Plastic Surgeon, Vice President of the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor of Plastic Surgery - Reconstructive Microsurgery and Burns of the Clinical Emergency Hospital for Children "Grigore Alexandrescu"

Bucharest, Romania



Born in Bucharest, Romania on August 20, 1952, Dr. Dan Mircea Enescu is a distinguished personality in Romanian surgical circles as a result of his work in Pediatric Burn Care and Plastic Surgery.  He is a specialist in hand surgery, pediatric plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery. Having graduated from the University of Medicine in Bucharest, he received additional training through fellowships in San Diego, Parkland, Norfolk, Galveston, Cincinnati and Dallas in the United States(2014).  In 1989 he became Chief of the Department of Plastic Surgery at the Emergency Children’s Hospital “Grigore Alexandrescu”, located in Bucharest.


He is also Chief of the Center of Excellence for Scientific and Technological Research in the Domain of Tissue Transplant and Skin Grafts, and since 2003 he has served as Plastic Surgery Professor at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‘Carol Davila’ in Bucharest.


Over the years Prof. Dr. Dan Mircea Enescu has improved the medical and surgical treatment of burns in children by improving the survival rate; he also maintains a permanent campaign through media for the prevention of child abuse and burns in children. In the plastic Surgery field in pediatric age his work is focused on post-burn reconstruction, and congenital conditions (CLP, hemangiomas, facial and extremities malformations). Moreover, he has also initiated the building of a new center for severe burns and plastic surgery for children. To date, his accomplishments include the establishment of the first skin bank in Romania, and a computerized assistance program for bum patients. An important mention would be the treatment of 5 severely burned premature neonates after a collective accident in a maternity in August 2010, all 5 children surviving.


As one might expect, his achievements have been recognized in both Romanian and international forums. In October 2015 Prof. Dr. Dan Mircea Enescu was the head of the medical team that treated 10 of the victims brought to the Clinical Emergency Children’s Hospital “Grigore Alexandrescu" for the Collective Club incident where, following a fire due to fireworks, 64 young people died and 184 young people were injured, all the victims brought survived.


He was elected President of the Romanian Association of  Plastic Surgeons in 2017 and in 2015 he became Vice President of the Romanian Academy of  Medical Sciences. He is a member of the International Society of Burn Injuries, the European Burns Association, the national representative of the accreditation commission of EBOPRAS (European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery). Moreover, he was motioned in Marquis Who’s Who in the World in 1999, Who’s V/ho in Science and Engineering in 2000, and Who’s Who in Health.  His activities have been recognized by the New York Academy of Sciences, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, Operation Smile, Smile Train and the National Society of  Plastic Surgery.


Prof. Dr. Enescu has been honored with numerous awards including Honorary Professor of the Academic Union, Oxford, UK (2018),  Doctor Honoris Causa of the "Vasile Goldis” University, Arad, Romania (2018), `The United Europe Award for personal contribution to the development of European Integration - The Socrates Committee (Oxford, UK, 2015), and Excellence in Business Management - The Bizz 2015, 2016 World Leader Businessperson. His personal mission statement is: “No child will be left to die”.