The Journal of Global Issues and Solutions

VOL. XVII NO.2 ISSN #1544-5399 MARCH/APRIL 2017

Director's Letter:

A Presentation of This Issue’s Features

John Pellam
Publisher & Director
The Bibliotheque: World Wide Society
Institute for Postive Global Solutions

'Page One' Feature:

Undemocratic Insidious Economic Controls

by Mr. Michael Mifsud
Malaga, Spain


March 1, 2017

I’m pleased to present you with the March-April 2017 issue of the Journal of Global Issues & Solutions.

This issue’s Page One Feature Paper is in the sphere of Economics. “Undemocratic Insidious Economic Controls”, by Michael Mifsud of Malaga, Spain, questions -- relative to current global economic manipulation -- “Whether it is any better for those who accumulate these gains by virtue of their party or religious dedication, depends on the spiritual content of their minds and or ability to live in a self deceptive void which could be no more than simple ignorance, despite the hold on power.” Continuing, Mr. Mifsud discusses the difficulty conducting effective investigative journalism in a deceptive and politicized environment... (Continued)

March-April Table of Contents


One of the most tiresome and disenchanting aspects of good investigative journalism in my opinion is the need to refer to the masses of jumbled economic information which has been politicized. The effect on the mind when tackling the source of real issues and the aspirations of the people behind them is like facing a Berlin wall held in place by backward, suppressive forces intent to dominate every single one of its subjects to the point of denying them anything other than serving the need of the State. How these people can find joy and enthusiasm in anything they do in terms of work or home building is difficult to understand. To those trying to get to the core of the inspiration behind these tragedies the effort almost turns into itself and the realization that it can only be unraveled from a given standpoint, which can change according to one´s state of mind, is daunting. . Who did what to whom for which reason ?... (Continued)

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