A Case Study:

Techniques for Excreting Uric Acid Crystals

 in a Human Body – Part 2:

Decreasing Minimum Blood Pressure

By Dr. Keiji Taniguchi

Honorary Professor of Fukui University, Japan

and Xifan University of Technology, China


Key Words: Uric acid crystals, Technique for excreting uric acid crystals, Cleaning effect for inner side of blood vessels done by


1. Introduction

This note describes about a technique for excreting uric acid crystals accumulated in a human body and for cleaning effect for inner side of blood vessels done by.


2. Method

The chemical reaction of a uric acid crystal (C5H4N4O3) can be written as follows [2]:



For the active oxygenmade in the human body, the following chemical reaction can be processed [1].


 +, +  (2)


From the chemical reactions (1) and (2), the following relation can be obtained:




(1)   The negative electrical charged distribution patterns for the components of uric acid crystals accumulated in the human body depend upon the curvature[3] of some parts in the human body. For example, fingers and toes and the head, of the human body have many negative electrically charged distributions.

(2)   Some sodium(Qi- Power- Salt) is added into the chemical reaction (3).

The neutralizations for negative charges of uric acid crystals can be accomplished as follows:





As a result of this reaction, three products of

, , and (Water) can be made in the human body.


3. Expression for Pmin

The blood pressure in the human body can be expressed by the maximum blood pressure Pmax, the minimum blood pressure Pmin, and pulse. The evaluation of a blood vessel can be characterized by the Pmin. This depends upon the inner diameter of a blood vessel, and its value is decreased as the diameter of the blood vessel increases.

 Under a constant ambient temperature, the minimum blood pressure can be approximated as follows:


Where  is the inner diameter of a blood vessel.


4. Experimental Result-2

The cleaning effect for the inner side of the blood vessel done bydescribed above can be known from the variation of minimum blood pressure.

Fig.1 shows the daytime series variations for.@From this figure, the daytime series variations for in Oct. 2016 is lower than that in Oct.2014, roughly.



Fig.1 Daytime series variations of Pmin


The average values for Pmin during October 2014 and October 2016 are shown in table 1.


                     Table 1 Average values for Pmin


October 2014

October 2016

Average value for Pmin: () mmHg







From the table shown above, the following result can be obtained.




The numerical analysis shown above says that the inner diameter of the blood vessel is increased by the use of Qi-Power-Salt. That is, this is the cleaning effect done by. In this case, the first use of Qi-Power-Salt was started in June 2013.


Text Box:   













Fig.2 Average year time series variations of Pmin in October


Fig.2 shows the average year time series variations of Pmin in October.

From this figure, we can evidently see the cleaning effect due to the sodium hydroxide.


5. Conclusion-2

In the note, a new neutralizing technique for excreting uric acid crystals accumulated in the human body is described. Furthermore, the cleaning effect of blood vessels done by and its experimental result are shown. They will be continued into Part 3.



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Manuscript received; October 11, 2016, accepted December 10, 2016.








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