Author, Art Collector & Entrepreneur

Michael Mifsud Michael Mifsud was born in a refugee camp in Jamaica during World War II. His mother, Isabel Canilla Morejon was a descendant of the Mexican Emperor Moctezuma II - his father born in Gibraltar, of the Maltese family which has given the Islands many leaders. He completed his studies in London and by the age of 16 he was busy in the House of Commons as a press correspondent. Letters in the Telegraph about Gibraltar attracted head hunters and his first PR post in the Architectural Institute founded by Sir Edwin Lutyens. An acclaimed Channel Tunnel Exhibition in London´s Earl´s Court, revived waning public interest in a project that was to become a reality in 1994. At the age of 21, as a PR executive of the giant I.O.S, he warned management of the investment weaknesses of the global entity and was instantly dismissed. The most dramatic financial sector collapse in history was soon to follow. Vowing never to work for anyone again, he turned to publishing and the first British trade journal for chauffeurs and drivers shot him to fame. Cashing in on his own idea, a training academy and supply agency brought the fortunes. All major corporations and state institutions would display immaculate meticulously trained Link Chauffeurs. As part of his concern for his native Gibraltar, he managed to obtain, at great personal expense, from a nervous CAA an airline license to ease the claustrophobic stress of the Spanish Siege. It worked and he airlifted thousands of locals, Spaniards and military between London and the Rock becoming a heroic figure on both sides of the divide. “Our Prodigious Son” claimed a local newspaper, astounded by the diverse local contribution of a glossy, highly advanced and independent local magazine - restoration of the abandoned pre-war cultural hub theatre with Helen Shapiro in full swing at the opening and intense social activity . Monarch Airways led the way for the first time out of the UK. The tourist economy launched by British loans for two hotel buildings got its boost. Sir Varyl Begg, the famous military Governor of Gibraltar adopted the cause and attended all social events organized. “No governor has ever felt so close to the people of Gibraltar“ he informed his superiors and formally dedicated much of time to fight for the independence cause. Michael´s press support led to an impressive radio “phone in” on Radio London which demonstrated how little people knew about the Rock´s problems. He floored the world press launch of a regional cooperation (UK –Spain) scheme by the Spanish Ambassador, Fraga Iribarne with a heated loud intervention applauded by a massive editorial following. The alarmed community of the Rock, had not even been consulted.

As a Commonwealth publisher and youngest member of the international Union, he was invited to choose his debut statement to the Barons which he did to strike a blow for Monarchy in the plea for Commonwealth support of Royal Tours. The unusual angle was published right across the Globe.

He hit the headlines again with mounted opposition to the sale of the Coronet Theatre in Notting Hill Gate for other uses “White Knight to the rescue” and “The Hamburger Massacre” pulled off the coup. He was subsequently invited to take on the PR directorship of the Monarchist League enabling contact with scores of Heirs in waiting whilst rising in the Chivalric Order of the Temple (Versailles Protocol) to second in command under the present Regent and gleaning Major Orders of Merit from Poland´s Government in Exile for support to their cause. Similar insignia from Afghan and Yugoslavic Royals followed after his introduction to President Tito.

Economic and political interests were not guiding factors, and the desperate plight of the Rock’s prisoners in the ancient castle drove him to finance an internationally acclaimed Howard League investigation which caused an international stir. Vicious political factions on the Rock and uncomfortable hierarchy, hounded him with threats in the wings in an attempt to disable his “political platform” and included a dirty campaign of defamation and deflection of merit to inconsequential others. As a director of the prestigious Monarchist League he received the father of the King of Spain at a critical banquet organized at the Savoy to enable him to make his wishes public. Two international conferences for the leading Templars of Europe in Gibraltar and Warwick Castle and in his inimitable style broke political taboos by inviting a historical retired Spanish state advisor to a dinner for artists and mayors from hinterland Spain to meet their local counterparts. It was not covered by the Gibraltar Press in protest but received full pages of accolades on the Spanish side who saw it as a sign of friendship and respect.

Twelve years of Royal Tours across the Globe brought important contacts without mention of a close relationship with the Queen and Prince Philip and their aides by whose side he was often to be found. As a result he was able to stage manage the press relations for both the Jordanian Royals and the Spanish Government during the Royal visit.

Despite the offer of a free complete floor in Canary Wharf to test his innovative talents with a permanent National Export Exhibition Centre, the 1989 - 1994 recession put Britain’s and Michael´s lights out. New wealth was to rise from a derelict piece of land at Malaga airport in Spain, pioneering private and hitherto inexistent long term parking. This led to massive entrepreneurial developments despite bitter suppression by the airport authorities, which expropriated forcefully two decades later at a fraction of its real worth claiming state needs for expansion. Investment in the hotel industry followed and the publishing of a book on the Southern Spanish. His public contributions include his own TV program on culture in Marbella and numerous TV interviews on Royalty and the Knights Templar including one for Reuters on the eve of the Da Vinci Code film.

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