September-October 2018 Issue: Director’s Letter:



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September 1, 2018


On Censorship, Free Speech, Freedom of the Press

and Provisos Regarding Published Papers;

Introductory Comments on the September-October 2018 Issue:


John Pellam, President & Director

The Bibliotheque: World Wide Society and the Institute for Positive Global Solutions



The Journal of Global Issues & Solutions is edited and distributed as an Open Access publication, we do not charge for reprint access and all published papers are archived for permanent on-line reference  citations by the respective authors.


There is absolutely no fee whatsoever involved in the publication of papers, download/reprint access or the maintenance of the Archives Library of previously published works. Authors and principal researchers may freely access their texts on-line, provide access links at will, and print out unlimited reprints without any charge or fee.


The Journal is an academic publication designed for the free flow of ideas; accordingly, should any otherwise qualified paper be inconsistent with the views of the Editorial Board, the paper will be published regardless. Should any readers be in disagreement with the views presented in any paper, opinion piece or editorial piece, such readers are encouraged to submit papers with counter-arguments so that a balanced discussion and exchange of ideas and viewpoints can transpire.


Creativity perishes in an echo chamber and innovation is dulled without intellectual challenge.


It is vitally important that this Journal remain free from censorship; in order to guarantee this, the Journal is funded solely by membership registration dues (kindly note that registration is voluntary, not at all required but still of course very much appreciated – please see here if you would like to register – your registration help us remain 100% independent of ANY form of outside influence).


Because we as a body are self-funding, we stand beholden to no one: no foundation or federal funding influences the Society or the Institute, nor is advertising of any kind accepted (as advertisers also can tend to influence editorial content).


We are an organization of the Members, for the Members and by the Members. No billionaires or NGOs ‘call the shots’, any and all ‘shots called’ are by men and women like you, the distinguished individuals comprising our Membership.


Independence, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.


* * * *


With this being said, I’m pleased to introduce the September-October 2018 issue of the Journal of Global Issues & Solutions:

This issue begins with our Page One Feature Paper in the subject area of
Theology on the topic of Christianity in Africa,Johannes Rebmann, 1820-1876: In Spiritual and Linguistic Perspectives by Theologian Dr. Steven Paas of Nijmegen, the Netherlands.


Following, in the subject area of The Fine Arts, Visual Artist Mark Dolamore of Limoges, France presents what he describes as “A Systems Discovery” in his paper “Pyramid Art: Can a Patched Vision of Beauty Save the Planet Through the Butterfly Effect?”


In our next paper, Prof. Asc. Dr. Ing. Anna Rostomyan (with Dr. Armen Rostomyan, Co-Author), Director of Human Resources, Porsche AG of Marseille, France and also Visiting Professor at Switzerland’s University of Fribourg, brings us her paper focused on the subject area of Commerce & Industry on the topic of Neuroleadership entitled “Emotional Intelligence in Leadership”.


The September-October issue concludes with the closing presentation (Part XIV) of a special project in the topic area of Education with a focus on Life & Consciousness, by Naturalistic Philosopher Mr. Iain Kirkaldy-Willis of Spain’s Canary Islands, titled “The Nature of Thought”.

I’m looking forward to your receiving your comments, observations and remarks regarding this issue’s presentations,

With best wishes,

John Pellam
President & Director
Bibliotheque: World Wide International Publishers
The Bibliotheque: World Wide Society

About the Journal:

The Journal of Global Issues & Solutions, the official publication of the BWW Society and the Institute for Positive Global Solutions, reviews various aspects relating to Globalization (economic, political, cultural, environmental, technological, scientific, et al), as well the arts, humanities, literature, science, medicine, education and other issues. The Journal’s contributors include professors, researchers, and other scholars and academics who are members of the BWW Society and the Institute. The Journal features articles, special reports, proposals, and academic reviews as well as editorials, commentaries, views and opinions of the Society's Members.


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