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VOL. XVIII, NO. 5                 ISSN#: 1544-5399              SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2018

Director’s Letter:
On Censorship, Free Speech, Freedom of the Press
and Provisos Regarding Published Papers;
Introductory Comments on the September-October 2018 Issue

'Page One' Featured Paper: Theology: Christianity in Africa:
Johannes Rebmann, 1820-1876:
In Spiritual and Linguistic Perspectives

The Fine Arts: A Systems Discovery:
Pyramid Art: Can a Patched Vision of Beauty
Save the Planet Through the Butterfly Effect?

Commerce & Industry: Neuroleadership:
Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Education: Life & Consciousness:
The Nature of Thought, Part XIV


On-Line Library of Hundreds of Previously Published Papers on:

Economics; Sociology; Psychology; Anthropology; History; Archeology; Forensics; Criminology; Security; The Sciences; Technology & Innovation; Robotics; Artificial Intelligence; Medicine; Psychiatry; Technocapitalism; Socioeconomics; Widening Wealth Gap; Nationalism vs. Globalism; Neoliberalism; Neoconservatism; Transformational Marxism; Relativism; Multiculturalism; Critical Theory; et al

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