakened to new sights and, like the much undermined book Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth Century Intellectual and Political Movements (by Evolutionary Psychologist Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D.),

among many others daring to broach these and any other subjects which are causing worldwide alarm among the upper levels of the studious and politically alert the words are welcome respites to what could be eventually called calculated repression.


Encouraging these meticulously investigated efforts may well disentangle the corrosive web of what is now seen worldwide as political disinformation which has contributed extensively to a very palpable public suspicious of the existence of a parallel antidemocratic dimension which could go wrong.


The moral of the story  is, that in the event, incipient ideological threats, well within our present political safeguards to act against in time, would, in the light of  infinitely broader understandings,  enable us to go for the roots and not for the full scale trunk as happens to be the present, awesome case.